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#1. Don't pick up the phone every time it rings. It is there for your convenience, not the convenience of others. - Author: Robin S. Sharma
I860 Phone quotes by Robin S. Sharma
#2. I call you once ... you never dialed back.
Twice ... you never dialed back.
Saturday morning, live, I'm on Soul Train, talkin' to Don Cornelius.

Saturday night, my phone rings ...
Saturday night, I won't answer.
Saturday night, my phone rings again ...
Saturday night, I don't answer. - Author: Kool Keith
I860 Phone quotes by Kool Keith
#3. I used to dream of some kind of way that you could carry a phone with you - but I never thought I would see it in my lifetime. It doesn't matter nowadays if you are caught in traffic or got lost on the way somewhere. You can just send a text and the recipient will know that you haven't fallen under a bus. - Author: Maeve Binchy
I860 Phone quotes by Maeve Binchy
#4. You never called, and I was up all night waiting for that phone to buzz, you bitch," Willow says, pushing her glasses tighter to her face with the tip of her finger.
"You're so bad at playing tough," I say, fighting off laughter at the way she said the word bitch.
"Am not! Now, don't disrespect me, or I'll cut you, bitch - Author: Ginger Scott
I860 Phone quotes by Ginger Scott
#5. There is a big problem. It's called encryption. And the people in San Bernardino were communicating with people who the FBI had been watching. But because their phone was encrypted, because the intelligence officials could not see who they were talking to, it was lost. - Author: John Kasich
I860 Phone quotes by John Kasich
#6. Life without a phone is riskier, lonelier, more vivid. - Author: Eloisa James
I860 Phone quotes by Eloisa James
#7. In other languages,
you are beautiful- mort, muerto- I wish
I spoke moon, I wish the bottom of the ocean
were sitting in that chair playing cards
and noticing how famous you are
on my cell phone- picture of your eyes
guarding your nose and the fire
you set by walking, picture of dawn
getting up early to enthrall your skin- what I hate
about stars is they're not those candles
that make a joke of cake, that you blow on
and they die and come back, and you
you're not those candles either, how often I realize
I'm not breathing, to be like you
or just afraid to move at all, a lung
or finger, is it time already
for inventory, a mountain, I have three
of those, a bag of hair, box of ashes, if you
were a cigarette I'd be cancer, if you
were a leaf, you were a leaf, every leaf, as far
as this tree can say. - Author: Bob Hicok
I860 Phone quotes by Bob Hicok
#8. A friend once told me a story about a former Black Panther leader in a Midwest community who in the 1960s had his phone tapped, while federal agents followed him everywhere. Forced to go underground, he later entered the drug trade & eventually got good at it. However, he told my friend, soon after this nobody kept tabs on him--he wasn't followed or harassed. He later became the number one drug dealer in the area. As he said this, my friend noted a breaking in his voice; the pain, perhaps, of being pushed away from being a committed community activist. - Author: Luis J Rodriguez
I860 Phone quotes by Luis J Rodriguez
#9. To exist without purpose is to be at the mercy of the chance encounter, the chance invitation, the chance phone call, the chance event- always being controlled by forces external to oneself. - Author: Nathaniel Branden
I860 Phone quotes by Nathaniel Branden
#10. I can appreciate that," says Henry. He's adding to the list. I look over his shoulder. Sex Pistols, the Clash, Gang of Four, Buzzcocks, Dead Kennedys, X, the Mekons, the Raincoats, the Dead Boys, New Order, the Smiths, Lora Logic, the Au Pairs, Big Black, Pil, the Pixies, the Breeders, Sonic Youth ...
Henry, they're not going to be able to get any of that up here." He nods, and jots the phone number and address for Vintage Vinyl at the bottom of the sheet. "You do have a record player, right?"
My parents have one," Bobby says. Henry winces.
What do you really like?" I ask Jodie. I feel as though she's fallen out of the conversation during the male bonding ritual Henry and Bobby are conducting.
Prince," she admits. Henry and I let out a big Whoo! And I start singing "1999" as loud as I can, and Henry jumps up and we're doing a bump and grind across the kitchen. Laura hears us and runs off to put the actual record on and just like that, it's a dance party. - Author: Audrey Niffenegger
I860 Phone quotes by Audrey Niffenegger
#11. You deserve more of their attention than their phone does.
