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Something I really enjoy about older couples is that they really have given up on getting everything right. They don't sweat the imperfections. ~ Rob Sheffield
Older Couples quotes by Rob Sheffield
I was even starting to relax - a little - until he took me to his parents' house for dinner. I've never met two people more in need of a divorce. They bickered and fought all evening. Royce said that's how they express their love. I don't believe him. I mean, please. You tell me if you feel the love from this conversation (written word for word as I remember it):
Linda: Elliot, be a dear and get me another drink.
Elliot: Get it yourself.
Linda: Get up and fix me a drink, you lazy man.
Elliot: Woman, don't push me on this. I've finally gotten comfortable.
Linda: (sugary sweet smile) I'll push you only when you're standing on a bridge.
Elliot: If I were standing on a bridge and saw you coming, you wouldn't have to push me. I'd
See? Does that sound "loving" to you? ~ Gena Showalter
Older Couples quotes by Gena Showalter
It's very important to older male homosexuality in Los Angeles to have a pool, so that cute boys will come to your house and swim around in the pool. ~ Guy Branum
Older Couples quotes by Guy Branum
As a man gets older, his regrets changes. Especially when he's gotten into the Scotch. ~ Robert Crais
Older Couples quotes by Robert Crais
Of all her siblings, Gabriel was the one to whom Phoebe had always felt closest. In his company, she could make petty or sarcastic remarks, or confess her foolish mistakes, knowing he would never judge her harshly. They knew each other's faults and kept each other's secrets.
Many people, if not most, would have been flabbergasted to learn that Gabriel had any faults at all. All they saw was the remarkable male beauty and cool self-control of a man so elegantly mannered that it never would have occurred to anyone to call him a lunkhead. However, Gabriel could sometimes be arrogant and manipulative. Beneath his charming exterior, there was a steely core that made him ideally suited to oversee the array of Challon properties and businesses. Once he decided what was best for someone, he took every opportunity to push and goad until he had his way.
Therefore, Phoebe occasionally found it necessary to push back. After all, it was an older sister's responsibility to keep her younger brother from behaving like a domineering ass. ~ Lisa Kleypas
Older Couples quotes by Lisa Kleypas
I was born when my dad was 50 ... It's weird growing up with a dad that much older than you. We'd go to the movies, we're both getting discounts. ~ Gary Gulman
Older Couples quotes by Gary Gulman
There is no basis for democracy except in a dogma about the divine origin of man. That is a perfectly simple fact which the modern world will find out more and more to be a fact. Every other basis is a sort of sentimental confusion, full of merely verbal echoes of the older creeds. Those verbal associations are always vain for the vital purpose of constraining the tyrant. ~ G.K. Chesterton
Older Couples quotes by G.K. Chesterton
I'm kind of shocked any time somebody hires me and even more shocked any time somebody hires me to play a character like Lex Luthor, which I only knew from the public consciousness of him being a bald, brooding villain who is older than me. ~ Jesse Eisenberg
Older Couples quotes by Jesse Eisenberg
I don't want this music to die.The older people are passing it on to the younger generation so the younger generation can pass it on to the next generation. ~ Vy Higginsen
Older Couples quotes by Vy Higginsen
There are very few new things in this world, very few. That's why people that are young, if they're smart, try to profit from the experience of an older guy so they won't have to go through all the pain and suffering. But a certain amount of pain and suffer is good, because it makes a person think they've learned. ~ Cus D'Amato
Older Couples quotes by Cus D'Amato
When Gypsy was older, after she became Gypsy Rose Lee, I think she was both proud and slightly ashamed of her Seattle roots. She worked very hard to rid her voice of any trace of a local accent, cultivating an affected way of speaking that sounded as if she pinned the ends of her words. ~ Karen Abbott
Older Couples quotes by Karen Abbott
[My mother] is the greatest hero I'll ever know because she kept us all together, she made sure we all graduated college. She always believed in us no matter what we do. My older brother Joel became an art teacher; my brother Rip ultimately became a television producer and singer and actor himself. ~ Billy Crystal
Older Couples quotes by Billy Crystal
When you're prepared, you're more confident. When you have a strategy, you're more comfortable. ~ Fred Couples
Older Couples quotes by Fred Couples
It's not that we need to form new organizations. It's simply that we have to awaken to new ways of thinking. I believe it makes no sense to spend a lot of time attacking the current realities. It is time to create the new models that have in them the complexity that makes the older systems obsolete. And to the extent that we can do that, and do that quickly, I think we can provide what will be necessary for a major breakthrough for the future. ~ Don Edward Beck
Older Couples quotes by Don Edward Beck
The Golden Girls certainly proved that there was a large audience for a show about older women. ~ Marlo Thomas
Older Couples quotes by Marlo Thomas
I was part of the first generation of girls and women to be educated and go to grammar school even if we didn't have much money. Then that generation went, 'OK, great', and went into medicine or the police, and hit this wall of discrimination from older men who hadn't caught up. ~ Helen Mirren
Older Couples quotes by Helen Mirren
There is absolutely no reason to suspect that prohibiting same-sex couples from marrying and refusing to recognize their out-of-state marriages will cause same-sex couples to raise fewer children or impel married opposite-sex couples to raise more children. The Virginia Marriage Laws therefore do not further Virginia's interest in channeling children into optimal families, even if we were to accept the dubious proposition that same-sex couples are less capable parents. ~ Henry Franklin Floyd
Older Couples quotes by Henry Franklin Floyd
All of a sudden you may realise that you are no longer young! And at that moment, you must also realise that by refusing getting old you can catch a chance to continue to be young! ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan
Older Couples quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
The new is older than the old;
And newest friend is oldest friend in this:
That, waiting him, we longest grieved to miss
One thing we sought. ~ Helen Hunt Jackson
Older Couples quotes by Helen Hunt Jackson
It doesn't mean old or younger. I've learned a lot from people much younger than me as well as people much older than me. So I think it's about honesty and generosity. ~ Kenneth Branagh
Older Couples quotes by Kenneth Branagh
My older brothers and sisters have kids and families. ~ Zendaya
Older Couples quotes by Zendaya
DONOVAN: Court's a good leader. He doesn't hold my hand or treat anyone like a child. He's kicked a few *sses when guys went off script to make their own moves. Once he even scared the sh*t out of one of the older guys. ~ Bijou Hunter
Older Couples quotes by Bijou Hunter
I turn and walk back to the home shore whose tall yellow bluffs still bare of snow I can see nearly half a mile to the north. I find my way as I came, over dusty sandbars and by old channels, through shrubby stands of willows. The cold, late afternoon sun breaks through its cloud cover and streaks the grey sand mixed with snow.

