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With two civil wars, an al-Qaida presence and 40% unemployment, what else is President Saleh waiting for? He should leave office now. ~ Tawakkol Karman
Reapply For Unemployment quotes by Tawakkol Karman
The war photographer's most fervent wish is for unemployment ~ Robert Capa
Reapply For Unemployment quotes by Robert Capa
What the mayors care about is, 'How can I get money to invest in the infrastructure in my city? How do we put people back to work, lower the unemployment rate, provide for job training programs? How do we make class sizes smaller and make investments in our children from an education standpoint?' ~ Michael Nutter
Reapply For Unemployment quotes by Michael Nutter
The split has widened because the right has moved right, not because the left has moved left. Republican presidents Eisenhower, Nixon, and Ford all supported the Equal Rights Amendment. In 1960, the GOP platform embraced "free collective bargaining" between management and labor. REpublicans boasted of "extending the minimum wage to several million more workers" and "strengthening the unemployment insurance system and extension of its benefits." Under Dwight Eisenhower, top earners were taxed at 91 percent; in 2015, it was 40 percent. Planned Parenthood has come under serious attack from nearly all Republican presidential candidates running in 2016. Yet a founder of the organization was Peggy Goldwater, wife of the 1968 conservative Republican candidate for president Barry Goldwater. General Eisenhower called for massive invenstment in infrastructure, and now nearly all congressional Republicans see such a thing as frightening government overreach. Ronald Reagan raised the national debt and favored gun control, and now the Republican state legislature of Texas authorizes citizens to "open carry" loaded guns into churches and banks. Conservatives of yesterday seem moderate or liberal today. ~ Arlie Russell Hochschild
Reapply For Unemployment quotes by Arlie Russell Hochschild
Women continue receiving less salary for the same kind of job. Women have a higher unemployment rate in our country. When you analyze the composition of poverty, you will find that most of the families in poverty are being run by a woman. ~ Laura Chinchilla
Reapply For Unemployment quotes by Laura Chinchilla
The more generous the benefit, the easier you make it to stay on unemployment insurance, and the less incentive there is for people to actually go out and do what it takes to get a job. ~ John Ensign
Reapply For Unemployment quotes by John Ensign
You have tremendous gifts to give; God sent them with you when you came to this earth. And while you might forget them, or doubt they exist, God does not forget and He will show them to you. As soon as your gifts are dedicated to His work, they will blossom. Chains that might have held you back for years will dissolve. And you will feel free. You will learn that your spirit is bigger than your circumstances, as soon as you put your spirit first. ~ Marianne Williamson
Reapply For Unemployment quotes by Marianne Williamson
The economic issues are most vital for us and it is of the highest importance that we should fight our biggest enemies - Poverty, unemployment. ~ Lal Bahadur Shastri
Reapply For Unemployment quotes by Lal Bahadur Shastri
America should meet its obligations in the form of Social Security, Medicare, our ability to pay our military, legally binding legislation that allows unemployment compensation, the judiciary, the federal court system, the federal prison system, all those kinds of things have to be paid for. ~ Bill Johnson
Reapply For Unemployment quotes by Bill Johnson
I want to make it clear that I am not implying here that all housing issues can be solved through market solutions. Many cases of homelessness, for instance, particularly in affluent cities, stem from social welfare policies and require and immediate government action. It is important from the beginning to clearly separate emergency social welfare from housing policy. Too often, housing policy is conceived as an extension of social welfare applied to the middle class.
In every large city, a small number of households - some may be one-person households - are unable to pay for their housing. They end up in the streets. These households may be permanently or temporarily disabled - physically or mentally - or may have experienced bad luck that results in long unemployment periods. It is certainly the duty of the government to provide a shelter for them as an emergency service. Once in an emergency shelter, social workers can identify those who are likely to be permanently unable to earn an income and then direct them toward a social housing shelter, where specialized staff will follow up on their case. Other homeless households may need only temporary help to find a job and a house they can afford before they rejoin the city's active population. The provision of homeless shelters is not part of housing policy, as it has little to do with supply and demand. ~ Alain Bertaud
Reapply For Unemployment quotes by Alain Bertaud
With unemployment still abysmally high, the Obama economy is crushing Hispanics' dreams for their children to live a better life. ~ Marco Rubio
Reapply For Unemployment quotes by Marco Rubio
People keep asking what I do for a living and I keep saying that I don't believe in making a living. That it's a concept that has been twisted. I tell them I believe in making a life and money is a distracting object if there's anything left at the end of the day and I just want to go on well. Make it through the day. So I smile and raise my glass and they laugh and take my hand, saying "here's to the youth", pointing at me. And I might just be young
and naive
for I still believe in the freedom of choice
of how to spend your life.
So they toast to the youth, who still think she's free,
and that's all fine by me. ~ Charlotte Eriksson
Reapply For Unemployment quotes by Charlotte Eriksson
Let any one who is acquainted with what multitudes of people get their daily bread in this city by their labour, whether artificers or meer workmen - I say, let any man consider what must be the miserable condition of this town if, on a sudden, they should all be turned out of employment, that labour should cease, and wages for work be no more.

