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Authentic Christianity and the world are by definition at odds. For most Americans, Christianity has been watered down and rendered innocuous, like so much fast food. It has become easy, upbeat, convenient, and compatible. It does not require self-sacrifice, discipline, humility, and otherworldly outlook, a zeal for souls, a fear as well as love of God. There is little guilt and no punishment, and the payoff in heaven is virtually certain. ~ Thomas Reeves
Payoff Login quotes by Thomas Reeves
Passion isn't a path through the woods. Passion is the woods. It's the deepest, wildest part of the forest; the grove where the fairies still dance and obscene old vipers snooze in the boughs. Everybody but the most dried up and dysfunctional is drawn to the grove and enchanted by its mysteries, but then they just can't wait to call in the chain saws and bulldozers and replace it with a family-style restaurant or a new S and L. That's the payoff, I guess. Safety. Security. Certainty. Yes, indeed. Well, remember this, pussy latte: we're not involved in a 'relationship,' you and I, we're involved in a collision. Collisions don't much lend themselves to secure futures ... ~ Tom Robbins
Payoff Login quotes by Tom Robbins
[C]ultivated risk-taking represents an 'experiment with trust' (in the sense of basic trust) which consequently has implications for an individual's self-identity. ( ... ) In cultivated risk-taking, the encounter with danger and its resolution are bound up in the same activity, whereas in other consequential settings the payoff of chosen strategies may not be seen for years afterwards. ~ Anthony Giddens
Payoff Login quotes by Anthony Giddens
Owning the intellectual property is like owning land: You need to keep investing in it again and again to get a payoff; you can't simply sit back and collect rent. ~ Esther Dyson
Payoff Login quotes by Esther Dyson
Making a video is one of the most exciting things for artists and fans. It's like a payoff. ~ Kina Grannis
Payoff Login quotes by Kina Grannis
God is available in your thinking, impulses, and impressions on your mind, so login ~ Ikechukwu Joseph
Payoff Login quotes by Ikechukwu Joseph
Sorry, boyfriends everywhere - you're doomed to sit through an hour and forty-seven minutes of syrupy drivel. The payoff? Between my face, Tadd's abs and Quinton's biceps, your girl will be ready for takeoff as soon as the credits roll. You're welcome. ~ Tammara Webber
Payoff Login quotes by Tammara Webber
People don't walk around thinking of themselves as bad people. You're part of the environment that you grow up in, and there can be decency in that. I always try to find a little glimmer of that, in anything that I do, because you can find places where there's humor or lightness in something that's deep and profound, and that tends to resonate more and make people more human. As an actor and performer, I think it resonates more with the audience when you do have the payoff. ~ Jimmy Smits
Payoff Login quotes by Jimmy Smits
Younger people just don't seem to realize that time eventually shows up for a payoff, and the longer it gives you, the more it will ask for , Bessie thought and nearly said aloud. I'll take your memories, your ability to walk. How about your bladder?
Good old Father Time, Bessie mused to herself. Bastard ~ Vera Jane Cook
Payoff Login quotes by Vera Jane Cook
You've got to kick fear to the side, because the payoff is huge. ~ Mariska Hargitay
Payoff Login quotes by Mariska Hargitay
Becoming a better writer is going to help you become a better reader, and that is the real payoff. ~ Anne Lamott
Payoff Login quotes by Anne Lamott
What payoff are you getting for remaining stuck at this point in your expansion? ~ Julia Cameron
Payoff Login quotes by Julia Cameron
The problem is that people have tried to look away from space and from the meaning of the moon landing. I remember seeing a picture of an astronaut standing on the moon. It was up at Yale and someone has scrawled on it, 'So what?' That is the arrogance of the kind of academic narrowness one too often sees; it is trapped in its own predictable prejudices, its own stale categories. It is the mind dulled to the poetry of existence. It's fashionable now to demand some economic payoff from space, some reward to prove it was all worthwhile. Those who say this resemble the apelike creatures in 2001. They are fighting for food among themselves, while one separates himself from them and moves to the slab, motivated by awe. That is the point they are missing. He is the one who evolves into a human being; he is the one who understands the future. ~ Joseph Campbell
Payoff Login quotes by Joseph Campbell
The important thing is, if you can make it
through the rough, unexpected times? That light at the end of the tunnel is worth all the shit you had to wade through to get there.
That's something I'll never forget. I'm reminded of it every time I look at Kate. Every time I look at our son.
