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Photography ... has lived under the tyranny of its subject matter: the object has exercised an almost total domination. ~ Joan Fontcuberta
Nizer Subject quotes by Joan Fontcuberta
Now the Bible came to be seen as what it obviously is not: a collection of "inerrant" oracles and historical reports, each true in the same way as every other, each subject to only one level of interpretation, and all perfectly in agreement with one another. ~ David Bentley Hart
Nizer Subject quotes by David Bentley Hart
When a record company looks at me I'm very hard to market, I don't really fit anywhere, It's hard to get me on the air, and I'm hard to demography, but! because of that I'm not subject to trends like you pointed out. ~ Leo Kottke
Nizer Subject quotes by Leo Kottke
Food from the platter / Water from the rain / The subject and the matter / I'm going home again / Can't sell a leaf to a tree / Nor the wind to the atmosphere / I know where I am meant to be / And I can't be satisfied here ~ Lemn Sissay
Nizer Subject quotes by Lemn Sissay
The talked about their messed-up, dysfunctional families, carefully respecting boundaries, never probing too deep in any one sitting. And they always ended up laughing. Even when the subject matter was intense or macabre, Henry's sick and twisted and often politically incorrect sense of humor was infectious ... Gloria laughed more in these first weeks at Oxford then she remembered laughing almost anywhere. ~ Andrea Kayne Kaufman
Nizer Subject quotes by Andrea Kayne Kaufman
Intellectual adherence is never owed to anything whatsoever, for it is never in any degree a voluntary thing. Attention alone is voluntary. It alone forms the subject of an obligation. ~ Simone Weil
Nizer Subject quotes by Simone Weil
What they were giving me seemed incredibly real to me, so I'd react to it in a very real way. That was frightening for me, especially because of the subject. ~ Mariel Hemingway
Nizer Subject quotes by Mariel Hemingway
Have I ever remarked on how completely ridiculous it is to ask high school students to decide what they want to do with the rest of their lives and give them nearly no support in doing so? Support like, say, spending a day apiece watching twenty different jobs and then another week at their top three choices, with salary charts and projections and probabilities of graduating that subject given their test scores? The more so considering this is a central allocation question for the entire economy? ~ Eliezer Yudkowsky
Nizer Subject quotes by Eliezer Yudkowsky
During the operation, I wasn't conscious of the fact that nearly everything we did was going to be captured, digitally or otherwise, and subject to review. ~ Nicholas Irving
Nizer Subject quotes by Nicholas Irving
There are neither good nor bad subjects. From the point of view of pure Art, you could almost establish it as an axiom that the subject is irrelevant, style itself being an absolute manner of seeing things. ~ Gustave Flaubert
Nizer Subject quotes by Gustave Flaubert
Force yourself to write down what is of no interest, what is most obvious, most common, most colourless ... antique shops, clothes, hi-fi, etc. Don't say, don't write 'etc'. Make an effort to exhaust the subject, even if that seems grotesque, or pointless, or stupid. You still haven't looked at anything, you've merely picked out what you've long ago picked out. ~ Georges Perec
Nizer Subject quotes by Georges Perec
Unlike at the Academy or the Lyceum, women, some of them concubines and mistresses, as well as a few slaves, joined the conversation; further, many of the students here had arrived without academic credentials in mathematics or music, de rigueur for entry to the other Athenian schools of higher learning. Everyone in the Garden radiated earnestness and good cheer. The subject under discussion was happiness. ~ Epicurus
Nizer Subject quotes by Epicurus
The problem with arguments is that it never adds up to any value to the subject. ~ Aditya Ajmera
Nizer Subject quotes by Aditya Ajmera
I am not going to let him win, Guillaume. Not this time. I could not keep him from making my mother pay the price for our failed rebellion. Fifteen years she has been his prisoner, fifteen years! And she is his prisoner, for all that she no longer wants for a queen's comforts. I have had to submit to his demands and subject myself to his whims and endure the indignity of having him brandish the crown before me as he would tease a dog with a bone. But no more. I will not let him rob me of my birthright, and I will not let him keep me from honoring my vow to defend the Holy Land. I do think he is behind that very opportune rebellion in my duchy, and I would not put it past him to be conniving with the Count of Toulouse, either. And if by chance he did not, it is only because he did not think of it. No, a reckoning is long overdue, and we will have it at Bonsmoulins. ~ Sharon Kay Penman
Nizer Subject quotes by Sharon Kay Penman
Think about the photo before and after, never during. The secret is to take your time. You mustn't go too fast. The subject must forget about you. Then, however, you must be very quick. ~ Henri Cartier-Bresson
Nizer Subject quotes by Henri Cartier-Bresson
Men and women also differ when it comes to explaining failure. When a man fails, he points to factors like "didn't study enough" or "not interested in the subject matter". When a woman fails, she is more likely to believe it is due to an inherent lack of ability. ~ Sheryl Sandberg
