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Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC), whose Egyptian museum in San Jose took up an entire city block. It stressed the virtues of reason and science while also suggesting that ancient Egyptian wisdom would allow its followers to re-lease the hidden powers inherent in man. ~ George Pendle
Sprengel Museum quotes by George Pendle
For something to become a work of art, a labeling process must take place that requires three participants: an artist who produces an apt object, a client or public, and a critic or connoisseur who mediates between the artist and the public to assure them of the artness of the thing. If I make a painting, it is not sufficient for the painting to be "art" that I consider it so, nor even that you, my friend and neighbor, admire it and hang it on your wall; it must be certified as art by competent authority and exhibited in the institutionally appropriate place, a gallery or museum. ~ Wyatt MacGaffey
Sprengel Museum quotes by Wyatt MacGaffey
Stealing is not excusable if, for instance, you are in a museum and you decide that a certain painting would look better in your house, and you simply grab the painting and take it there. But if you were very, very hungry, and you had no way of obtaining money, it might be excusable to grab the painting, take it to your house, and eat it. "We ~ Lemony Snicket
Sprengel Museum quotes by Lemony Snicket
If the world were to end tomorrow and we could choose to save only one thing as the explanation and memorial to who we were, then we couldn't do better than the Natural History Museum, although it wouldn't contain a single human. The systematic Linnean order, the vast inquisitiveness and range of collated knowledge and beauty would tell all that is the best of us. ~ A.A. Gill
Sprengel Museum quotes by A.A. Gill
Museums are tombs, and it looks like everything is turning into a museum. ~ Robert Smithson
Sprengel Museum quotes by Robert Smithson
Mary is God's masterpiece. Have you ever walked into a museum where an artist was displaying his work? Can you imagine him being offended if you were viewing what he considered to be his masterpiece? Would he resent your looking at that instead of at him? 'Hey, you should be looking at me!' Rather, the artist would receive honor because of the attention you were giving his work. And Mary is God's work, from beginning to end. ~ Scott Hahn
Sprengel Museum quotes by Scott Hahn
I was a terrible history student. They taught me history as if it were a visit to a wax museum or to the land of the dead. I was over twenty before I discovered that the past was neither quiet nor mute. ~ Eduardo Galeano
Sprengel Museum quotes by Eduardo Galeano
The Joker's henchmen break into the museum and empty the display cases; this occurs repeatedly, again and again: finally it can be reckoned upon beforehand and becomes a part of the exhibition. ~ Jonathan Lethem
Sprengel Museum quotes by Jonathan Lethem
The bracelet - an heirloom, I presume."
"So you didn't mistake it for a 'cheap bauble' after all. And you still didn't try to nick it. I'm shocked."
He glowered as he got to his feet.
"What?" I said. "I've offended you? I should be ashamed of myself. Those pieces in your pocket just fell in there, didn't they? Damn museum displays. Stuff just drops off them - ~ Kelley Armstrong
Sprengel Museum quotes by Kelley Armstrong
The problem with political ideologues such as arch Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg (a.k.a. JackOff Grease-Smug) is that they are totally divorced from reality with heads stuck firmly in the clouds. Add to that the priggish and rarefied demeanour of this particular outlandishly pompous ass and you end up with a complete disconnect with the way things actually work. Pragmatism and consensus articulated by compassionate people who live in the real world and with feet firmly on the ground must win the day with Britain's economic interests foremost in mind. Get on your Penny Farthing Jacob and start peddling fast. You are a tiresome irrelevance better consigned to a museum for musty relics. ~ Alex Morritt
Sprengel Museum quotes by Alex Morritt
The church is not a museum for saints it's a hospital for sinners. ~ Abigail Van Buren
Sprengel Museum quotes by Abigail Van Buren
I wanted a monument to myself in granite. I wanted my face in seven different colours. I wanted I LOVE YOU in giant red letters on top of the Museum of Modern Art. I wanted a new bridge across the Hudson in my name. I wanted a three-volume history of the Greeks dedicated to my memory. I wanted a filmed version of my life in Ektachrome Commercial. I wanted the Mercedes-Benz no longer to be for Mercedes.

