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It is better to be beautiful than to be good. But ... it is better to be good than to be ugly. ~ Oscar Wilde
Grey Eyes quotes by Oscar Wilde
Eventually, as her grandmother's sobs softened, she pulled her away and – looking deeply into the clouds of her grey eyes – lifted her and led her home for the last time. ~ Abby Slovin
Grey Eyes quotes by Abby Slovin
Bran's father sat solemnly on his horse, long brown hair stirring in the wind. His closely trimmed beard was shot with white, making him look older than his thirty-five years. He had a grim cast to his grey eyes this day, and he seemed not at all the man who would sit before the fire in the evening and talk softly of the age of heroes and the children of the forest. He had taken off Father's face, Bran thought, and donned the face of Lord Stark of Winterfell. There ~ George R R Martin
Grey Eyes quotes by George R R Martin
His grey eyes shone and twinkled, and his usually pale face was flushed and animated. ~ H.G.Wells
Grey Eyes quotes by H.G.Wells
Are you some sort of pervert?"
The grey eyes turn from terrified to indignant. "Do you mind keeping your voice down, I have a perfectly innocent explanation." He unravels himself and straightens up, towering over us like some freshly escaped genie. ~ Susan Lodge
Grey Eyes quotes by Susan Lodge
Francis stared down at the Duchess of York's letter. He swallowed, then read aloud in a husky voice, "It was showed by John Sponer that King Richard, late mercifully reigning upon us, was through great treason piteously slain and murdered, to the great heaviness of this City."
As Margaret listened, the embittered grey eyes had softened, misted with sudden tears.
"My brother may lie in an untended grave," she said, "but he does not lack for an epitaph. ~ Sharon Kay Penman
Grey Eyes quotes by Sharon Kay Penman
He was tall, dark and handsome, the complete trifecta. His unique grey eyes and his tousled dark brown hair, made him look like he belonged on the cover of a romance novel. ~ Nicole Gulla
Grey Eyes quotes by Nicole Gulla
Why is it anytime somethin's different, it's automatically wrong? That single principle has caused more suffering and tragedy than any other in the history of the world. Our actions make is good or evil, Ana. Nothin more. Nothin' less. (Grey Eyes, Forever Trilogy Part One) ~ Brandon Alston
Grey Eyes quotes by Brandon Alston
Race me back. Beat me there, and I'll tell you." I blinked. "What kind of kindergarten crap is that?" His grey eyes flashed with anger. "You want to know what it's like? Beat me down the beach." "Of all the ridiculous, immature nonsense," I said. Then I hooked a foot behind Thomas's calf, shoved him down to the sand, and took off down the beach at a dead sprint. ~ Jim Butcher
Grey Eyes quotes by Jim Butcher
Pg.1- "I have light brown, almost red hair and greenish-grey eyes. I wish they were more grey, because I hate most guys that have green eyes, but I have to be content with what I have."
pg ?- "Can you see the sunset real good from the west side?" She blinked, startled, then smiled. "Real good."
"You can see it from the east side, too," I said quietly.
"Thanks, Ponyboy." She smiled through her tears. "You dig okay."
She had green eyes. I went on, walking home slowly. ~ S.E. Hinton
Grey Eyes quotes by S.E. Hinton
Come back to me." It wasn't a plea. It was an offering. Andy finally looked at her, reminding her of the night she'd found Andy sitting on the floor in the dark. That night her eyes had been guarded, closed. Now they were alive, hiding nothing. Kate could see everything; every thought, every fear, every suppressed desire in those piercing, beautiful grey eyes. ~ Jessica L. Webb
Grey Eyes quotes by Jessica L. Webb
In the aftermath, she (Misty) still felt as though she were floating and as Leone shifted back from her she leant over him, silver-grey eyes bright with emotion, and whispered, 'I died and went to heaven the day I found you.'
A wolfish grin of appreciation slashed his wide, sensual mouth.
'Are you sure you're feeling all right? You don't sound at all like yourself.'
'Enjoy it while it lasts,' she advised, happiness flooding through her as he curved her close and pressed a slow, sweet kiss to her reddened mouth.
'I didn't realise I'd found heaven until I stumbled into hell,' Leone traded feelingly. ~ Lynne Graham
Grey Eyes quotes by Lynne Graham
Chance looked up at him, her dark grey eyes out. 'I knew you were gonna be like this.'

