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Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Charles Dickens
But for the sake of simplicity we can speak about four dimensions: the way that evangelicals (1) adopted republican theories of politics, (2) took as their own democratic theories of society, (3) embraced liberal views of the economy (all discussed in this chapter), and (4) domesticated the Enlightenment for Christian purposes (examined in somewhat greater detail in the next chapter). ~ Mark A. Noll
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Mark A. Noll
But after reading a chapter or two a shadow seemed to lie across the page. It was a straight dark bar, a shadow shaped something like the letter 'I.' One began dodging this way and that to catch a glimpse of the landscape behind it. Whether that was indeed a tree or a woman walking I was not quite sure. Back one was always hailed to the letter 'I. ~ Virginia Woolf
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Virginia Woolf
I love you too, he said. God, I love you, Isabelle. ~ Cassandra Clare
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Cassandra Clare
We may not all be on the same chapter, but we should be in the same book".

~R. Alan Woods [2007] ~ R. Alan Woods
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by R. Alan Woods
I understand the reasons behind his keeping a distance from a girl he cares about. Because the truth is, sometimes getting close to the fire does actually burn you. ~ Simone Elkeles
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Simone Elkeles
Juliette!" His voice is tighter, higher, laced with anger and terror and denial and betrayal. Realization is a new piece in his puzzled mind.
"He can touch you?"
"Goddamit, Juliette, answer me!" Warner is writhing on the floor, unhinged in a way I never thought possible. He looks wild, his eyes disbelieving, horrified. "Has he touched you? ~ Tahereh Mafi
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Tahereh Mafi
Honestly, this 'Where do you get your confidence?' chapter could be sixteen words long. Because there was really only one step to my body acceptance: Look at pictures of fat women on the Internet until they don't make you uncomfortable anymore. That was the entire process. (Optional step two: Wear a crop top until you forget you're wearing a crop top. Suddenly, a crop top is just a top. Repeat.) ~ Lindy West
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Lindy West
I'm writing the chapter where
you're still in love with me,
but then the chapter ends &
I turn the page. ~ Darshana Suresh
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Darshana Suresh
I am opposed to textbooks ... I find it hateful to give a course where I have to plough my way through chapter after chapter of a given book. The liveliness of the lecture, which is meant to give an impetus to the sudents, would suffer tremendously. ~ Emil Artin
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Emil Artin
As the United States begins a new chapter in our relationship with Cuba, we hope it will create an environment that improves the lives of the Cuban people, not because it is imposed by us, the United States, but through the talent and ingenuity and aspirations, and the conversations among Cubans from all walks of life so they can decide what the best course is for their prosperity. ~ Barack Obama
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Barack Obama
To say that the frozen silence contracted itself into a yet higher globe of ice were to under-rate the exquisite tension and to shroud it in words. The atmosphere had become a physical sensation. As when, before a masterpiece, the acid throat contracts, and words are millstones, so when the supernaturally outlandish happens and a masterpiece is launched through the medium of human gesture, then all human volition is withered at the source and the heart of action stops beating.
Such a moment was this. Irma, a stalagmite of crimson stone, knew, for all the riot of her veins that a page had turned over. At chapter forty? O no! At chapter one, for she had never lived before save in a pulseless preface.
How long did they remain thus? How many times had the earth moved round the sun? How many times had the great blue whales of the northern waters risen to spurt their fountains at the sky? How many reed-bucks had fallen to the claws of how many leopards, while that sublime unit of two-figure statuary remained motionless? It is fruitless to ask. The clocks of the world stood still or should have done. ~ Mervyn Peake
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Mervyn Peake
Just one short hour before, I was a woman on the brink of literary success, engaged to a real up-and-comer in the media world, looking toward a fresh new chapter in my life. A few minutes later, and I was unemployed, single, and sitting in a bar in the middle of the afternoon. What a difference a day makes. ~ T. Torrest
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by T. Torrest
I'm afraid that you're looking for your next chapter, and I'm looking for the whole rest of the book. ~ Kate Stayman-London
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Kate Stayman-London
I can't let the mistakes I've made bury me. ~ Victoria Aveyard
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Victoria Aveyard
Doctors are generally nice people, and eager to please. They will get bounced into giving people what they want, and a lot of patients have been persuaded, through whatever social processes are at play in the world, that pills fix things. I'll rephrase that for something that's coming later in this chapter: a lot of people have been convinced that they're patients. ~ Ben Goldacre
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Ben Goldacre
Ultimately...we're all alone in this world ~ Takehiko Inoue
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Takehiko Inoue
The events of your life are all crammed together one minute right after the other without any time lapses or blank pages or chapter breaks because no matter what happens life just keeps going and moving forward and words keep flowing and truths keep spewing whether you like it or not and life never lets you pause and just catch your fucking breath. ~ Colleen Hoover
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Colleen Hoover
Miss Howard: Like a good detective story myself. Lots of nonsense written, though. Criminal discovered in last Chapter. Everyone dumbfounded. Real crime - you'd know at once. ~ Agatha Christie
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Agatha Christie
And that was how sin came into the world," he said, "sin and shame and death. It came the moment their daemons became fixed."

