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We all have a central fiction about ourselves, a favored delusion about talent or untapped potential. Most of us hang on to it as if it were a lifesaver, even though the obsession with it is often the very thing that drags us down and prevents us from fulfilling some lesser but more obtainable goal. ~ Stephen McCauley
Obtainable Goal quotes by Stephen McCauley
You need to adjust your compass to an obtainable goal. ~ Guillermo Del Toro
Obtainable Goal quotes by Guillermo Del Toro
There can be many opinions on a thing, but there is only one truth."

Vashet smiled lazily. "And if the pursuit of the truth was my goal, that would concern me." She gave a long yawn, stretching like a happy cat. "Instead I will focus on the joy in my heart, [...} ~ Patrick Rothfuss
Obtainable Goal quotes by Patrick Rothfuss
The most important rule is to formulate, clearly and precisely, the goal to be reached, and then to retain it unswervingly in mind throughout all the stages of the execution, which are often long and complex. ~ Roberto Assagioli
Obtainable Goal quotes by Roberto Assagioli
Our first goal is to stop the recession and start with recovery. ~ Antonis Samaras
Obtainable Goal quotes by Antonis Samaras
Declaring our intentions for a safer and kinder world is the obvious first step toward attaining those goals. ~ Bryant McGill
Obtainable Goal quotes by Bryant McGill
Obtainable Goal quotes by Jack Canfield
What matters is where you want to go. Focus in the right direction! ~ Donald Trump
Obtainable Goal quotes by Donald Trump
The dreams you craft at the level of your soul are very different from goals, which are tangible, measurable and set the future. ~ Alberto Villoldo
Obtainable Goal quotes by Alberto Villoldo
So you intend to spend the remainder of your life whoring, drinking, wagering, and being as outrageous as you can manage?"
Bram shook himself. He made it a point to be serious as little as possible, and neither did he want to argue with two newly married men about the meruts of being leg-shackled."Please Phin," he said aloud. "I would never think so small. You know my ultimate goal is to lower the standards of morality enough that everything I do becomes acceptable. ~ Suzanne Enoch
Obtainable Goal quotes by Suzanne Enoch
It is generally accepted that getting rich is the only and typical goal of the Jew. Nothing could be further from the truth. Riches are to him merely a stepping stone, a means to the true end, and in no sense the real goal. The real determination of the Jew is to rise to a higher cultural plane in the intellectual world. ~ Stefan Zweig
Obtainable Goal quotes by Stefan Zweig
Hard work is the main thing-hard work and dedication. And I think a great part of it is goal setting. You set your goals to a point where they're attainable, but far enough away that you have to really go get them. And every year I push my goals a little bit farther away, and every year I work a little bit harder to get them. Every goal that I've set, I've been able to achieve. That's been very fulfilling. ~ Rafael Palmeiro
Obtainable Goal quotes by Rafael Palmeiro
A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at. ~ Bruce Lee
Obtainable Goal quotes by Bruce Lee
Desegregation of schools does not automatically transform them into better schools. It is only a step. The larger goal is to see that the education of our youth is not merely desegregated, but that it is excellent. ~ Robert Kennedy
Obtainable Goal quotes by Robert Kennedy
History knows no scruples and no hesitation. Inert and unnering flows towards her goal. History knows herway. She makes no mistakes. ~ Arthur Koestler
Obtainable Goal quotes by Arthur Koestler
This is what consciousness does: it sets the goals, and the rest of the system learns how to meet them. ~ David Eagleman
Obtainable Goal quotes by David Eagleman
It's important to realize that everybody who went into country music, and most everybody who went into rock and roll in the '50s, they had no more goal than a hit on the jukebox. Johnny Cash from the very beginning had a goal that he wanted to make music that lifted people's spirits. ~ Robert Hilburn
Obtainable Goal quotes by Robert Hilburn
This highest kind of truth is never something the artist takes as given. It's not his point of departure but his goal. Though the artist has beliefs, like other people, he realizes that a salient characteristic of art is its radical openness to persuasion. Even those beliefs he's surest of, the artist puts under pressure to see if they will stand. ~ John Gardner
