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#1. I was never into the popular school or clique or anything. Then I started doing movies when I was in high school, so then I got popular. Then the girls paid attention to you who didn't before. - Author: John Cusack
Clique quotes by John Cusack
#2. My biggest problem in middle school was catty girls, cliques, and trying to figure out if I wanted to be a part of one of those, just figuring out who I was and all that. - Author: Lindsey Shaw
Clique quotes by Lindsey Shaw
#3. I was a geek who thought I was cool. I didn't hang out with a particular clique, but with different people from different cliques. I was a total nerd, trying to fit in. Luckily, I found music and that was my niche. That sorta took me out of my geekdom. I was never invited to parties as a teenager - I turned up with the popular people. That's where the lyrics to 'Guilty By Association' came from. - Author: Chester Bennington
Clique quotes by Chester Bennington
#4. There are cliques in Bollywood, and people stick together, but I have always tried to stick to my work. As an industry, Bollywood is very competitive, and I'm very competitive as a person, but I've never been a part of any clique, and I've always worked with all actors and directors, all camps. - Author: Priyanka Chopra
Clique quotes by Priyanka Chopra
#5. Don't ever tell anyone where you bought something. If you get a complement say, Thank you. I got it in Europe. - Author: Lisi Harrison
Clique quotes by Lisi Harrison
#6. Quintana had known Tubbs since high school; Tubbs had been one of the slightly nerdy intellectuals on the edge of the popular clique, while Quintana had been metal shop and a football lineman. - Author: John Sandford
Clique quotes by John Sandford
#7. Evolution is always the work of pioneers, and their followers are always small in number. This following is not a clique; it is the result of all the existing social forces; it is composed of all those who through innate or acquired capacity are ready to represent the existing degree of human revolution. - Author: Piet Mondrian
Clique quotes by Piet Mondrian
#8. It's a clique and I think a clique exists in every business. There's a circle of people that are guaranteed to open a movie and we all know their names and whether they're right or wrong for the role. - Author: Elizabeth Pena
Clique quotes by Elizabeth Pena
#9. The Clique ... the only thing harder than getting in is saying goodbye. - Author: Lisi Harrison
Clique quotes by Lisi Harrison
#10. Bean, what's one step worse then a fashion don't? ... a fashion don't even THINK about it. - Author: Lisi Harrison
Clique quotes by Lisi Harrison
#11. I went to a school in Miami that seemed like a private country club. The whole cheerleader, football player, clique-y thing there was terrifying. Those people were so scary. They're the scariest kinds of people because they are idolized by their peers. They have everything, they have money, and they're just mean-spirited. It's crazy. - Author: Zoe Kravitz
Clique quotes by Zoe Kravitz
#12. Word on road is the clique about to blow. You ain't gotta run and tell nobody they already know - Author: Drake
Clique quotes by Drake
#13. The worst cliques are those which consist of one man. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
Clique quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#14. I love listening to old school stuff. I listen to some new cats out here, but I'm really into, like, Tech N9ne and his clique; I really like Eminem and those guys - cats that got real flow: I really connect with that. But I do love rock. I love a lot of electronica because I love programming synthesizers. - Author: Sir Mix-a-Lot
Clique quotes by Sir Mix-a-Lot
#15. It (jazz) isn't like it used to be. The guys aren't together. They're all separated. Individuals now. Bird was a symbol. It was a clique, a clique of people. Who all believed in one thing: gettin' high. And playin'. - Author: Charles Mingus
Clique quotes by Charles Mingus
#16. In every high school, there is a clique. - Author: Janel Parrish
Clique quotes by Janel Parrish
#17. I didn't know I wanted to do films until I started to do them. Very few films are made in Mexico and film-making belonged to a very specific group, a clique. - Author: Gael Garcia Bernal
Clique quotes by Gael Garcia Bernal
#18. We must prevent a criminal understanding between the Fascist aggressors and the British and French imperialist clique. - Author: Grigor Dimitrov
Clique quotes by Grigor Dimitrov
#19. My sister Suga Tee is doing conscious rap. She speaks to the youth. She has an album coming out soon. She got saved but she is still doing her thing. She still spits good game. She's talented. She sings. I don't know if a lot of people know this but Suga Tee has a beautiful voice. So ya'll look out for her album you dig? And look forward to a future Clique album. - Author: E-40
Clique quotes by E-40
#20. I was never really attached to a clique, and I wanted to be in all the different groups; I was never a one-group kind of person. I think that's still part of my personality today. - Author: Katy Perry
Clique quotes by Katy Perry
#21. I don't know very many people."