You deserve quality time, not just time.
You deserve effort, not just routines.
You deserve to be treated as if you are a priority, not the last thing on their checklist.
You are special and you deserve to be the only option.
If that is too much to ask, you are asking it from the wrong person.
If begging ever becomes your last approach to receive those things which ought to be freely given, it's safe to say, you are out of your dang mind.
Begging to be loved is suicide.
It's like going sky diving from the Eiffel Tower naked of proper equipment, and expecting gravity to overturn the outcome. - Author: Pierre Alex Jeanty
I860 Phone quotes by Pierre Alex Jeanty
#12. A gust of wind doesn't suddenly bang a door open. A clock doesn't chime. The phone doesn't ring. Yet in the next instant the stillness breaks as if it is crystal. - Author: Larry Watson
I860 Phone quotes by Larry Watson
#13. In a world lost in delusion, a single daffodil quietly announces the arrival of spring. - Author: Meeta Ahluwalia
I860 Phone quotes by Meeta Ahluwalia
#14. The government's rationale here is beautiful in its simplicity. American criminals have constitutional rights not because they are natural-born Americans but precisely because they are criminals. Deportations, however, are not part of the criminal justice system. "Removal proceedings," wrote the circuit judge in the Gutierrez-Berdin case, "are civil, not criminal, and the exclusionary rule does not generally apply to them." So the undocumented alien who kills a room full of Rotarians with an ax has a right to counsel, a phone call, and protection against improper searches. The alien caught crossing the street on his way to work has no rights at all. Strangest - Author: Matt Taibbi
I860 Phone quotes by Matt Taibbi
#15. She needs to make one phone call, and she wishes she could make it into her past. Into last year. Or two years ago. - Author: Adele Griffin
I860 Phone quotes by Adele Griffin
#16. I definitely check my phone for texts a lot - like, 'Did anyone text me? Is anyone thinking about me? Does anyone love me?' - Author: Spike Jonze
I860 Phone quotes by Spike Jonze
#17. In 2012, I received a phone call from the family of Arsala Rahmani, the Afghan senator with whom I'd become friendly. That morning, a gunman had pulled up alongside Rahmani's vehicle, idling in a crowded intersection, and shot him point blank. - Author: Anand Gopal
I860 Phone quotes by Anand Gopal
#18. We all know the feeling of surrendering to the embedded biases of our devices. We let our cell phones ping us every time there's an incoming message and check our e-mail even when we'd best pay attention to what's going on around us in the real world. We text while driving. - Author: Douglas Rushkoff
I860 Phone quotes by Douglas Rushkoff
#19. Now young people have the Internet and a zillion phone apps so you don't need an actual place to congregate. You can be everywhere, nowhere, a floating message-spewing entity. We used to rely on drugs to get that sensation. - Author: Christopher Bollen
I860 Phone quotes by Christopher Bollen
#20. It's when I'm standing six feet away from you and not being able to find the words to tell you how much I love you and how much I miss you that I want to just scream to the whole room that I'm still in love with you. It's when I'm sitting alone with the phone in my hand dialing your number and hanging up that I would trade a thousand tomorrows for just one yesterday. Then I could just call you to tell you goodnight. It's when I am really sad about something and need someone to talk to that I realize you're the only one who really knew me at all. It's when I cry myself to sleep at night and it hits me how much I would give to hold you at that very moment. It's when I think about you that I realize no one else in the world is meant for me. - Author: James Frey
I860 Phone quotes by James Frey
#21. When you call us, ladies and gentlemen, just so you know, we do have your phone number, and if you say anything untoward, obscene, or anything like that, Fox security will then contact your local authorities, and you will be held accountable. - Author: Bill O'Reilly
I860 Phone quotes by Bill O'Reilly
