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I try to tell the teacher, you know. I don't give a fuck about geometry or English. Like I'm probably going to drive a truck or something when I get out of school. Join the army or something simple. I'm sure in the army they're all going to be wondering what an acute angle is. I'm sure I'll make lots of friends driving my truck because I can diagram some lousy goddamn sentence. And then after school I'm free, right? What's that mean? I go down to the bowling alley or the shopping mall with my friends. We scope the grils, smoke a little doobidge, maybe a tab of acid every now and then. But that's not really living, is it? I mean, if that's living, then excuse me right now. I'll go out and put a bullet in the old brainpan. But if that's not all there is, right, well, maybe there's something I could do a little less radical, like, you know. I don't mind life or anything--I'm perfectly willing to give it a try. So what the hell, I figured. I'm sick of school, drugs, this goddamn oppressive house of Ethel's and all. Maybe it's time I experimented a little more with my life, took a few more chances. So that's when I decided to become a warlock. To master the satanic arts of black magic. Devil worshiping, for you laymen. I want to master what they call the black arts. ~ Scott Bradfield
Physalia Diagram quotes by Scott Bradfield
[Artemis] returned to the aft bay for Mulch's version of a briefing.
The dwarf had drawn a crude diagram on a backlit wall panel. In fairness, there were more artistic chimpanzees. And less pungent ones. Mulch was using a carrot as a pointer, or more accurately, several carrots. Dwarfs liked carrots.
'This is Koboi Labs,' He mumbled around a mouthful of vegetable.
'That?' exclaimed Root.
'I realize, Julius, that it is not an accurate schematic.'
The Commander exploded from his chair. 'An accurate schematic? It's a rectangle for heaven's sake!'
Mulch was unperturbed. 'That's not important. This is the important bit.'
'That wobbly line?'
'It's a fissure,' pouted the dwarf. 'Anybody can see that.'
'Anybody in kindergarten maybe. So it's a fissure, so what?'
'This is the clever bit. Y'see that fissure is not usually there.'
Root began strangling the air again. Something he was doing more and more lately. ~ Eoin Colfer
Physalia Diagram quotes by Eoin Colfer
It can be argued that the mathematics behind these images [of the orbit diagram for quadratic functions and the Mandelbrot set] is even prettier than the pictures themselves. ~ Robert L. Devaney
Physalia Diagram quotes by Robert L. Devaney
My whole background is character acting: weird costumes, fat suits, playing men, playing animals - I've never played anyone with whom there's any overlapping Venn diagram. ~ Allison Williams
Physalia Diagram quotes by Allison Williams
In a letter, once, he drew me a picture, or allegorical diagram, imitated from the well-known frontispiece of Hobbes's Leviathan, which showed a Leviathan of human values. In the head there stood a figure labeled SAINT. In the heart, a figure labeled HERO. Twittering round the huge figure there was an insect-like object dressed as a man of fashion of the seventeenth century and labeled GENTLEMAN; from its mouth there issued a balloon in which was written in tiny letters: 'and where do I come in?'. Mirabel, he went on to say, was no part of the Everlasting Gospel, a phrase of Blake's that he had his own meaning for. Perhaps the hunger for magnitude that made him admire Gilgamesh and the Edda, and made Spenser and Milton his favourites, disabled him from an appreciation, which I could not deny, for a world of elegant cuckoldry and cynic wit, so seemingly heartless, a trifler's scum of humanity that sought to be taken for its cream. ~ Jocelyn Gibb
Physalia Diagram quotes by Jocelyn Gibb
In mysticism that love of truth which we saw as the beginning of all philosophy leaves the merely intellectual sphere, and takes on the assured aspect of a personal passion. Where the philosopher guesses and argues, the mystic lives and looks; and speaks, consequently, the disconcerting language of first-hand experience, not the neat dialectic of the schools. Hence whilst the Absolute of the metaphysicians remains a diagram - impersonal and unattainable - the Absolute of the mystics is lovable, attainable, alive. ~ Evelyn Underhill
Physalia Diagram quotes by Evelyn Underhill
To build a software that your users understand, capture the language of that users in a class diagram. ~ Michael Jesse Chonoles
Physalia Diagram quotes by Michael Jesse Chonoles
What followed were instructions for casting the spell itself and a diagram for laying the components out. Altin didn't like the secrecy thing, but a quick glance at the spell Greater Common Tongue showed that it was forty-three pages long. He didn't think he had that kind of time or expertise, so he decided to stick with the six-page version for now. He realized that getting cuttings of their hair was likely going to be an interesting trick as well. And he needed his quill pen, parchment and pot of ink, which meant he had to go back to the tower. He wondered how they were going to take his making another trip into the waterfall-pot room so soon, but he had little other choice. ~ John Daulton
