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I love you like a fat kid loves cake! ~ Scott Adams
I Love You Like A quotes by Scott Adams
Nothing says I love you like a pre- lubricated butthole. ~ Nick Pageant
I Love You Like A quotes by Nick Pageant
I love you like a gay geneticist loves designer genes. ~ Bo Burnham
I Love You Like A quotes by Bo Burnham
I love you like a squirrel loves his nuts. - Brody Madden ~ Kate McCarthy
I Love You Like A quotes by Kate McCarthy
Alice! You know I love you like a sister!"
"Words." she growled. ~ Stephenie Meyer
I Love You Like A quotes by Stephenie Meyer
Nothing says 'I love you' like a brick through the window. ~ Lauren Oliver
I Love You Like A quotes by Lauren Oliver
I love you like a guitar loves hands. The strings of my heart will never sing without your touch. ~ Debasish Mridha
I Love You Like A quotes by Debasish Mridha
Talk is cheap. If it wasn't, people might not toss around "I love you" like a
marked-down phrase in a sale bin. ~ Tonya Hurley
I Love You Like A quotes by Tonya Hurley
You were loved because God loves, period. God loved you, and everyone, not because you believed in certain things, but because you were a mess, and lonely, and His or Her child. God loved you no matter how crazy you felt on the inside, no matter what a fake you were; always, even in your current condition, even before coffee. God loves you crazily, like I love you ... like a slightly overweight auntie, who sees only your marvelousness and need. ~ Anne Lamott
I Love You Like A quotes by Anne Lamott
I love you like a fat kid love cake. ~ Curtis Jackson
I Love You Like A quotes by Curtis Jackson
I love you like a river that creates the right conditions for trees and bushes and flowers to flourish along its banks. I love you like a river that gives water to the thirsty and takes people where they want to go. ~ Paulo Coelho
I Love You Like A quotes by Paulo Coelho
I love you like a man insane. ~ Amanda Bouchet
I Love You Like A quotes by Amanda Bouchet
Though I love you like a brother, I would rather be your lover. ~ Puff Daddy
I Love You Like A quotes by Puff Daddy
My love to you is like mothers kiss.., you are to me is like a tear in my eye.., which i dont let it flow out. Your hate me, and i love you like a movement when heart beats ~ Paddu
I Love You Like A quotes by Paddu
V, you know I love you like a brother, right?"
"You feed her and I'll tear out your fucking throat out. ~ J.R. Ward
I Love You Like A quotes by J.R. Ward
Now I am in to fat chains, sex and techs, fly new chicks, new kicks,
I love you like a fat kid love cake. ~ Curtis Jackson
I Love You Like A quotes by Curtis Jackson
She looked at his young face, so full of concern and tenderness; and she remembered why she had run away from everyone else and sought solitude here. She yearned to kiss him, and she saw the answering longing in his eyes. Every fiber of her body told her to throw herself into his arms, but she knew what she had to do. She wanted to say, I love you like a thunderstorm, like a lion, like a helpless rage; but instead she said: I think I'm going to marry Alfred. ~ Ken Follett
I Love You Like A quotes by Ken Follett
No, I love you. Not like a sister loves a brother or like a friend loves a friend. I love you like a really drunk guy loves the best girl ever ~ John Green
I Love You Like A quotes by John Green
Michael turned his head enough to pres a kiss against Wes's chest. "You are good for me."
Wes swallowed a different kind of lump, a full, radiant blockage rather than a hollow one. I love you. I love you like a fool. I would give up all the orchids in the world just to lie for an afternoon like this with you. ~ Heidi Cullinan
I Love You Like A quotes by Heidi Cullinan
I love you like a semicolon; a half-pause in a torrent of thought during which life stutters into being. I want to take you in the breathless spaces between ellipses where passion builds and shudders into a trailing afterthought. ~ Ophaelia Automn
I Love You Like A quotes by Ophaelia Automn
I love you like a river that begins as a solitary trickle in the mountains and gradually grows and joins other rivers until, after a certain point, it can flow around any obstacle in order to get where it wants. ~ Paulo Coelho
I Love You Like A quotes by Paulo Coelho
Awww, that's sweet. Nothing says 'I love you' like a well-made implement of pain. ~ Cherise Sinclair
I Love You Like A quotes by Cherise Sinclair
Parallel to the training of the body a struggle against the poisoning of the soul must begin. Our whole public life today is like a hothouse for sexual ideas and simulations. Just look at the bill of fare served up in our movies, vaudeville and theaters, and you will hardly be able to deny that this is not the right kind of food, particularly for the youth. Theater, art, literature, cinema, press, posters, and window displays must be cleansed of all manifestations of our rotting world and placed in the service of a moral, political and cultural idea. ~ Adolf Hitler
I Love You Like A quotes by Adolf Hitler
In this room hung with the trophies of culture, her story sounded melodramatic and rough. She felt like a squaw explaining how you tanned a deerskin by working brains into the bloody hide and then chewing it all over until it was soft. ~ Wallace Stegner
I Love You Like A quotes by Wallace Stegner
