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We are the totality of what we consume, in every way possible. ~ Sue Ziang
Living In Limbo quotes by Sue Ziang
She told no one of the otter. Garrett would want to trap it; Faina would ask her to draw it. She refused to confine it by any means because, in some strange way, she knew it was her heart. Living, twisting muscle beneath bristly damp fur. Breaking through thin ice, splashing in cold creek water, sliding belly-down across snow. Joyful, though it should have known better. ~ Eowyn Ivey
Living In Limbo quotes by Eowyn Ivey
Only music clarifies, reconciles, and consoles. But it is not a straw just barely clutched at. It is a faithful friend, protector, and comforter, and for its sake alone, life in this world is worth living. Who knows, perhaps in heaven there will be no music. So let us live on the earth while we still have life! ~ Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Living In Limbo quotes by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
I grin, and he beams with pride.
"So what kind of hat is that?" I ask, unable to resist. He's adorable when he's showing off his wardrobe - like a puppy doing tricks. Although I remain cautious, knowing in the blink of an eye he can become a wolf again.
"My Peregrination Cap," he answers.
His smile widens - baring white teeth. "Peregrination. An excursion ... a journey."
"So, why don't you just call it your traveling cap?"
"Then it wouldn't be much of a conversation starter, would it?"
I raise an eyebrow. "Um, the fact that it's made of living moths might give you something to talk about."
Morpheus laughs. For once our relationship feels comfortable, friendly. ~ A.G. Howard
Living In Limbo quotes by A.G. Howard
All too often, as we know from experience, people do not choose life; they do not accept the gospel of life, but let themselves be led by ideologies and ways of thinking that block life, that do not respect life, because they are dictated by selfishness, self-interest, profit, power and pleasure and not by love ... As a result, the Living God is replaced by fleeting human idols, which offer the intoxication of a flash of freedom, but in the end bring new forms of slavery and death. ~ Pope Francis
Living In Limbo quotes by Pope Francis
My first book was called 'Buried Dreams,' about a serial-killer, which was probably about ten years ahead of the serial-killer curve. It was a national bestseller, but it was three years of living in the sewer of this guy's mind. ~ Tim Cahill
Living In Limbo quotes by Tim Cahill
Awareness requires living in the here and now, and not in the elsewhere, the past or the future. ~ Eric Berne
Living In Limbo quotes by Eric Berne
Living in the past is like choosing to cling to a chronic illness. ~ Asa Don Brown
Living In Limbo quotes by Asa Don Brown
I knew what was wrong with me, but I could not correct it. The words and actions of
white people were baffling signs to me. I was living in a culture and not a civilization and I
could learn how that culture worked only by living with it. Misreading the reactions of whites
around me made me say and do the wrong things. In my dealing with whites I was conscious of the entirety of my relations with them, and they were conscious
only of what was happening at a given moment. I had to keep remembering what others took
for granted; I had to think out what others felt. ~ Richard Wright
Living In Limbo quotes by Richard Wright
So there are no ill effects?" I asked.
"Well, as I said, you could die."
I looked him in the eye, my one good eye flicking back and forth between the two of his.
"So, if you had to give me odds for living another forty years, say until I was seventy, what would the odds be?"
"I'm not very good at that sort of thing."
"Ten to one? One hundred to one?"
"I've never really understood what that means," he said.
"Just give me the odds."
"Of you living till you're seventy?" he said. "I'd say it's thirty-five, seventy-five."
I shook my head. Dr. Owen and his nineteenth-century frame, blunt disregard for my need to be reassured and fucked-up math was too much. This man was making my world small. I imagined he was a moon who had just eclipsed me.
- "Bicycle Kick ~ Jonathan Messinger
Living In Limbo quotes by Jonathan Messinger
Summer Between Terms"

The day's so calm and muggy I sweat tears,
the summer's cloudcap and the summer's heat...
surely good writers write all possible wrong--
are we so conscience-dark and cataract-blind,
we only blame in others what they blame in us?
(The sentence writes we, when charity wants I...)
It takes such painful mellowing to use error...
I have stood too long on a chair or ladder,
branch-lightening forking through my thought and veins--
I cannot hang my heavy picture straight.
I can't see the cattery,
the tomcats doze till the litters are eatable,
then find their kittens and chew off their breakable heads.
They told us by harshness to win the stars.

Planes, trains, lorries simmer through the garden,
the reviewer sent by God to humble me
ransacking my bags of dust for silver spoons--
he and I go on typing to go on living.
There are ways to live on words in England--
reading for trainfare, my host ruined on wine,
my ear gone bad from clinging to the ropes.
I'd take a lower place, eat my toad hourly;
even big frauds wince at fraudulence,
and squirm from small incisions in the self--
they live on timetable with no time to tell.
