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She was now afraid to yield to passion, and because she could not yield to the larger impulses it became essential also to not yield to the small ones, even if her adversary were in the right. She was living on a plane of war. The bigger resistance to the flow of life became one with the smaller resistance to the will of others, and the smallest issue became equal to the ultimate one. The pleasure of yielding on a level of passion being unknown to her, the pleasure of yielding on other levels became equally impossible. She denied herself all the sources of feminine pleasure: of being invaded, of being conquered. In war, conquest was imperative. No approach from the enemy could be interpreted as anything but a threat. She could not see that the real issue of the war was a defense of her being against the invasion of passion. Her enemy was the lover who might possess her. All her intensity was poured into the small battles; to win in the choice of a restaurant, of a movie, of visitors, in opinions, in analysis of people, to win in all the small rivalries through an evening. ~ Anais Nin
Sbordones Restaurant quotes by Anais Nin
Good restaurant design is about achieving equilibrium between the food, service, and design - in effect, telling a complete story. ~ David Rockwell
Sbordones Restaurant quotes by David Rockwell
The first time I traveled to Russia a Russian friend gave me a short little book that she referred to as "The Russian Handbook."2 Paging through the book during my flight, I was amused to read: If you are walking through the street without a jacket, little old Russian ladies may stop and chastise you for poor judgment. . . . In Russia there is no reticence about expressing your negative criticism openly. For instance, if you are displeased with the service in a shop or restaurant you can tell the shop assistant or waiter exactly what you think of him, his relatives, his in-laws, his habits, and his sexual bias. ~ Erin Meyer
Sbordones Restaurant quotes by Erin Meyer
Especially in the food business, critics take very seriously how much power they have. They can shut a restaurant down. ~ Jon Favreau
Sbordones Restaurant quotes by Jon Favreau
In your message, you told me about your family, how you don't have any traditions. The first time I read that, it made me sad, but then I thought about it for a while and started to feel jealous. Lois, think about it! No one cares if your restaurant has tables. You can build robots, or bake bread, or do something else entirely. You're unencumbered by culture. You're... light! ~ Robin Sloan
Sbordones Restaurant quotes by Robin Sloan
I spent seven years in France. Then, I went to Asia for five years. I came to London in 1984 and then America in 1985. In 1991, I opened my first restaurant in New York City. ~ Jean-Georges Vongerichten
Sbordones Restaurant quotes by Jean-Georges Vongerichten
BROOKE PARKER STEPPED up to the bar at The Shore restaurant, ready to place her lunch order. The bartender, however, beat her to the punch.

"Hey, it's my favorite customer - Chicken Tacos, Extra Pico." He flashed her a grin. "That's my nickname for you."