'How'd you know?' Reaper said, reaching out and putting his arm around her shoulders.

'I am my father's daughter, ain't I?' said Chance
Reaper smiled. 'You sure as hell you are. ~ Sean Black
Grey Eyes quotes by Sean Black
So what if they were in Tartarus? So what if they stood a slim chance of surviving? He was so glad that they were together, he had the ridiculous urge to smile. ~ Rick Riordan
Grey Eyes quotes by Rick Riordan
But I'm afraid to sleep!" Whispered Trista. "What if I fall to pieces before I wake up? What if tomorrow I'm just a pile of leaves and sticks tucked under a blanket? What if this is the last time I've got left, and I waste it all being asleep, then wake up dead?"
For a moment Violet looked conflicted. Then her jaw set, and she took Trista by the shoulders.
"You won't," she said gently but firmly. "I'll make sure you don't. I'll be watching you sleep. And if your hair starts to turn into leaves, or anything like that, I'll wake you up."
"You promise?" Trista felt the icy, titanic force of her terror recede a step or two. "You ... you won't leave me when I sleep and go out?"
"I promise," said Violet, with a firmness in her tone that allowed no doubt. Her dark grey eyes were resolute as flint. ~ Frances Hardinge
Grey Eyes quotes by Frances Hardinge
Will that be all?" I asked the pimply faced teen who ogled my exposed legs as if in heat. My pen tapped impatiently on the notepad while I waited for him to look up.
Slowly his dull grey eyes roved over my body and a limp smile drew up his thin, crusted lips making him look more weasel than human.
"Yep. That'd be it," his cheerful, adolescent voice cracked.
"Great," I mumbled, walking back behind the counter. ~ Brandi Salazar
Grey Eyes quotes by Brandi Salazar
Oh, yes," said Lord Peter. He watched the cool fingers, fascinated, and the steady approach of the needle. "Yes - I've had it before - and, d'you know - I don't care frightfully about it." He had brought up his right hand, and it closed over the surgeon's wrist like a vise. The silence was like a shock. The blue eyes did not waver; they burned down steadily upon the heavy white lids below them. Then these slowly lifted; the grey eyes met the blue - coldly, steadily - and held them. When ~ Dorothy L. Sayers
Grey Eyes quotes by Dorothy L. Sayers
Will you say it?


His grin faded and his grey eyes seemed to flicker.


"Aleksander ~ Leigh Bardugo
Grey Eyes quotes by Leigh Bardugo
I don't want blood to rule my life like it does some. Once you take it, it's like a drug." He stared out the window to the masked revelers in the courtyard. "Warm, rich, never enough."
I nodded, fidgeting with my mask. "Kind of like chocolate." I tried to hold in my grin. Casey always said I had a weird sense of humour that came at the oddest times.

He blinked before bursting into laughter. He had the nicest laugh and the most incredible smile I'd ever seen. It lit his grey eyes and sliced attractive little dimples into his cheeks. "Yeah. I guess it is like chocolate. ~ Kelly Keaton
Grey Eyes quotes by Kelly Keaton
I asked a queen once why she didn't want me. She wasn't a powerful queen, not a monarch of Spain or of Albania. Just a little kingdom of nowhere, but she married well and she had a crown. The queen of nowhere looked at me with her clear grey eyes and said: "Because I don't want to be in a story." Princesses usually grow up to be queens. The cleverness sticks long after the beauty goes. ~ Catherynne M Valente
Grey Eyes quotes by Catherynne M Valente
We shall not sip from the same glass,
No water for us, or sweet wine;
We'll not embrace at morning,
Not gaze from the same sill at night;
You breathe the sun, I the moon,
Yet the one love keeps us alive.

