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Let's face it, we're skunk drunk and it's because of money. It's almost like we all need to enter Betty Ford Clinic 2.0 together. This time, it's not stock market money but private equity, M&A, VCs and to some degree the reckless abandonment of logic by some advertisers who are perpetuating what is sure to end badly when the economy turns. Hubris is back my friends. ~ Steve Rubel
Rf Stock quotes by Steve Rubel
Here was a corporation behaving like a monster though the individuals who owned its stock were human cultivated men. A corporation has no soul. ~ Margaret Case Harriman
Rf Stock quotes by Margaret Case Harriman
I spent hours apart by myself, taking stock of where I stood, mentally, on this my thirtieth birthday. It came to me queerly how, four years ago, I had meant to be a general and knighted, when thirty. Such temporal dignities were now in my grasp, only that my sense of falsity of the Arab position had cured me of crude ambition: while it left me craving for good repute among men. This craving made me profoundly suspect my truthfulness to myself. Only too good an actor could so impress his favorable opinion. Here were the Arabs believing me, Allenby and Clayton trusting me, my bodyguard dying for me: and I began to wonder if all established reputations were founded, like mine, on fraud. ~ T.E. Lawrence
Rf Stock quotes by T.E. Lawrence
Are you crazy? Flirting with Eli
Stock in front of Belissa Norwood, in Belissa Norwood's house, while eating Belissa Norwood's
cupcakes? ~ Sarah Dessen
Rf Stock quotes by Sarah Dessen
Every year I will stock my locker up with body wash, different lotions, different oils, and different creams. ~ Amar'e Stoudemire
Rf Stock quotes by Amar'e Stoudemire
Present continuously becomes past, and by the time we take stock of it we are in another present, consumed with planning the future, which we do on the stepping-stones of the past. The present is never here. We are hopelessly late for consciousness. ~ Antonio R Damasio
Rf Stock quotes by Antonio R Damasio
As in forming a political society, each individual contributes some of his rights, in order that he may, from a common stock of rights, derive greater benefits, than he could from merely his own; so, in forming a confederation, each political society should contribute such a share of their rights, as will, from a common stock of these rights, produce the largest quantity of benefits for them. ~ John Dickinson
Rf Stock quotes by John Dickinson
May the children of the stock of Abraham who dwell in this land continue to merit and enjoy the good will of the other inhabitants-while every one shall sit in safety under his own vine and fig tree and there shall be none to make him afraid. May the father of all mercies scatter light, and not darkness, upon our paths, and make us all in our several vocations useful here, and in His own due time and way everlastingly happy. ~ George Washington
Rf Stock quotes by George Washington
I had some airline stock, but the airlines tanked. I didn't have a lot of money in them, though. ~ Mickey Gilley
Rf Stock quotes by Mickey Gilley
I come from pioneer stock, developers of the West, people who went out into the wilderness and set up home with nothing but a pair of oxen. ~ Joni Mitchell
Rf Stock quotes by Joni Mitchell
If you look at what's happened to the stock market, if you look at what's happened to housing values, if you look at what's happened to bank loan portfolios because the value of their other assets that they've already issued loans against were going down, there was a pretty good argument for trying to pass something at about this level of investment with the divisions as they were - unemployment, food stamps, and tax cuts, aid to education and healthcare, and job creation. ~ William J. Clinton
Rf Stock quotes by William J. Clinton
Every portfolio benefits from bonds; they provide a cushion when the stock market hits a rough patch. But avoiding stocks completely could mean your investment won't grow any faster than the rate of inflation. ~ Suze Orman
Rf Stock quotes by Suze Orman
Make your company stock a consumer product. When consumers buy stock in your company, they'll never buy a competitive product. You've linked their financial future to yours. ~ Faith Popcorn
Rf Stock quotes by Faith Popcorn
Great investment opportunities come around when excellent companies are surrounded by unusual circumstances that cause the stock to be misappraised. ~ Warren Buffett
Rf Stock quotes by Warren Buffett
Back in the 1980s when everyone looked a bit off, my friend Tim and his brothers had some publicity shots taken of their band. Eventually they sold the rights to a stock photo agency. Years later, one of the images turned up on a greeting card. The inside said, Greetings from the Dork Club. ~ Mary Roach
Rf Stock quotes by Mary Roach
Starting in 1792 with George Washington, there were financial crises every ten to fifteen years. Panics, bank runs, credit freezes, crashes, depressions. People lost their farms, families were wiped out. This went on for more than a hundred years, until the Great Depression, when Oklahoma turned to dust. "We can do better than this." Americans said. "We don't need to go back to the boom-and-bust cycle." The Great Depression produced three regulations:
The FDIC-your bank deposits were safe.