I love being as bad as possible! You've got to love a bad girl. Look at 'Gone With the Wind,' Scarlett O'Hara - total bad girl, but you love her. ~ Katie McGrath
I Love You Like A quotes by Katie McGrath
When you decide to get involved in a military operation in a place like Syria, you've got to be prepared, as we learned from Iraq and Afghanistan, to become the government, and I'm not sure any country, either the United States or I don't hear of anyone else, who's willing to take on that responsibility. ~ Colin Powell
I Love You Like A quotes by Colin Powell
Dear Francesca, tell me, is this a succesful party, in your view? Is this the best we can do? I know that you have always wanted to meet Kong; now that you have met him and he has said whatever he has said to you (I saw you smiling), can we go home? I mean you to your home, me to my home, all these others to their own homes, cells, cages? I am feeling a little ragged. What made us think that we could escape things like bankruptcy, alcoholism, being dissapointed, having children? Say 'No,' refuse me once and for all, let me try something else. Of course we did everything right, insofar as we were able to imagine what 'right' was. Is it really important to know that this movie is fine, and that one terrible, and to talk intelligently about the difference? Wonderful elegance! No good at all! ~ Donald Barthelme
I Love You Like A quotes by Donald Barthelme
Do not mock my baby." He pulls away and strokes his palm over he seat. "She was my first love."
"Well your current ... er ... girl, is getting jealous with all the attention you're paying your first love, and she has orifices you can stick things in without having your boy bits burnt off."
He pulls me into him again and his mouth goes to work on my neck. "Fuck I love it when you talk dirty. ~ Carmen Jenner
I Love You Like A quotes by Carmen Jenner
You know, they ask me if I were on a desert island and I knew nobody would ever see what I wrote, would I go on writing. My answer is most emphatically yes. I would go on writing for company. Because I'm creating an imaginary - it's always imaginary - world in which I would like to live.
(Interview, The Paris Review) ~ William S. Burroughs
I Love You Like A quotes by William S. Burroughs
I love you even still...even still that you are so damaged that you do not recognise love when it is right in your face. I know you want love but you don't understand that love doesn't alays have to be pain. ~ Ella December
I Love You Like A quotes by Ella December
So…if you happened to be in Belle's position, could you love a…beast?"
"No," I said, immediately. He looked away, disappointed for some reason.
"Good, that's…very wise," he said, fixing his eyes on the windshield.
"I would love his heart," I confessed. ~ Tatiana Vila
I Love You Like A quotes by Tatiana Vila
You're rich, spoiled and used to getting your own way."
"Not true. If I had my own way you would have kissed me and ridden me like a cowboy while screaming 'yeehaw'. ~ Dani Alexander
I Love You Like A quotes by Dani Alexander
I just want the viewer to have a very informative and entertaining listen. I want them to feel like they've pulled up a chair right next to us. I hope to bring to the telecast what I call 'buddy information' - where you hear something and maybe the next day you say to your buddy, 'Hey, I heard something about this player or this team,' and they pass it on by word of mouth. ~ Tom Verducci
I Love You Like A quotes by Tom Verducci
Being different doesn't make you broken. Look at me, I'm the smallest elf in all of the AAD. My father was a toy soldier, yet I have no discernible skills whatsoever. I might feel a little lost at times, but I'm not broken ~ Charlie Cochet
I Love You Like A quotes by Charlie Cochet
I resent you - " Robespierre said. His words were lost. "The People," he shouted, "are everywhere good, and if they obstruct the Revolution - even, for example, at Toulon - we must blame their leaders."
"What are you going on about this for?" Danton asked him.
Fabre launched himself from the wall. "He is trying to enunciate a doctrine," he shrieked. "He thinks the time has come for a bloody sermon."
"If only," Robespierre yelled, "there were more vertu."
"More what?"
"Vertu. Love of one's country. Self-sacrifice. Civic spirit."
"One appreciates your sense of humor, of course." Danton jerked his thumb in the direction of the noise. "The only vertu those bastards understand is the kind I demonstrate every night to my wife. ~ Hilary Mantel
I Love You Like A quotes by Hilary Mantel
A lot of times, working in stand up, you're by yourself, and so you just have to rely on yourself only ... but I like working in an ensemble. ~ Josh McDermitt
I Love You Like A quotes by Josh McDermitt
Writing a book is like washing an elephant. You don't know from where you should start and where you should end. ~ Yashvardhan Shukla
I Love You Like A quotes by Yashvardhan Shukla
To be a good leader, you don't have to know what you're doing; you just have to act like you know what you're doing. ~ Jordan Carl Curtis
I Love You Like A quotes by Jordan Carl Curtis
Probably, we should all hate you," he was saying to Cade. "Illinois played against Northwestern that year for our homecoming, and you totally slaughtered us - " He broke off at the sound of a knock on the interior door to the suite.

