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It was two weeks after the day she turned eighteen
All dressed in white
Going to the church that night
She had his box of letters in the passenger seat
Sixpence in a shoe, something borrowed, something blue
And when the church doors opened up wide
She put her veil down
Trying to hide the tears
Oh she just couldn't believe it
She heard trumpets from the military band
And the flowers fell out of her hand

Baby why'd you leave me
Why'd you have to go?
I was counting on forever, now I'll never know
I can't even breathe
It's like I'm looking from a distance
Standing in the background
Everybody's saying, he's not coming home now
This can't be happening to me
This is just a dream

The preacher man said let us bow our heads and pray
Lord please lift his soul, and heal this hurt
Then the congregation all stood up and sang the saddest song that she ever heard
Then they handed her a folded up flag
And she held on to all she had left of him
Oh, and what could have been
And then the guns rang one last shot
And it felt like a bullet in her heart

Baby why'd you leave me
Why'd you have to go?
I was counting on forever, now I'll never know
I can't even breathe
It's like I'm looking from a distance
Standing in the background
Everybody's saying, he's not coming home now
This can't be happening to me
Th ~ Carrie Underwood
Spriggans Bow quotes by Carrie Underwood
A few days ago Tan Casipo said to me, 'Some people come here with so much dust in their eyes it's unbearable to talk to them.' What does that say about the monkhood? He can't tolerate people with 'dust in their eyes.' All that these monks have developed here is a safe little self-centred world which they call holy because villagers bow down to them. Living in a forest and wearing a robe doesn't make you better than anybody else. ~ Tim Ward
Spriggans Bow quotes by Tim Ward
Jerusalem (1804)
And did those feet in ancient time
Walk upon England's mountains green
And was the holy lamb of God
On England's pleasant pastures seen
And did the countenance divine
Shine forth upon our clouded hills
And was Jerusalem builded here
Among those dark Satanic mills
Bring me my bow of burning gold
Bring me my arrows of desire
Bring me my spears o'clouds unfold
Bring me my chariot of fire
I will not cease from mental fight
Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand
'Til we have built Jerusalem
In England's green and pleasant land ~ William Blake
Spriggans Bow quotes by William Blake
Storms may come and they will, for no ship ever sailed the seas but had to face the storm. If it is strong from keel to top, from bow to stern, well maintained and intelligently directed, it rides the storm and goes on its way. If you are strong in faith, clear headed, honest, trusting for divine guidance and with a character built on the solid rock, you will meet all troubles victoriously. ~ Charles Chapman
Spriggans Bow quotes by Charles Chapman
The voodoo worshipers go there to their idols sincerely and are healed. they ask for children and they get it.
GOD PERMITS IT. it is a miracle and they rejoice. i have seen it.
The idol didn't heal them. God did,. He permitted it.
Thank you Jesus !!!!
The imagine the 3 Hebrew children refuse to bow to was not voodoo it was Daniel (A holy man of God)
Holy Mary Images
Pillar of fire images
Prophet images
Prayer cloths
God wants me to believe Him without having to see anything. ~ Mary Tornyenyor
Spriggans Bow quotes by Mary Tornyenyor
The English Puritans were obsessed with the idea of providence, and that word is more ominous to them than it sounds to us. It means care, but it also means control. It does not just mean that God will provide. It means that God will provide whatever the hell God wants and the Puritans will thank him for it even if He provides them with nothing more than a slow death in a long winter. It means that if they're scared and small and lowly enough He just might toss a half-eaten corncob their way. It means that the world isn't fair and it's their fault. It means that God is the sovereign, the authority. It means manna from heaven, but it also means bow down. ~ Sarah Vowell
Spriggans Bow quotes by Sarah Vowell
To the world, I'm Bow Wow. When I leave here and I go to L.A., and I go to my daughter's house and I sit with her, I feel like Shad. I'm not Bow; I'm 'Daddy.' It's, like, the illest feeling in the world. I feel like I'm away from everything. ~ Bow Wow
Spriggans Bow quotes by Bow Wow
There is one thing I need to be sure of," said the Emperor, taking an arrow, and placing it in the bow, cocking it back, "I need to know where your loyalties lay, Miss Roberts."
"With you, Emperor," said Areli, scared, "of course, they're with you."
"Then prove it," said the Emperor, "prove your obedience to me. Prove your allegiance." He placed the crossbow in her fingers, laced her finger against the trigger, and positioned the butt of the weapon against her shoulders. "That woman there. She's a follower, Areli. She's a deceitful little tramp that had taken residence in the bed of Degendhard's. I want you to kill her for me. I want you to punish her, for her crimes against her Empire." Areli looked at him, bewildered, with eyes that screamed, you can't be serious!
