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#1. Turkey, fearing attack by Russia, took Germany's side and declared war against the czar by bombarding the port of Odessa. - Author: Joseph E. Persico
Kishinev Russia quotes by Joseph E. Persico
#2. I had traveled to Russia and met with Snowden, which was a pretty involved meeting that required encrypted communication and the like. And it was fascinating because of who he is and what he's done. And more so because what's going on between our two countries, Russia and the U.S., and to meet Edward Snowden in Russia was unforgettable. - Author: Jared Leto
Kishinev Russia quotes by Jared Leto
#3. The fall of the Berlin Wall on 11/9/89 unleashed forces that ultimately liberated all the captive peoples of the Soviet Empire - Author: Thomas L. Friedman
Kishinev Russia quotes by Thomas L. Friedman
#4. It's wrong to hate. It always has been wrong and it always will be wrong. It's wrong in America, it's wrong in Germany, it's wrong in Russia, it's wrong in China. It was wrong in 2000 B.C., and it's wrong in 1954 A.D. It always has been wrong, and it always will be wrong. - Author: Martin Luther King, Jr.
Kishinev Russia quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
#5. Lenin arrived a stranger to Russia. Apart from a six-month stay in 1905-6, he had spent the previous seventeen years in exile abroad. Most of the workers who turned out to meet him at the Finland Station could never have seen him before.'I know very little of Russia,' Lenin once told Gorky. 'Simbirsk, Kazan, Petersburg, exile - that is all I know." During 1917 he would often claim that the mass of the ordinary people were even further to the Left than the Bolsheviks. Yet he had no experience of them, and knew only what his party agents told him (which was often what he wanted to hear). Between 5 July and the October seizure of power Lenin did not make a single public appearance. He barely set foot in the provinces. The man who was set to become the dictator of Russia had almost no direct knowledge of the way its people lived. Apart from two years as a lawyer, he had never even had a job. He was a "professional revolutionary', living apart from society and supporting himself from the party's funds and from the income of him mother's estate (which he continued to draw until her death in 1916). According to Gorky, it was this ignorance of everyday work, and the human suffering which it entailed, which had bred in Lenin a 'pitiless contempt, worthy of a nobleman, for the lives of the ordinary people...Life in all its complexity us unknown to Lenin. He does not know the ordinary people. He has never lived among them. - Author: Orlando Figes
Kishinev Russia quotes by Orlando Figes
#6. I've decided to make my main priority for the next two years not playing the violin, but training for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. - Author: Vanessa Mae
Kishinev Russia quotes by Vanessa Mae
#7. Let's start fresh with Russia on some real help and some real reform. - Author: Jeffrey Sachs
Kishinev Russia quotes by Jeffrey Sachs
#8. Of course the biggest mafia in Russia has always been the government; in Soviet times, the Communist Party, and now a circle of former KGB and FSB. - Author: Martin Cruz Smith
Kishinev Russia quotes by Martin Cruz Smith
#9. Nothing demonstrates so clearly as the unfolding of our conflict with Russia how essential it is that the Head of a State must be capable of swift, decisive action on his own responsibility, when a war seems to him to be inevitable. In a letter which we found on Stalin's son written by a friend, stands the following phrase : "I hope to be able to see my Anuschka once more before the promenade to Berlin."
