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A design that doesn't take change into account risks major redesign in the future. ~ Erich Gamma
Neurobiology Major quotes by Erich Gamma
In 1938, I. G. Farben sent a letter to (a major drug firm), one of its American subsidiaries, (that)..all advertising contracts must contain ' ... a legal clause whereby the contract is immediately cancelled if overnight the attitude of the paper toward Germany should be changed. ~ G. Edward Griffin
Neurobiology Major quotes by G. Edward Griffin
The first place to start is on enforcement. We who got the ADA passed did the hard part, the heavy lifting. ~ Major Owens
Neurobiology Major quotes by Major Owens
The major problems facing the development of products that are safer, less prone to error, and easier to use and understand are not technological: they are social and organizational. ~ Donald A. Norman
Neurobiology Major quotes by Donald A. Norman
Major Chhetri's pronouncement when we'd first arrived in Nepal came echoing back: Things that start in the rain end well. ~ Jane Wilson-Howarth
Neurobiology Major quotes by Jane Wilson-Howarth
Food was supposed to be a slightly bigger part of 'Heartburn,' and it actually didn't turn out to be because of me. I just didn't find a way to make it a bigger part of the movie as I should have, and we cut several scenes in which food was a major character. ~ Nora Ephron
Neurobiology Major quotes by Nora Ephron
When confronted with a major emotional trigger like this, I have two modes - fight or flight - ~ Lex Martin
Neurobiology Major quotes by Lex Martin
Homosexuality and trance were considered abnormalities now, while in the Middle Ages people had been made saints for their trances, which were considered the highest state of being, and in Ancient Greece, as Plato makes clear, homosexuality was 'a major means to the good life. ~ Lily King
Neurobiology Major quotes by Lily King
The United States remains the only major country on earth that doesn't guarantee health care to all of our people. And yet we are spending almost twice as much per capita. We have a massively dysfunctional health care system. And I do believe in a Medicare for all single-payer system, whether a small state like Vermont can lead the nation, which I certainly hope we will, or whether it's California or some other state. ~ Hillary Clinton
Neurobiology Major quotes by Hillary Clinton
And therein shines one major definition of what it meant to be Clinton D. Powell: someone who looked for, trusted in, and helped empower (if you will) the best in others. It takes a lot of beautiful love, uncommon sincerity, and spitfire courage to do that. ~ Aberjhani
Neurobiology Major quotes by Aberjhani
Rewrite your major goals every day, in the present tense, exactly as if they already existed ~ Brian Tracy
Neurobiology Major quotes by Brian Tracy
There is almost always a major blip for whatever reason and we have learnt to expect it and not to panic. ~ Peter Cundill
Neurobiology Major quotes by Peter Cundill
He, who doesn't know why he lives, cannot feel love for people or for life itself. I don't love myself enough, so I don't love people enough. One of my major defects is impatience: I try to get rid of it, but i can't. I am not tolerant enough for my age. I suffer for this, because i can't approach people with sympathy. They annoy me. ~ Andrei Tarkovsky
Neurobiology Major quotes by Andrei Tarkovsky
I thought it was amazing that I could get a diploma just for reading fiction. It was like being able to major in eating chocolate. (on majoring in literature) ~ Sarah Addison Allen
Neurobiology Major quotes by Sarah Addison Allen
The lack of ability of those in charge to get a grip on a situation, and to take immediate, decisive action rather than simply debate everything endlessly, is one of the major problems in the State education system. ~ Frank Chalk
Neurobiology Major quotes by Frank Chalk
One never knows enough about characters in real life to put them into novels. One gets started and then, suddenly, one can not remember what toothpaste they use; what are their views on interior decoration, and one is stuck utterly. No, major characters emerge; minor ones may be photographed. ~ Graham Greene
Neurobiology Major quotes by Graham Greene
Major labels limit you, but I also learned my tricks from getting around that. ~ Dawn Angelique
Neurobiology Major quotes by Dawn Angelique
The right to choose to abort a fetus is critical, as is the ability to effect that choice in real life, so it's great that Hillary Clinton wants to repeal the Hyde Amendment. But without welfare, single-payer health care, a minimum wage of at least $15--all policies she staunchly opposes--many people have to forgo babies they'd really love to have. That's not really a choice.

It seems ill-conceived to have tethered feminism to such a narrow issue as abortion. Yet it makes sense from an insular Beltway fundraising perspective to focus on an issue that makes no demands--the opposite, really--of the oligarch class; this is probably a big reason why EMILY'S List has never dabbled in backing universal pre-K or paid maternity leave; a major reason 'reproductive choice' has such a narrow and negative definition in the American political discourse.

The thing is, an abortion is by definition a story you want to forget, not repeat and relive. And for the same reason abortion pills will never be the blockbuster moneymakers heartburn medications are, abortion is a consummately foolish thing to attempt to build a political movement around. It happens once or twice in a woman's lifetime.