"But..." Lyra struggled to find the words she wanted: "but it en't true, is it? Not true like chemistry or engineering, not that kind of true? There wasn't really an Adam and Eve? The Cassington Scholar told me it was just a kind of fairy tale."

"The Cassington Scholarship is traditionally given to a freethinker; it's his function to challenge the faith of the Scholars. Naturally he'd say that. But think of Adam and Eve like an imaginary number, like the square root of minus one: you can never see any concrete proof that it exists, but if you include it in your equations, you can calculate all manner of things that couldn't be imagined without it.

"Anyway, it's what the Church has taught for thousands of years. And when Rusakov discovered Dust, at last there was a physical proof that something happened when innocence changed into experience.

"Incidentally, the Bible gave us the name Dust as well. At first they were called Rusakov Particles, but soon someone pointed out a curious verse toward the end of the Third Chapter of Genesis, where God's cursing Adam for eating the fruit."

He opened the Bible again and pointed it out to Lyra. She read:

"In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto d ~ Philip Pullman
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Philip Pullman
It is not only negative feelings that become blocked. The repression extends to more and more of his emotional capacity.When one is given an anesthetic in preparation for surgery, it is not merely the capacity to experience pain that is suspended; the capacity to experience pleasure goes also - because what is blocked is the capacity to experience *feeling*. The same principle applies to the repression of emotions.
Chapter 1: Discovering the Unknown Self, pg. 9, Bantam Edition, 1984 ~ Nathaniel Branden
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Nathaniel Branden
CHAPTER 6 Dovewing ~ Erin Hunter
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Erin Hunter
Chapter 12 'Give Ron one in the eye ~ Luca Caioli
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Luca Caioli
with? Fat, fat, fat! In the next chapter, you'll begin to see that fat is actually your friend - as long as you're consuming the right kind. ~ Valerie J. Burke
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Valerie J. Burke
A house you came to love was like a person, and loved you back, and then you belonged to it forever. ~ Elswyth Thane
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Elswyth Thane
Japan has opened a new chapter in its history. ~ Shigeru Yoshida
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Shigeru Yoshida
A writer who wishes to be read by posterity must not be averse to putting hints which might give rise to whole books, or ideas for learned discussions, in some corner of a chapter so that one should think he can afford to throw them away by the thousand. ~ Georg C. Lichtenberg
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Georg C. Lichtenberg
When people start writing there is this idea that you have to get everything right first time, every sentence has to be perfect, every paragraph has to be perfect, every chapter has to be perfect, but what you're doing is not any kind of public show, until you're ready for it. ~ Irvine Welsh
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Irvine Welsh
Like God,

you hover above the page staring down
on a small town. Outside a window
some scenery loafs in a sleepy hammock
of pastoral prose and here is a mongrel
loping and here is a train approaching
the station in three long sentences and
here are the people in galoshes waiting.
But you know this story about the galoshes
is really About Your Life, so, like a diver
climbing over the side of a boat and down
into the ocean, you climb, sentence
by sentence, into this story on this page.

You have been expecting yourself
as a woman who purrs by in a dress
by Patou, and a porter manacled to
the luggage, and a man stalking across
the page like a black cloud in a bad mood.
These are your fellow travelers and
you are a face behind or inside these
faces, a heartbeat in the volley of these
heartbeats, as you choose, out of all
the journeys, the journey of a man
with a mustache scented faintly with
Prince Albert. "He must be a secret
sensualist," you think and your awareness
drifts to his trench coat, worn, softened,
and flabby, a coat with a lobotomy, just
as the train pulls into the station.