If, in accordance with their plan, the Russians had been able to foresee our actions, it is, probable that nothing would have been able to stop their armoured units, for the highly developed road system of central Europe would greatly have favoured their advance. In any case, I take credit for the fact that we succeeded in making the Russians hold off right up to the moment when we launched our attack, and that we did so by entering into agreements which were favourable to their interests. Suppose for example that, when the Russians marched into Rumania, we had not been able to limit their conquests to Bessarabia, they would in one swoop have grabbed all the oilfields of the country, and we should have found ourselves, from the spring of that very year, completely frustrated as regards our supplies of petrol. - Author: Adolf Hitler
Kishinev Russia quotes by Adolf Hitler
#10. If we look far into the future, one can see a time in the 21st century when both Europe and the USA will be in dire need of Russia as an ally. - Author: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Kishinev Russia quotes by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
#11. In emerging democracies like Russia, in authoritarian states like Iran or even Yugoslavia, journalists play a vital role in civil society. In fact, they form the very basis of those new democracies and civil societies. - Author: Christiane Amanpour
Kishinev Russia quotes by Christiane Amanpour
#12. The poor peasant here hives under conditions quite different from those of Russia. Though often terrible, they are not as appalling as they were there. - Author: Herman Gorter
Kishinev Russia quotes by Herman Gorter
#13. You're never able to please everybody, especially when you're transforming a country like Russia. - Author: Anatoly Chubais
Kishinev Russia quotes by Anatoly Chubais
#14. What is a country? A country is a piece of land surrounded on all sides by boundaries, usually unnatural. Englishmen are dying for England, Americans are dying for America, Germans are dying for Germany, Russians are dying for Russia. There are now fifty or sixty countries fighting in this war. Surely so many countries can't all be worth dying for. - Author: Joseph Heller
Kishinev Russia quotes by Joseph Heller
#15. That was the era when we might have destroyed Russia completely and not even skinned our elbows doing it. - Author: Curtis LeMay
Kishinev Russia quotes by Curtis LeMay
#16. During part of 1941 and 1942, when the Luftwaffe was busy in Russia, the German radio regaled its home audience with stories of devastating air raids on London. Now, we are aware that those raids did not happen. But what use would our knowledge be if the Germans conquered Britain? For the purpose of a future historian, did those raids happen, or didn't they? The answer is: If Hitler survives, they happened, and if he falls they didn't happen. - Author: George Orwell
Kishinev Russia quotes by George Orwell
#17. We have to remember that Putin was a member of the KGB. He has already demonstrated that kind of macho, dictatorial attitude. Russia has breached their pledge to uphold the Olympic charter. This is a great opportunity for the IOC to say we cannot, given the situation that exists currently, allow the Olympics to take place in Russia. - Author: George Takei
Kishinev Russia quotes by George Takei
#18. Your map of Africa is really quite nice. But my map of Africa lies in Europe. Here is Russia, and here ... is France, and we're in the middle - that's my map of Africa. - Author: Otto Von Bismarck
Kishinev Russia quotes by Otto Von Bismarck
#19. I am always surprised when I watch the weather report on German television. First they show the map of Europe and then the camera moves to the right. Then comes Kiev, then Moscow and then everything stops. This seems to be the West's view of us - of a wild Russia that begins past Moscow, a place one prefers not to see. This is a big mistake. The West must pay closer attention. - Author: Vladimir Sorokin
Kishinev Russia quotes by Vladimir Sorokin
#20. Russia will make new allegiances. Siberia, unfreezing, will become a land grab. - Author: Lidia Yuknavitch
Kishinev Russia quotes by Lidia Yuknavitch
#21. The greatest problem all around the world today, whether in America, Japan, China Russia, India or anywhere else in the world, is that people are not in peace. People want peace. - Author: Prem Rawat
Kishinev Russia quotes by Prem Rawat
#22. Russia will invade Ukraine, probably within the next few weeks. They will annex the Crimea. From there, if they meet no resistance from the West, they will take more of the country, - Author: Tom Clancy
Kishinev Russia quotes by Tom Clancy
#23. This was the last party Mrs. Radford would attend in San Francisco. One month later she left on a boat filled with missionaries going to Hawaii. One year later she was one of only seven white women in Edo, Japan. From there she sailed to Russia; from there she made her way to Peking. She died somewhere near Chunking at the age of seventy-four. - Author: Karen Joy Fowler
Kishinev Russia quotes by Karen Joy Fowler