Nizer Subject quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
Who should listen to discussions of theology? Those for whom it is a serious undertaking, not just another subject like any other for entertaining small-talk, after the races, the theater, songs, food, and sex: for there are people who count chatter on theology and clever deployment of arguments as one of their amusements. ~ Gregory Of Nazianzus
Nizer Subject quotes by Gregory Of Nazianzus
The subject under discussion, economics, purports to be a science. It ~ John Lanchester
Nizer Subject quotes by John Lanchester
In a painting no one complains that the subject is posed, but everybody complains about what looks posed in a photograph. Except, I've found that if I go very close in to the face, then the posed expression no longer exists. The face becomes a landscape of the lakes of the eyes and the hills of the nose and the valley of the cleft of the chin. ~ John Loengard
Nizer Subject quotes by John Loengard
There are two kinds of photographs: mine and other people's. I never think of what I might do myself when I look at someone else's pictures ... there is no subject in the world I have ever wanted to photograph. It's the picture, not the object, that is important to me. ~ John Loengard
Nizer Subject quotes by John Loengard
The morality of individual liberation (which is the subject of this chapter) is mainly practiced by refraining from physical and verbal actions that cause harm. ~ Dalai Lama XIV
Nizer Subject quotes by Dalai Lama XIV
When you remove time," de becker says, "you are subject to the lowest-quality intuitive reaction ~ Malcolm Gladwell
Nizer Subject quotes by Malcolm Gladwell
However, if we consider that all the characteristics which have been cited are only differences in degree of structure, may we not suppose that this special condition of organization of man has been gradually acquired at the close of a long period of time, with the aid of circumstances which have proved favorable? What a subject for reflection for those who have the courage to enter into it! ~ Jean-Baptiste Lamarck
Nizer Subject quotes by Jean-Baptiste Lamarck
I have never been able to understand the complaint that a story is "depressing" because of its subject matter. What depresses me are stories that don't seem to know these things go on, or hide them in resolute chipperness; "witty stories," in which every problem is the occasion for a joke; "upbeat" stories that flog you with transcendence. Please. We're grown ups now. ~ Tobias Wolff
Nizer Subject quotes by Tobias Wolff
[...] it is rare for a
man who teaches to know his subject thoroughly;
for if he studies it as he ought, he has in most
cases no time left in which to teach it. [...] ~ Arthur Schopenhauer
Nizer Subject quotes by Arthur Schopenhauer
Sin turns ugly and is subject to defeat only when seen in the light of Christ's beauty. ~ Sam Storms
Nizer Subject quotes by Sam Storms
Today I can joyfully say that one of the best undertakings I have ever made was to study the subject of responsibility ~ Sunday Adelaja
Nizer Subject quotes by Sunday Adelaja
If I keep looking at her long legs I'm gonna have an accident. "How's that sister of yours?" I ask, changing the subject.
"She's waiting to beat you again at checkers."
"Is that right? Well, tell her I was goin' easy on her. I was tryin' to impress you."
"By losing?"
I shrug. "It worked, didn't it?"
I notice her fidgeting with her dress as if she needs to fix it to impress me. Wanting to ease her anxiety, I slide my fingers down her arm before capturing her hand in mine.
"You tell Shelley I'll be back for a rematch," I say.
She turns to me, her blue eyes sparkling. "Really?"
During the drive, I try and make small talk. It doesn't work. I'm not a small talk kind of guy. It's a good thing Brittany seems content without talking. ~ Simone Elkeles
Nizer Subject quotes by Simone Elkeles
Since the self, in maintaining its isolation and detachment does
not commit itself to a creative relationship with the other and is
preoccupied with the figures of phantasies, thought, memories, etc.
(imagos), which cannot be directly observable by or directly
expressed to others, anything (in a sense) is possible. Whatever
failures or successes come the way of the false-self system, the self
is able to remain uncommitted and undefined. In phantasy, the
self can be anyone, anywhere, do anything, have everything. It is
thus omnipotent and completely free - but only in phantasy. Once it
commits itself to any real project it suffers the agonies of humiliation
- not necessarily for any failure, but simply because it has to
subject itself to necessity and contingency. It is omnipotent and
free only in phantasy. The more this phantastic omnipotence and
freedom are indulged, the more weak, helpless, and fettered it
becomes in actuality. The illusion of omnipotence and freedom
can be sustained only within the magic circle of its own shut-upness
in phantasy. And in order that this attitude be not dissipated
by the slightest intrusion of reality, phantasy and reality have to
be kept apart. ~ R.D. Laing
Nizer Subject quotes by R.D. Laing
Trying to write books with a subject matter or in a genre or style you're not familiar with is the best way to find the Big Block looming. ~ Jeffery Deaver
Nizer Subject quotes by Jeffery Deaver
But Carroll's were more convoluted, and they struck me as funny in a new way:
1) Babies are illogical.