I'm sorry, I run with the hares now, not the hounds.
I waste hours writing in and writing out a line,
as if listening to conscience were telling the truth ~ Robert Lowell
Living In Limbo quotes by Robert Lowell
Where I found the living, there I found the will to power; even in the will of servants I found the will to be master. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
Living In Limbo quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
A reawakening to a new world.
Tendered with immense prospects
Concealed in the unknown ~ Priscilla Koranteng
Living In Limbo quotes by Priscilla Koranteng
I wasn't free... I realized that I had been living in a birdcage all that time .. The world was so big but the'd forced me into a tiny cage ~ Hajime Isayama
Living In Limbo quotes by Hajime Isayama
Bohr advanced a heavyhanded remedy: evolve probability waves according to Schrodinger's equation whenever you're not looking or performing any kind of measurement. But when you do look, Bohr continued, you should throw Schrodinger's equation aside and declare that your observation has caused the wave to collapse.

Now, not only is this prescription ungainly, not only is it arbitrary, not only does it lack a mathematical underpinning, it's not even clear. For instance, it doesn't precisely define "looking" or "measuring." Must a human be involved? Or, as Einstein once asked, will a sidelong glance from a mouse suffice? How about a computer's probe, or even a nudge from a bacterium or virus? Do these "measurements" cause probability waves to collapse? Bohr announced that he was drawing a line in the sand separating small things, such as atoms and their constituents, to which Schrodinger's equation would apply, and big things, such as experimenters and their equipment, to which it wouldn't. But he never said where exactly that line would be. The reality is, he couldn't. With each passing year, experimenters confirm that Schrodinger's equation works, without modification, for increasingly large collections of particles, and there's every reason to believe that it works for collections as hefty as those making up you and me and everything else. Like floodwaters slowly rising from your basement, rushing into your living room, and threatening to engulf your attic, the math ~ Brian Greene
Living In Limbo quotes by Brian Greene
Sometimes one gets the feeling that life still thinks it's living in Paris in the '30s. ~ Tom Robbins
Living In Limbo quotes by Tom Robbins
Living in the now is freedom from all problems connected with time. You ought to remember that sentence, you ought to memorize it, and ought to take it out, you ought to practice it, you ought to apply it. And most of all, you ought to rejoice in it because you have just heard how not to be wretched, miserable you any more but to be a brand new, and forever brand new man or woman. ~ Vernon Howard
Living In Limbo quotes by Vernon Howard
Music was massive from an early age. My parents were huge music fans, especially soul, and they played records in our house all the time, and me and my brother and sister would dance and sing about the living room. ~ Bronagh Gallagher
Living In Limbo quotes by Bronagh Gallagher
Physics is now saying we might be living in one of an infinite number of parallel universes. We can learn practical and creative things to do with the information. ~ Robert Moss
Living In Limbo quotes by Robert Moss
Our lives are of great worth if we accept with good grace the situation Providence places us in, and go on living lovingly. ~ Takashi Nagai
Living In Limbo quotes by Takashi Nagai
There is a greater purpose to living which is found in the spirit, which is the Being, and that purpose is worth living for. ~ Belsebuub
Living In Limbo quotes by Belsebuub
Havin loved enough and lost enough,
I'm no longer searching,
just opening,
no longer trying to make sense of pain
but trying to be a soft and sturdy home
in which real things can land.
These are the irritations
that rub into a pearl.
So we can talk for a while
but then we must listen,
the way rocks listen to the sea.
And we can churn at all that goes wrong
but then we must lay all distractions
down and water every living seed.