"If you don't. Then I will have no other option than to assume you have been taken to Degendhard's bed as well. You will do this, Areli. You will punish her. Prove your worth." Areli took a deep breath, feeling the smoothness of the wood and the coldness of the trigger for the first time since having the harsh weapon thrust into her hand.
The Emperor, sensing her hesitation, forced himself upon her. Her lifted her arms, and steadied the weapon into her shoulder, his chest pressed up against her back, his lips rubbing against her ear. The crossbow shook. The woman's head lulled back and forth as she was stuck in a drug rendered dream-state, not knowing that her body faced impalement.
" ~ Jeffrey Johnson
Spriggans Bow quotes by Jeffrey   Johnson
People do not know how what is at variance agrees with itself. It is an attunement of opposite tensions, like that of the bow and the lyre. ~ Heraclitus
Spriggans Bow quotes by Heraclitus
Even strength must bow to wisdom sometimes. ~ Rick Riordan
Spriggans Bow quotes by Rick Riordan
I am here on behalf of the people of the west. I speak for the Burrows."
"Ohh," the Demon said, mockery dripping from the word. It made an exaggerated bow, its movements smooth as flowing magma. "An emissary! How quaint. I would expect introductions are in order, then. I am called Briz'nar, Greater Demon, Hand to the Duke of Milonok, and Commander of the Guard."
"That's delightful," Racath scowled. "You can call me Azrael. ~ S.G. Night
Spriggans Bow quotes by S.G. Night
I am not here to bow, I`m here to conquer. My purpose in life, is bigger than any obstacle. ~ Nurudeen Ushawu
Spriggans Bow quotes by Nurudeen Ushawu
Hee in Celestial Panoplie all armd Of radiant URIM, work divinely wrought, Ascended, at his right hand Victorie Sate Eagle-wing'd, beside him hung his Bow And Quiver with three-bolted Thunder stor'd, And from about him fierce Effusion rowld Of smoak and bickering flame, and sparkles dire; ~ John Milton
Spriggans Bow quotes by John Milton
He was danger wrapped in secrets tied with a bow of bad intentions, ~ Jeaniene Frost
Spriggans Bow quotes by Jeaniene Frost
I got to dress up in funny clothes and run around New Zealand with a bow and arrow for 18 months, how bad could that be? ~ Orlando Bloom
Spriggans Bow quotes by Orlando Bloom
Love is like a buffalo with butterfly wings, and I'm just the humble man in the jetpack trying to shoot it down with a bow and arrow. ~ Jarod Kintz
Spriggans Bow quotes by Jarod Kintz
Since very few things in life are worth getting into silly arguments over, I virtually don't respond at all when someone tries to persuade me otherwise. I simply take the tangent by making people smarter--it is my way to simply "bow and take my leave" instead of stooping to argue, with someone of lower intellect, lesser emotional maturity or simply lower class. It is a reasonable solution, their demeanour changes instantly. ~ Efrat Cybulkiewicz
Spriggans Bow quotes by Efrat Cybulkiewicz
Anger is a bow that will shoot sometimes where another feeling will not. ~ Henry Ward Beecher
Spriggans Bow quotes by Henry Ward Beecher
All who, while unable to be saints but refusing to bow down to pestilences, strive their utmost to be healers. ~ Albert Camus
Spriggans Bow quotes by Albert Camus
Behjet eased the horse forward again. "The harvest is failing. There will be no crop at all if this rain doesn't stop - not even hay."
The rain. The rain she'd been so grateful for, the rain that concealed the warping of her shadow. It was going to kill people. ~ Erin Bow
Spriggans Bow quotes by Erin Bow
If you bow your knees more often in prayer, you will feel the presence of God. ~ Lailah Gifty Akita
Spriggans Bow quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
But this time I was the one cut off as he gave a curt bow and turned, striding down the corridor toward the gardens and, I hoped, off a nearby cliff. Good riddance. ~ Tarun Shanker
Spriggans Bow quotes by Tarun Shanker
I told her [...] that I would bow down before her suffering with compassion, that she could control her life, that I understood that pain is sometimes psychic, not only physical, that she wanted nothing more than to end it and to sleep forever, that for her life was over but that for me it was still ongoing and that an aspect of it was trying to save her, that the notion of saving her was one that we didn't agree on, that I was willing to do whatever she wanted me to do but only if it was absolutely true that there were no other doors to find, to push against or storm because if there were I'd break every bone in my body running up against that fucking door repeatedly, over and over and over and over. ~ Miriam Toews
Spriggans Bow quotes by Miriam Toews
Fernando, my best archer, stands on the rear platform, bow slung over his shoulder. He bows from the waist, his face grave. Four horses flick their tails and dance in their jeweled traces. I eye them warily while Hector helps me up.