Physalia Diagram quotes by John Daulton
Someone once told me that the finer points of devotion are about the size of a pinhole, and there are millions of them. And if you could connect each dot, then you've got a diagram of what you think you thought you knew, and if you're willing to admit that you know nothing ... you have the blueprint for a breakthrough. ~ Shane Koyczan
Physalia Diagram quotes by Shane Koyczan
The first diagram that you need on any project is a context diagram. ~ Michael Jesse Chonoles
Physalia Diagram quotes by Michael Jesse Chonoles
In Maslow's pyramid of needs, Abraham Maslow demonstrates the hierarchy of human requirements, most basic at the bottom, in a diagram. If you ask me, putting people's most basic requirements in a pyramid is bloody exclusive in the first place.They're extremely difficult to build, only pharoahs are allows in them and Indiana Jones was very nearly killed trying to get the treasure out. ~ Russell Brand
Physalia Diagram quotes by Russell Brand
Can you really learn to knit from a diagram? Try it. Do you want to learn to ski or surf by yourself? You could drown or run into a tree. ~ Chris Raschka
Physalia Diagram quotes by Chris Raschka
Because it is occasionally possible, just for brief moments, to find the words that will unlock the doors of all those many mansions inside the head and express something - perhaps not much, just something - of the crush of information that presses in on us from the way a crow flies over and the way a man walks and the look of a street and from what we did one day a dozen years ago. Words that will express something of the deep complexity that makes us precisely the way we are, from the momentary effect of the barometer to the force that created men distinct from trees. Something of the inaudible music that moves us along in our bodies from moment to moment like water in a river. Something of the spirit of the snowflake in the water of the river. Something of the duplicity and the relativity and the merely fleeting quality of all this. Something of the almighty importance of it and something of the utter meaninglessness. And when words can manage something of this, and manage it in a moment, of time, and in that same moment, make out of it all the vital signature of a human being - not of an atom, or of a geometrical diagram, or of a heap of lenses - but a human being, we call it poetry. ~ Ted Hughes
Physalia Diagram quotes by Ted Hughes
With Anna gone, we listen for footfalls, each of us avoiding the other with an intense concentration. Occasionally we cross paths by accident, our bubbles of personal space like a Venn diagram, becoming darker where they overlap.
Dad left.
Anna is gone.
I have never been here. ~ Mindy McGinnis
Physalia Diagram quotes by Mindy McGinnis
He had decided long ago that no Situation had any objective reality: it only existed in the minds of those who happened to be in on it at any specific moment. Since these several minds tended to form a sum total or complex more mongrel than homogeneous, The Situation must necessarily appear to a single observer much like a diagram in four dimensions to an eye conditioned to seeing its world in only three. ~ Thomas Pynchon
Physalia Diagram quotes by Thomas Pynchon
As I uttered these inspiring words the idea came like a flash of lightning and in an instant the truth was revealed. I drew with a stick on the sand the diagram shown six years later in my address before the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, and my companion understood them perfectly. The images I saw were wonderfully sharp and clear and had the solidity of metal and stone, so much so that I told him, "See my motor here; watch me reverse it." I cannot begin to describe my emotions. Pygmalion seeing his statue come to life could not have been more deeply moved. A thousand secrets of nature which I might have stumbled upon accidentally, I would have given for that one which I had wrested from her against all odds and at the peril of my existence ... ~ Nikola Tesla
Physalia Diagram quotes by Nikola Tesla
There are no chains of houses; there are no crowds of men. The colossal diagram of streets and houses is an illusion, the opium dream of a speculative builder. Each of these men is supremely solitary and supremely important to himself. Each of these houses stands in the centre of the world. There is no single house of all those millions which has not seemed to someone at some time the heart of all things and the end of travel. ~ G.K. Chesterton
Physalia Diagram quotes by G.K. Chesterton
We told Mom about the Anne Frank House, leaving out the kissing.