A woman in her early twenties, dressed in a skirt and a black T-shirt with "Sterling Restaurants" in red letters, walked into the suite pushing a three-tiered dessert cart.

"Sweet Jesus, it's here," Charlie whispered reverently.

Brooke fought back a smile. The dessert cart was something Sterling Restaurants had introduced a year ago, as a perk for all of the skyboxes and luxury suites at the sports arenas they collaborated with. Needless to say, it had been a huge success. Four kinds of cake (chocolate with toffee glaze, carrot cake, traditional cheesecake, and a pineapple-raspberry tart), three types of cookies (chocolate chip, M&M, and oatmeal raisin), blond brownies, dark chocolate brownies, lemon squares, peach cobbler, four kinds of dessert liquors, taffy apples, and, on the third tier, a make-your-own sundae bar with all the fixings.

"Wow. That is some spread," Vaughn said, wide-eyed.

Simultaneously, the men sprang forward, bulldozed their way through the suite door, and attacked the cart like a pack of starving Survivor contestants.

All except for one.

Cade stayed right there, on the terrace. He leaned back against the railing, stretching out his tall, broad-sh ~ Julie James
I Love You Like A quotes by Julie James
Don't bother her, don't try to talk to her, don't even look at her, or I'll fold you in half so many times you'll look like a tiny little origami werewolf. ~ Cassandra Clare
I Love You Like A quotes by Cassandra Clare
How do you know I love you?" asked Nadika.
"Because you think my telekinesis is fun. Because you want steak sandwiches at our wedding dinner. Because you pretend to be angry when you want to laugh. Because you smile when you're sleeping, and when you're waking up you hold on to me."
"Marry me."
Conversation between Mickey and Nadika from Mickey & Nadika, An Adventure Across Time and Space. ~ Jenna Lindsey
I Love You Like A quotes by Jenna Lindsey
It's a lovely day today
So whatever you've got to do
You've got a lovely day to do it in, that's true
And I hope whatever you've got to do
Is something that can be done by two
For I'd really like to stay
It's a lovely day today
And whatever you've got to do
I'd be so happy to be doing it with you
But if you've got something that must be done
And it can only be done by one
There is nothing more to say
Except it's a lovely day for saying
It's a lovely day! ~ Irving Berlin
I Love You Like A quotes by Irving Berlin
You get Don King's point of view in what is almost a Shakespearean, classical technique. He comes across almost like a lovable rogue, like Iago in 'Othello' or Richard III. He's doing all these bad things, but I kind of like him. It's like 'Pulp Fiction': Everybody's a bad guy, yet you like them. ~ Ving Rhames
I Love You Like A quotes by Ving Rhames
Your penguin. You know, penguins. They mate for life. Penguins are one of the only animals on the planet that do that, like humans. It's sweet. You've got yourself a little penguin, Uncle Mitch. ~ Elisabeth Naughton
I Love You Like A quotes by Elisabeth Naughton
Yeah, I miss it. You don't just break off a friendship you've had with a sport, and with all those you've met all over the country. We've got some friends, some very close friends, and you just sit back and think how fortunate you were having a career like that. And, actually, there's nothing in the game of baseball that hasn't happened to me. ~ Lou Boudreau
I Love You Like A quotes by Lou Boudreau
The worst part is that I want to turn this into a parable.