"Why should you?" he said. "You've got your clique."

That was true, but not the way he was saying it. "We're not a clique," she said.

"Gang, then."


"Army? - Author: Rainbow Rowell
Clique quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#22. I was new, and it was like that movie "Mean Girls". This clique would tease me and make up rumors about me being gay. I don't even know why they did it. I came home crying one day and told my mom I couldn't be around them anymore. So we decided I would be homeschooled. I think it's important to check in with yourself and make sure you are being exactly who you want to be. When I am true to who I am, I'm a better girfriend. I'm just more happy being me. - Author: Hayley Williams
Clique quotes by Hayley Williams
#23. With artists of my own generation there was at first no group identity - and never a clique. - Author: Kenneth Noland
Clique quotes by Kenneth Noland
#24. I may be, tied up, but at least, I am HIS. I may be hurting, But I am HIS, I may be reluctant, but I am HIS, I may be lonely, but I am HIS, I may be frustrated, but I am HIS, That's why I am praising Him, because I'm glad He tied me up. He stopped me from doing the things I would have done, that would've messed up myself. When I look at how my friends got loosed, I thank Him for tying me up. When I look at how the neighborhood boys are locked up in jail, I thank Him for tying me up. I am not happy about it then, but I'm glad about it now. When I think about the person I almost married, When I think about the job I almost got, When I think about the people who wouldn't let me join their clique, When I think about the people who stops talking to me, I thank Him for tying me up. I thank Him for the rope that got me tied up. - Author: T.D. Jakes
Clique quotes by T.D. Jakes
#25. Unless the people can choose their leaders and rulers, and can revoke their choice at intervals long enough to test their measuresby results, the government will be a tyranny exercised in the interests of whatever classes or castes or mobs or cliques have this choice. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
Clique quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#26. I've never had a clique. It's impossible when you're always traveling. - Author: Cat Power
Clique quotes by Cat Power
#27. From middle school to the first year of high school, I went to a school in Miami that seemed like a private country club. The whole cheerleader, football player, clique-y thing there was terrifying. Those people were so scary. They're the scariest kinds of people because they are idolized by their peers. - Author: Zoe Kravitz
Clique quotes by Zoe Kravitz
#28. Don't confine yourself to a select group of friends, often known as a clique. Cliques by definition leave people out. Lock yourself into one, and you'll never know how many terrific friendships you may be missing. - Author: Jerry Spinelli
Clique quotes by Jerry Spinelli
#29. Every clique is a refuge for incompetence. It fosters corruption and disloyalty, it begets cowardice, and consequently is a burden upon and a drawback to the progress of the country. Its instincts and actions are those of the pack. - Author: Soong May-ling
Clique quotes by Soong May-ling
#30. You have friends. You have a clique. You walk down the hall like you own the place."

