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#1. I can't turn your soul on. Leave me those feelings; and you can take away the voice and the face. They are not you. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
Hobbs And Shaw quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#2. In most writers, style is a welcome, an invitation, a letting down of the drawbridge between the artist and the world. Shaw had no time for such ruses. Unlike most of his countrymen, he abominated charm, which he regarded as evidence of chronic temperamental weakness. - Author: Kenneth Tynan
Hobbs And Shaw quotes by Kenneth Tynan
#3. I was just going to say it reminds me of the symbols on a family crest."
Noah stopped mid-stride, and turned very slowly. "We're not related."
"I know, but - "
"Don't even think it. - Author: Michelle Hodkin
Hobbs And Shaw quotes by Michelle Hodkin
#4. The problem of brute sanity was identified by George Bernard Shaw when he observed that 'reformers have the idea that change can be achieved by brute sanity' … Brute sanity is the tendency to overlook the complexity and detailed processes and procedures required, in favour of the more obvious matters of stressing goals, the importance of the problem and the grand plan. Brute sanity overpromises, overrationalises and consequently results in unfulfilled dreams and frustrations which discourage people from sustaining their efforts and from taking on future change projects. - Author: Eve Bearne
Hobbs And Shaw quotes by Eve Bearne
#5. Now they were lawyers and investment bankers, with faces creased and drawn by the skirmish of daily life. Others I'd known well, and as we inched perilously closer to the casket, our talk evidenced a shared fondness for Rob but also something else shared in our own receding dreams. There was Ty and his dermatology career, me and my struggles to publish a second novel, former history majors who were doing their best to remain in school forever. Nobody, it seemed, was making the money he'd thought he would make, inhabiting the home he'd thought he would inhabit, doing the thing he'd thought he would do in life. Nobody was fulfilling the dreams harbored on graduation day almost ten years earlier. - Author: Jeff Hobbs
Hobbs And Shaw quotes by Jeff Hobbs
#6. The censorship method ... is that of handing the job over to some frail and erring mortal man, and making him omnipotent on the assumption that his official status will make him infallible and omniscient. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
Hobbs And Shaw quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#7. I'm older now, I'm a man getting near middle age, putting on a little fat and I still love to walk along Fifth Avenue at three o'clock on the east side of the street between Fiftieth and Fifty-seventh streets, they're all out then, making believe they're shopping, in their furs and their crazy hats, everything all concentrated from all over the world into eight blocks, the best furs, the best clothes, the handsomest women, out to spend money and feeling good about it, looking coldly at you, making believe they're not looking at you as you go past. - Author: Irwin Shaw
Hobbs And Shaw quotes by Irwin Shaw
#8. In actual fact, however, the revolt of Ibsen and Shaw against the conventional nineteenth century drama could very well be described as a return to Shakespeare, as an attempt once again to present human beings in their historical and social setting and not, as playwrights since the Restoration had done, either as wholly private or as embodiments of the social manners of a tiny class. Shakespeare's plays, it is true, are not, in the Shavian sense, "dramas of thought," that is to say, not one of his characters is an intellectual: it is true, as Shaw says, that, when stripped of their wonderful diction, the philosophical and moral views expressed by his characters are commonplaces, but the number of people in any generation or society whose thoughts are not commonplace is very small indeed. On the other hand, there is hardly one of his plays which does not provide unending food for thought, if one cares to think about it. - Author: W. H. Auden
Hobbs And Shaw quotes by W. H. Auden
#9. Everyone can see that the people who hunt are the right people and the people who don't are the wrong ones. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
Hobbs And Shaw quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#10. You know, Tolstoy, like myself, wasn't taken in by superstitions like science and medicine. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
Hobbs And Shaw quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#11. Life at its noblest leaves mere happiness far behind; and indeed cannot endure it. Happiness is not the object of life: life has no object: it is an end in itself; and courage consists in the readiness to sacrifice happiness for an intenser quality of life. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
Hobbs And Shaw quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#12. Nietzche ... he was a confirmed Life Force worshipper. It was he who raked up the Superman, who is as old as Prometheus; and the 20th century will run after this newest of the old crazes when it gets tired of the world, the flesh, and your humble servant. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
Hobbs And Shaw quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#13. I can be very stubborn. I'm very opinionated and if people cross me at work - if people who don't know about the job try telling me what to do - I become very stubborn and really rather unpleasant. - Author: Martin Shaw
Hobbs And Shaw quotes by Martin Shaw
#14. Morality is not respectability. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
Hobbs And Shaw quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#15. Researching and writing about the Klondike Gold Rush of 1897-98 was one of the most exciting and involving projects I've undertaken. - Author: Will Hobbs
Hobbs And Shaw quotes by Will Hobbs
#16. He was beautiful. And he was smiling at me. - Author: Michelle Hodkin
Hobbs And Shaw quotes by Michelle Hodkin
#17. [I]n the years that followed the persecutions, Christianity came to see itself, with great pride, as a persecuted Church. Its greatest heroes were not those who did good deeds but those who died in the most painful way. If you were willing to die an excruciating end in the arena then, whatever your previous holiness or lack thereof, you went straight to heaven: martyrdom wiped out all sins on the point of death.