I want to echo a rallying cry of inspiration that sings,
Women, we are not alone; Women, these men do not defeat us; Women, these men do not define us; Women, I feel what you feel; Women, we, together, are strong,

and for all the loud voices that said no or that didn't have the freedom to but who still said 'please stop' or 'not right now' or 'I don't know' or 'I don't like that' which are all the same goddamn thing,

to all the women who said no,
you are not to blame for his hard, hungry hands,
whether they came at you like raging fists or whether they gripped your face softly, at first,
smiling at it and inviting you into the night,
only later for you to meet the fingernails and full-weighted back of his hand to keep you there and press you down;

to all the women who said no, you are not to blame;

to all the women who feel ashamed, you are still the goddess and his hungry hands could not defile you more than mortals could defile a god;

to all the women who feel sorry, you did not sin;

to all the women who feel angry, I share your rage;

to all the women who are too tired to feel rage, to all the women who feel empty, who feel blank, who feel Nothing, who feel small, I feel that most of all, too. ~ Alice Minium
I Love You Like A quotes by Alice Minium
Kieran will you sod off with that mascara and eyeliner before I end up looking like a bloody panda! ~ Suzanne Wright
I Love You Like A quotes by Suzanne Wright
The impression that you are a demigod worried me. I wanted to be like an ordinary human being with virtues and vices. ~ Nelson Mandela
I Love You Like A quotes by Nelson Mandela
Gone! And you and I quite crestfallen. It's always like that, you can't keep him; it's not as if he were a tame lion. ~ C.S. Lewis
I Love You Like A quotes by C.S. Lewis
I think it's important to find projects that evoke people into conversation. It's like reading a good book. You want to talk about it. ~ Juno Temple
I Love You Like A quotes by Juno Temple
It seems like movies normally take a long time to get made. When you focus on it, and you're waiting for something, it seems to take longer. ~ Michael Cera
I Love You Like A quotes by Michael Cera
I wouldn't like to meet her again," Jeff said, "and not in a dark alley." He'd need to be tougher than he ever could be, and it wasn't just this one old lady, it was most people in the world. Jeff felt as if he'd been keeping a secret from himself and had come around a dark inner corner to rediscover it. He felt shaky, but as if he'd learned something. Probably it was good for him. He thought it was. It wasn't good for him to get confident; just like he'd been confident about Melody. It was when you got confident you got taken by surprise and really banged around. ~ Cynthia Voigt
I Love You Like A quotes by Cynthia Voigt
Tinsley hated the thought of people greeting her with "Where's Julian?" It was like once you were a couple, you ceased to exist as an individual. It made her a little sick to her stomach. ~ Cecily Von Ziegesar
I Love You Like A quotes by Cecily Von Ziegesar
So here's the rules - keep quiet, keep close, and if we're spotted, climb like a goddamned monkey ... If I get picked off, you don't come back for me. If I see you get picked off, I aint coming back for you. Life's hard. Death's easy ~ Cherie Priest
I Love You Like A quotes by Cherie Priest
I have seen your
darkest nights
and brightest days
and I want you to know
that I will be here
loving you
in dusk. ~ Atticus Poetry
I Love You Like A quotes by Atticus Poetry
I love you-I do-but I am afraid of making that love too important. Because you're always going to leave me, A. We can't deny it. You're always going to leave. ~ David Levithan
I Love You Like A quotes by David Levithan
Richard Rogers was lecturing at Wethersfield, Essex, someone told him, "Mr. Rogers, I like you and your company very well, but you are so precise." To which Rogers replied, "O Sir, I serve a precise God. ~ Leland Ryken
I Love You Like A quotes by Leland Ryken