And yes, on nights like tonight
I too feel along. But seldom do I
face it squarely enough
to see that it's a door
into the endless berath
that has no breather,
into the surf that human
shell calls God. ~ Mark Nepo
Living In Limbo quotes by Mark Nepo
While complying can be an effective strategy
for physical survival, it's a lousy one for personal fulfillment. Living a satisfying life requires more than simply meeting the demands of those in
control. Yet in our offices and our classrooms we have way too much compliance and way too little engagement. The former might get you
through the day, but only the latter will get you through the night. ~ Daniel H. Pink
Living In Limbo quotes by Daniel H. Pink
The only way to live life is to live in the present. You can't put things off thinking you'll have time later. There may not be a later. - Katarina Kozlov ~ Dannika Dark
Living In Limbo quotes by Dannika Dark
We believe and we hold our beliefs to be true and sacred until the day we discover that we were duped. The end of belief is a challenging moment. You feel lonely, unconnected, with nothing to hang on. Your life becomes empty and aimless. You curse the day doubt entered your mind but you cannot undo the damage. You need to find a new direction for your life, something new to hang your hope on to continue living. And most of the time that thing is you. At that junction in life you will need to believe in yourself to continue living. ~ Bangambiki Habyarimana
Living In Limbo quotes by Bangambiki Habyarimana
Go forth, little book, to destroy fear, prejudice and superstition, and help to install Reason in the minds of the human race to be its guide in the affairs of life and its living. ~ Joseph Lewis
Living In Limbo quotes by Joseph Lewis
In the end, every man's life is but a tale told to him that's lived it, and to him alone. ~ Tim Willocks
Living In Limbo quotes by Tim Willocks
Lord, we flail. Forgive the lies we tell from purple thrones on TBN. Forgive the lies we tell in shrines. Forgive every attempt at self-redemption, the holy efforts we call our own, all the clawing we call resurrection. Bury us. Take us to helpless dust. Then roll away the stone and call us by our names. Make us all Lazarus. (125) ~ N.D. Wilson
Living In Limbo quotes by N.D. Wilson
living in a culture that surrounds us with reminders of money may shape our behavior and our attitudes in ways that we do not know about ~ Daniel Kahneman
Living In Limbo quotes by Daniel Kahneman
He returned to Pinch, waiting for the mine whistle to break the day into pieces. When it did, the miners surfaced with empty lunch buckets, leaving the portal, walking the narrow main drag with its bank, post office, and commissary. They found their own company shacks in straggling rows three deep, each one identical, with the same stovepipe, same curl of smoke, same yellow dog lazing in a bare yard. its tail beginning to wag. ~ Matthew Neill Null
Living In Limbo quotes by Matthew Neill Null
Our legacy is not found in all the 'stuff' we've accumulated on our life's journey. It's written in the memories of those whose lives we've touched along the way. ~ Justin Young
Living In Limbo quotes by Justin Young
Idleness is only a coarse name for my infinite capacity for living in the present. ~ Cyril Connolly
Living In Limbo quotes by Cyril Connolly
The realization that my problem was one that concerned all men, a problem of living and thinking, suddenly swept over me and I was overwhelmed by fear and respect as I suddenly saw and felt how deeply my own personal life and opinions were immersed in the eternal stream of great ideas. Though it offered some confirmation and gratification, the realization was not really a joyful one. It was hard and had a harsh taste because it implied responsibility and no longer being allowed to be a child; it meant standing on one's own feet. ~ Hermann Hesse
Living In Limbo quotes by Hermann Hesse
He had looked at Jude, then, and had felt that same sensation he sometimes did when he thought, really thought of Jude and what his life had been: a sadness, he might have called it, but it wasn't a pitying sadness; it was a larger sadness, one that seemed to encompass all the poor striving people, the billions he didn't know, all living their lives, a sadness that mingled with a wonder and awe at how hard humans everywhere tried to live, even when their days were so very difficult, even when their circumstances were so wretched. Life is so sad, he would think in those moments. It's so sad, and yet we all do it. ~ Hanya Yanagihara
Living In Limbo quotes by Hanya Yanagihara
You are my world,ma petite, my very existence. You are what makes living bearable.You are my light,the very air I breathe." His mouth brushed her pulse,her earlobe. "You are not meant to walk in death.You never were."
She swung around,her blue eyes darkening to deep violet. "If you walk in death,Gregori,then that is where you will find me. Right beside you.I belong where you are.I am your lifemate. There is no other. I am your lifemate. ~ Christine Feehan
Living In Limbo quotes by Christine Feehan
Men dream that heroes are only to be made on special occasions, once or twice in a century; but in truth the finest heroes are home-spun, and are more often hidden in obscurity than platformed by public observation. Trust in the living God is the bullion out of which heroism is coined. Perseverance in well-doing is one of the fields in which faith grows not flowers, but the wheat of her harvest. Plodding on in hard work, bringing up a family on a few shillings a week, bearing constant pain with patience, and so forth - these are the feats of valour through which God is glorified by the rank and file of His believing people. ~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Living In Limbo quotes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Without passion, all the skill in world won't lift you above your craft ~ Twyla Tharp
Living In Limbo quotes by Twyla Tharp
Moving on is the hardest thing to do, when that person made your life worth living for. Nomatter how difficult it's but we have to let go for own sake. Remember that your life is more precious than anything in this world. ~ S.Z.J. Mtshali
Living In Limbo quotes by S.Z.J. Mtshali
What breaks the power of money over us is not just redoubled effort to follow the example of Christ. Rather, it is deepening your understanding of the salvation of Christ, what you have in him, and then living out the changes that that understanding makes in your heart - the seat of your mind, will, and emotions. ~ Timothy Keller
Living In Limbo quotes by Timothy Keller
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