"You seem to have mistaken me for the movie Mean Girls - Author: Rainbow Rowell
Clique quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#31. We have the whole concept of popularity backward. We imagine it as a small and exclusive club of people we idolize or envy. But most popular people are hated by the majority. So, if you are despised by everyone outside your little clique, and liked only by those inside it, you are vastly unpopular by any objective measure. The key to ultimate popularity is not to be loved or envied by as many people as possible but to be loved or envied by the right people. - Author: Tonya Hurley
Clique quotes by Tonya Hurley
#32. There was all of about 30 kids where I went to school; we were all one clique. - Author: Jessie Usher
Clique quotes by Jessie Usher
#33. Feminism as a movement for political and social equity is important, but feminism as an academic clique committed to eccentric doctrines about human nature is not. Eliminating discrimination against women is important, but believing that women and men are born with indistinguishable minds is not. Freedom of choice is important, but ensuring that women make up exactly 50 percent of all professions is not. And eliminating sexual assaults is important, but advancing the theory that rapists are doing their part in a vast male conspiracy is not. - Author: Steven Pinker
Clique quotes by Steven Pinker
#34. All the recognizable cliques came by, and so did those un-groupable stragglers who were known by their little circles of two or three. - Author: Adi Alsaid
Clique quotes by Adi Alsaid
#35. Educated and ambitious, with their own forthright opinions, the women of the Garvey set did more to determine political direction than many councillors. Their involvement in public life and political machinations was such that the Shylonian ambassador was able to report, to his monarch, that the women of the Garvey clique were 'politicians first, homemakers second. - Author: A.H. Septimius
Clique quotes by A.H. Septimius
#36. Nonconformists travel as a rule in bunches. You rarely find a nonconformist who goes it alone. And woe to him inside a nonconformist clique who does not conform with nonconformity. - Author: Eric Hoffer
Clique quotes by Eric Hoffer
#37. I'm not really part of any group or clique or gang because that's always been my nature. - Author: Jack Dee
Clique quotes by Jack Dee
#38. With a few notable exceptions, literary fiction in the U.K. is dominated by an upper and upper middle-class clique who usually have a tin ear for the demotic and who portray working-class characters with, at best, a benevolent condescension. - Author: Adrian McKinty
Clique quotes by Adrian McKinty
#39. Loser loser Double loser whatever as if get the picture DUH! - Author: Lisi Harrison
Clique quotes by Lisi Harrison
#40. Nazi theory indeed specifically denies that such a thing as "the truth" exists. [ ... ] The implied objective of this line of thought is a nightmare world in which the Leader, or some ruling clique, controls not only the future but the past. If the Leader says of such and such an event, "It never happened" - well, it never happened. If he says that two and two are five - well, two and two are five. This prospect frightens me much more than bombs [ ... ] - Author: George Orwell
Clique quotes by George Orwell
#41. Everywhere around me, already I see cliques, the kinds of cliques you see in schools everywhere: jocks, troublemakers, mathletes, you name it. Me, I am in a clique unto myself, the sole member of the group called "crazy. - Author: Lauren Baratz-Logsted
Clique quotes by Lauren Baratz-Logsted
#42. When we changed the channel from violent television to tamer fare, kids just ended up learning the advanced skills of clique formation, friendship withdrawal, and the art of the insult. - Author: Po Bronson
Clique quotes by Po Bronson
#43. The real and, to me, inexcusable danger in Dianetics lies in its conception of the amoral, detached, 100 per cent efficient mechanical man - superbly free-floating, unemotional, and unrelated to anything. This is the authoritarian dream, a population of zombies, free to be manipulated by the great brains of the founder, the leader of the inner manipulative clique. - Author: Janet Reitman
Clique quotes by Janet Reitman
#44. Massie's frindship is something that has to be earned. Not because she's beautiful or popular but because she's loyal. - Author: Lisi Harrison
Clique quotes by Lisi Harrison
#45. We want the Church to be small not only that fewer men may know the Enemy but also that those who do may acquire the uneasy intensity and the defensive self-righteousness of a secret society or a clique. - Author: C.S. Lewis