Glass-Steagall-banks couldn't go crazy with your money.
The SEC-stock markets would be tightly controlled.
For fifty years, these rules kept America from having another financial crisis. Not one panic or meltdown or freeze. They gave Americans security and prosperity. Banking was dull. The country produced the greatest middle class the world had ever seen. ~ Elizabeth Warren
Rf Stock quotes by Elizabeth Warren
My only foray into anything stock-market-related was in my eighth grade social studies class. I have steered clear ever since. ~ Rich Sommer
Rf Stock quotes by Rich Sommer
There are no guarantees in trading. The sooner you accept that you sooner you can release your expectations and focus unconditionally on a proven process. ~ Yvan Byeajee
Rf Stock quotes by Yvan Byeajee
When a stock doubles, sell half - then what you have is a free position. Then it becomes more of an art form. When you sell depends on individual circumstances. ~ Peter Cundill
Rf Stock quotes by Peter Cundill
Choosing a person to marry is hence just a matter of deciding exactly what kind of suffering we want to endure rather than of assuming we have found a way to skirt the rules of emotional existence. We will all by definition end up with that stock character of our nightmares, "the wrong person."

This needn't be a disaster, however. Enlightened romantic pessimism simply assumes that one person can't be everything to another. We should look for ways to accommodate ourselves as gently and as kindly as we can to the awkward realities of living alongside another fallen creature. There can only ever be a "good enough" marriage.

For this realization to sink in, it helps to have had a few lovers before settling down, not in order to have had a chance to locate "the right person," but in order to have had an ample opportunity to discover at first hand, and in many different contexts, the truth that there isn't any such a person; that everyone really is a bit wrong when considered from close up. ~ Alain De Botton
Rf Stock quotes by Alain De Botton
The 'Smart' radio frequency (RF) utility meter program is a known biologically harmful system that has been implemented by evil people. ~ Steven Magee
Rf Stock quotes by Steven Magee
When I say the economy is shrinking, it's the economy of the 99%, the people who have to work for a living and depend on earning money for what they can spend. The 1% makes its money basically by lending out their money to the 99%, on charging interest and speculating. So the stock market's doubled, the bond market's gone way up, and the 1% are earning more money than ever before, but the 99% are not. They're having to pay the 1%. ~ Michael Hudson
Rf Stock quotes by Michael Hudson
The most serious problems lie in the financial sphere, where the economy's debt overhead has grown more rapidly than the 'real' economy's ability to carry this debt ... The essence of the global financial bubble is that savings are diverted to inflate the stock market, bond market and real estate prices rather than to build new factories and employ more labor. ~ Michael Hudson
Rf Stock quotes by Michael Hudson
At that bureau a lovesick woman in a crinoline, her hair parted in the middle, may have written a passionate letter to her faithless lover, or a peppery old gentleman in a green frock coat and a stock indited an angry epistle to his extravagant son. ~ W. Somerset Maugham
Rf Stock quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
Well if you've got information about a company, or you believe that a company is undervalued, you can go out and buy their stock and you can make some profit on it. ~ Robert F. Engle
Rf Stock quotes by Robert F. Engle
From the business point of view, always encouraging the people in our company to own stock in the company, and if we're going to build something great, to have a lot of people share in the benefits of that greatness. ~ Sanford I. Weill
Rf Stock quotes by Sanford I. Weill
But the idea that some day people would want to be able to interact and get stock quotes and talk with other people or all these different things, I just believed that was going to happen. ~ Steve Case
Rf Stock quotes by Steve Case
. . . waiting for . . . some kind of kindness or understanding to tell me, Self, it is all fine and okay. Close your eyes. Tomorrow will be fine. But I never have been the kind to keep a back-stock of that kind of kindness, the way that other people do, taking care of themselves and others, being ready to forgive. ~ Catherine Lacey
Rf Stock quotes by Catherine Lacey