Yes, she got that. "I suppose I've been called worse," Brooke said as the bartender moved to the cash register to ring her up. ~ Julie James
Sbordones Restaurant quotes by Julie James
I admit I love clothes and I buy clothes. But they sit in my closet. I like a pair of comfy pants, flip flops and a t- shirt. And when we pick a restaurant, my criteria is: Where can I wear this?. ~ Jennifer Aniston
Sbordones Restaurant quotes by Jennifer Aniston
In the NFL, you know how people love going to fancy restaurants? I am not a fancy-restaurant guy. I am a good-tasting steak-and-potatoes guy. ~ Tim Tebow
Sbordones Restaurant quotes by Tim Tebow
And you punched him in the restaurant?" I grinned. "No, I punched him when he told me my only purpose was to bear his children and then stuck a hand up my shirt." Patrick grinned. "You land the punch?" "Broke his nose." "Good ~ Chloe Neill
Sbordones Restaurant quotes by Chloe Neill
I wanted people to come to the restaurant and feel at home, so I put it in a house. ~ Alice Waters
Sbordones Restaurant quotes by Alice Waters
I think it is over-rated. Whenever I go to an Italian restaurant, I never get the tiramisu. ~ Rob Reiner
Sbordones Restaurant quotes by Rob Reiner
They learned that they should always call the restaurant first. Do you serve Japanese? ~ Julie Otsuka
Sbordones Restaurant quotes by Julie Otsuka
Maitre d's are at the financial spigot of the restaurant, meaning they control who gets in and who doesn't, but aside from that, they don't do anything. And yet they get paid as much as the highest-paid people in the place. ~ Joe Bastianich
Sbordones Restaurant quotes by Joe Bastianich
[Cora:]'Michael - that guy from the restaurant the other night - he works over there. He runs the prehistoric department.'
'I'm surprised,' Veda said.
'At what?'
'That you're dating someone who reads. ~ Jessica Lave
Sbordones Restaurant quotes by Jessica Lave
I was raised by my grandparents, and they always made sure that I had a pencil and some paper, whether we were in the car or at a restaurant. While they were enjoying a nice meal, I would be sitting there drawing funny pictures of the waitress. ~ Jarrett J. Krosoczka
Sbordones Restaurant quotes by Jarrett J. Krosoczka
I get speeding ticket like everybody else. If the restaurant is full I'm waiting in line like everybody else. ~ Mikhail Baryshnikov
Sbordones Restaurant quotes by Mikhail Baryshnikov
Traditional British desserts with lots of custard are my biggest weakness - I particularly love the puds at St. John restaurant in East London. ~ Eva Green
Sbordones Restaurant quotes by Eva Green
The only kind of restaurant I could imagine doing would be the extraordinarily snooty restaurant with three or four tables, and I would cook what I felt like cooking. And you could eat it or not. ~ Steve Albini
Sbordones Restaurant quotes by Steve Albini
The technology of food matters even when we barely notice it is there. From fire onward, there is a technology behind everything we eat, whether we recognize it or not. Behind every loaf of bread, there is an oven. Behind a bowl of soup, there is a pan and a wooden spoon (unless it comes from a can, another technology altogether). Behind every restaurant-kitchen foam, there will be a whipping canister, charged with N2O. ~ Bee Wilson
Sbordones Restaurant quotes by Bee Wilson
Cooking is the great divide between good eating and bad. The gains are quantifiable. Cooking and eating at home - even with quality ingredients - costs pennies on the dollar compared with meals prepared by a restaurant or factory. ~ Barbara Kingsolver
Sbordones Restaurant quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
This is Barrachina,' Reyna said.
'What kind of bear?' Hedge opened a jar of maraschino cherries and chugged them down.
'It's a famous restaurant,' Reyna said, 'in the middle of Old San Juan. They invented the piña colada here, back in the 1960s, I think.'
Nico pitched out of his chair, curled up on the floor and started snoring.
Coach Hedge belched. 'Well, it looks like we're staying for a while. If they haven't invented any new drinks since the sixties, they're overdue. I'll get to work! ~ Rick Riordan
Sbordones Restaurant quotes by Rick Riordan
I would not take a girl to a club on a Thursday. I would not take her to a really noisy, swanky restaurant. ~ Paul Dano
Sbordones Restaurant quotes by Paul Dano
As a child, I didn't see my dad that much because he was always working at the restaurant. He became pretty jaded after working at the restaurant for so long. ~ David Chang
Sbordones Restaurant quotes by David Chang
Hopefully not another employee stealing credit cards, Brooke mused. Or any sort of headache-inducing "oops moment," like the time one of the restaurant managers called to ask if he could fire a line cook after discovering that the man was a convicted murderer.

"Jeez. How'd you learn that?" Brooke had asked.

"He made a joke to one of the waiters about honing his cooking skills in prison. The waiter asked what he'd been serving time for, and he said, 'Murder.'"

"I bet that put an end to the conversation real fast. And yes, you can fire him," Brooke had said.

"Obviously, he lied on his employment application." All of Sterling's employees, regardless of job position, were required to answer whether they'd ever been convicted of a crime involving "violence, deceit, or theft." Pretty safe to say that murder qualified.

Ten minutes later, the manager had called her back.
"Um . . . what if he didn't exactly lie? I just double-checked his application, and as it turns out, he did check the box for having been convicted of a crime."

Brooke had paused at that. "And then the next question, where we ask what crime he'd been convicted for, what did he write?"

"Uh . . . 'second-degree murder.'"

"I see. Just a crazy suggestion here, Cory, but you might want to start reading these applications a little more closely before making employment offers."