#22. You know the logics setup. You got a logic in your house. It looks like a vision receiver used to, only it's got keys instead of dials and you punch the keys for what you wanna get. It's hooked in to the tank, which has the Carson Circuit all fixed up with relays. Say you punch "Station SNAFU" on your logic. Relays in the tank take over an' whatever vision-program SNAFU is telecastin' comes on your logic's screen. Or you punch "Sally Hancock's Phone" an' the screen blinks an' sputters an' you're hooked up with the logic in her house an' if somebody answers you got a vision-phone connection. But besides that, if you punch for the weather forecast or who won today's race at Hialeah or who was mistress of the White House durin' Garfield's administration or what is PDQ and R sellin' for today, that comes on the screen too. The relays in the tank do it. The tank is a big buildin' full of all the facts in creation an' all the recorded telecasts that ever was made - an' it's hooked in with all the other tanks all over the country - an' everything you wanna know or see or hear, you punch for it an' you get it. Very convenient. Also it does math for you, an' keeps books, an' acts as consultin' chemist, physicist, astronomer, an' tea-leaf reader, with a "Advice to the Lovelorn" thrown in. The only thing it won't do is tell you exactly what your wife meant when she said, "Oh, you think so, do you?" in that peculiar kinda voice. Logics don't work good on women. Only on things that make s - Author: Murray Leinster
I860 Phone quotes by Murray Leinster
#23. I take my mobile phone and iPad wherever I go. I like to switch off when I'm on holiday, but I always check emails in case someone at home is trying to get hold of me. - Author: Olly Murs
I860 Phone quotes by Olly Murs
#24. What could be more than being friends? What could be more than what it felt like to wait by the phone to hear that she was okay? More than waiting to discuss every case with her? - Author: Sonali Dev
I860 Phone quotes by Sonali Dev
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I860 Phone quotes by Free-Instagram-Followers
#26. Dad shakes his head. "Nope. His name start with an F." He snaps his fingers. "Floyd. That's it. When I picked you up from school, I overheard you say how much you like him, and miss him, and . . ." Then my brother and I start laughing so hard we practically hyperventilate. Dad shrugs. "What? I know I'm clueless, but you've got to tell me what's so funny." "Floyd is Karma's phone," says Toby, who's clutching his stomach because he's laughing so hard. My - Author: Hillary Homzie
I860 Phone quotes by Hillary Homzie
#27. Besides the obvious difference, there was not much distinction between losing a best friend and losing a lover: it was all about intimacy. One moment, you had someone to share your biggest triumphs and fatal flaws with; the next minute, you had to keep them bottled inside. One moment, you'd start to call her to tell her a snippet of news or to vent about your awful day before realizing you did not have that right anymore; the next, you could not remember the digits of her phone number. - Author: Jodi Picoult
I860 Phone quotes by Jodi Picoult
#28. Rome was buzzing. Quite literally. Absolutely everyone had a mobile phone, and absolutely everybody was calling absolutely everybody else absolutely all the time. I wondered if there were some law making them compulsory. Frighteningly, it's possible, these days. I swear I saw a street beggar stop and take a call on his cellular. I even heard a trill from a baby carriage, but it turned out to be a toy mobile phone. They start dickhead training early in Italy. - Author: Rob Grant
I860 Phone quotes by Rob Grant
#29. People would ask, "Why don't you put her in a nursing home?" I always answered, "I feel it is my responsibility, because she's my wife and Heather's mother. I love her and it's my job to take care of her for as long as I physically and mentally can."
Every day, I would rush home at lunch, prepare her something to eat and drive her around a little, too. She loved to ride in the car and that seemed to keep her smiling. By late October, she had really gone down. We were playing Ole Miss in Oxford, in a game that is probably best remembered for David Palmer replacing an injured Jay Barker and putting on a show that had Heisman voters buzzing.
Sadly, what I remember most was getting off the team plane and calling home. Charlotte didn't answer and I began to panic and started calling some of our neighbors. I finally reached one of the neighbors and she went to the house and found Charlotte just staring ahead. I don't think Charlotte ever answered the phone again. - Author: Mal Moore With Steve Townsend
I860 Phone quotes by Mal Moore With Steve Townsend
#30. I had never in my life made something for someone else that wasn't a cup of tea. True, I could download a food app on my phone or leaf through one of the cookbooks Leander kept on the counter (though I didn't want to consider why he owned a copy of 38 Meals for Your Picky Toddler), but I was intelligent. I was capable. I could figure this out for myself.