This was the case with us at that time; and had not the sums of money contributed in charity by well-disposed people of every kind, as well as abroad as at home, been prodigiously great, it had not been in the power of the Lord Mayor and sheriffs to have kept the publick peace. Nor were they without apprehensions, as it was, that desperation should push the people upon tumults and cause them to rifle the houses of rich men and plunder the markets of provisions; in which case the country people, who brought provisions very freely and boldly to town, would have been terrified from coming any more, and the town would have sunk under an unavoidable famine. ~ Daniel Defoe
Reapply For Unemployment quotes by Daniel Defoe
Conservatives argue that this human tendency toward corruption means that unemployment benefits and government health insurance will make the poor lazy, that they will become food stamp gobblers with no incentive to work for themselves. But I side with the poor and powerless since - as we've seen - they have far less ability to destroy all our lives. ~ Alisa Harris
Reapply For Unemployment quotes by Alisa Harris
For me, there will be no enemies but unemployment, the deficit, excessive debt, economic stagnation and anything else that keeps our country in these critical circumstances. ~ Mariano Rajoy
Reapply For Unemployment quotes by Mariano Rajoy
And if you like 14.4 percent unemployment, if you like the fact that 70 percent of home mortgages in Nevada are underwater, then stay the course. Vote for Harry Reid. ~ John Cornyn
Reapply For Unemployment quotes by John Cornyn
Looking to the future I see in the further acceleration of science continuous jobs for our workers. Science will cure unemployment. ~ Charles M. Schwab
Reapply For Unemployment quotes by Charles M. Schwab
Fine people on both sides? I was disgusted.

Here was the same man I'd gone on television to defend when I believed it was appropriate. While I hadn't been a supporter at the start of his campaign, he'd eventually convinced me he could be an effective president. Trump had proved to be a disrupter of the status quo during the primary and general election. Especially when he began to talk about issues of concern to black Americans. Dems have taken your votes for granted! Black unemployment is the highest it's ever been! Neighborhoods in Chicago are unsafe! All things I completely agreed with. But now he was saying, 'I'm going to change all that!' He mentioned it at every rally, even though he was getting shut down by the leaders of the African American community. And what amazed me most was that he was saying these things to white people and definitely not winning any points there either. I'd defended Trump on more than one occasion and truly believed he could make a tangible difference in the black community. (And still do.) I'd lost relationships with family members, friends, and women I had romantic interest in, all because I thought advocating for some of his positions had a higher purpose.