"Please don't fire me. ~ Julie James
Sbordones Restaurant quotes by Julie James
There is no value with just one restaurant or with one person. The brand has to be bigger than the person. ~ Wolfgang Puck
Sbordones Restaurant quotes by Wolfgang Puck
My grandmother taught me two very important lessons before she passed: hold the door for everyone and always say "thank you." That means to treat everyone the same, no matter if it is the President or a homeless mother begging for food. And never forget to thank those who have helped you, whether it is the person serving you food at a restaurant or your third-grade teacher who taught you the multiplication tables. ~ Michael Skolnik
Sbordones Restaurant quotes by Michael Skolnik
"I don't know if I could deal with a two-armed kid, and now I have to have a kid with only one arm because he wanted to try and feed the gorilla cotton candy? I didn't even want this, but then we're sitting at a restaurant minding our own business when this little boy walks by wearing little checkered Vans, and he was walking and singing a song and dancing. He was dancing and all of a sudden I turned to Otter and DEMANDED he put a baby in me. But I'm a guy, and he's a guy and that's biologically impossible ... " ~ T.J. Klune
Sbordones Restaurant quotes by T.J. Klune
I've seen cookbooks from lots of great chefs that have been disappointing. A book, to me, it has to have a story. Some of these people, they open a restaurant, and one year later, there's a cookbook. There's not much of a story yet. ~ Wylie Dufresne
Sbordones Restaurant quotes by Wylie Dufresne
Most of my recipes start life in the domestic kitchen, and even those that start out in the restaurant kitchen have to go through the domestic kitchen. ~ Yotam Ottolenghi
Sbordones Restaurant quotes by Yotam Ottolenghi
I think people are naturally good, I see it every day. Look at this restaurant. No one's causing anybody any trouble in here. We're all sitting, respecting each other's space, we're keeping our voices down, we're saying "please" and "thank you" - those are acts of generosity that we commit on a second by second basis that we don't give ourselves enough credit for. There's a lot of kindness in this world, we're just such vain creatures; our vanity can be used against us so easily. We're like dogs, hairless dogs. ~ Torquil Campbell
Sbordones Restaurant quotes by Torquil Campbell
I make a really delicious eggplant and squash curry that's inspired by Vij of Vij's Restaurant, a great chef and restaurateur in Vancouver. I like to cook that dish because it's really simple, but the flavor is so pungent and intense that I feel like I'm a real chef whenever I create it. ~ Carmen Ejogo
Sbordones Restaurant quotes by Carmen Ejogo
I hope that the restaurant I go to will have buffalo chicken fingers. I hope that one day I can work with Matt Damon. I have big and little dreams, and they're all equally important to me. A life without buffalo chicken fingers, I don't know if I would want that life. Even if it meant I got to work with Matt Damon. Everything has its worth. ~ Jenny Slate
Sbordones Restaurant quotes by Jenny Slate
I walked out of the Chinese restaurant with a fat check, a record deal, and a box of shrimp egg foo yung! ~ Solomon Burke
Sbordones Restaurant quotes by Solomon Burke
In an age when so many groups are rolling out restaurants faster than your local baker makes donuts, my goal is that each restaurant feels hand-crafted. That they have their own soul. ~ Danny Meyer
Sbordones Restaurant quotes by Danny Meyer
Christopher Plummer once told me that he never orders a wine without first confirming that the restaurant has a second bottle in case he loves it. ~ Kenneth Cranham
Sbordones Restaurant quotes by Kenneth Cranham
But sometimes, very occasionally, songs and books and films and pictures express who you are perfectly. And they don't do this in words or images, necessarily; the connection is a lot less direct and more complicated than that. When I was first beginning to write seriously, I read Anne Tyler's Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant, and suddenly knew what I was, and what I wanted to be, for better or worse. It's a process something like falling in love. You don't necessarily choose the best person, or the wisest, or the most beautiful; there's something else going on. There was a part of me that would rather have fallen for Updike or Kerouac, or DeLillo – for someone masculine, or at least, maybe somebody a little more opaque, and certainly someone who uses more swearwords- and, though I have admired those writers, at various stages in my life, admiration is a very different thing from the kind of transference I'm talking about. I'm talking about understanding – or at least feeling like I understand- every artistic decision, every impulse, the soul of both the work and its creator. "This is me," I wanted to say when I read Tyler's rich, sad, lovely novel. "I'm not a character, I'm nothing like the author, I haven't had the experiences she writes about. But even so, this is what I feel like, inside. This is what I would sound like, if I ever I were to find a voice." And I did find a voice, eventually, and it was mine, not hers; but nevertheless, so powerful was the process of ident ~ Nick Hornby
Sbordones Restaurant quotes by Nick Hornby
I could have sworn I just heard him thinking about the proposal he had planned. Red roses and champagne waiting at the restaurant, but maybe I imagined it."
I frowned in turn. "You could read his thoughts?"
"It is probably just my imagination running away with me. I'm so freaked out that I plucked the idea from my own head. I'm not a mind reader."
"Well, it is easy enough to test. Try to concentrate on me and tell me what I'm thinking."
Finally, Nessa's eyes lit up and met mine. Amused, she quirked a smile at me. "Really, Cora, that's lame. I love fluffy bunnies, is not what I expected. ~ Andrea Heltsley
Sbordones Restaurant quotes by Andrea Heltsley
I put on my shoes and a big, fake smile. I laughed on the outside while I screamed on the inside. My body was in the restaurant but my mind was in hell. ~ Michelle Hodkin
Sbordones Restaurant quotes by Michelle Hodkin
I come from the restaurant business; you're talking to a guy used to working 12, 14 hours a day. ~ Bobby Schilling
Sbordones Restaurant quotes by Bobby Schilling
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