"Did you go back to chez Van Houten afterward?" Mom asked.
Augustus didn't even give me time to blush.
"Nah, we just hung out at a café. Hazel amused me with some Venn diagram humor."
He glanced at me. God, he was sexy. ~ John Green
Physalia Diagram quotes by John Green
It from bit." It's an unorthodox theory, which starts with the assumption that information
is at the root of all existence. When we look at the moon, a galaxy, or an atom, their essence, he claims, is in the information stored within them. But this information sprang into existence when the universe observed itself. He draws a circular diagram, representing the history of the universe. At the beginning of the universe, it sprang into being because it was observed. This means that "it" (matter in the universe) sprang into existence when information ("bit") of the universe was observed. He calls this the "participatory
universe" - the idea that the universe adapts to us in the same way that we adapt to the universe, that our very presence makes the universe possible. ~ Michio Kaku
Physalia Diagram quotes by Michio Kaku
Absentmindedly, I started doodling in the margins of my paper.
Renee, I wrote in cursive, and then again in bubble letters and then in the loopy handwriting of the mystery note. I drew a tiny picture of the moon above the lake. And then stick figures of people swimming in it. And then for some reason, I wrote Dante. First in print, and then in large, wavy letters, and then in all caps. Dante. Dante. DANTE. I had just finished writing, when I heard someone say my name.
I shook myself out of my daze to discover that Mr. B. and the entire class were staring at me.
"Earth to Renee. The most primitive tombs. What were they called?" he repeated.
I glanced at my notes for the answer, but they were covered in doodles.
"Dante," I blurted out, reading the first word I saw. Immediately my face went red. "No, sorry, I meant . . . I meant dolmen."
I winced, hoping I was right so that I would be saved from further embarrassment. Thankfully, Dante wasn't in my class.
Mr. B. smiled. "Correct," he said, returning to the board. He drew a diagram of a stonelike lean-to, which I recognized from the reading. I took notes and kept my head down for the rest of class. ~ Yvonne Woon
Physalia Diagram quotes by Yvonne Woon
When I was commissioning a brand new solar photovoltaic utility site, I came across metal tubes installed into the fuseholders that were marked up as 100 amp fuses on the diagram. Needless to say, it had already gone on fire. ~ Steven Magee
Physalia Diagram quotes by Steven Magee
All that you need in the way of technique for drawing is bound up in the
technique of seeing - that is, of understanding, which after all is mainly
dependent on feeling. If you attempt to see in the way prescribed by any
mechanical system of drawing, old or new, you will lose the understanding of
the fundamental impulse. Your drawing becomes a meaningless diagram
and the time so spent is wasted. ~ Kimon Nicolaides
Physalia Diagram quotes by Kimon Nicolaides
Covey's solution is to prioritise work that is important but not urgent (the blue square in the
diagram). Though this is hard to do on any given day, it is the only way to ensure you are making
progress towards your own goals and dreams, instead of merely reacting to what other people
throw at you. And over time, the more you are dealing with important things before they become
urgent, the fewer 'urgent and important' tasks you will have to deal with.
The most obvious way to do this is to work on your own projects first every day, even if it's only
for half an hour. Whatever interruptions come along later, you will at least have the satisfaction of
having made some progress towards your own goals. ~ Mark McGuinness
Physalia Diagram quotes by Mark McGuinness
Make big plans; aim high in hope and work, remembering that a noble, logical diagram once recorded will not die, but long after we are gone be a living thing, asserting itself with ever-growing insistence. ~ Daniel Burnham
Physalia Diagram quotes by Daniel Burnham
My mind, a Venn diagram.
You, the overlap and the intersect;
a pulsating glimmer - omnipresent,
a lighthouse with its glowing breath.

You are the stone that skirts the river,
that skips along its crystal plane;
a surface skimmed by concentric shimmer,
and trembles with the touch of rain.