Always with me, tender, true friend,
And your smiling friend's with you.
But I know the pain in your grey eyes,
And my sickness is down to you, too.
In short, we mustn't meet often,
To be certain of peace of mind.

Yet it's your voice sings in my poems,
And in your poems my breath sighs,
O, beyond the reach of distance or fear,
There is a fire…
And if you knew how dear to me
Are those dry, pale lips of yours now. ~ Anna Ahkmatova
Grey Eyes quotes by Anna Ahkmatova
She just played with it slowly, and then pointed a pair of grey eyes at me. I say a pair. I mean her pair. She didn't get a pair of someone else's out from a drawer and point them at me. She pointed her own pair of huge, pale, grey, pale, huge eyes at me. The sort of eyes that can make a grown man talk gibberish to himself. Get a grip, for Christ's sake. ~ Hugh Laurie
Grey Eyes quotes by Hugh Laurie
I have always attributed a great importance to eyes. How mysteriously expressive those damp orbs can be; the eyeball does not change and yet it is the window of the soul. And colour in eyes is, in its nature and inherence, quite unlike colour in any other substance. Mr Osmand had grey eyes, but his eyes were hard and speckled like Aberdeen granite, while Tommy's were clear and empty like light smoke. ~ Iris Murdoch
Grey Eyes quotes by Iris Murdoch
My breath caught fire and my heart leapt infinite beats within his proximity.
"Wreck me, tame me. The way you want it." I whispered my plea.