Obtainable Goal quotes by John Gardner
My goal was to reach this literary crowd, but I didn't want to alienate my core fan base. I grew up speaking that language, this isn't put on. I can go back and forth; it's almost like being bilingual. But I'm not college educated; I don't know rules of grammar. ~ Rude Jude
Obtainable Goal quotes by Rude Jude
Chuck Parson did not participate in organized sports, because to do so would distract from his larger goal of his life: to one day be convicted of murder ~ John Green
Obtainable Goal quotes by John Green
The strong and undeniable fundamentals of low-cost clean energy and the cheapest petrochemical feed-stocks in the world will prevail we believe and we're seeing the demand pool beginning to grow. We have continued to position ourselves in a way that will catch this very sustainable and fundamentally supported wave of volume growth and at the same time, help our customer base achieve their lofty goals of growth as well. ~ Alan Armstrong
Obtainable Goal quotes by Alan Armstrong
Stanford professor Jennifer Aaker's work shows that setting obtainable goals is key to happiness. Instead of perfection, we should aim for sustainable and fulfilling. ~ Sheryl Sandberg
Obtainable Goal quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
The goal of work is not to gain wealth and possessions, but to serve the common good and bring glory to God. ~ Richard J. Foster
Obtainable Goal quotes by Richard J. Foster
The goal of mankind is knowledge. That is the one ideal placed before us by Eastern philosophy. Pleasure is not the goal of man, but knowledge. Pleasure and happiness come to an end. It is a mistake to suppose that pleasure is the goal. ~ Swami Vivekananda
Obtainable Goal quotes by Swami Vivekananda
What I think a lot of great marathon runners do is envision crossing that finish line. Visualization is critical. But for me, I set a lot of little goals along the way to get my mind off that overwhelming goal of 26.2 miles. I know I've got to get to 5, and 12, and 16, and then I celebrate those little victories along the way. ~ Bill Rancic
Obtainable Goal quotes by Bill Rancic
The Tree of Life was an ancient symbol of interconnection, fertility, and eternal life - precisely because of this legendary tree's fruit. Fruit is part of our essence, a basic element of who we are. We cannot survive without fruit on this planet. It outweighs the nutrition of any other food. Yet the current "health" movement toward low-carb diets has put fruit on the endangered species list, with the goal of making it extinct. Is this denial? Ignorance? Foolishness? We're not talking about uneducated people who are driving the trend. We're talking about smart, highly intelligent professionals with advanced degrees in medicine and nutrition. If they're advising patients to shun fruit, it must be because of their training, the misinformation out there, or their own selective interests. Have you heard of book burning? If the anti-sugar war keeps up its momentum, fruit trees will be next to go up in flames. ~ Anthony William
Obtainable Goal quotes by Anthony William
Follow your goals and stay focused, because you really don't have much time. ~ Piggy D.
Obtainable Goal quotes by Piggy D.
Nothing is wrong, While you are trying to achieve a goal. ~ Dharmalingam Raju
Obtainable Goal quotes by Dharmalingam Raju
India must achieve the real goal?that is energy independence or an economy which will function well within total freedom from oil, gas or coal imports. ~ Abdul Kalam
Obtainable Goal quotes by Abdul Kalam
Hello, Master. I'm running now - but I've had time to reflect on your teachings. You say the living sometimes have to suffer to serve a larger goal. I've seen how you live by that. Well, I have a goal now, too. Justice. For myself, for my friends, for the people sacrificed to the plans of the so-called infallible. And it will definitely involve some suffering. Because, you see, I've had a vision of my own. One day, one of you is going to confess and clear my name. And to make sure, I'm going to hunt down each and every one of you. The one that confesses, lives. I don't care which one of you does it. It doesn't matter where they send you. You have a death mark, same as me. Don't look for me, Lucien. Because I'll find you. And if I do end up collapsing the Jedi Order, just remember one thing. You started it."