Clique quotes by C.S. Lewis
#46. When I was born, my father named me Melissa, and I am still Melissa, but I got the nickname Lizzo around the time I was in the Cornrow Clique. - Author: Lizzo
Clique quotes by Lizzo
#47. According to Brown and Gilligan, by the third grade,
expressing a "different" view among girls has already become "too dangerous and risky." A pre-adolescent girl is sometimes willing to speak more directly when only one other girl is present; this changes when a third girl joins them. However, even as girls are learning how to be indirect and nice, they continue
to judge one another. Girls are concerned about who is a true friend and who is only faking it. A girl risks losing her entire social world if she dares to think for herself or if she refuses to back her best friend or her clique even when she thinks they are in the wrong. - Author: Phyllis Chesler
Clique quotes by Phyllis Chesler
#48. You rarely find a nonconformist who goes it alone - Author: Eric Hoffer
Clique quotes by Eric Hoffer
#49. If I am to believe everything that I see in the media, happiness is to be six foot tall or more and to have bleached teeth and a firm abdomen, all the latest clothes, accessories, and electronics, a picture-perfect partner of the opposite sex who is both a great lover and a terrific friend, an assortment of healthy and happy children, a pet that is neither a stray nor a mongrel, a large house in the right sort of postcode, a second property in an idyllic holiday location, a top-of-the-range car to shuttle back and forth from the one to the other, a clique of 'friends' with whom to have fabulous dinner parties, three or four foreign holidays a year, and a high-impact job that does not distract from any of the above. There are at least three major problems that I can see with this ideal of happiness. (1) It represents a state of affairs that is impossible to attain to and that is in itself an important source of unhappiness. (2) It is situated in an idealised and hypothetical future rather than in an imperfect but actual present in which true happiness is much more likely to be found, albeit with great difficulty. (3) It has largely been defined by commercial interests that have absolutely nothing to do with true happiness, which has far more to do with the practice of reason and the peace of mind that this eventually brings. In short, it is not only that the bar for happiness is set too high, but also that it is set in the wrong place, and that it is, in fact, the wrong bar. J - Author: Neel Burton
Clique quotes by Neel Burton
#50. Animals died when their time came, and meanwhile they didn't bother with clothes, or go to war, or get drunk, or judge other animals by there look. They didn't get afraid unless there was something to be afraid of. She herself came apart with terror over something she couldn't define or understand. She didn't get afraid of something. She just got terrified> Filled with anxiety. For no reason. For no reason she could name. Would name.
Animals didn't look back with shivering shame at things in their past. They didn't quake at the thought of what lay ahead. They didn't try to make it into clique and feel sick with humiliation because they couldn't make it. - Author: Mary Stolz
Clique quotes by Mary Stolz
#51. This army is powerful because all its members have a conscious discipline; they have come together and they fight not for the private interests of a few individuals or a narrow clique, but for the interests of the broad masses and of the whole nation. The sole purpose of this army is to stand firmly with the Chinese people and to serve them whole-heartedly. - Author: Mao Zedong
Clique quotes by Mao Zedong
#52. I've always balked at anything that feels like a clique, even if it's not always in my best interest to do so. I like each individual, fedora-wearing hipster - it's just the greater gestalt that rubs me the wrong way. - Author: Michael Showalter
Clique quotes by Michael Showalter
#53. You know, I was a nerdy kid going through high school, and then I got to college and that all vanished. I mean, a lot of my good friends - when we were in high school, we would never have been able to hang out together because we were in such different cliques or whatever. Now, who cares? - Author: Brandon Sanderson
Clique quotes by Brandon Sanderson