Then he offers a hand to Ximena, and in spite of their recent disagreement, a look of fierce understanding passes between them. They are a formidable team, my guard and my guardian. Sometimes it's as though they plot my safety behind my back. ~ Rae Carson
Spriggans Bow quotes by Rae Carson
Suddenly everything finally made sense because, paradoxically, I finally accepted that it never would make sense. That's life. It's not all wrapped up with a tidy bow - it's crazy and disorganized and unpredictable, and so are the people who live it. ~ Diane Schwemm
Spriggans Bow quotes by Diane Schwemm
Jesper Llewellyn Fahey, that is enough!" Colm roared. (...)
Inej cocked her head to one side. "Jesper Llewellyn Fahey?"
"Shut up," said Jesper. "It's a family name."
Inej made a solemn bow. "Whatever you say, Llewellyn. ~ Leigh Bardugo
Spriggans Bow quotes by Leigh Bardugo
His dark blue shirt was plastered to his chest, covered with werewolf goop and tears. "Now we both need a bath," I said.
"That can be arranged."
"Please, Jean-Claude, no sexual innuendo until after I'm clean."
"Of course, MA PETITE. It was crude of me tonight. My apologies."
I stared at him. He was being far too nice. Jean-Claude was a lot of things, but nice wasn't one of them.
"If you're up to something, I don't want to know about it. I can't handle any deep, dark plots tonight, okay?"
He smiled and gave a low, sweeping bow, never taking his eyes off me. The way you bow on the judo mat when you're afraid the person may pound you if you look away.
I shook my head. He WAS up to something. Nice to know that not everyone had suddenly become something else. One thing I could always depend on what Jean-Claude. Pain in the ass that he was, he always seemed to be there. Dependable in his own twisted way. Jean-Claude dependable? I must have been more tired than I thought. ~ Laurell K. Hamilton
Spriggans Bow quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
We fall on our knees in awe of God's greatness. ~ Lailah Gifty Akita
Spriggans Bow quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
Rigor pushed too far is sure to miss its aim, however good, as the bow snaps that is bent too stiffly. ~ Friedrich Schiller
Spriggans Bow quotes by Friedrich Schiller
My business was to declare myself a scoundrel, and whether I did it with a bow or a bluster was of little importance. ~ Jane Austen
Spriggans Bow quotes by Jane Austen
Saint Sebastian
Mauretanian Archer, put down your bow,
Imperial Guardsman, lay down your lance.
For my heart, my faithful heart,
Has been already pierced by His glory,
Pierced by a thousand arrows,
That quiver at His glance.

Centaur-archer, Chiron,
Refulgent rider of the southern horizon,
I know the eternal pain you would have suffered
By your pupil's poisoned arrow
Had not Zeus released you from immortality's cage.
For my heart, my heart of shame,
Still courses with the hydra's same venom,
Pierced by His mercy, pierced by a thousand arrows,
That quiver at His name.

God, my God,
My love for You, can endure armies or archers,
a plague of bows thrusting plumed daggers at my heart.
Please, women of Milan, do not kiss my splintered feet!
I, Sebastian, am more sinner than saint.
I need not your veneration, your votive prayers,
For my heart, my martyred heart,
Has been already pierced by His redemption,
Pierced by a thousand arrows,
My quiver full, filled with His love. ~ Beryl Dov
Spriggans Bow quotes by Beryl Dov
And so in time the rowboat and I became one and the same-like the archer and his bow or the artist and his paint. What I learned wasn't mastery over the elements; it was mastery over myself, which is what conquest is ultimately all about. ~ Richard Bode
Spriggans Bow quotes by Richard Bode
Those who are skilled in archery bend their bow only when they are preparing to use it; when they do not require it, they allow it to remain unbent, for otherwise it would remain unserviceable when the time for using it arrived. So it is with man. If he were to devote himself unceasingly to a dull round of business, without breaking the monotony by cheerful amusements, he would fall imperceptibly into idiocy, or be struck by paralysis ~ Herodotus
Spriggans Bow quotes by Herodotus
Her hands clutched at his upper arms.
"Y-you make me feel ... "
He glanced up at her, saw the way she was biting her lower lip and the tortured frown between her closed eyes. "What do I make you feel, honey?" he prompted in a low voice, unable to look away from her beautiful face, and he rubbed the heel of his palm against the hard bud of her clitoris.
Her body went wire taut, arching like a hunter's bow as she gasped for him.