But I have small breasts. ~ Carol Emshwiller
Sprengel Museum quotes by Carol Emshwiller
The theater should be free to the people just as the Public Library is free, just as the museum is free ... I want the theater to be made accessible to the people. ~ Eva Le Gallienne
Sprengel Museum quotes by Eva Le Gallienne
Trying to exhaust himself, Vaughan devised an endless almanac of terrifying wounds and insane collisions: The lungs of elderly men punctured by door-handles; the chests of young women impaled on steering-columns; the cheek of handsome youths torn on the chromium latches of quarter-lights. To Vaughan, these wounds formed the key to a new sexuality, born from a perverse technology. The images of these wounds hung in the gallery of his mind, like exhibits in the museum of a slaughterhouse. ~ J.G. Ballard
Sprengel Museum quotes by J.G. Ballard
When I train, I love to take time off and fly to the Natural History Museum or an exhibition. I just love that. When you know your past, it will help you with your future ... That's why most of my friends are not fighters. Most of my friends are nerds like me. That's why I have a hard time finding a girlfriend. I need someone to talk science with. I'm married to my work right now. But you never know. One day I could wake up and just do something different. Life is so unpredictable. ~ Georges St-Pierre
Sprengel Museum quotes by Georges St-Pierre
An individualist town councillor will walk along the municipal pavement, lit by municipal gas and cleansed by municipal brooms with municipal water and - seeing by the municipal clock in the municipal market, that he is too early to meet his children coming from the municipal school, hard by the country lunatic asylum and the municipal hospital, will use the national telegraph system to tell them not to walk through the municipal park, but to come by the municipal tramway to meet him in the municipal reading-room, by the municipal museum, art-gallery, and library, where he intends ... to prepare his next speech in the municipal town hall in favor of the nationalization of canals and in increase of Government control of the railway system. "Socialism, Sir," he will say, "don't waste the time of a practical man by your fantastic absurdities. Self-help, Sir, individual self-help, that's what has made our city what it is. ~ Sidney Webb
Sprengel Museum quotes by Sidney Webb
I met and became close with John Szarkowski of the Museum of Modern Art. He was incredibly supportive about me working in color. ~ William Eggleston
Sprengel Museum quotes by William Eggleston
Marlins Park is what I call my office in Miami, because I work for the Venezuelan Museum of Baseball and Hall of Fame. My job is to go to all the MLB stadiums and to talk to and collect articles from all the Venezuelan players in the big leagues and those Americans that played in Venezuela. ~ Juan Pablo Galavis
Sprengel Museum quotes by Juan Pablo Galavis
The Addams dwelling at 25 West Fifty-fourth Street was directly behind the Museum of Modern Art, at the top of the building. It was reached by an ancient elevator, which rumbled up to the twelfth floor. From there, one climbed through a red-painted stairwell where a real mounted crossbow hovered. The Addams door was marked by a "big black number 13," and a knocker in the shape of a vampire.

...Inside, one entered a little kingdom that fulfilled every fantasy one might have entertained about its inhabitant. On a pedestal in the corner of the bookcase stood a rare "Maximilian" suit of armor, which Addams had bought at a good price ("a bargain at $700")... It was joined by a half-suit, a North Italian Morion of "Spanish" form, circa 1570-80, and a collection of warrior helmets, perched on long stalks like decapitated heads... There were enough arms and armaments to defend the Addams fortress against the most persistent invader: wheel-lock guns; an Italian prod; two maces; three swords. Above a sofa bed, a spectacular array of medieval crossbows rose like birds in flight. "Don't worry, they've only fallen down once," Addams once told an overnight guest. ...

Everywhere one looked in the apartment, something caught the eye. A rare papier-mache and polychrome anatomical study figure, nineteenth century, with removable organs and body parts captioned in French, protected by a glass bell. ("It's not exactly another human heart beating in the house, but it's close ~ Linda H. Davis
Sprengel Museum quotes by Linda H. Davis
I'd been to the British museum before. In fact I've been in more museums than I like to admit - it makes me sound like a total geek.