#54. Instead, as the crystal splinters entered Hornwrack's brain, he experienced two curious dreams of the Low City, coming so quickly one after the other that they seemed simultaneous. In the first, long shadows moved across the ceiling frescoes of the Bistro Californium, beneath which Lord Mooncarrot's clique awaited his return to make a fourth at dice. Footsteps sounded on the threshold. The women hooded their eyes and smiled, or else stifled a yawn, raising dove-grey gloves to their blue, phthisic lips. Viriconium, with all her narcissistic intimacies and equivocal invitations welcomed him again. He had hated that city, yet now it was his past and it was he had to regret...The second of these visions was of the Rue Sepile. It was dawn, in summer. Horse-chestnut flowers bobbed like white wax candles above the deserted pavements. An oblique light struck into the street - so that its long and normally profitless perspective seemed to lead straight into the heart of a younger, more ingenuous city - and fell across the fronts of the houses where he had once lived, warming up the rotten brick and imparting to it a not unpleasant pinkish colour. Up at the second-floor casement window a boy was busy with the bright red geraniums arranged along the outer still in lumpen terra-cotta pots. He looked down at Hornwrack and smiled. Before Hornwrack could speak he drew down the lower casement and turned away. The glass which no separated them reflected the morning sunlight in a silent explos - Author: M. John Harrison
Clique quotes by M. John Harrison
#55. Natalie, who was the author of a series of wildly successful Hunger Games meets Gossip Girl YA books about a clique of girls at a postapocalyptic prep school who have to simultaneously fight for popularity and for the survival of the planet - hadn - Author: Doree Shafrir
Clique quotes by Doree Shafrir
#56. Universities can teach maturity. They can teach teenagers how to be adults, and that means to function outside a clique or a tribe. - Author: Russell Smith
Clique quotes by Russell Smith
#57. It had long been established in the Civil Worlds that public business was to be transparent, and personal business opaque; but it was as well recognised that the two would always have a turbulent interface, and that the clique, the caucus, and the conspiracy were as ineradicable features of civility as the council or the committee. - Author: Ken MacLeod
Clique quotes by Ken MacLeod
#58. I went to an Arts High School, so everyone there was kind of anti-clique, though they still happened. I guess I was in the theatre-dork clique. Not to be confused with the musical-theatre-dork clique. - Author: Finn Wittrock
Clique quotes by Finn Wittrock
#59. Joanna gave me a leveling look. You think we're the only major that's superinsular and clique-ish and gossips about everyone else in it? Believe me, if Nathan bought a new brand of toothpaste, those math nerds probably already know about it. - Author: Alicia Thompson
Clique quotes by Alicia Thompson
#60. Institutional nepotism might be tolerated in prosperous times. Setbacks can become crises, however, when there is incompetence in key positions at crucial moments. - Author: Stewart Stafford
Clique quotes by Stewart Stafford
#61. Miri once told me that there were only four important ques­tions you could ask about any human being: How does he fill up his time? How does he feel about how he fills up his time? What does he love? How does he react to those he perceives as either inferior or superior to him?

If you make people feel inferior, even unintentionally," she had said, her dark eyes intense, "they will be uncomfortable around you. In that situation, some people will attack. Some will ridicule, to 'cut you down to size.' But some will admire, and learn from you. If you make people feel superior, some will react by dis­missing you. Some by wielding power - just because they can - in greater or lesser ways. But some will be moved to protect and help. All this is just as true of a junior lodge clique as of a group of governments. - Author: Nancy Kress
Clique quotes by Nancy Kress
#62. Everyone knows that children and teens want to blend in and follow the crowd. And from whom do they learn this lesson? Adults, of course. Let's face it: Americans follow the herd. If you want to be successful, we are told in myriad ways, conformity is the way to go. Look at corporate America, with its "team player" ethic and all the strict rules delineating what you can and cannot wear on Casual Fridays. Consider the cycles of women's fashion, which dictate when square-toed, chunky-heeled shoes are out and when pointy-toed, ankle-straining stilettos are in. And what about best-seller lists and electoral horse-race polls and movie box-office postings? Everyone wants to know what everyone else is reading and seeing and thinking--so that they can go out and read and see and think the very same things themselves.