When it's all said and done? The payoff is way more than fucking worth it. ~ Emma Chase
Payoff Login quotes by Emma Chase
If your goal is to make money, becoming an entrepreneur is a sucker's bet. Sure, some entrepreneurs make a lot of money, but if you calculate the amount of stress-inducing work and time it takes and multiply that by the low likelihood of success and eventual payoff, it is not a great way to get rich. ~ Eric Ries
Payoff Login quotes by Eric Ries
We don't really go in for big family dinners, but Scottish people are famously confrontational. It's a cultural thing, so maybe we don't need to have them to clear the air. Also, traditional family food isn't as nice here so there's no payoff for traveling hundreds of miles. ~ Denise Mina
Payoff Login quotes by Denise Mina
As the behavioral psychologist B. F. Skinner proved in the laboratory, the human mind seeks relationships between events and often finds them even when they are not present. Slot-machines are based on Skinnerian principles of intermittent reinforcement. The dumb human, like the dumb rat, only needs an occasional payoff to keep pulling the handle. The mind will do the rest. ~ Michael Shermer
Payoff Login quotes by Michael Shermer
Running a race assigns a point to a sport that often feels very pointless. It's an exuberant payoff to months of tedium. It's a way of crafting an end boss for a particularly cumbersome video game. It's a fun, monstrous reason to keep putting one foot in front of the other. So, do yourself a favor: go build a monster. ~ Matthew Inman
Payoff Login quotes by Matthew Inman
Who's afraid of the big, bad buildings? Everyone, because there are so many things about gigantism that we just don't know. The gamble of triumph or tragedy at this scale - and ultimately it is a gamble - demands an extraordinary payoff. The trade center towers could be the start of a new skyscraper age or the biggest tombstones in the world. ~ Ada Louise Huxtable
Payoff Login quotes by Ada Louise Huxtable
Sign up for the daily work, not the payoff. ~ Felicia Day
Payoff Login quotes by Felicia Day
The underlying reason why this transition was piecemeal is that food production systems evolved as a result of the accumulation of many separate decisions about allocating time and effort. Foraging humans, like foraging animals, have only finite time and energy, which they can spend in various ways. We can picture an incipient farmer waking up and asking: Shall I spend today hoeing my garden (predictably yielding a lot of vegetables several months from now), gathering shellfish (predictably yielding a little meat today), or hunting deer (yielding possibly a lot of meat today, but more likely nothing)? Human and animal foragers are constantly prioritizing and making effort-allocation decisions, even if only unconsciously. They concentrate first on favorite foods, or ones that yield the highest payoff. If these are unavailable, they shift to less and less preferred foods. ~ Jared Diamond
Payoff Login quotes by Jared Diamond
The basic formula for drama is setup, buildup, payoff - just like a joke. The ~ Anne Lamott
Payoff Login quotes by Anne Lamott
Supermom wasn't a bad job description. The pay was lousy if you were talking about real money. But the payoff was priceless in so many other ways. ~ Roxanne Henke
Payoff Login quotes by Roxanne Henke
Blogging is different from both journal-writing and writing for print. It's more fun than either of those. The freedom to write whatever I want and the unmediated connection with readers are the payoff. ~ Kate Christensen
Payoff Login quotes by Kate Christensen
Small kindnesses often, unintentionally, produce the biggest payoffs. ~ Richard Paul Evans
Payoff Login quotes by Richard Paul Evans
Herbenick invited me to sit in on the Human Sexuality class she was about to teach, one of the most popular courses on Indiana's campus. She was, on that day, delivering a lecture on gender disparities in sexual satisfaction. More than one hundred fifty students were already seated in the classroom when we arrived, nearly all of them female, most dressed in sweats, their hair pulled into haphazard ponytails. They listened raptly as Herbenick explained the vastly different language young men and young women use when describing "good sex." "Men are more likely to talk about pleasure, about orgasm," Herbenick said. "Women talk more about absence of pain. Thirty percent of female college students say they experience pain during their sexual encounters as opposed to five percent of men."