"Unbalanced. ~ Edie Harris
Spriggans Bow quotes by Edie Harris
Oh sweet December,
You bring us Charlie Brown, chestnuts and candy canes,
You add such sweetness to your name
You bring us garland, gingerbread and mistletoe,
You also bring us everything wrapped in a bow
Oh sweet December-you're so good to us,
You always prepare us for The Christmas fuss ~ Charmaine J Forde
Spriggans Bow quotes by Charmaine J Forde
Christians believe themselves to be the aristocracy of heaven upon earth, they are admitted to the spiritual court, while millions of men in foreign lands have never been presented. They bow their knees and say they are 'miserable sinners,' and their hearts rankle with abominable pride. Poor infatuated fools! Their servility is real and their insolence is real but their king is a phantom and their palace is a dream. ~ William Winwood Reade
Spriggans Bow quotes by William Winwood Reade
Bow all your heads to our adored Mary Katherine. ~ Shirley Jackson
Spriggans Bow quotes by Shirley Jackson
I will be the gladdest thing
Under the sun!
I will touch a hundred flowers
And not pick one.
I will look at cliffs and clouds
With quiet eyes,
Watch the wind bow down the grass,
And the grass rise.
And when lights begin to show
Up from the town,
I will mark which must be mine,
And then start down! ~ Edna St. Vincent Millay
Spriggans Bow quotes by Edna St. Vincent Millay
At this camp I had the unique experience of showing all these seasoned Westerners that it was possible to make a fire by the friction of two sticks. This has long been a specialty of mine; I use a thong and a bow as the simplest way. ~ Ernest Thompson Seton
Spriggans Bow quotes by Ernest Thompson Seton
fight with your problems like a soldier never bow your head like a slave ~ Vinod
Spriggans Bow quotes by Vinod
Refined, intense, wise, stiring, immediate, subtile, all the charmed qualities gather in Dropping the Bow. These translations are precious jewels. Like the erotic moods they investigate, these versions shimmer and startle with a palpable desire to be heard, and a mystical sense of impermanence. This is a transmission of a vital, extraordinary tradition. ~ Anne Waldman
Spriggans Bow quotes by Anne Waldman
That is one reason so many of the Japanese pictures are not good, they cannot spare all the footage necessary for that bow, which is repeated over and over again. ~ Sessue Hayakawa
Spriggans Bow quotes by Sessue Hayakawa
Ding! Ding! Ding! I tapped the brass bell in rapid succession until Violet bustled in from the back room, wearing the blue-and-white pinafore that was the SugarWerks's uniform and a frown that was not. The same age as Nic and I, Violet wore her amethyst hair spiked and a brass gearring stud on the left side of her nose. On one set of knuckles, BAKE was tattooed in elaborate black calligraphy; CAKE was on the other. Today she had an aquamarine bow pinned to the top of her head, a silver cupcake and crossbones marking the spot between the two loops of ribbon. ~ Lisa Mantchev
Spriggans Bow quotes by Lisa Mantchev
I is another. If the brass wakes the trumpet, it's not its fault. That's obvious to me: I witness the unfolding of my own thought: I watch it, I hear it: I make a stroke with the bow: the symphony begins in the depths, or springs with a bound onto the stage.
If the old imbeciles hadn't discovered only the false significance of Self, we wouldn't have to now sweep away those millions of skeletons which have been piling up the products of their one-eyed intellect since time immemorial, and claiming themselves to be their authors! ~ Arthur Rimbaud
Spriggans Bow quotes by Arthur Rimbaud
As it ferments, kraut whispers alchemical secrets. In two days, it will smell as agreeable as an old pillow still warm from night's use. In five days it will smell like a horse run to foam. The odor will then lessen as the vegetable begins its tart transformation. It will be good to eat in two weeks, but at five weeks it will reach the zenith of its power, its taste a violin bow drawn across the tongue. After six weeks it will err slowly toward slime. Like hams and men, it gets better with age only to a point. ~ Eli Brown
Spriggans Bow quotes by Eli Brown
In most careers, you find something you do well, and you tie an increasingly larger bow on the package. ~ Tim Curry
Spriggans Bow quotes by Tim Curry
If the errors of my life have profited me one great truth it is this: believe. Believe in your destiny and the star from which it shines. Believe you have been sent from God as an arrow pulled from his own bow. It is the single universal trait which the great of this earth have all shared, while the shadows are fraught with ghosts who roam the winds with mournful wails of regret on their lips. Believe as if your life depended upon it, for indeed it does. ~ Richard Paul Evans
Spriggans Bow quotes by Richard Paul Evans
Leala's breath was "like a cello sawing away against the bouncing-bow contrabasses of her heartbeat. ~ Ella Leya
Spriggans Bow quotes by Ella Leya
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