An hour later, I nudged open the bedroom door, carrying a tray.
Watson sat up on his elbows. "What do you have there?" he asked, his voice coated in sleep.
"I made you breakfast."
"How domestic of you." He picked up his glasses from the bedside table and put them on. "That's - that's a rather large plate you've got there. Plates?"
"This is tray one of four," I said, placing it at the end of the bed.
He blinked at me. Perhaps he was still tired.
"Don't begin eating until you see all your options," I told him, and went off to fetch the next platter.
By the time I'd arranged it all on my coverlet to my satisfaction, Watson had roused himself appropriately. He'd put on one of my oversized sleep shirts - CHEMISTRY IS FOR LOVERS - and poured himself a cup of coffee. That surprised me; he usually took tea.
"I need real caffeine to deal with this. - Author: Brittany Cavallaro
I860 Phone quotes by Brittany Cavallaro
#31. Texts and e-mails travel no faster than phone calls and telegrams, and their content isn't necessarily richer or poorer. - Author: Alison Gopnik
I860 Phone quotes by Alison Gopnik
#32. Let's say that you could carry around a perfect copy of a three-dimensional realization of a Caravaggio painting (or if your tastes are more modern make it a Picasso). You would carry a small box in your pocket, and whenever you wanted, you could press a button and the box would open up into life-sized glory and show you the picture. You would bring it to all the parties you attended. The peak of the culture of the seventeenth century (or say the 1920s if you prefer Picasso) would be at your disposal. Alternatively, let's say you could carry around in your pocket an iPhone. That gives you thousands of songs, a cell phone, access to personal photographs, YouTube, email, and web access, among many other services, not to mention all the applications that have not yet been written. You will have a strong connection to the contemporary culture of small bits. - Author: Tyler Cowen
I860 Phone quotes by Tyler Cowen
#33. You want my advice? Put down your phone. Hug her from behind and kiss the back of her neck. Entwine your fingers with hers ... . You're welcome. - Author: Steve Maraboli
I860 Phone quotes by Steve Maraboli
#34. I have not heard from President Barack. I've never gotten a phone call. - Author: Jay Pharoah
I860 Phone quotes by Jay Pharoah
#35. Once I'd reached the point where I could squirrel away more than 30 digits a minute in memory palaces, I still only sporadically used the techniques to memorize the phone numbers of people I actually wanted to call. I found it was just too simple to punch them into my cell phone. - Author: Joshua Foer
I860 Phone quotes by Joshua Foer
#36. For his thirtieth birthday he had filled a whole night-club off Regent Street; people had been queuing on the pavement to get in. The SIM card of his mobile phone in his pocket was overflowing with telephone numbers of all the hundreds of people he had met in the last ten years, and yet the only person he had ever wanted to talk to in all that time was standing now in the very next room. - Author: David Nicholls
I860 Phone quotes by David Nicholls
#37. Unaware that he is only interested in the presumed parched pucker in her pants, she is more than happy to give him her phone number. - Author: Curtis Ackie
I860 Phone quotes by Curtis Ackie
#38. I was stunned. I pulled the phone away and looked quizzically at the hole-punched speaker. Aside from the blood obligation to be my sister's maid of honor, it had never occured to me that I would get asked to be in anyone's wedding. I thought we had reached an understanding, the institution of marriage and I. Weddings are the like the triathlon of female friendship: the Shower, the Bachelorette Party, and the Main Event. It's the Iron Woman and most people never make it through. They fall off their bikes or choke on ocean water. I figured if I valued my life, I'd stay away from weddings and they'd stay away from me. - Author: Sloane Crosley
I860 Phone quotes by Sloane Crosley
#39. Now everything is backed up on the cloud and you can find your phone if you lose it in a taxi. Don't you realize it's only a matter of time before our phones can FIND US? - Author: Amy Poehler
I860 Phone quotes by Amy Poehler
#40. This is how the time moves - an hour here, a day somewhere, and then it's night and then it's morning. A clock ticking on a shelf. A small child running to school, a father coming home.
