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Sayings designed to raise a laugh are generally untrue and never complimentary. Laughter is never far removed from derision. ~ Quintilian
Raise A Laugh quotes by Quintilian
Too much brilliance has its disadvantages, and misplaced wit may raise a laugh, but often beheads a topic of profound interest. ~ Margot Asquith
Raise A Laugh quotes by Margot Asquith
Spontaneous laughter induces. ~ Toba Beta
Raise A Laugh quotes by Toba Beta
One likes to think that there is some fantastic limbo for the children of imagination, some strange, impossible place where the beaux of Fielding may still make love to the belles of Richardson, where Scott's heroes still may strut, Dickens's delightful Cockneys still raise a laugh, and Thackeray's worldlings continue to carry on their reprehensible careers. Perhaps in some humble corner of such a Valhalla, Sherlock and his Watson may for a time find a place, while some more astute sleuth with some even less astute comrade may fill the stage which they have vacated. ~ Arthur Conan Doyle
Raise A Laugh quotes by Arthur Conan Doyle
Come back to me." He laughs. It is not forced; it is the laugh of a happy man, confident in his luck and his abilities. "I will," he says. "Trust me. You have married a man who is going to die in his bed, preferably after making love to the most beautiful woman in England." He holds out his arms and I step towards him and feel the warmth of his embrace. "Make sure you do," I say. "And I will make sure that the most beautiful woman in your eyes is always me. ~ Philippa Gregory
Raise A Laugh quotes by Philippa Gregory
The problem is, you can't tell people these things. They'll think you're crazy. And I say to myself: What can I do with this life inside me? I'd like to give it ... to make a present of it ... to go up to people and tell them: You need to be joyful! You know? You have to play at being pirates ... to build cities of marble ... to laugh ... to set off firecrackers ~ Roberto Arlt
Raise A Laugh quotes by Roberto Arlt
I knew that he was mine when we talked for hours one night. I snuck out of the house to meet him. God, my daddy would have skinned him alive. But all we did was talk, hour after hour, under a willow tree. He was just a boy, but I knew I'd love him all of my life. And I have. I knew because we sat there, almost till dawn, and he made me laugh, and made me think and dream and tremble. ~ Nora Roberts
Raise A Laugh quotes by Nora Roberts
The function of socialism is to raise suffering to a higher level. ~ Norman Mailer
Raise A Laugh quotes by Norman Mailer
Reason says, I will beguile him with the tongue;" Love says, "Be silent. I will beguile him with the soul."
The soul says to the heart, "Go, do not laugh at me and yourself. What is there that is not his, that I may
beguile him thereby?"
He is not sorrowful and anxious and seeking oblivion that I may beguile him with wine and a heavy measure.
The arrow of his glance needs not a bow that I should beguile the shaft of his gaze with a bow.
He is not prisoner of the world, fettered to this world of earth, that I should beguile him with gold of the
kingdom of the world.
He is an angel, though in form he is a man; he is not lustful that I should beguile him with women.
Angels start away from the house wherein this form is, so how should I beguile him with such a form and likeness?
He does not take a flock of horses, since he flies on wings; his food is light, so how should I beguile him with bread?
He is not a merchant and trafficker in the market of the world that I should beguile him with enchantment of gain and loss.
He is not veiled that I should make myself out sick and utter sighs, to beguile him with lamentation.
I will bind my head and bow my head, for I have got out of hand; I will not beguile his compassion with sickness or fluttering.
Hair by hair he sees my crookedness and feigning; what's hidden from him that I should beguile him with anything hidden.
He is not a seeker of fame, a prin ~ Rumi
Raise A Laugh quotes by Rumi
I always was trying to make people laugh as a kid. I was a big fan of Carol Burnett and Gilda Radner. I watched them and I remember feeling as a child, when I heard the laughter they got, a little jealous that they made someone laugh like that. ~ Leah Remini
Raise A Laugh quotes by Leah Remini
A good writer should be able to write comedic work that made you laugh, and scary stuff that made you scared, and fantasy or science fiction that imbued you with a sense of wonder, and mainstream journalism that gave you clear and concise information in a way that you wanted it. ~ Neil Gaiman
Raise A Laugh quotes by Neil Gaiman
Sensuality does not wear a watch but she always gets to the essential places on time. She is adventurous and not particularly quiet. She was reprimanded in grade school because she couldn't sit still all day long. She needs to move. She thinks with her body. Even when she goes to the library to read Emily Dickinson or Emily Bronte, she starts reading out loud and swaying with the words, and before she can figure out what is happening, she is asked to leave. As you might expect, she is a disaster at office jobs.