Kids, on the other hand, are with you forever. A more promising movement--one that goes against everything Hillary Clinton stands for--might take that to heart. ~ Liza Featherstone
Neurobiology Major quotes by Liza Featherstone
I ended up doing four or five plays in college and being an English major with my thesis in language acquisition, which I was planning to study in graduate school. ~ Carrie Coon
Neurobiology Major quotes by Carrie Coon
The heartwood," Rob murmured, looking at me. "You wanted to marry me in the heart of Major Oak." I beamed at him grateful that he understood. "And Scar," he whispered. I leaned in close. "Are you wearing knives to our wedding?" Nodding, I laughed, telling him, "I was going to get you here one way or another, Hood."
He laughed, a bright, merry sound. Standing in the heart of the tree, he reached again for my hand, fingers sliding over mine. Touching his hand, a rope of lightening lashed round my fingers, like it seared us together. Now, and for always. His fingers moved on mine, rubbing over my hand before capturing it tight and turning me to the priest.
The priest looked over his shoulder, watching as the sun began to dip. He led us in prayer, he asked me to speak the same words I'd spoken not long past to Gisbourne, but that whole thing felt like a bad dream, like I were waking and it were fading and gone for good. "Lady Scarlet." he asked me with a smile, "known to some as Lady Marian of Huntingdon, will thou have this lord to thy wedded husband, will thou love him and honour him, keep him and obey him, in health and in sickness, as a wife should a husband, forsaking all others on account of him, so long as ye both shall live?"
I looked at Robin, tears burning in my eyes. "I will," I promised. "I will, always."
Rob's face were beaming back at me, his ocean eyes shimmering bright. The priest smiled.
"Robin of Locksley, will thou have this lady to thy ~ A.C. Gaughen
Neurobiology Major quotes by A.C. Gaughen
The results have consistently suggested that introversion and extroversion, like other major personality traits such as agreeableness and conscientiousness, are about 40 to 50 percent heritable. ~ Susan Cain
Neurobiology Major quotes by Susan Cain
My thoughts are punctured by the feel of Anna's hand on me. Down there.
I look down, and she's pulling my mobile from my pocket, holding it out to me.
Damn. Major false alarm.
"That was brave," I tell her. ~ Wendy Higgins
Neurobiology Major quotes by Wendy Higgins
'iCarly' was one of my first major jobs, actually. I went into that audition and completely failed at it. I completely bombed ... I forgot my lines. When I forget my lines, I kind of get angry. They had me do it again; I remembered them, and I booked it. ~ Matthew Moy
Neurobiology Major quotes by Matthew Moy
It was so crucial to the Civil Rights Movement that on June 23, 1963, Martin Luther King came to town, walked down Woodward Avenue with more than 100,000 people and delivered the first major public iteration of his "I Have A Dream" speech, two months before he did it in Washington. ~ David Maraniss
Neurobiology Major quotes by David Maraniss
At the heart of every major political upheaval lies a fiscal revolution. ~ Thomas Piketty
Neurobiology Major quotes by Thomas Piketty
As an English major I was familiar with the stories of dozens of writers trying to get their work done among the multifarious diversions of the world and the hurdles of their own vices. A professor had said that what saved writers is that they, like politicians, had the illusion of destiny that allowed them to overcome obstacles no matter how nominal their work. ~ Jim Harrison
Neurobiology Major quotes by Jim Harrison
Look at the Chandra Levy case. It's become a Star Chamber. The major networks, the cable networks, they're being prosecutors. They're judges and jurors and executioners. Well, c'mon, that's ridiculous. But they're doing it. ~ Ray Bradbury
Neurobiology Major quotes by Ray Bradbury
On the Republican side, the emotional bonds of family launched a major social organization led by nietos, the Association for the Recovery of Historical Memory. Late in 2000 Emilio Silva and Santiago Macías began a personal search for the unmarked graves of their Republican ancestors.

[...] Descendants of executed Republicans told a journalist that "without the body, the pain never ceases." "Never," she reported, "have they spoken of vengeance, of revenge, or of anything that resembles that. In an exhumation, they never raise their eyes from the ground. They are not thinking of reopening wounds, but of closing, for once, their own." This journalist, Natalia Junquera, also quoted a distinguished professor of psychiatry who said, "The hatred dies, it is extinguished, but the necessity of putting a name to the dead, of honoring them, no. There always comes a moment in which one has to put an end to this interminable trauma." [63] ~ Paul D. Escott
Neurobiology Major quotes by Paul D. Escott
Technology tools such as laptops are the kind of help that we need. A program that provides laptops for all youngsters would close a gap that most of us are not aware of, or will not admit to, which is a tremendous gap in the poor communities. ~ Major Owens
Neurobiology Major quotes by Major Owens
We piled aboard the small chopper and after a bit of map pointing to the pilot we lifted off.
"I love the RAF," said Jed.
"I love them too, sir," said I.
After a short flight the chopper landed. We all got out and waved our thanks and farewells to the crew and Major Jenner checked his map. After a quick examination he announced that we had been dropped in the wrong place.
"I fucking hate the RAF," said Jed.
"I fucking hate them too, sir," said I. ~ Ken Lukowiak
Neurobiology Major quotes by Ken Lukowiak
We are a revitalized tribe. After every major upheaval, we have been able to gather together as a people to rebuild a community and a government. Individually and collectively, Cherokee people possess an extraordinary ability to face down adversity and continue moving forward. We are able to do that because our culture, though certainly diminished, has sustained us since time inmemorial. This Cherokee culture is a well-kept secret. ~ Wilma Mankiller
Neurobiology Major quotes by Wilma Mankiller
The last true punk band to get a major label contract was The Dickies. ~ Jello Biafra
Neurobiology Major quotes by Jello Biafra
The future of private enterprise capitalism is also the future of a free society. There is no possibility of having a politically free society unless the major part of its economic resources are operated under a capitalistic private enterprise system. ~ Milton Friedman
Neurobiology Major quotes by Milton Friedman
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