Time moves over us and past us, and the feeling of lips pressed against lips fades into memory. A picture yellows at its edges. A phone rings in an empty room. - Author: Jacqueline Woodson
I860 Phone quotes by Jacqueline Woodson
#41. I'm a Skeptic. And I'm a Journalist. I look up things in the library - a lot! I believe in the motto of Missouri, the 'Show-me, don't just blow me' state. I need evidence. I need demonstrations. I need show-and-tell. Even though I pray to God every once in a while, especially when I'm in trouble - which for most guys my age is every 28 days - I still think deeply about the issues and don't automatically jump to a religious or mystical answer to questions. I am, by nature, doubtful about the existence of God, and even whether He is a He or a Her. I don't believe in New Age stuff. For me, 'Past Life Regression' means not calling a girl after she gives me her phone number. Sure I own a lucky rabbit's foot, a lucky penny, a lucky 4-leaf clover and a lucky horeshoe [sic], and a pair of lucky underwear and several pairs of lucky socks that I only wash every seven days. But under it all I am a died–in-the-wool skeptic. - Author: Earl Lee
I860 Phone quotes by Earl Lee
#42. All the inspiration I ever needed was a phone call from a producer. - Author: Cole Porter
I860 Phone quotes by Cole Porter
#43. I saw the corpse, and I called the cops. But not before I called a 1-800 phone sex number with the dead guy's phone and credit card. - Author: Jarod Kintz
I860 Phone quotes by Jarod Kintz
#44. I took photos from 1976 to when I left in 1993, primarily for Interview and a column I had called "Bob Colacello's Out" which Andy had conceived of. I've never taken a picture since, not even with my phone! It just felt too Andy Warhol to keep going around town taking photographs. And I never really thought of doing anything with them after I left the magazine until this great Art Director Sam Shahid about for or five years ago asked where all of the old photos were. - Author: Bob Colacello
I860 Phone quotes by Bob Colacello
#45. This was the downside to cell phones. It was nowhere near as as satisfying to press end as it was to slam a phone into its holder. - Author: Jenn McKinlay
I860 Phone quotes by Jenn McKinlay
#46. If you're filming somebody doing something they really want to do, you're probably not very high on their list of problems to deal with. You see James Carville on the phone - he's like that whether you have a camera or not. He isn't doing it just for you, and that's hard to explain. - Author: D. A. Pennebaker
I860 Phone quotes by D. A. Pennebaker
#47. Come over early tomorrow morning," Marlboro Man asked over the phone one night. "We're gathering cattle, and I want you to meet my mom and dad."
"Oh, okay," I agreed, wondering to myself why we couldn't just remain in our own isolated, romantic world. And the truth was, I wasn't ready to meet his parents yet. I still hadn't successfully divorced myself from California J's dear, dear folks. They'd been so wonderful to me during my years of dating their son and had become the California version of my parents, my home away from home. I hated that our relationship couldn't continue despite, oh, the minor detail of my breaking up with their son. And already? Another set of parents? I wasn't ready.
"What time do you want me there?" I asked. I'd do anything for Marlboro Man.
"Can you be here around five?" he asked.
"In the evening…right?" I responded, hopeful.
He chuckled. Oh, no. This was going to turn out badly for me. "Um…no," he said. "That would be five A.M."
I sighed. To arrive at his ranch at 5:00 A.M. would mean my rising by 4:00 A.M.--before 4:00 A.M. if I wanted to shower and make myself presentable. This meant it would still be dark outside, which was completely offensive and unacceptable. There's no way. I'd have to tell him no.
"Okay--no problem!" I responded. I clutched my stomach in pain.
Chuckling again, he teased, "I can come pick you up if you need me to. Then you can sleep all the way back to the ranch."
"Are you kiddin - Author: Ree Drummond
I860 Phone quotes by Ree Drummond
#48. We talked on the phone for a long time yesterday," she said. "He's sorry, Joe. He's really sorry. He broke down and cried like a baby." "I can't believe I'm hearing this. Why don't you at least - Author: Scott Pratt
I860 Phone quotes by Scott Pratt

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