I learned to baby the rabbit in sour cream, tenderer than chicken and less forgiving of distraction, as well as the banosh the way the Italians did polenta. You had to mix in the cornmeal little by little while the dairy simmered - Oksana boiled the cornmeal in milk and sour cream, never water or stock - as it clumped otherwise, which I learned the hard way. I learned to curdle and heat milk until it became a bladder of farmer cheese dripping out its whey through a cheesecloth tied over the knob of a cabinet door; how to use the whey to make a more protein-rich bread; how to sear pucks of farmer cheese spiked with raisins and vanilla until you had breakfast. I learned patience for the pumpkin preserves - stir gently to avoid turning the cubes into puree, let cool for the runoff to thicken, repeat for two days. How to pleat dumplings and fry cauliflower florets so that half the batter did not remain stuck to the pan. To marinate the peppers Oksana made for my grandfather on their first day together. To pickle watermelon, brine tomatoes, and even make potato latkes the way my grandmother made them. ~ Boris Fishman
Rf Stock quotes by Boris Fishman
I look up at the ceiling, at all the hardcover fiction. So very few people want it. It is operating as insulation rather than stock. The argument rages on about whether it is better to have books or ebooks, but while everyone gets heated about the choices, the hardcover fiction molders quietly away. ~ Deborah Meyler
Rf Stock quotes by Deborah Meyler
No art can be grafted with success on another art. For though they all profess the same origin, and to proceed from the same stock, yet each has its own peculiar modes both of imitating nature and of deviating from it ... The deviation, more especially, will not bear transplantation to another soil. ~ Joshua Reynolds
Rf Stock quotes by Joshua Reynolds
I'd done some acting in high school. Then I went to Kenyon College and got thrown in jail and kicked off the football team. Since I was determined not to study very much, I majored in theater the last two years. Got my degree in speech; they didn't actually have a degree in theater. I graduated at two o'clock in the afternoon, and at three-thirty I was on the train for Williams Bay, Wisconsin, for summer stock, and then I did winter stock. ~ Paul Newman
Rf Stock quotes by Paul Newman
Truffles must come to the table in their own stock and as you break open this jewel sprung from a poverty-stricken soil, imagine - if you have never visited it - the desolate kingdom where it rules. ~ Sidonie Gabrielle Colette
Rf Stock quotes by Sidonie Gabrielle Colette
Art is like a stock with a decent return for people in finance, and they get to feel like they are involved with culture, spend time with artists, as part of their dividend. ~ Rachel Kushner
Rf Stock quotes by Rachel Kushner
The idols of modern culture have had a profound influence on the shape of our work today. In traditional societies people found their meaning and sense of value by submitting their interests and sacrificing their desires to serve higher causes like God, family, and other people. In modern societies there is often no higher cause than individual interests and desires. This shift powerfully changed the role of work in people's lives - it now became the way we defined ourselves. Traditional cultures tended to see people's place on the social ladder as assigned by nature or convention, each family having its "proper place." That view had put too little stock in the role of individual talent, ambition, and hard work for determining the outcome of one's life. But modern society responded by putting too much stock in the autonomous person. ~ Timothy Keller
Rf Stock quotes by Timothy Keller
The good news is, the stock market is closed and it can't hurt us again until tomorrow. ~ Jay Leno
Rf Stock quotes by Jay Leno
If everyone on Wall Street abided by the rule's spirit, the rule would have established a new fairness in the U.S. stock market. ~ Michael Lewis
Rf Stock quotes by Michael Lewis
I invested in many companies, and I'm happy this one worked. This is capitalism. You invest in stock, it goes up, it goes down. You know, if you don't like capitalism, you don't like making money with stock, move to Cuba or China. ~ Terry McAuliffe
Rf Stock quotes by Terry McAuliffe
A logical theory may be tested by its capacity for dealing with puzzles, and it is a wholesome plan, in thinking about logic, to stock the mind with as many puzzles as possible, since these serve much the same purpose as is served by experiments in physical science. ~ Bertrand Russell
Rf Stock quotes by Bertrand Russell
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