[That's Sadie in the background, yelling I am a total geek. Thanks, Sis.] ~ Rick Riordan
Sprengel Museum quotes by Rick Riordan
The line I trace with my feet walking to the museum is more important and more beautiful than the lines I find there hung up on the walls. ~ Friedensreich Hundertwasser
Sprengel Museum quotes by Friedensreich Hundertwasser
A product is not a product unless it sells. Otherwise it is merely a museum piece. ~ Theodore Levitt
Sprengel Museum quotes by Theodore Levitt
In 1966, while working on a feature about a Picasso exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, I recorded the pre-opening preparations and observed a moment: One of the cleaners stopped, puzzled, in front of the Picassos. I think that this is an image that can be universally understood, but with a grain of salt. I never chose this image in edits before because it seemed to me that it felt posed-the composition was a little too perfect. But, believe me, it was a lucky moment. ~ Micha Bar-Am
Sprengel Museum quotes by Micha Bar-Am
Slavery happened. That flag stands for segregation. We have monuments to Civil War generals and slave owners, as well as preserved plantations. But we have only one slavery museum, and that was built by a private citizen. We have no national or federal slavery museum. There is no government-funded slavery museum. A proposal to put one in Virginia came through in 2001 and went unfunded and failed. Another one in Richmond reached a similar fate. This is absolutely shameful. ~ Trae Crowder
Sprengel Museum quotes by Trae Crowder
I couldn't help but remember the one at my parents' place after they had passed. I'd gone through their things and hadn't kept much, but when it came time for the auction I'd had a strong impulse to bid on everything like some museum curator attempting to keep the collection whole. ~ Craig Johnson
Sprengel Museum quotes by Craig Johnson
Dr. Kertesz mentioned to me a case known to him of a farmer who had developed prosopagnosia and in consequence could no longer distinguish (the faces of) his cows, and of another such patient, an attendant in a Natural History Museum, who mistook his own reflection for the diorama of an ape ~ Oliver Sacks
Sprengel Museum quotes by Oliver Sacks
There are hundreds of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings around the United States and in other countries, too. Wright lived into his 90s, and one of his most famous buildings, the Guggenheim Museum in New York, was completed just before his death. Wright buildings look like Wright buildings - that is their paradox. ~ Jane Smiley
Sprengel Museum quotes by Jane Smiley
He all but held his breath as he waited for her to force that façade back into place. Or to leave his side just so he would no longer see her girlish delight at the museum and the contents that awaited them. Instead, she slipped her hand into the crook of his elbow and looked up at him with those same shining eyes and wide, real smile. "I cannot wait another moment to see everything - shall we go in?" For a moment, he couldn't breathe, couldn't think, couldn't move as he stared into her eyes and saw so much beauty, so much truth…but then he shook his head and led her into the museum. This was a rare opportunity. He refused to miss a moment of it while he pondered what he had done to deserve it. ~ Jess Michaels
Sprengel Museum quotes by Jess Michaels
I have a one of a kind collection of dolls. My house is like a museum. ~ Richard Simmons
Sprengel Museum quotes by Richard Simmons
I want to bring back the human encounter into places where material things have a prime status. In a museum, you're supposed to look at things and not talk to other people. ~ Tino Sehgal
Sprengel Museum quotes by Tino Sehgal
Hodgkin had just returned from his second visit to Paris, where he had learned to prepare and dissect cadaveric specimens. He was promptly recruited to collect specimens for Guy's new museum. The job's most inventive academic perk, perhaps, was his new title: the Curator of the Museum and the Inspector of the Dead. Hodgkin ~ Siddhartha Mukherjee
Sprengel Museum quotes by Siddhartha Mukherjee
I was brought up to understand Darwin's theory of evolution. I spent hours and hours in the Natural History Museum in London looking at the descriptions of how different kinds of animals had evolved, looking at the sequence of fossil bones looking gradually more and more and more and more like the modern fossil. ~ Jane Goodall
Sprengel Museum quotes by Jane Goodall
Color - that's another thing people don't expect. In her imagination, in her dreams, everything has color. The museum buildings are beige, chestnut, hazel. Its scientists are lilac and lemon yellow and fox brown. Piano chords loll in the speaker of the wireless in the guard station, projecting rich blacks and complicated blues down the hall toward the key pound. Church bells send arcs of bronze careening off the windows. Bees are silver; pigeons are ginger and auburn and occasionally golden. The huge cypress trees she and her father pass on their morning walk are shimmering kaleidoscopes, each needle a polygon of light.