No, you would prefer another stop
in a later chapter where the climate is
affable and sleek. But the passengers
are disembarking, and you did not
choose to be in the story of the woman
in the white dress which is ~ Lynn Emanuel
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Lynn Emanuel
Only the Jew knew that by an able and persistent use of propaganda heaven itself can be presented to the people as if it were hell and, vice versa, the most miserable kind of life can be presented as if it were paradise. The Jew knew this and acted accordingly. But the German, or rather his Government, did not have the slightest suspicion of it. During the War the heaviest of penalties had to be paid for that ignorance.
Mein Kampf, Chapter 10 ~ Adolf Hitler
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Adolf Hitler
No other library anywhere, for example, has a whole gallery of unwritten books - books that would have been written if the author hadn't been eaten by an alligator around chapter 1, and so on. Atlases of imaginary places. Dictionaries of illusory words. Spotter's guides to invisible things. Wild thesauri in the Lost Reading Room. A library so big that it distorts reality and has opened gateways to all other libraries, everywhere and everywhen ... ~ Terry Pratchett
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Terry Pratchett
Tonight marked the end of the only chapter in my life I'd ever known, and I didn't know how to live in the emptiness ahead. ~ Aimee Carter
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Aimee Carter
Part of you isn't demon," she said. "You're all human – you just have those horns for decoration. ~ Phillip W. Simpson
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Phillip W. Simpson
You don't just have a story - you're a story in the making, and you never know what the next chapter's going to be. That's what makes it exciting. ~ Dan Millman
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Dan Millman
Once you have recognized and admitted to yourself that there is a problem and have started to gain some understanding of the nature of the problem, you can begin to build deeper intimacy, love, and connectedness. CHAPTER SUMMARY ~ Paldrom Collins
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Paldrom Collins
I've read about a chapter a night in the Book of Magic. I'm almost finished with it. ~ Candace Knoebel
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Candace Knoebel
When a person reaches the end of a book and says, 'I want to read that again,' what he's actually saying is that he wants to mentally merge with his favorite character and stroll among all the other creative personalities, feeding a hungry imagination through the vicarious reliving of each and every wild chapter that stirred his emotions, the whole while surrendering to a safe yet daring existence where any crazy, hopeful thing can and does happen. That's all. ~ Richelle E. Goodrich
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Anthony Trollope
I am a businessman at the end of the day. I have grown up with Excel sheets. I start out writing my novel with spreadsheets and the milestones in each chapter highlighted. ~ Ashwin Sanghi
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Ashwin Sanghi
No book in the world today comes to us in the particular way that the Bible comes to us, exactly where we are, in our exact predicament. In other words, this third chapter of the book of Genesis is absolutely essential to a true understanding of life, the whole of life as it is at this moment for each individual. ~ D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones
So, go to Paris. If you can't do that, go somewhere. Take a road trip, a train trip, a bus trip if you must. Find a place that reminds you that the world is so much bigger than your heart and whoever broke it this time around. Go hang out by the ocean and trip out on its mammoth ancientness. Offer it your heartache - it's big enough to hold it, to dilute it with all that salt and water, melt it away to nothing. Salt purifies. Take a dunk if you can stand it. You're alive. That relationship was but one chapter in your long, long story, one little scene in your epic. ~ Michelle Tea
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Michelle Tea
Chapter 4 On-the-Spot TPTs You can have the best lesson and read the most intriguing stories, but if you've lost your students, your wonderful lesson wasn't as wonderful as you had hoped. For me that was a huge wake-up call, that one math lesson where I looked up from the overhead and realized no one was with me. See, in my head, it was going great! But it was going great for me, not for them! - Courtney Cislo, 5th grade teacher ~ Persida Himmele
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Persida Himmele
I lose myself in Stephen without being lost. ~ Andrea Cremer
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Andrea Cremer
I'm more or less happily writing Chapter Six of The Graveyard Book. I say more or less as I'm at that place where I hope that the book knows what it's doing because right now I don't have a clue - I'm writing one scene after another like a man walking through a valley in thick fog, just able to see the path a little way ahead, but with no idea where it's actually going to lead him. ~ Neil Gaiman
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Neil Gaiman
How can you be so nice to me and how can you forgive me when I've been such a jerk?"
Maddy appears to think for a moment. "When you are reading a book and you finish a chapter, you don't keep re-reading the chapter you just finished. You move on to the next chapter to see what happens. ~ Stephen Reid Andrews
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Stephen Reid Andrews
The years ahead will be great ones for our country, for the cause of freedom and the spread of civilization. The West will not contain Communism, it will transcend Communism. We will not bother to denounce it, we'll dismiss it as a sad, bizarre chapter in human history whose last pages are even now being written. ~ Ronald Reagan
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Ronald Reagan
The termination; final chapter of endless road. ~ Usha Cosmico
Swamplandia Chapter quotes by Usha Cosmico
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