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Why do you not practice what you preach. ~ St. Jerome
Practice Preach quotes by St. Jerome
The IFP is here to put into practice what we preach. ~ Mangosuthu Buthelezi
Practice Preach quotes by Mangosuthu Buthelezi
If you're asking your kids to exercise, then you better do it, too. Practice what you preach. ~ Caitlyn Jenner
Practice Preach quotes by Caitlyn Jenner
Enemies Teach. Friends Preach. ~ Tapan Ghosh
Practice Preach quotes by Tapan Ghosh
Shamanism is a kind of universal spiritual practice with indigenous cultures around the world, and one important element of it is taking care of spirits. ~ Daniel Pinchbeck
Practice Preach quotes by Daniel Pinchbeck
Practice Tolerating Uncertainty

Look for opportunities to try taking action when you're not 100% certain of success. Gradually experiment with this over the coming months as opportunities come up. The more you learn from experience that you're capable of doing this, the easier it will become. Taking action swiftly will start to feel more natural. When an opportunity to act with uncertainty comes up, articulate the potential upsides of taking action:

--It could work out well.
--If it doesn't work out well, I'll move my thinking forward by seeing that the idea didn't work.
--I won't have to think about the decision anymore. ~ Alice Boyes
Practice Preach quotes by Alice Boyes
Who will I practice with? ~ George R R Martin
Practice Preach quotes by George R R Martin
Fearing not that I'd become my enemy In the instant that I preach ~ Bob Dylan
Practice Preach quotes by Bob Dylan
The essence of meditation practice in Dzogchen is encapsulated by these four points:
▪When one past thought has ceased and a future thought has not yet risen, in that gap, in between, isn't there a consciousness of the present moment; fresh, virgin, unaltered by even a hair's breadth of a concept, a luminous, naked awareness?
Well, that is what Rigpa is!
▪Yet it doesn't stay in that state forever, because another thought suddenly arises, doesn't it?
This is the self-radiance of that Rigpa.
▪However, if you do not recognize this thought for what it really is, the very instant it arises, then it will turn into just another ordinary thought, as before. This is called the "chain of delusion," and is the root of samsara.
▪If you are able to recognize the true nature of the thought as soon as it arises, and leave it alone without any follow-up, then whatever thoughts arise all automatically dissolve back into the vast expanse of Rigpa and are liberated.
Clearly this takes a lifetime of practice to understand and realize the full richness and majesty of these four profound yet simple points, and here I can only give you a taste of the vastness of what is meditation in Dzogchen.