You are worlds that spin in orbit,
a star who rose and fell;
infinity summoned for audit -
a penny toss in the wishing well. ~ Lang Leav
Physalia Diagram quotes by Lang Leav
No. Skeve is not any kind of terrorist. He's an idiot." "The overlapping Venn-diagram section of those two categories, you will find, can be quite large. ~ Ben H. Winters
Physalia Diagram quotes by Ben H. Winters
A noble, logical diagram once recorded will never die. ~ Daniel Burnham
Physalia Diagram quotes by Daniel Burnham
What's interesting in archaeology is that we always understand other cultures by digging up their cities; architecture is almost always a way for us to formulate a diagram of how people used to live. ~ Jimenez Lai
Physalia Diagram quotes by Jimenez Lai
Saw you walking barefoot
taking a long look
at the new moon's eyelid
later spread
sleep-fallen, naked in your dark hair
asleep but not oblivious
of the unslept unsleeping
Tonight I think
no poetry
will serve
Syntax of rendition:
verb pilots the plane
adverb modifies action
verb force-feeds noun
submerges the subject
noun is choking
verb disgraced goes on doing
now diagram the sentence ~ Adrienne Rich
Physalia Diagram quotes by Adrienne Rich
Words, so much more readily remembered, gradually replace our past with their own. Our birth pangs become pages. Our battles, our triumphs, our trophies, our stubbed toes, will survive only in their descriptions; because it is the gravestone we visit, when we visit, not the grave. It is against the stone we stand our plastic flowers. Who wishes to bid good morrow to a box of rot and bones? We say a name, and only a faint simulacrum of its object forms itself (if any at all does)- forms itself in that grayless gray area of consciousness where we put imaginary maps and once heard music; where we hunt for lost articles and diagram desire. ~ William H Gass
Physalia Diagram quotes by William H Gass
The common denominator in all these problems is that the world is not a line of dominoes in which each event causes exactly one event and is caused by exactly one event. The world is a tissue of causes and effects that criss and cross in tangled patterns. The embarrassments for Hume's two theories of causation (conjunction and counterfactuals) can be diagrammed as a family of networks in which the lines fan in or out or loop around, as in the diagram on the following page. ~ Steven Pinker
Physalia Diagram quotes by Steven Pinker
Such are the distances, in fact, that it isn't possible, in any practical terms, to draw the solar system to scale. Even if you added lots of fold-out pages to your textbooks or used a really long sheet of poster paper, you wouldn't come close. On a diagram of the solar system to scale, with the Earth reduced to about the diameter of a pea, Jupiter would be over 300 metres away and Pluto would be two and a half kilometres distant (and about the size of a bacterium, so you wouldn't be able to see it anyway). On the same scale, Proxima Centauri, our nearest star, would be 16,000 kilometres away. Even if you shrank down everything so that Jupiter was as small as the full stop at the end of this sentence, and Pluto was no bigger than a molecule, Pluto would still be over 10 metres away. So ~ Bill Bryson
Physalia Diagram quotes by Bill Bryson
That's right, folks. This is the sort of novel that starts with a fucking Venn diagram. Buckle up, bitches. ~ Robert Kroese
Physalia Diagram quotes by Robert Kroese
In the Venn diagram of my life, my imagined personality and my real personality have never converged. Over email and text, though, I am given those few additional beats I need to be the better, edited version of myself. To ~ Julie Buxbaum
Physalia Diagram quotes by Julie Buxbaum
What will happen at very low temperatures is indicated in Fig. 1-4: the molecules lock into a new pattern which is ice. This particular schematic diagram of ice is wrong because it is in two dimensions, but it is right qualitatively. The interesting point is that the material has a definite place for every atom, and you can easily appreciate that if somehow or other we were to hold all the atoms at one end of the drop in a certain arrangement, each atom in a certain place, then because of the structure of interconnections, which is rigid, the other end miles away (at our magnified scale) will have a definite location. So ~ Richard Feynman
Physalia Diagram quotes by Richard Feynman
most software- or systems-development projects start out without a context diagram, blissfully unaware that they need one. ~ Michael Jesse Chonoles
Physalia Diagram quotes by Michael Jesse Chonoles
No Roman ever died in contemplation over a geometrical diagram. ~ Alfred North Whitehead
Physalia Diagram quotes by Alfred North Whitehead
By shading off, as I have done, the portion of the area of the diagram according to the individual age, every one may see how much of life is consumed, and what is left. ~ Warren De La Rue
Physalia Diagram quotes by Warren De La Rue
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