His foggy grey eyes glinted with desire and lust. "I will". The two words were my end as well as the beginning of something new and insurmountable between us. ~ Niki_g
Grey Eyes quotes by Niki_g
A face stared up at her from the mirror beside her hand. Was that really what she looked like? Was that really what she looked like, all sharp lines and huge silver-grey eyes? Certainly, no one would ever call those features beautiful, Jame thought ruefully; but were they really enough like a boy's to have fooled that old man the alley? Well, maybe with that long black hair out of sight under a cap. It was a very young face and a defiant one, she thought with a odd sense of detachment, but frightened, too. And those extraordinary eyes ... what memories lived in them that she could not share? Stranger, where have you been she asked silently. What have you seen? The thin lips locked in their secrets.
"Ahhh!" Jame said in sudden disgust, tossing away the mirror. Fool, to be obsessed with a past she couldn't even remember. But it was all behind her now. ~ P.C. Hodgell
Grey Eyes quotes by P.C. Hodgell
It was too dark to see but I froze in the glow of bright grey eyes that almost appeared white in the moonlight. ~ E.J. Harington
Grey Eyes quotes by E.J. Harington
His was cancer of the left lung; she had lost two breasts. Her grey eyes narrowed but did not tear when she said brightly, 'I'm not forgetful, they're not misplaced boobs, you understand. They're gone. ~ Henry H. Roth
Grey Eyes quotes by Henry H. Roth
Their eyes met, both pairs grey, hers very cool and clear, his faintly smiling... ~ Georgette Heyer
Grey Eyes quotes by Georgette Heyer
of the luminous grey-eyes,
of honey and marble implacable white thighs
and Goddess,
chaste daughter of Zeus. ~ Hilda Doolittle
Grey Eyes quotes by Hilda Doolittle
The old face, crinkled and dented with canals running every which way, pushed and shoved up against itself for a while, till a big old smile busted out from beneath 'em all, and his grey eyes fairly glowed. It was the first time I ever saw him smile free. A true smile. It was like looking at the face of God. And I knowed then, for the first time, that him being the person to lead the colored to freedom weren't no lunacy. It was something he knowed true inside him. I saw it clear for the first time. I knowed then, too, that he knowed what I was - from the very first. ~ James McBride
Grey Eyes quotes by James McBride
Good girl. Test passed. I think I love you, Janie. Let's get married and not have children."
My eyes widened for a brief moment; I felt sure he was teasing me but, looking into his dancing grey eyes, I knew he meant it as a compliment. I returned his smile. I liked Steven.
Carlos broke the silence, "Ms. Morris, the job is yours if you'd like it."
"Oh, please say yes." Steven's smile widened.
"To the proposal or the job? ~ Penny Reid
Grey Eyes quotes by Penny Reid
You're not weak." He stalked toward her. The gleam in those grey eyes sent heat to her sex. "What did you mean by finding me and not letting me go?" She swallowed. "I ... you're the one who's my potential true mate." He stopped a couple of inches from her and cupped her face. She covered his hand with hers and watched shock, confusion, and hint of joy pass over his handsome features in a swirl of emotion. ~ Lia Davis
Grey Eyes quotes by Lia Davis
Victoria sighed deeply as the clock tower bell chimed midnight.
Light snowflakes, almost weightless, began drifting down from the sky. Tiny, white butterflies danced in the wind among the bare trees.
The two young people turned their eyes up towards the dark sky.
"The fairies are weeping," she whispered.
"What?" asked Ted, looking back at her.
Victoria turned her grey eyes back at him and smiled.
"In the lands of the north they say that when snowflakes fall at midnight, they are the tears of fairies falling on the ground. The fairies are weeping. ~ Carragh Sheridan
Grey Eyes quotes by Carragh Sheridan
The sorrow in the man's grey eyes was a chill and warmth at once. It was no pleasure to know that one's death was going to cause so much grief to others when there was nothing that could be done to avert it; but all the same, he was grateful that they cared. ~ Elorin Leighton Grey
Grey Eyes quotes by Elorin Leighton Grey
Her grey eyes sparkled with passion as she spoke. Sid looked into them and for a second he glimpsed her soul. He saw what she was - fierce and brave. Upright. Impatient. And good. So good that she would sit covered in gore, shout at dangerous men, and keep a long, lonely vigil - all to save the likes of him. He realized she was a rare creature, as rare as a rose in winter. ~ Jennifer Donnelly
Grey Eyes quotes by Jennifer Donnelly