But now the president of the United States had just given a group whose sole purpose and history have been based on hate and the elimination of blacks and Jews moral equivalence with the genuine counterprotesters. My grandfather was born and raised in Helena, Arkan ~ Gianno Caldwell
Reapply For Unemployment quotes by Gianno Caldwell
Prices are going up. Unemployment continues to go up. And we have not had the necessary correction for the financial bubble created by our Federal Reserve system. ~ Ron Paul
Reapply For Unemployment quotes by Ron Paul
For me, unemployment and poverty in the Greater Montreal area is not mainly a problem of structure, or design, or statistics. It is a profoundly human situation. ~ Kim Campbell
Reapply For Unemployment quotes by Kim Campbell
The lowest strata are reproducing too fast. Therefore ... they must not have too easy access to relief or hospital treatment lest the removal of the last check on natural selection should make it too easy for children to be produced or to survive; long unemployment should be a ground for sterilisation. ~ Julian Huxley
Reapply For Unemployment quotes by Julian Huxley
The unemployment rate is still twice as high for blacks as for whites. ~ William Weld
Reapply For Unemployment quotes by William Weld
What America is thirsting for now is a battalion of strong, down-to-earth 'doers' - managers, frontline activists, business and social entrepreneurs engaged in tackling America's manifold problems of unemployment, education, and competitive slouch. ~ Tina Brown
Reapply For Unemployment quotes by Tina Brown
And what if Britain lost? There would be a financial crisis, unemployment, and destitution. Working-class men would take up Ethel's father's cry and say that they had never been allowed to vote for the war. The people's rage against their rulers would be boundless. ~ Ken Follett
Reapply For Unemployment quotes by Ken Follett
I define genuine full employment as a situation where there are at least as many job openings as there are persons seeking employment, probably calling for a rate of unemployment, as currently measured, of between 1 and 2 percent. ~ William Vickrey
Reapply For Unemployment quotes by William Vickrey
The Great Recession was now entering its third decade, and unemployment was still at a record high. Even the fast-food joints in my neighborhood had a two-year waiting list for job applicants. ~ Ernest Cline
Reapply For Unemployment quotes by Ernest Cline
In the same essay, Said (who is reviewing Peter Stansky and William Abrams, co-authors obsessed with the Blair/Orwell distinction) congratulates them on their forceful use of tautology:

'Orwell belonged to the category of writers who write.' And could afford to write, they might have added. In contrast they speak of George Garrett, whom Orwell met in Liverpool, a gifted writer, seaman, dockworker, Communist militant, 'the plain facts of [whose] situation - on the dole, married and with kids, the family crowded into two rooms - made it impossible for him to attempt any extended piece of writing.' Orwell's writing life then was from the start an affirmation of unexamined bourgeois values.

This is rather extraordinary. Orwell did indeed meet Garrett in Liverpool in 1936, and was highly impressed to find that he knew him already through his pseudonymous writing - under the name Matt Lowe - for John Middleton Murry's Adelphi. As he told his diary:

I urged him to write his autobiography, but as usual, living in about two rooms on the dole with a wife (who I gather objects to his writing) and a number of kids, he finds it impossible to settle to any long work and can only do short stories. Apart from the enormous unemployment in Liverpool, it is almost impossible for him to get work because he is blacklisted everywhere as a Communist.

Thus the evidence that supposedly shames Orwell by contrast is in fact supplied by - none other than Orwe ~ Christopher Hitchens
Reapply For Unemployment quotes by Christopher Hitchens
When I was on unemployment I was not ashamed of being a social outcast. Just furious. It's the same thing for being a woman: I am not remotely ashamed of not being a hot sexy number but I am livid that - as a girl who doesn't attract men - I am constantly made to feel as if I shouldn't even be around. ~ Virginie Despentes
Reapply For Unemployment quotes by Virginie Despentes
I've heard the argument that unemployment benefits somehow act as a disincentive to the long-term unemployed when it comes to looking for work, but the opposite is true. Unemployment Insurance serves as a powerful incentive for people to keep searching for jobs, rather than drop out of the labor force altogether. ~ Thomas Perez
Reapply For Unemployment quotes by Thomas Perez
In Europe and the United States the two decades following the Second World War will for long be remembered as a very good time, the time when capitalism really worked. Everywhere in the industrialized countries production increased. Unemployment was everywhere low. Prices were nearly stable. When production lagged and unemployment rose, governments intervened to take up the slack, as Keynes had urged. ~ John Kenneth Galbraith
Reapply For Unemployment quotes by John Kenneth Galbraith
Unemployment is due to the large import of goods from Britain and other countries. The Government haven't used the powers which they have for the benefit of the country. ~ Eamon De Valera
Reapply For Unemployment quotes by Eamon De Valera
At a time when our country is waging two wars, approval ratings for Congress are at historic lows, unemployment is at a 70-year high and financial institutions have collapsed around us, I can't imagine anyone seriously opposing a National Day of Prayer. ~ Franklin Graham
Reapply For Unemployment quotes by Franklin Graham
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