If adults possess this tendency to efface themselves in this way, teenagers have it magnified to the thousandth degree. But studying and following the fashions of the times are not enough; teens also feel a need to be associated with fashionable people--the popular people. Their goal is to crack the glass ceiling that separates mere mortals from the "in" crowd. If they are unsuccessful, and most are, they console themselves with a clique of their own. Even an unpopular clique is, the thinking goes, is better than no clique at all. - Author: Leora Tanenbaum
Clique quotes by Leora Tanenbaum
#63. Conferences with open attendance are very important for the stimulation of young people or other people who are new in the field ... The field of high-energy physics is, as you know, very strongly in the hands of a clique and it is hard for an outsider to enter. - Author: Victor Frederick Weisskopf
Clique quotes by Victor Frederick Weisskopf
#64. The man who lives in a small community lives in a much larger world. He knows much more of the fierce variety and uncompromising divergences of men ... In a large community, we can choose our companions. In a small community, our companions are chosen for us. Thus in all extensive and highly civilized society groups come into existence founded upon sympathy, and shut out the real world more sharply than the gates of a monastery. There is nothing really narrow about the clan; the thing which is really narrow is the clique. - Author: G.K. Chesterton
Clique quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#65. Now against the specialist, against the man who studies only art or electricity, or the violin, or the thumbscrew or what not, there is only one really important argument, and that, for some reason or other, is never offered. People say that specialists are inhuman; but that is unjust. People say an expert is not a man; but that is unkind and untrue. The real difficulty about the specialist or expert is much more singular and fascinating. The trouble with the expert is never that he is not a man; it is always that wherever he is not an expert he is too much of an ordinary man. Wherever he is not exceptionally learned he is quite casually ignorant. This is the great fallacy in the case of what is called the impartiality of men of science. If scientific men had no idea beyond their scientific work it might be all very well - that is to say, all very well for everybody except them. But the truth is that, beyond their scientific ideas, they have not the absence of ideas but the presence of the most vulgar and sentimental ideas that happen to be common to their social clique. If a biologist had no views on art and morals it might be all very well. The truth is that the biologist has all the wrong views of art and morals that happen to be going about in the smart set of his time. - Author: G.K. Chesterton
Clique quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#66. Younger managers learn quickly that, whatever the public protestations to the contrary, bosses generally want pliable and agreeable subordinates, especially during periods of crisis. Clique leaders want dependable, loyal allies. Thos who regularly raise objections to what a boss or a clique leader really desires run the risk of being considered problems themselves and of being labeled "outspoken," or "nonconstructive," or "doomsayers," "naysayers," or "crepehangers. - Author: Robert Jackall
Clique quotes by Robert Jackall
#67. Music belongs to everybody. Having a little clique of the industry tell us what our culture is ... I don't think that's healthy. And the Internet is helping us get away from that. - Author: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Clique quotes by Joseph Gordon-Levitt
#68. An art is only great and significant if it is one that all may enjoy. The art of a clique is but a plaything. - Author: W. Somerset Maugham
Clique quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
#69. I was always the new kid, and I got to know the language and the politics of being on the outside, looking in. Never being in the clique - always being a student of the clique, a subversive, and I could look around and identify the other guys who were excluded. - Author: Padgett Powell
Clique quotes by Padgett Powell
#70. In place of an intensive cooperation among artists, there is a battle for goods. Hatred, partisanship, cliques, jealousy, and intrigues are the natural consequences of an aimless, materialist art. - Author: Wassily Kandinsky
Clique quotes by Wassily Kandinsky
#71. To the Young Artists of Italy! The cry of rebellion that we launch, linking our ideals with those of the Futurist poets, does not originate in an aesthetic clique. It expresses the violent desire that stirs in the veins of every creative artist today. - Author: Umberto Boccioni