Her violet-rimmed-grey eyes began to plead when she realized she had my full attention. "I want to see some lights, food, men! Let's get crazy enough to get arrested, but be so cute that they won't want to arrest us! These boobs don't look like this without HELP and effort, chicky! Do you know how long it took me to get ready? Let's DO something, and have fun while we are here, Lexi! Don't waste all of my primping time! Puh-leaseeeeee?? ~ C.L. Foster
Grey Eyes quotes by C.L. Foster
Going home to Millie; and the little boy who I know will rush into my arms when I get there; whose grey eyes will shine when he looks at me, who will smile with Gunther's smile. ~ Margaret Leroy
Grey Eyes quotes by Margaret Leroy
Eva seemed to be on some sort of mission to work her evil/cute baby magic on me. Ever since she'd started toddling around on those chubby little legs, she'd been targeting me, the least enthusiastic baby person in the room. I think she enjoyed the challenge, which proved that we were related.
Eva would tug on my pants leg until I picked her up. And then she'd basically stare me down with those big blue-grey eyes of hers, daring me not to snuggle her. It was like facing down a tiny, diapered mastermind.
And of course, I caved. I snuggled her. I babbled. I read her Where the Wild Things Are until I was hoarse. I actually found myself watching my language. Shudder. ~ Molly Harper
Grey Eyes quotes by Molly Harper
As she went down the steps leading to the station square she noticed a priest going before her. He seemed a very upright and sturdy old man, for though his hair was white he walked steadily and strongly. At the foot of the steps he stopped and half turned, and then, to her surprise, she saw that his face was that of a young man, fine-featured and strong, with black eyebrows and very bright grey eyes. Then she passed on and began to cross the square in the direction of her aunt's house. Then without the slightest warning, except one shrill hoot from overhead, a number of things happened. A great shadow whirled across the sunlight at her feet, a sound of rending tore the air, and a ~ Robert Hugh Benson
Grey Eyes quotes by Robert Hugh Benson
Now he understood. He had dreamed about her countless times, on that same staircase, with that same blue dress and that same movement of her ash-grey eyes, without knowing who she was or why she smiled at him. ~ Carlos Ruiz Zafon
Grey Eyes quotes by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
Those true eyes Too pure and too honest in aught to disguise The sweet soul shining through them. ~ Robert Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Earl Of Lytton
Grey Eyes quotes by Robert Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Earl Of Lytton
When he saw me, pleasure filled those grey eyes, and he smiled sleepily. troubles piled in jagged heaps all around us, but in the midst of them, we were together. I would not let him down again. ~ Nancy Holzner
Grey Eyes quotes by Nancy Holzner
Still, for what Androma did to him, he should hate her, should want her dead.
But seeing her before him, melting into rage and riot, her glowing grey eyes reflecting the electricity that swam around her swords...
Godstars, she was magnificent, a creature that deserved to release her wrath on the world. It would be worth every drop of blood about to be shed to bring her to Cyprian's feet. ~ Sasha Alsberg
Grey Eyes quotes by Sasha Alsberg
They shot one of ours." The lines deepened around his grey eyes. "I'd waste the whole army for spilling a drop of my crew's blood. ~ Katherine McIntyre
Grey Eyes quotes by Katherine McIntyre
Maggie waved a gnarled finger in my direction. "Mention one word," she said, voice sharp but grey eyes twinkling with merriment, "and I'll curse your sex life for the next year." I snorted. "Curse away. It can't get any worse." She shook her head. "How can a siren have such a pathetic love life?" "Because I'm a siren who can't actually sing, remember? ~ Keri Arthur
Grey Eyes quotes by Keri Arthur
Grey eyes that grow sadder than sunset or rain,
Fond heart that is ever more true
Firm faith that grows firmer for watching in vain---
She'll wait by the sliprails for you. ~ Henry Lawson
Grey Eyes quotes by Henry Lawson
Torak and Wolf looked at her in surprise, and she found herself facing two pairs of wolf eyes: one amber, one light-grey. ~ Michelle Paver
Grey Eyes quotes by Michelle Paver
O, sir, I will not be so hard-hearted. I will give out divers schedules of my beauty. It shall be inventoried, and every particle and utensil labeled to my will: as, item, two lips indifferent red; item, two grey eyes, with lids to them; item, one neck, one chin, and so forth. ~ William Shakespeare
Grey Eyes quotes by William Shakespeare
For a long time,' Nico said, 'I had a crush on you. I just wanted you to know.' Percy looked at Nico. Then at Annabeth, as if to check that he'd heard correctly. Then back at Nico.