She has no memories of her mother but imagines her as white, a soundless brilliance. Her father radiates a thousand colors, opal, strawberry red, deep russet, wild green; a smell like oil and metal, the feel of a lock tumbler sliding home, the sound of his key rings chiming as he walks. He is an olive green when he talks to a department head, an escalating series of oranges when he speaks to Mademoiselle Fleury from the greenhouses, a bright red when he tries to cook. He glows sapphire when he sits over his workbench in the evenings, humming almost inaudibly as he works, the tip of his cigarette gleaming a prismatic blue. ~ Anthony Doerr
Sprengel Museum quotes by Anthony Doerr
If it's really true, that the museum at Liberty University has dinosaur fossils which are labelled as being 3000 years old, then that is an educational disgrace. It is debauching the whole idea of a university, and I would strongly encourage any members of Liberty University who may be here ... to leave and go to a proper university. ~ Richard Dawkins
Sprengel Museum quotes by Richard Dawkins
Even when I was a little girl, I remember going to the Museum of Modern Art. I think my parents took me there once or twice. And what I really remember is the design collection. ~ Barbara Kruger
Sprengel Museum quotes by Barbara Kruger
Japan suffered terribly from the atomic bomb but never adopted a pose of moral superiority, implying: 'We would never have done it!' The Japanese know perfectly well they would have used it had they had it. They accept the idea that war is war; they give no quarter and accept none. Total war, they recognize, knows no Queensberry Rules. If you develop a devastating new weapon during a total war, you use it; you do not put it into the War Museum. ~ George Mikes
Sprengel Museum quotes by George Mikes
Many people will say, well, clothes should be worn; but I think people can look at them in public, like seeing a film. I think museum exhibitions are very important. ~ Issey Miyake
Sprengel Museum quotes by Issey Miyake
I grew up in New York, and for the first ten years of my life, we lived across from the Metropolitan Museum. When I was an adult, I moved back to that neighborhood and lived there again. ~ M.J. Rose
Sprengel Museum quotes by M.J. Rose
Dr. Margaret Oda, a true trailblazer in education, served as Honolulu school district superintendent and was the driving force behind the middle-school concept and the first chairwoman of the Japanese American National Museum. ~ Colleen Hanabusa
Sprengel Museum quotes by Colleen Hanabusa
For 'The Journal of Finn Reardon,' I traveled to New York City and walked the streets where Finn and his friends would have lived, worked, and played. I visited the Tenement Museum on Orchard Street and toured an actual flat in which families like Finn's might have lived. ~ Susan Campbell Bartoletti
Sprengel Museum quotes by Susan Campbell Bartoletti
A record is a concert without halls and a museum whose curator is the owner. ~ Glenn Gould
Sprengel Museum quotes by Glenn Gould
The parts of graffiti I like are really antagonizing still - it's not something that a museum would really embrace. ~ Barry McGee
Sprengel Museum quotes by Barry McGee
Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers's Centre Georges Pompidou of 1971-1977 - the true prototype of the modern museum as popular architectural spectacle - wound up costing so much more than planned that the French government solved the shortfall by cutting support for several regional museums. ~ Martin Filler
Sprengel Museum quotes by Martin Filler
The extent to which perception and, consequently, vision are dependent upon memory and imagination is a matter of every day experience. We see familiar things more clearly then when we see objects about which we have no stock of memories. The old seamstress, who cannot read without glasses, can see to thread needle with the naked eye. Why? Because she is more familiar with needles then with print. In man who can work all day at the office without undue fatigue of the eyes is worn out by an hour at the museum and comes home with a splitting headache. Why? Because in the office he is following a regular routine and looking at words and figures, the bike of which he looks at every day; whereas in the museum everything is strange novel, and outlandish. ~ Aldous Huxley
Sprengel Museum quotes by Aldous Huxley
The past is closed up inside its own depressing little museum of faded styles and codes and anticipations; you can't re-enter it ~ Tessa Hadley
Sprengel Museum quotes by Tessa Hadley
For over a century, an evolving microcosm of Anthropology's turbulent history has hidden behind the staid façade of the American Museum of Natural History. From an insider's perspective, the well-known ethnologist Stan Freed engagingly introduces us to an amazing cast of explorers, eccentrics, idealists, pranksters and forbidding intellectual - an unlikely mix that played a key role in establishing the science of Anthropology as we know it today. ~ Ian Tattersall
Sprengel Museum quotes by Ian Tattersall
Now almost every artist outside of New York is connected with some school or some museum school, and even in New York the majority are. That's an interesting fact when you take the idea of making money, making a living selling paintings. Only a dozen or two painters do that. ~ Ad Reinhardt
Sprengel Museum quotes by Ad Reinhardt
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