As well as getting there faster, martyrs enjoyed preferential terms in paradise, getting to wear the much-desired martyr's crown. Tempting celestial terms were offered: it was said that the scripture promised 'multiplication, even to a hundred times, of brothers, children, parents, land and homes'. Precisely how this celestial sum had been calculated is not clear but the general principle was: those who died early, publicly and painfully would be best rewarded. In many of the martyr tales the driving force is less that the Romans want to kill – and more that the Christians want to die. Why wouldn't they? Paradoxically, martyrdom held considerable benefits for those willing to take it on. One was its egalitarian entry qualifications. As George Bernard Shaw acidly observed over a millennium later, martyrdom is the only way a man can become famous without ability.
More than that, in a socially and sexually unequal era it was a way in which women and even slaves might shine. Unlike most positions of power in the highly socially stratified late Roman Empire, this - Author: Catherine Nixey
Hobbs And Shaw quotes by Catherine Nixey
#18. Southern culture is vivified, made a culture, by the melding of influences that are held far more closely than in other, lesser parts of the country: in the Southland, the past is not really past, and the ancestral homelands are not so far away as they are elsewhere, paradoxically: the assimilation of Southerners, unlike the uneasy attempts at assimilation of Americans elsewhere, has created a culture in which the old influences in our blood, of the Ivory Coast, Languedoc, the Highlands, Wales, Antrim, and Devon, of Sephardic communities from Amsterdam to Cadiz, of the Caribbean sugar islands and Castile, have been absorbed into the fabric of New World life. - Author: Markham Shaw Pyle
Hobbs And Shaw quotes by Markham Shaw Pyle
#19. After belabouring a great many people for a great many years for being unprogressive, Mr. Shaw has discovered, with characteristic sense, that it is very doubtful whether any existing human being with two legs can be progressive at all. Having come to doubt whether humanity can be combined with progress, most people, easily pleased, would have elected to abandon progress and remain with humanity. Mr. Shaw, not being easily pleased, decides to throw over humanity with all its limitations and go in for progress for its own sake. If man, as we know him, is incapable of the philosophy of progress, Mr. Shaw asks, not for a new kind of philosophy, but for a new kind of man. It is rather as if a nurse had tried a rather bitter food for some years on a baby, and on discovering that it was not suitable, should not throw away the food and ask for a new food, but throw the baby out of window, and ask for a new baby. - Author: G.K. Chesterton
Hobbs And Shaw quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#20. You have to build a culture of philanthropy. In a country like India, we need to be sensitive and caring about the poorer, more disadvantaged section of our country. - Author: Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
Hobbs And Shaw quotes by Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
#21. In order for a musician to grow, he's got to pay his dues. Some musicians ask me, 'well, what do you mean? You're saying I have to 'starve' and pay all these dues just to play jazz?' And my answer to them is, well, to some degree, yes! Because in order to play jazz you have to live it. Those notes mean something. They don't just come from your brain, they come from your heart and soul too. And in order to have that heart and soul you have to experience life. So I relate my music to my life and my life style. You can't separate the two. - Author: Woody Shaw
Hobbs And Shaw quotes by Woody Shaw
#22. We educate one another; and we cannot do this if half of us consider the other half not good enough to talk to. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
Hobbs And Shaw quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#23. I tend to get starstruck with sports people. I was on a chat show with retired Scottish footballer Denis Law and I just lost it and couldn't talk to him. - Author: Martin Shaw
Hobbs And Shaw quotes by Martin Shaw
#24. After a conversation with someone that went on all night, but I didn't take much persuading, and the next day I was a vegetarian. It came down to one question, can you be healthy without killing animals? If the answer is 'yes' then the only reason you're killing is because you like the taste. But you can't take a life just because you like its taste. - Author: Martin Shaw
Hobbs And Shaw quotes by Martin Shaw
#25. Oswaldo was flummoxed by the fact that his friend could be so quiet, almost embarrassed, about his academic acumen, yet so damn loud and proud of his status as a premier campus drug dealer.