2) Nobody is despised who can manage a crocodile.
3) Illogical persons are despised.
Therefore, babies cannot manage crocodiles.
1) No interesting poems are unpopular among people of real taste.
2) No modern poetry is free from affectation.
3) All of your poems are on the subject of soap bubbles.
4) No affected poetry is popular among people of taste.
5) Only a modern poem would be on the subject of soap bubbles.
Therefore, all your poems are uninteresting. ~ Steve Martin
Nizer Subject quotes by Steve Martin
The longer it possesseth a man the more he will delight in it, and the older he groweth the more he shall be subject to it; for it dulleth the spirits, and destroyeth the body as ivy doth the old tree, or as the worm that engendereth in the kernal of the nut. ~ Walter Raleigh
Nizer Subject quotes by Walter Raleigh
The education system should teach us about money; it's an incredibly big subject. I run into people all the time that don't have the first clue of what they should do about money. ~ Ben Stein
Nizer Subject quotes by Ben Stein
The affairs of the royal house form a subject of conversation for those who, as a rule, would have no conversation. ~ Marthe Bibesco
Nizer Subject quotes by Marthe Bibesco
Authors can only allow readers to learn so much about their characters. As much as they try to build someone three dimensionally on a page, words are still limited and subject to imagination and interpretation ~ Heather Lyons
Nizer Subject quotes by Heather Lyons
Subject opinion to coercion: whom will you make your inquisitors? Fallible men; men governed by bad passions, by private as well as public reasons. And why subject it to coercion? To produce uniformity. But is uniformity of opinion desirable? No more than of face and stature. ~ Thomas Jefferson
Nizer Subject quotes by Thomas Jefferson
The Iraq war is a huge subject and there have been many films about it. But it was when the private contractors started taking over and taking responsibilities from the regular army, which hides the war. You have these private armies of mercenaries acting with immunity for their actions, the worst of which was the Blackwater case where they killed 17 Iraqi civilians and the guys who did it just went home. We [screenwriter Paul Laverty and Loach] felt this deserved a story. ~ Ken Loach
Nizer Subject quotes by Ken Loach
I we are looking for God or an opportunity to learn and enrich our lives in every situation, we will find that, but if we are looking for how am I enjoying or suffering, we are subject to endless frustration ~ Radhanath Swami
Nizer Subject quotes by Radhanath Swami
The whole drive of western culture, the part of it which is serious, is towards an extreme objectification. It's carried to the point where the human subject is treated almost as if it's dirt in the works of a watch. ~ Henry Flynt
Nizer Subject quotes by Henry Flynt
I made a lot of different experiments with tapes at that time, until I finally realized around 1995, that sound is an interesting subject for me. Ever since then sound got more and more integrated into my art works, musically as well as physically. ~ Alva Noto
Nizer Subject quotes by Alva Noto
The downside was that for 400 years, science has grown up, has arisen and developed as a purely materialist concept and avoided the subject of mind and consciousness, leaving it to the realm of religion. Only with the founding of quantum science in the early part of the 20th century have we realized that the Cartesian Duality is wrong, that body, mind, physicality do interact and they're interrelated. ~ Edgar Mitchell
Nizer Subject quotes by Edgar Mitchell
I'm no great fan of the phallus, and have made my own views known on this subject before, so I do not propose a return to a notion of the phallus as the third term in any and all relations of desire. ~ Judith Butler
Nizer Subject quotes by Judith Butler
Marx profoundly affected those who did not accept his system. His influence extended to those who least supposed they were subject to it. ~ John Kenneth Galbraith
Nizer Subject quotes by John Kenneth Galbraith
How would it be," she asked them coldly as they left the classroom [Prof Binns, History subject], "if I refused to lend you my notes this year?"
"We'd fail our O.W.L.s," said Ron. "If you want that on your conscience, Hermoine ... "
"Well, you'd deserve it," she snapped. "You don't even try to listen to him, do you?"
"We do try," said Ron. "We just haven't got your brains or your concentration
you're just cleverer than we are
is it nice to rub it in? ~ J.K. Rowling
Nizer Subject quotes by J.K. Rowling
We are rarely in danger of examining to excess, especially when the subject is the shape of our own lives. ~ G.K. Chesterton
Nizer Subject quotes by G.K. Chesterton
One interesting feature of criticism is seen in the ease with which it discovers what Addison called the specific quality of an author. In Livy, it will be the manner of telling the story; in Sallust, personal identification with the character; in Tacitus, the analysis of the deed into its motive. If the same test be applied to painters, it will find the prominent faculty of Correggio to be manifested in harmony of effect; of Poussin, in the sentiment of his landscapes; and of Raffaelle, in the general comprehension of his subject. ~ Robert Aris Willmott
Nizer Subject quotes by Robert Aris Willmott
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