Clique quotes by Umberto Boccioni
Clique quotes by Groucho Marx
#73. I didn't really want to be part of a clique or a niche. But I also was looking for my own voice, as a writer, y'know? And a world I could call my own. - Author: Tom Waits
Clique quotes by Tom Waits
#74. We often surround ourselves with the people we most want to live with, thus forming a club or clique, not a community. Anyone can form a club; it takes grace, shared vision, and hard work to form a community. - Author: Philip Yancey
Clique quotes by Philip Yancey
#75. I was challenged to a fistfight by Margo Jefferson, the Pulitzer Prize winner, New York Times writer, who is part of a feminist clique at the Times, which believes that Black men are the principal threat to the women of the world. - Author: Ishmael Reed
Clique quotes by Ishmael Reed
#76. I strongly support European sanctions against Mugabe and his ruling clique. We must do all in our power to help the people of Zimbabwe achieve their freedom and prosperity once again. - Author: Peter Hain
Clique quotes by Peter Hain
#77. I never had a clique. If I throw a party, the only thing connecting people is me. Maybe I just don't believe in fear. I bulldoze right in. - Author: Liz Goldwyn
Clique quotes by Liz Goldwyn
#78. The main function of the museum has been to serve as a pedestal upon which a clique of socialites pose as patrons of the arts - Author: Albert C. Barnes
Clique quotes by Albert C. Barnes
#79. I don't know if I was popular in high school. My school was actually not really clique-y, which was nice. I went to a very artsy school, so everyone was kind of friends with each other. I was trying to be popular more, like, in junior high and elementary school and dealt with all that backstabbing and drama. - Author: Lili Simmons
Clique quotes by Lili Simmons
#80. Try to have as diverse group of friends as possible and don't get into the the clique scenario. - Author: Andrew Shue
Clique quotes by Andrew Shue
#81. I don't know if I've ever been in a clique. The older I've gotten, the more I've realized what a true friend really is. So my friendship circle has changed a bit. - Author: Aimee Teegarden
Clique quotes by Aimee Teegarden
#82. Future Farmers of America. Group who take ag classes and are going to inherit the farm. Hot shit around here, they have a couple guys in every clique, and they stick together, 'cause they know they'll be seeing each other every week for the next sixty years. - Author: John Barnes
Clique quotes by John Barnes
#83. In school we learn that one of the best survival strategies is being part of a clique . With our friends, we create a little, tiny world with codes for conduct, morality, dress, communication, ethnicity and sexuality. We then learn to judge everyone else who is not part of our little world by the standards that are acceptable to us. This is called "divide and conquer," and happens to be exactly how male, white patriarchal society operates. When you choose not to see how you, yourself, perpetuate this social model, your world assuredly becomes-or remains-small, "safe," persnickety, judgmental and uninspiring. - Author: Inga Muscio
Clique quotes by Inga Muscio
#84. The Pretty Committee:
the only thing harder than
getting in, is staying in. - Author: Lisi Harrison
Clique quotes by Lisi Harrison
#85. I had thought everyone in the electronic world would be so laid back, but there's as many cliques and prejudices as any other world. - Author: Anna Meredith
Clique quotes by Anna Meredith
#86. The Arab world is full of corruption, in the time of the dictatorships and in the time of anarchy. This corruption is not only in politics and the economy, but also in the field of creative activity. There's an elite that controls the festivals, the newspapers, and the reviews. They are just a corrupt clique with no interest in creativity. - Author: Hassan Blasim
Clique quotes by Hassan Blasim
#87. It is up to you to decide that this has lasted long enough, that our boys are dying to serve no British interest but for the interests of a small clique of utterly unscrupulous men. - Author: John Amery
Clique quotes by John Amery
#88. It's a clique that I've never been a part of. It's not like I identify them in a negative way. - Author: Randy Harrison
Clique quotes by Randy Harrison
#89. It [the proletariat] should and must at once undertake socialist measures in the most energetic, unyielding and unhesitant fashion, in other words, exercise a dictatorship, but a dictatorship of the class, not of a party or of a clique – dictatorship of the class, that means in the broadest possible form on the basis of the most active, unlimited participation of the mass of the people, of unlimited democracy. - Author: Rosa Luxemburg
Clique quotes by Rosa Luxemburg

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