Sensuality has exquisite skin and she appreciates it in others as well. There are other people whose skin is soft and clear and healthy but something about Sensuality's skin announces that she is alive. When the sun bursts forth in May, Sensuality likes to take off her shirt and feel the sweet warmth of the sun's rays brush across her shoulder. This is not intended as a provocative gesture but other people are, as usual, upset. Sensuality does not understand why everyone else is so disturbed by her. As a young girl, she was often scolded for going barefoot.

Sensuality likes to make love at the border where time and space change places. When she is considering a potential lover, she takes him to the ocean and watches. Does he dance with the waves? Does he tell her about the time he slept on the beach when he was seventeen and woke up in the middle of the night to look at the moon? Does he laugh and cry and notice how big the sky is?

It i ~ J. Ruth Gendler
Raise A Laugh quotes by J. Ruth Gendler
I am a little troubled about the tea service in the electronic computer building. Apparently the members of your staff consume several times as much supplies as the same number of people do in Fuld Hall and they have been especially unfair in the matter of sugar ... I should like to raise the question whether it would not be better for the computer people to come up to Fuld Hall at the end of the day at 5 o'clock and have their tea here under proper supervision. ~ John Von Neumann
Raise A Laugh quotes by John Von Neumann
Stupid blind Russian wizard," I swore softly. "I'm getting a raise out of this somehow. ~ Vicki Keire
Raise A Laugh quotes by Vicki Keire
It is tough to lose. But it is even tougher when the winner is everything that you fear and worse - a criminal enterprise masquerading as a legitimate state. Tougher still to point this out to the Washington establishment, always enamored of tales of second chances and political redemption. It puts you in the position of being a sore loser. Worse, a sore loser with a failed political agenda. So it was as Ellen and I try to raise the alarm after Charles Taylor takes the presidency of Liberia. ~ K. Riva Levinson
Raise A Laugh quotes by K. Riva Levinson
No." A short, crazed laugh. "Juliette. Please. Please. Don't tell me he's filled your head with romantic notions. Please don't tell me you fell for his false proclamations - ~ Tahereh Mafi
Raise A Laugh quotes by Tahereh Mafi
You inspire, you put a smile on someone's face, you make someone laugh or deeply touch a person's heart. We all have that in ourselves no matter how tough our journeys are. ~ Shellie Palmer
Raise A Laugh quotes by Shellie Palmer
We are such docile creatures, normally, that it takes a virus to jolt us out of life's routine. A couple of days in a fever bed are, in a sense, health-giving; the change in body temperature, the change in pulse , and the change of scene have a restorative effect on the system equal to the hell they raise. ~ E.B. White
Raise A Laugh quotes by E.B. White
A small smile transformed his normally hardened features and he took my hand and ran it across his ribs. "Are they all there?"
I frowned. "What?"
"My ribs. Is there one missin'?
My hand smoothed up and down his sides. "Okay, I think you've lost it. You think you're missing a rib?"
He exhaled a quiet laugh. "Just thought God took one of mine when he made you. ~ Tillie Cole
Raise A Laugh quotes by Tillie Cole
People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices. ~ Adam Smith
Raise A Laugh quotes by Adam Smith
I was in a Highland Regiment, as you know - the Scots Guards - and I'll tell you something: there is nothing in the world like the sound of the bagpipes to raise a man's morale, to lift his spirits, and give him strength. However tired and thirsty we were, the bagpipes at the front of the column only had to strike up and within seconds you felt your feet lift off the ground, your step lighten, your spirits rise, and every man-Jack was marching strong, in rhythm to the pipes. ~ Jennifer Worth
Raise A Laugh quotes by Jennifer Worth
Don't I have a choice in this? But when she looks behind her, the answer is
clear. There are two guards waiting to make sure that she has no choice at all.
And as they lead her away, she thinks of Mr. Durkin. With a bitter laugh, Risa
realizes that he may get his wish after all. Someday he may see her hands playing
in Carnegie Hall. Unfortunately, the rest of Risa won't be there. ~ Neal Shusterman
Raise A Laugh quotes by Neal Shusterman
Why not? It's true. I don't even laugh for anyone but you."
She hesitated, for that one. Did he really mean that? Surely not.
"Tim seems like a really funny guy." She tried, but all it did was make his mouth form that mean line.
"Tim pees in the kitchen sink."
"Well, okay. I could atleast promise not to do that, but even so- ~ Charlotte Stein
Raise A Laugh quotes by Charlotte Stein
I can look back and see that I've spent much of my life in a cloud of things that have tended to push "being kind" to the periphery. Things like: Anxiety. Fear. Insecurity. Ambition. The mistaken belief that enough accomplishment will rid me of all that anxiety, fear, insecurity, and ambition. The belief that if I can only accrue enough - enough accomplishment, money, fame - my neuroses will disappear. I've been in this fog certainly since, at least, my own graduation day. Over the years I've felt: Kindness, sure - but first let me finish this semester, this degree, this book; let me succeed at this job, and afford this house, and raise these kids, and then, finally, when all is accomplished, I'll get started on the kindness. Except it never all gets accomplished. It's a cycle that can go on ... well, forever. ~ George Saunders