'You –'

'Yeah,' Nico said. 'You're a great person. But I'm over that. I'm happy for you guys.'

'You … so you mean –'


Annabeth's grey eyes started to sparkle. She gave Nico a sideways smile.

'Wait,' Percy said. 'So you mean –'

'Right,' Nico said again. 'But it's cool. We're cool. I mean, I see now … you're cute, but you're not my type.'

'I'm not your type … Wait. So –'

'See you around, Percy,' Nico said. ~ Rick Riordan
Grey Eyes quotes by Rick Riordan
Maybe it was simply his cool accent and his youth. The entire student body tried to mimic him. Girls crowded around him, and the boys watched him, fascinated, as if a rock star had descended into our midst. He was the talk of the school, an overnight sensation, instantly beloved because he was a novelty - and a very attractive novelty if you liked slightly unruly hair and grey eyes and British accents. ~ Amy Harmon
Grey Eyes quotes by Amy Harmon
In a moment I was clutched by several hands, and there was no mistaking that they were trying to haul me back. I struck another light, and waved it in their dazzled faces. You can scarce imagine how nauseatingly inhuman they looked - those pale, chinless faces and great, lidless, pinkish-grey eyes! - as they stared in their blindness and bewilderment. ~ H.G.Wells
Grey Eyes quotes by H.G.Wells
I don't get it." She gestured to the crowd of dancing princesses and princes, and the twelfth princess in particular. "Don't you have a princess already?"
"The twelve dancing princesses curse isn't mine."
"Then ... what is your curse? Why am I here?"
"Why are you here?" He leaned in, so close she could see the silver flecks in his dark grey eyes. "You're here because I got tired of waiting for you to die. ~ Sarah Cross
Grey Eyes quotes by Sarah Cross
and while staring into my grey eyes with those steel blues, ~ Kiki Leach
Grey Eyes quotes by Kiki Leach
He looked at himself in the mirror – brown hair glossing as the morning light hit his head, grey eyes sparkling as he smirked at his reflection. ~ Sana Khatri
Grey Eyes quotes by Sana Khatri
Each of the dancers took a partner, the living with the dead, each to each. Bod reached out his hand and found himself touching fingers with, and gazing into the grey eyes of, the lady in the cobweb dress. She smiled at him.
"Hello, Bod," she said.
"Hello," he said, as he danced with her. "I don't know your name."
"Names aren't really important," she said.
"I love your horse. He's so big! I never knew horses could be that big."
"He is gentle enough to bear the mightiest of you away on his broad back, and strong enough for the smallest of you as well."
"Can I ride him?" asked Bod.
"One day," she told him, and her cobweb skirts shimmered. "One day. Everybody does."
I promise. ~ Neil Gaiman
Grey Eyes quotes by Neil Gaiman
You must be Warden Ramirez."
This is the part where I got nervous. Ramirez loved women. Ramirez never shut up about women. Well, he never shut up about anything in general, but he'd go on and on about various conquests and feats of sexual athleticism and
"A virgin?" Lara blurted. Lara blurted. She turned her head to me, grey eyes several shades paler than they had been, and very wide. "Really, Harry, I'm not sure what to say. Is he a present? ~ Jim Butcher
Grey Eyes quotes by Jim Butcher
Samuel Spade's jaw was long and bony, his chin a jutting v under the more flexible v of his mouth. His nostrils curved back to make another, smaller, v. His yellow-grey eyes were horizontal. The v motif was picked up again by thickish brows rising outward from twin creases above a hooked nose, and his pale brown hair grew down - from high flat temples - in a point on his forehead. He looked rather pleasantly like a blond satan. ~ Dashiell Hammett
Grey Eyes quotes by Dashiell Hammett
Just . . . I don't like crying girls, okay?" We were quiet for a second while I took that in. "That was very nice of you, David," I finally said. "Now hold on because I'm about to drive into a fence." "Yeah, okay," he muttered, his eyes still closed. "You do that." Then his eyes shot open. "Wait, what? ~ Rachel Hawkins
Grey Eyes quotes by Rachel Hawkins
If he didn't call you by name, then you've got nothing to worry about. Maybe he has a glass eye and couldn't look at anyone but you."
"You could be right. But I've always thought glass eyes were kind of expressionless, not hate-filled and menacing. ~ Liliana Hart
Grey Eyes quotes by Liliana Hart
They watched each other, staring across the green. Royce walked forward, crossing the distance between them in silence. Two ghosts meeting at a crossroad.

"It's been a while - Esra is it? Or should I call you Mr. Haddon?"

The man tilted his head, lifting his eyes. "I am delighted to see you as well, Royce."

"How do you know my name?"

"I'm a wizard, or did you miss that from our last meeting?"

Royce paused and smiled. "You know, you're right; I might have. Perhaps you should write it down for me lest I forget again."