As it has fallen steadily in the past weeks, the river has left behind many shallow pools, and these are now roofed with ice. When I am close to the main shore I come upon one of them, not far from the wooded bank. The light snow that fell a few days ago has blown away; the ice is polished and is thick enough to stand on. I can see to the bottom without difficulty, as through heavy dark glass.

I bend over, looking at the debris caught there in the clear, black depth of the ice: I see a few small sticks, and many leaves. There are alder leaves, roughly toothed and still half green; the more delicate birch leaves and aspen leaves, the big, smooth poplar leaves, and narrow leaves from the willows. They are massed or scattered, as they fell quietly or as the wind blew them into the freezing water. Some of them are still fresh in color, glowing yellow and orange; others are mottled with grey and brown. A few older leaves lie sunken and black on the silty bottom. Here and there a pebble of quartz is gleaming. But nothing moves there. It is a still, cold world, something like night, with its own fixed planets and stars. ~ John Meade Haines
Older Couples quotes by John Meade Haines
I think the older I get, the less I should be doing. ~ James Purefoy
Older Couples quotes by James Purefoy
The action genre is kind of designed for a young male audience. But we found on 'The Matrix' that we hit the Valhalla of movie making, which is the four quadrant audience - the young male audience, the older male audience, the young female audience and the older female audience. ~ Joel Silver
Older Couples quotes by Joel Silver
All inspiration comes from a higher power. The body is a shell. The creative spot is from God - You hear voices, everybody does. When you get older, you refer to it as intuition. ~ Eddie Murphy
Older Couples quotes by Eddie Murphy
I can't get excited about a man until he's forty-two. I know this idiot girl who keeps telling me I ought to go to a head-shrinker; she says I have a father complex. Which is so merde. I simply trained myself to like older men, and it was the smartest thing I ever did. ~ Truman Capote
Older Couples quotes by Truman Capote
I have lived to see that being seventeen is no protection against becoming seventy, but to know this needs the experience of a lifetime, for no imagination copes with it. ~ Lord Dunsany
Older Couples quotes by Lord Dunsany
Older actors can still play young, but it's harder for young actors to be able to play that age range. ~ David Schwimmer
Older Couples quotes by David Schwimmer
The older I get, the better I understand that every day is a gift. ~ Joel Osteen
Older Couples quotes by Joel Osteen
I think that as you get older, you learn to live in yourself more securely. ~ Amy Smart
Older Couples quotes by Amy Smart
Whether you're the best lawyer ...
Or the greatest philosopher ...
There will alway be at least two people that you can never win any argument with ...
Your child ...
And your wife ...
So don't argue with them ...
Just love them ... ~ Nelson M. Lubao
Older Couples quotes by Nelson M. Lubao
For the spell is older than experience. For the tale is older than the record. ~ Marina Tsvetaeva
Older Couples quotes by Marina Tsvetaeva
I will keep you safe and out of trouble if I can."
I blink. It's hard to focus on what he's saying when our bodies are touching. He looks bigger and older but just the same, too. Except for that beard that briefly tickled my jaw. "What kind of trouble?"
"Doesn't matter." His voice is thick. "It never did. I'm here for that. I'm here for you. ~ Sarina Bowen
Older Couples quotes by Sarina Bowen
I'm the youngest of four, but my closest sibling is 10 years older. I had a lot of imagination. I was running around playing little games by myself. But I never thought I was going to be an actor. ~ Daniel Breaker
Older Couples quotes by Daniel Breaker
With our sides pressed together and his arm around my shoulders, it was like having one foot in the past and one in the present. Being this close now felt totally different than before. If only the TV had been on, I imagined we'd be following in the footsteps of couples all over the world, cuddled up as we were. ~ Jennifer L. Armentrout
Older Couples quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
I was lucky I always got along with girls. It was never like a big deal. I had a lot of girls that I was friends with that I wasn't sexual with. I think having two older sisters made me comfortable like that. I just like people, so I can just go up and say whatever. ~ Vince Vaughn
Older Couples quotes by Vince Vaughn
You know you're getting older when - well, first off, when you read almost any story that begins 'You know you're getting older when.' But you also know it when you not only never heard of the musical guest on a given 'Saturday Night Live' but never heard of the host, either. ~ Tom Shales
Older Couples quotes by Tom Shales
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