Raise A Laugh quotes by George Saunders
In heaven there is laid up a pattern which he who chooses may behold, and beholding, set his own house in order. The time has now arrived at which they must raise the eye of the soul to the Universal Light which lightens all things. With the eye ever directed toward things fixed and immutable which neither injure nor are injured - these they cannot help imitating. But I quite admit the difficulty of believing that in every man there is an eye of the soul which by the right direction is re-illumined, and is more precious far than ten thousand bodily eyes. ~ Plato
Raise A Laugh quotes by Plato
Because you deserve a duke, damn it!" A troubled expression furrowed his brow. "You deserve a man who can give you the moon. I can't. I can give you a decent home in a decent part of town with decent people, but you…" His voice grew choked. "You're the most amazing woman I've ever known. It destroys me to think of what you'll have to give up to be with me."
"I told you before-I don't care!" she said hotly. "Why can't you believe me?"
He hesitated a long moment. "The truth?"
"Because I can't imagine why you'd want me when you have men of rank and riches at your fingertips."
She gave a rueful laugh. "You grossly exaggerate my charms, but I can't complain. It's one of many things I adore about you-that you see a better version of me than I ever could." Remembering the wonderful words he'd said last night when she'd been so self-conscious, she left the bed to walk up to him. "Do you know what I see when I look at you?"
His wary gaze locked with hers. "Proper Pinter. Proud Pinter."
"Yes, but that's just who you show to the world to protect yourself." She reached up to stroke his cheek, reveling in the ragged breath that escaped him. "When you let down your guard, however, I see Jackson-who ferrets out the truth, no matter how hard. Who risks his own life to protect the weak. Who'd sacrifice anything to prevent me from having to sacrifice everything."
Catching her hand, he halted its path. "You see a saint," he said hoarsely. "I'm n ~ Sabrina Jeffries
Raise A Laugh quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
On the other side of a storm is the strength that comes from having navigated through it. Raise your sail and begin. ~ Gregory S. Williams
Raise A Laugh quotes by Gregory S. Williams
Cleverness is a burden after that. You are supposed to settle down and be a good person, raise your children, and be good to your friends, which you may not have been back when you were clever. ~ Garrison Keillor
Raise A Laugh quotes by Garrison Keillor
Most people are unhappy since they fail to get what they want in life. However, even when they actually get what they want, their happiness is short-lived because very soon they raise the bar to a higher level and again start struggling to achieve the next level. Their happiness level thus comes back to the original level as before. ~ Awdhesh Singh
Raise A Laugh quotes by Awdhesh Singh
I know who I am when I'm wi' Sam. When I wake up in his arms, I'm so at peace I don't wantae get out of bed. He makes me laugh until I cry, he always cares for me, no matter that I'm a maudlin, moody control freak. I look at him, and fer the first time in my life, I'm home - Declan Ramsay (Illuminate the Shadows- Shatterproof Bond #1) ~ Isobel Starling
Raise A Laugh quotes by Isobel Starling
Is he for real? A hot guy who makes me laugh and loves poetry? Someone pinch me. ~ Colleen Hoover
Raise A Laugh quotes by Colleen Hoover
We must share the gospel with others. That is our responsibility-every member a missionary. That is the call of prophets of God ... Member-missionary work is one of the great keys to the individual growth of our members. It is my conviction that member-missionary work will raise the spirituality in any ward where applied ~ Ezra Taft Benson
Raise A Laugh quotes by Ezra Taft Benson
I cannot raise a child to lie or to hide things. I wasn't raised that way, and I'm not going to raise a child to do that. ~ Clay Aiken
Raise A Laugh quotes by Clay Aiken
If a boy with Albert Einstein's brain had been born in Germany in the dark ages, there would have been no scientific revolution emanating from him. If a girl with Marie Curie's mind had been born in a remote Indian village twenty years ago, today she'd probably be harvesting rice and struggling to raise her children. ~ Chris J. Anderson
Raise A Laugh quotes by Chris J. Anderson
Once I got away from him, I was smart enough to stay away from him. To hunt that one is as wise as to go hunting a porcupine.

I cannot leave this alone, Nighteyes.

I understand. I am the same about porcupines. ~ Robin Hobb
Raise A Laugh quotes by Robin Hobb
When I write something that would have made me laugh as a 10-year-old, or would have scared me or would have excited me, I know I'm onto something. ~ Jonathan Stroud
Raise A Laugh quotes by Jonathan Stroud
My mom was an opera singer, and she gave up her career to raise a family. But she also taught my sisters how to sing. ~ Tika Sumpter
Raise A Laugh quotes by Tika Sumpter
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