The gaps are the thing. The gaps are the spirit's one home, the altitudes and latitudes so dazzlingly spare and clean that the spirit can discover itself like a once-blind man unbound. The gaps are the clefts in the rock where you cower to see the back parts of God; they are fissures between mountains and cells the wind lances through, the icy narrowing fiords splitting the cliffs of mystery. Go up into the gaps. If you can find them; they shift and vanish too. Stalk the gaps. Squeak into a gap in the soil, turn, and unlock - more than a maple - universe. ~ Annie Dillard
I Love You Like A quotes by Annie Dillard
Poppies in July
Little poppies, little hell flames,
Do you do no harm?
You flicker. I cannot touch you.
I put my hands among the flames. Nothing burns.
And it exhausts me to watch you
Flickering like that, wrinkly and clear red, like the skin of a mouth.
A mouth just bloodied.
Little bloody skirts!
There are fumes that I cannot touch.
Where are your opiates, your nauseous capsules?
If I could bleed, or sleep!
If my mouth could marry a hurt like that!
Or your liquors seep to me, in this glass capsule,
Dulling and stilling.
But colorless. Colorless. ~ Sylvia Plath
I Love You Like A quotes by Sylvia Plath
Tell me, Acheron, is there anyone you will ever trust enough to release your soul? (Artemis)
You know better. You've tutored me too well on how vicious women are. On how much love ruins and destroys. Thank you for the lesson, Artemis. It was just what I needed. And I assure you, it's one I'll never forget. (Acheron) ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
I Love You Like A quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Me, I'm hanging back, working the camcorder, videoing it all. For some reason, it helps. Maybe I'm like the observer, not the participant?"
"Interesting." Sherman makes a note of this, as if it were useful advice: You could self-treat by carrying a goddamn camcorder around for the rest of your life. ~ Will Boast
I Love You Like A quotes by Will Boast
I'm so close to crying, I don't think I can stop myself. They're alive. They're alive and nothing else matters. Tears are already starting to burn my eyes, clouding my vision.

Kiaran looks at me with an expression I've never seen on him. It takes me a moment to realize it's dawning horror. "Kam. Kam, don't do that. Don't cry. Don't - "

Then I'm crying and he puts his arms around me in quite possibly the most awkward, stiff embrace I've ever had in my life. And I adore every second of it.

Aithinne speaks from behind us. "I admit to being somewhat unclear on the function of human tears," she says. "So we're sad about this? Should I menace someone?"

In lieu of a response, the only thing I can manage is something of a half-laugh, half-sob, because they're alive and I haven't felt like this in so long.

"For god's sake, Aithinne," Kiaran says, his voice rumbling through his chest, "put the blade away. You're not going to stab Kam's idiot friends." Then, after a moment: "On second thought, the Seer really serves no purpose . . ."

"Oh, shush." I look up at him, whisking the tears off my cheeks. "Don't ruin this. It helps if you don't speak." Then I press my face back into his chest. "And if you stop responding to my hug like I'm torturing you."

Kiaran makes some attempt to relax, but he could use lessons in hugging. He ends up with one hand shoved up in my hair and the other giving my back a there there pat, ~ Elizabeth May
I Love You Like A quotes by Elizabeth May
All business in Iran is like first time sex: first there are the promises, then a little foreplay, followed by more promises and perhaps a little petting...at that stage things get complicated - you're not sure who's the boy and who's the girl, but what you do know is that if you continue, you might get fucked...so you decide to proceed cautiously, touching here and touching there, showering the other party with compliments, and whispering an undying commitment, and then maybe, just maybe, it will all end in coitus, but it is rarely as satisfying for one party as it is for the other. ~ Hooman Majd
I Love You Like A quotes by Hooman Majd
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