#24. If there is a pattern, it will come back - maybe in Russia more than anywhere else, because it has collapsed so many times. Maybe less so here in the States, because here the society is so young. - Author: Tatyana Tolstaya
Kishinev Russia quotes by Tatyana Tolstaya
#25. A high-level government agent was arrested today for selling secrets to Russia. They now have all of the exact locations of our back-to-school headquarters. - Author: David Letterman
Kishinev Russia quotes by David Letterman
#26. The key point to bear in mind is that Russia cannot be in Europe without Ukraine also being in Europe, whereas Ukraine can be in Europe without Russia being in Europe. - Author: Zbigniew Brzezinski
Kishinev Russia quotes by Zbigniew Brzezinski
#27. Everybody was upset that Vladimir Putin was missing. He was in Switzerland with his girlfriend. She had a baby in Switzerland because in Russia childbirth is not covered by Putin-care. - Author: David Letterman
Kishinev Russia quotes by David Letterman
#28. If you love Russia, you have to love Godunov. - Author: Condoleezza Rice
Kishinev Russia quotes by Condoleezza Rice
#29. Presumably, the bells of the Church of the Ascension had been reclaimed by the Bolsheviks for the manufacture of artillery, thus returning them to the realm from whence they came. Though for all the Count knew, the cannons that had been salvaged from Napoleon's retreat to make the Ascension's bells had been forged by the French from the bells at La Rochelle; which in turn had been forged from British blunderbusses seized in the Thirty Years War. From bells to cannons and back again, from now until the end of time. - Author: Amor Towles
Kishinev Russia quotes by Amor Towles
#30. There are hundreds of thousands of Scots who acknowledge English, Irish or Welsh parts of their very being. Lives and destinies are similarly intertwined in Catalonia and Spain, in Ukraine and Russia. - Author: Michael Ignatieff
Kishinev Russia quotes by Michael Ignatieff
#31. Orthodox churches, autocracy and national traditions are supposed to form a new national ideology in Russia. This would mean that Russia would be overtaken by its past, and our past would be our future. - Author: Vladimir Sorokin
Kishinev Russia quotes by Vladimir Sorokin
#32. I don't have any comment on who the people of Russia choose to be their leaders. - Author: Hillary Clinton
Kishinev Russia quotes by Hillary Clinton
#33. We were also born," Line said abruptly. Mendel questioned her with a look, and Line tried to clarify her thought: "Born, expelled. Russia conceived us, nourished us, made us grow in her darkness, as in a womb; then she had labor pains, contractions, and threw us out; and now here we are, naked and new, like babies just born. Isn't it the same for you?"
"Narische meidele, vos darst do freden?" Mendel rebutted, feeling on his lips and affectionate smile and a light veil over his eyes. - Author: Primo Levi
Kishinev Russia quotes by Primo Levi
#34. Georgia does not need Russia as an enemy. - Author: Mikheil Saakashvili
Kishinev Russia quotes by Mikheil Saakashvili
#35. I am probably the biggest equity investor in the history of modern Russia. - Author: Alexander Lebedev
Kishinev Russia quotes by Alexander Lebedev
#36. As a gay parent I must flee Russia or lose my children - Author: Masha Gessen
Kishinev Russia quotes by Masha Gessen
#37. We shall fight against them, throw them in prisons and destroy them. - Author: Vladimir Putin
Kishinev Russia quotes by Vladimir Putin
#38. We're going to have to forgive a great deal of the Soviet era debt. There's no question about that. Let's face up to that. We're going to have to put in money if Russia is really going to consolidate a democracy. - Author: Jeffrey Sachs
Kishinev Russia quotes by Jeffrey Sachs
#39. If we go back to the moon, we're guaranteed second, maybe third place because while we are spending all that money, Russia has its eye on Mars. Landing people on the moon will be terribly consuming of resources we don't have. It sounds great - 'Let's go back. This time we're going to stay.' I don't know why you would want to stay on the moon. - Author: Buzz Aldrin
Kishinev Russia quotes by Buzz Aldrin
#40. not to cancel or undermine this system," said Gref, a former economic development minister, who went on to paint a grim picture of what it would be like if Russia reverted to a pay-as-you-go pension system. "Particularly with the radical - Author: Anonymous
Kishinev Russia quotes by Anonymous
#41. My longing was for Russia ... Not Soviet Russia. But nineteenth-century Russia, the Russia of Dostoevsky's saintly prostitutes and Alyosha; of Tolstoy's Pierre; and Aksionov, the sufferer in "God Sees the Truth But Waits." A country where the characters in books were allowed to ask one another the questions: How must I live to be happy? What is goodness? Why does man suffer? What is to be done? - Author: Guy Vanderhaeghe
Kishinev Russia quotes by Guy Vanderhaeghe
#42. We see pluralism: We can see that there are different ideological and political positions in Russia. If the authoritarianism finally ends, we will have real competition. - Author: Nadezhda Tolokonnikova
Kishinev Russia quotes by Nadezhda Tolokonnikova

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