Esrahaddon raised an eyebrow. "That's a bit harsh. ~ Michael J. Sullivan
Grey Eyes quotes by Michael J. Sullivan
What sort of exploring?" Shielding his eyes, Adam lifted his eyes to the sky. He thought he could hear Gansey coming. "Mountains. How do you feel about helicopters?" There was a long pause. "How do you mean? Ethically? ~ Maggie Stiefvater
Grey Eyes quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
don't easily believe in your own thoughts, if your eyes haven't seen the truth. ~ Abhiyanda B
Grey Eyes quotes by Abhiyanda B
His gaze had the intensity of a laser. "But it's not the same with you." My heart faltered. "Why?" "Because, Callahan." The brown eyes came closer. "I never loved anyone the way I love you. ~ Sarina Bowen
Grey Eyes quotes by Sarina Bowen
Ever since we invented fire and the wheel, we've been demonstrating both our ability and our inherent desire to fix things that we don't like about ourselves and our environment. ~ Aubrey De Grey
Grey Eyes quotes by Aubrey De Grey
When you call me nugget.
When you take pictures of me.
When you dance.
When you complement me.
When you laugh.
When your eyes squint as you smile.
When we make love when we're sick.
I fall more in love with you. ~ Crystal Woods
Grey Eyes quotes by Crystal Woods
We stared into the eyes of death and death blinked first. Youd think that would make us feel invincible. It didnt ~ Rick Yancey
Grey Eyes quotes by Rick Yancey
When you're sad, look up at the stars, then close your eyes. The stars will tell you a story. Their soft gleam will embrace and comfort you and lead you confidently toward your goals. ~ Catherine Shepherd
Grey Eyes quotes by Catherine Shepherd
When she closed her eyes she felt he had many hands, which touched her everywhere, and many mouths, which passed so swiftly over her, and with a wolflike sharpness, his teeth sank into her fleshiest parts. Naked now, he lay his full length over her. She enjoyed his weight on her, enjoyed being crushed under his body. She wanted him soldered to her, from mouth to feet. Shivers passed through her body. ~ Anais Nin
Grey Eyes quotes by Anais Nin
LSD wanted to tell me something ... It gave me an inner joy, an open mindedness, a gratefulness, open eyes and an internal sensitivity for the miracles of creation. ~ Albert Hofmann
Grey Eyes quotes by Albert Hofmann
He all but held his breath as he waited for her to force that façade back into place. Or to leave his side just so he would no longer see her girlish delight at the museum and the contents that awaited them. Instead, she slipped her hand into the crook of his elbow and looked up at him with those same shining eyes and wide, real smile. "I cannot wait another moment to see everything - shall we go in?" For a moment, he couldn't breathe, couldn't think, couldn't move as he stared into her eyes and saw so much beauty, so much truth…but then he shook his head and led her into the museum. This was a rare opportunity. He refused to miss a moment of it while he pondered what he had done to deserve it. ~ Jess Michaels
Grey Eyes quotes by Jess Michaels
Sara flinched as his hands slid around her waist, pulling her to his naked body. The heat of his skin sank through the insubstantial layer of her shift. He was aroused, throbbing hard and forcefully erect against her. "Open your eyes," he said. "There's nothing to be afraid of."
She forced herself to comply, staring straight ahead into his chest. Her heart thumped so violently that it seemed to batter against her ribs.
As if he could read her mind, Derek lowered his mouth to her hair and held her tightly. "Sara... I'm going to take care of you. I'll never hurt you, or force you to do something you don't want." He took a long breath and forced himself to add reluctantly, "If you want this to stop, then tell me. I probably won't be kind. But I'll wait."
She would never know how much the words cost him. It went against his nature to deny himself what he wanted so badly. He had been deprived of too much when he was young- it had made him selfish to the core. But her needs had become too important to him, her affection too precious to risk.
Sara looked up at him, reading the truth in his face. Gradually her body relaxed against his. "You must tell me how to please you," she said softly. "I-I don't know anything... and you know too much."