Dzogchen meditation is subtly powerful in dealing with the arisings of the mind, and has a unique perspective on them. All the risings are seen in their true nature, not as separate from Rigpa, and not as antagonistic to it, but actually as none other–and this is ~ Sogyal Rinpoche
Practice Preach quotes by Sogyal Rinpoche
The idea is that if you practice the Naikan part of Constructive Living, life becomes a series of small miracles, and you may start to notice everything that goes right in a typical life and not the few things that go wrong. ~ Will Schwalbe
Practice Preach quotes by Will Schwalbe
Mindfulness practice begins to open up everything. We open our mind to memories, to emotions, to different sensations in the body. In meditation this happens in a very organic way, because we are not searching, we are not pulling or probing, we are just sitting and watching. ~ Joseph Goldstein
Practice Preach quotes by Joseph Goldstein
These days I think the important word is "transformational," and I define practice as the attempt to establish clarity in the mind so that habits that create suffering are replaced by habits that lead to peace and express themselves as love. ~ Shefa Gold
Practice Preach quotes by Shefa Gold
If it is hard to find time to do the complete self-healing, you may practice Reiki by giving Reiki to only the front chakras of the body one day, and the back chakras the next day. This reduces the practice time to about 15-20 minutes, something very achievable in the busiest of schedules. ~ Beena Rani Goel
Practice Preach quotes by Beena Rani Goel
It is essential to practice spiritual disciplines along with academic studies. ~ Sai Baba
Practice Preach quotes by Sai Baba
Okay, why don't we practice your talking with Marguerite? OUT LOUD. I'll be her."
Julius stared at him blankly. "Now?"
"No, I was thinking maybe next April. Then you could maybe give her a call, arrange a date ... "
He arched his eyebrow in question, and snapped, "Yes, NOW. ~ Lynsay Sands
Practice Preach quotes by Lynsay Sands
In the absence of either a widely accepted theory of language learning or a solid empirical base for classroom practice, teachers and learners have always been, and will always be, vulnerable to drastic pendulum swings of fashion, the coming and going of various unconventional and unlamented "Wonder Methods" being an obvious recent example. The sad truth is that after at least 2,000 years, most language teaching takes place on a wing and a prayer - sometimes successfully, but often a relative failure. ~ Michael H. Long
Practice Preach quotes by Michael H. Long
The practice of love is the procreation of hope. ~ Bryant McGill
Practice Preach quotes by Bryant McGill
Spirituality exists wherever we struggle with the issue of how our lives fit into the greater cosmic scheme of things. This is true even when our questions never give way to specific answers or give rise to specific practices such as prayer or meditation. We encounter spiritual issues every time we wonder where the universe comes from, why we are here, or what happens when we die. We also become spiritual when we become moved by values such as beauty, love, or creativity that seem to reveal a meaning or power beyond our visible world. An idea or practice is "spiritual" when it reveals our personal desire to establish a felt-relationship with the deepest meanings or powers governing life. ~ Robert C. Fuller
Practice Preach quotes by Robert C. Fuller
Being insulted offers you an opportunity to practice decency and having a non-response internally. ~ Bryant McGill
Practice Preach quotes by Bryant McGill
Those of us who work in the arts know that depiction is not endorsement. If it was, no artist would be able to paint inhumane practices, no author could write about them, and no filmmaker could delve into the thorny subjects of our time. ~ Kathryn Bigelow
Practice Preach quotes by Kathryn Bigelow
Stop over-thinking, put more energy on what you really want to do. ~ Amit Ray
Practice Preach quotes by Amit Ray
You must give me leave to flatter myself, my dear cousin, that your refusal of my addresses is merely words of course. My reasons for believing it are briefly these: -- It does not appear to me that my hand is unworthy your acceptance, or that the establishment I can offer would be any other than highly desirable. My situation in life, my connections with the family of De Bourgh, and my relationship to your own, are circumstances highly in its favor; and you should take it into farther consideration that in spite of your manifold attractions, it is by no means certain that another offer of marriage may ever be made you. Your portion is unhappily so small that it will in all likelihood undo the effects of your loveliness and amiable qualifications. As I must therefore conclude that you are not serious in your rejection of me, I shall chuse to attribute it to your wish of increasing my love by suspense, according to the usual practice of elegant females.
(Mr. Collins, after proposing to Elizabeth Bennet and being refused, in Pride and Prejudice.) ~ Jane Austen
Practice Preach quotes by Jane Austen
One who practices the yoga of love is like child. When the child has a problem, it cries. When it cries, someone comes and helps the child. ~ Frederick Lenz
Practice Preach quotes by Frederick Lenz
Every moment nature is serving fresh dishes with the items of happiness. It is our choice to recognize and taste it. ~ Amit Ray
Practice Preach quotes by Amit Ray
I have about as much practice sleeping as everyone else, though I'd like to have more. ~ Jarod Kintz
Practice Preach quotes by Jarod Kintz
When I worked in a medical practice, our practice provided the insurance. When I retired the next day to run for public office to run for Congress, I had to pay first dollar. ~ Phil Roe
Practice Preach quotes by Phil Roe
Her eyes met his, and he smiled, the Cole Masten smile that unlocked every door. She didn't smile back. Shit. Everything was falling to hell, including his smile. He made a mental note to have Justin - to have someone - make him a dentist appointment. To practice in the mirror this evening and make sure that everything was working right. Maybe it was her. Maybe she was gay. ~ Alessandra Torre
Practice Preach quotes by Alessandra Torre
A democracy, the realistic observer is forced to conclude, is likely to be idealistic in its feelings about itself, but imperialistic about its practice. ~ Irving Babbitt
Practice Preach quotes by Irving Babbitt
There is no justification for the common claim that Christianity was responsible for the abolition of slavery. The Negro slave trade - a far more infamous practice than slavery in the ancient world - was initiated, carried on and defended by Christian men in Christian countries. ~ Margaret E. Knight
Practice Preach quotes by Margaret E. Knight
one path toward unlocking our latent abilities is returning to a simple practice that came so naturally to us as children: We need to rekindle our ability to emulate the positive attributes of those we admire in others, and apply those same attributes to our life and work. When we are conscious of the qualities we want to emulate, they become points of traction to help us coordinate our daily activities around a set of principles rather than reacting spontaneously to circumstances throughout the day. They comprise the operating system that guides how we engage our work, how we interact with others, and how we make decisions with our focus, time, and energy. ~ Todd Henry
Practice Preach quotes by Todd Henry
A not uncommon practice was to associate nationality with a particular disease, often sexually transmitted. For example, the English called syphilis "The French Disease"; the French called it "The Italian Disease"; the Italians called it "The Turkish Disease"; the Russians called it "The Polish Disease"; and both the Japanese and the Indians termed it "The Portuguese Disease." Only the Spanish accepted any blame, referring to it as "The Spanish Disease. ~ Daniel N. Leeson
Practice Preach quotes by Daniel N. Leeson
Television is not like making records. I wanna tell all you kids, do not try this at home, 'cause it's hard. It takes a lot of hard work, a lot of practice, and a lot of different takes. ~ Master P
Practice Preach quotes by Master P
I needed to go to class; I needed to go to practice; I needed to have a life away from basketball. ~ Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Practice Preach quotes by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
You cannot preach self-government and liberty to people in a starving land. ~ Fiorello H. La Guardia
Practice Preach quotes by Fiorello H. La Guardia
The NAACP should have riot rehearsal. They should get a liquor store and practice robberies. ~ Rush Limbaugh
Practice Preach quotes by Rush Limbaugh
Let there be a child, who should,
not be taught.
Let there be a child, who should,
be refrained from books.
Let him not hear,
don't preach him, dear.
Don't let him read the quotations,
on internet and make them his passion.
Don't tell him stories of successful,
and make them his anthem.
Allow him to grow unto what,
he is to know. ~ Jasleen Kaur Gumber
Practice Preach quotes by Jasleen Kaur Gumber
Here's what I say;
Someone has to be a rock star; it might as well be you;
Someone has to write books; it might as well be you;
And someone has to sleep with artists, and it might as well be you. So practice that instrument, write those words, put on those heels, and go find something, or someone, to love. ~ Jamie Freveletti
Practice Preach quotes by Jamie Freveletti
Of course, in pro ball, they never hit the quarterback in practice. ~ Joe Namath
Practice Preach quotes by Joe Namath
I'm utterly convinced of the One-ness of Love and us as its perfect reflection. I am absolutely convinced that the world around us is a world of appearances and anyone who wants to can practice it. Change your thought and your environment will change. It's not instantaneous and sometimes we have to work very hard to make what we want happen. Working hard and holding that thought, it will change. ~ Richard Bach
Practice Preach quotes by Richard Bach
Practice is the best of all instructors. ~ Publilius Syrus
Practice Preach quotes by Publilius Syrus
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