The rates of pain among women, she added, shoot up to 70 percent when anal sex is included. Until recently, anal sex was a relatively rare practice among young adults. But as it's become disproportionately common in porn - and the big payoff in R-rated fare such as Kingsman and The To Do List - it's also on the rise in real life. In 1992 only 16 percent of women aged eighteen to twenty-four said they had tried anal sex. Today 20 percent of women eighteen to nineteen have, and by ages twenty to twenty-four it's up to 40 percent. A 2014 study of heterosexuals sixteen to eighteen years old - and can we pause for a moment to consider just how young that is? - found that it was mainly boys ~ Peggy Orenstein
Payoff Login quotes by Peggy Orenstein
If the ad is bad people get turned off. That's 125 million potential viewers, so you just killed reach. But there's also a big potential payoff. I think it does pay off because you get a lot of traffic, a lot of free public relations(in media stories). It helps position themselves for the next round of financing. ~ Charlene Li
Payoff Login quotes by Charlene Li
In real-life situations, however, risks frequently increase without any corresponding increase in the payoff: ~ Albert O. Hirschman
Payoff Login quotes by Albert O. Hirschman
Among golfers the putter is usually known as the payoff club and how right that is! Putting is in fact a game in itself. ~ Bobby Locke
Payoff Login quotes by Bobby Locke
A game looks like a set of operations, but after the payoff it becomes apparent that these operations were really maneuvers; not honest requests but moves in the game. ~ Eric Berne
Payoff Login quotes by Eric Berne
Sometimes situations call for us to act strong and brave even when we don't feel that way, but the payoff is better if we don't pretend when we feel weak or scared so that we allow people to show the kindness that's in them ~ Daniel Gottlieb
Payoff Login quotes by Daniel Gottlieb
Corporations, in the name of efficiency, suppress variation by "getting all the ducks in line."To optimize productivity, they evolve highly refined and internally consistent operating systems. Payoff - results - as long as the music lasts. But ... all that streamlining and re-engineering limits diversity, suppresses self-organization ... and curtails a bottom up emergent response to disruptive change. ~ Richard Pascale
Payoff Login quotes by Richard Pascale
Comic-strip artists generally have very modest ambitions. Day to day, we labor to fit together all these little moving parts - a character or two, a few lines of dialogue, framing, pacing, payoff - but we certainly don't think of them adding up over time to some larger portrait of our times. ~ Garry Trudeau
Payoff Login quotes by Garry Trudeau
You can have a lot of political "change" in the United States, but will it really change that much? Will it change the amount of money in someone's bank account? Will it change contracts? Will it void contracts that already exist? And contracts on contracts? And contracts on contracts on contracts? Not really. So I say that free speech in many Western places is free not as a result of liberal circumstances but rather as a result of such intense fiscalization that it doesn't matter what you say. The dominant elite doesn't have to be scared of what people think, because a change in political view is not going to change whether they own their company or not; it is not going to change whether they own a piece of land or not. But China is still a political society, although it is rapidly heading toward a fiscalized society. And other societies, like Egypt, are still heavily politicized. Their rulers really do need to be concerned about what people think, so they expend proportionate efforts on controlling freedom of speech.

But I think young people actually innately have fairly good values. Of course it's a spectrum, but they have fairly good values most of the time and they want to demonstrate them to other people, and you can see this when people first go to university. They become hardened as a result of certain things having a payoff and other things not having a payoff. ~ Julian Assange
Payoff Login quotes by Julian Assange
The best practical advice then is: try to maximize your expected payoff, which is the sum of all payoffs multiplied by probabilities. ~ Howard Raiffa
Payoff Login quotes by Howard Raiffa
I outline in some detail, but even after the outline is done I often get a new idea that is an improvement, so the outline is a living, breathing thing as well. I also re-outline when I'm two-thirds done, to be sure that there is an emotional payoff from all the plot lines and to be sure the story is as tight as it can be. ~ Jeff Abbott
Payoff Login quotes by Jeff Abbott
It is a little out of touch to presume that someone wants to follow your every observation and insight over the course of hundreds of pages without any sort of payoff. That's why writing isn't a one-way street. You have to give something back: an interesting plot, a surprise, a laugh, a moment of tenderness, a mystery for the reader to piece together. ~ Christopher Bollen
Payoff Login quotes by Christopher Bollen
The problem is that this search for the perfect person can generate a lot of stress. Younger generations face immense pressure to find the "perfect person" that simply didn't exist in the past when "good enough" was good enough. When they're successful, though, the payoff is incredible. ~ Aziz Ansari
Payoff Login quotes by Aziz Ansari
People aren't honest about the horrors of fame. The downsides are so overwhelming that, for me, there is no payoff. ~ Sia Furler
Payoff Login quotes by Sia Furler
Bank of America is to sweetheart loans and Democratic Party payoffs as Paula Deen is to sugar and bacon grease. ~ Michelle Malkin
Payoff Login quotes by Michelle Malkin
The infallible test of spiritual integrity, Jesus says, is your private prayer life. Many people will pray when they are required by cultural or social circumstances. Those with a genuinely lived relationship with God as Father, however, will inwardly want to pray and therefore will pray even though nothing on the outside is pressing them to do so. They pursue it even during times of spiritual dryness, when there is no social or experiential payoff. ~ Timothy Keller
Payoff Login quotes by Timothy Keller
It is the love that we give and the service we render that really is the great payoff. ~ David B. Haight
Payoff Login quotes by David B. Haight
Take risks and you'll get the payoffs. Learn from your mistakes until you succeed. ~ Bobby Flay
Payoff Login quotes by Bobby Flay
Spirit is the key to everything we desire. It is our weather-proofing, our Teflon, our line of credit that assures if we just keep putting one foot in front of the other, one day; there will be a miraculous payoff. ~ Iyanla Vanzant
Payoff Login quotes by Iyanla Vanzant
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