-Zayne Carrick, KOTR comics ~ John Jackson Miller
Obtainable Goal quotes by John Jackson Miller
Newton had invented the calculus, which was expressed in the language of "differential equations," which describe how objects smoothly undergo infinitesimal changes in space and time. The motion of ocean waves, fluids, gases, and cannon balls could all be expressed in the language of differential equations. Maxwell set out with a clear goal, to express the revolutionary findings of Faraday and his force fields through precise differential equations.

Maxwell began with Faraday's discovery that electric fields could turn into magnetic fields and vice versa. He took Faraday's depictions of force fields and rewrote them in the precise language of differential equations, producing one of the most important series of equations in modern science. They are a series of eight fierce-looking differential equations. Every physicist and engineer in the world has to sweat over them when mastering electromagnetism in graduate school.

Next, Maxwell asked himself the fateful question: if magnetic fields can turn into electric fields and vice versa, what happens if they are constantly turning into each other in a never-ending pattern? Maxwell found that these electric-magnetic fields would create a wave, much like an ocean wave. To his astonishment, he calculated the speed of these waves and found it to be the speed of light! In 1864, upon discovering this fact, he wrote prophetically: "This velocity is so nearly that of light that it seems we have strong reason to conclu ~ Michio Kaku
Obtainable Goal quotes by Michio Kaku
Winners can tell you where they are going and what they plan to do along the way. ~ Denis Waitley
Obtainable Goal quotes by Denis Waitley
The goal for Shondaland is to continue to make very good shows that we're proud of when they're ready. ~ Betsy Beers
Obtainable Goal quotes by Betsy Beers
We didn't look like scoring, although we looked like we were going to get a goal. ~ Alan Buckley
Obtainable Goal quotes by Alan Buckley
The goal of federal regulations should be to promote health and safety, but regulatory enforcement must be balanced with common-sense policies and assistance for businesses. ~ James Lankford
Obtainable Goal quotes by James Lankford
A hunt based only on trophies taken falls far short of what the ultimate goal should be ... time to commune with your inner soul as you share the outdoors with the birds, animals, and fish that live there. ~ Fred Bear
Obtainable Goal quotes by Fred Bear
The goal of retirement is to live off your assets-not on them ~ Frank Eberhart
Obtainable Goal quotes by Frank Eberhart
One of the principal goals in my life has been to avoid embarrassing my children by doing the job I do. I hope I've managed to do that, and I hope that, with the job I'm in now, they are, if not proud, at least unembarrassed by it. I must say, my three are most agreeable children, who do nothing but delight me. ~ Hugh Laurie
Obtainable Goal quotes by Hugh Laurie
Work, as we usually think of it, is energy expended for a further end in view; play is energy expended for its own sake, as with children's play, or as manifestation of the end or goal of work, as in "playing" chess or the piano. Play in this sense, then, is the fulfillment of work, the exhibition of what the work has been done for. ~ Northrop Frye
Obtainable Goal quotes by Northrop Frye
I've always had goals, always had visions, always had a plan, always been very strategic. ~ Pitbull
Obtainable Goal quotes by Pitbull
Corporate governance is concerned with holding the balance between economic and social goals and between individual and communal goals. The governance framework is there to encourage the efficient use of resources and equally to require accountability for the stewardship of those resources. The aim is to align as nearly as possible the interests of individuals, corporations and society. ~ Adrian Cadbury
Obtainable Goal quotes by Adrian Cadbury
Free-will doesn't include shit-happens,
unless that's the goal of one's intention. ~ Toba Beta
Obtainable Goal quotes by Toba Beta
I can't think of a striker in the world who has scored so many important goals, never mind a midfielder. ~ Thierry Henry
Obtainable Goal quotes by Thierry Henry
We're not on a journey to a goal, the goal is with us changing with us. ~ Antony Gormley
Obtainable Goal quotes by Antony Gormley
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