"I've never met anyone so smart but so fucking dumb," he told Rob. - Author: Jeff Hobbs
Hobbs And Shaw quotes by Jeff Hobbs
#26. What a man is depends on his character; but what he does, and what we think of what he does, depends on his circumstances. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
Hobbs And Shaw quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#27. Popular Christianity has for its emblem a gibbet, for its chief sensation a sanginary execution after torture, for its central mystery is an insane vengeance bought off by a trumpery expiation. But there is a nobler and profounder Christianity which affirms the sacred mystery of equality and forbids the glaring futility and folly of vengeance. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
Hobbs And Shaw quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#28. When the right one comes along, Jet, you figure it out. You move mountains, you change your life and you do whatever it takes to keep them with you. I would be half the man I am without Shaw. She makes me better, she makes me happy, and I can see that Ayden does that for you, too."
Rule-Jet A Marked Men Novel - Author: Jay Crownover
Hobbs And Shaw quotes by Jay Crownover
#29. Well, upon my soul! You are not ashamed to stand there and confess yourself a disgusting drunkard. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
Hobbs And Shaw quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#30. I'm an atheist and I thank God for it. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
Hobbs And Shaw quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#31. Women upset everything. When you let them into your life, you find that the woman is driving at one thing and you're driving at another. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
Hobbs And Shaw quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#32. My toils in the quotation field have led me to formulate two or three laws about the way people use and abuse quotations. My first law is: When in doubt, ascribe all quotations to Bernard Shaw - which I don't mean to be taken literally, but as a general observation of the habit people have of attaching remarks to the nearest obvious speaker. Churchill, Wilde, Orson Welles and Alexander Woollcott are other useful figures upon whom to father remarks when you don't know who really said them. - Author: Nigel Rees
Hobbs And Shaw quotes by Nigel Rees
#33. I'm really happy to be working with CES Boxing, Gary Shaw Productions and Eye of the Tiger Management. It shows the direction in which Golden Boy Promotions is heading - in terms of bringing the best fights to the fans. It shows that Golden Boy Promotions is willing to work with anybody in order to satisfy the boxing fans. - Author: Oscar De La Hoya
Hobbs And Shaw quotes by Oscar De La Hoya
#34. My biggest problem in middle school was catty girls, cliques, and trying to figure out if I wanted to be a part of one of those, just figuring out who I was and all that. - Author: Lindsey Shaw
Hobbs And Shaw quotes by Lindsey Shaw
#35. Seeing clearly within himself and always able to dodge around the ends of any position, including his own, Shaw assumed from the start the dual role of prophet and gadfly. To his contemporaries it appeared frivolous and contradictory to perform as both superman and socialist, sceptic and believer, legalist and heretic, high-brow and mob-orator. But feeling the duty to teach as well as to mirror mankind, Shaw did not accept himself as a contradictory being. - Author: Jacques Barzun
Hobbs And Shaw quotes by Jacques Barzun
#36. The boy I once was is a stranger to me, and sometimes I wonder if terrible experiences are enough to change a person - I mean fundamentally to change a person's nature - or if they merely subdue it, and it endures there beneath, and will reassert itself in time. I wonder if I will be recognized by my family. If those I love will still know me. - Author: Peter Hobbs
Hobbs And Shaw quotes by Peter Hobbs
#37. Many people today have grown up believing that they are entitled to a good time, that that's what life is all about. They put their pleasures ahead of their children, then feel guilty and become placating slaves to the children to make up for it. - Author: Robert Shaw
Hobbs And Shaw quotes by Robert Shaw

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