His black lashes lowered over a flick of green fire. A wry smile pulled at the corners of his mouth. "We'll find some middle ground," he promised, and kissed her. ~ Lisa Kleypas
Grey Eyes quotes by Lisa Kleypas
What happened?" "I tried to do one of those roundy type kicks. I missed."
"You're not ready for a roundhouse kick, Emmy. Far from it. That's a whole other type of training." "I saw it on the internet. It looked easy." I snorted, and Bentley rolled his eyes. "How many times do I have to tell you to stay off Google? ~ Melanie Moreland
Grey Eyes quotes by Melanie Moreland
In our personal spaces, where there are no eyes to guide our better nature caressing our intentions, we sometimes gnaw in the agonizing realization that, although we charitably took on the rough task with smiling faces, our condescension has produced our worst nightmare. For a new work has triggered our insecure buttons, birthing the fear that the author may flow past our selfish desires, and find their way into the ocean of our faith, leaving us alone and desperate. And so we must, with the extremest prejudice, bomb their potential future by damming all of our congratulations. Rendering Goodreads a stale pond of green algae and used condoms. But do we not know that this same pond we all must drink from? Instead of filing another dead weight upon our self-deprecation, we should condescend to our own little devils, transforming them into loving companions with our guidance, so they may sprout wings in our charity, by praising this new work loudly to all of our friends and acquaintances. Instead of a dam, we can fashion a fountain of ascension, whose poetic mead, we may all get drunk on. Then, one day, those that we have assisted, we may one day find them returning us the favor by building us a fountain. That's my opinion on the subject anyway. This has been an exercise in poetic articulation. Signing off. ~ Sun Moon
Grey Eyes quotes by Sun  Moon
Andrew closed his eyes for a moment, breathing in the memories of that night as the rest of the world moved on around him. He realized that even after all this time he hadn't forgotten the smile she seemed to have patented, the light blue tank top she wore so well, or the way she had laughed when he accidentally spilled an entire can of Mountain Dew on the carpet she'd spent hours steam cleaning. And although he hadn't kissed Cooper McKay that night, or even held her hand, he could still remember the feeling of finding out that love at first sight did truly exist. ~ Joey Jones
Grey Eyes quotes by Joey Jones
I was astonished to see Adrian watching me, a look of contentment on his face. His eyes seemed to study my every feature. Seeing me notice him, he immediately looked away. His usual smirky expression replaced by a dreamy one.
"The mechanic will wait," he said.
"Yeah, but I'm supposed to meet Brayden soon, I'll be-" That's when I got a good look at Adrian. "What have you done? Look at you! You shouldn't be out here."
"It's not that bad."
He was lying, and we both knew it.
"Come on, we have to get you out of here before you get worse. What were you thinking?"
His expression was astonishingly nonchalant for someone who looked like he would pass out. "It was worth it. You looked ... happy ~ Richelle Mead
Grey Eyes quotes by Richelle Mead
A woman with eyes only for one person, or with eyes always averted from him, creates exactly the same impression. ~ Jean De La Bruyere
Grey Eyes quotes by Jean De La Bruyere
Bye Bye , Father,' I said as the confessional door clicked shut behind me, 'Ah's' eyes following me, wondering, I suppose, what He'd been drinking the day he went and made a twilight zone of a disaster like me. ~ Patrick McCabe
Grey Eyes quotes by Patrick McCabe
What does it help me now to think back on the reeling despair that seized me and declare it a mistake! Should I have set out in high spirits with a spring in my step? I did not. Should I have had more faith in the earth's friendly forces and felt certain and invulnerable at the wounding sight of flame-hued horizons? I could not do it, I was terribly vulnerable. Should I have justified myself, raising my eyes to the mountains? Oh, I tried, and always in vain...
And so one day I wanted to break away, not knowing exactly from which fate, seeming to grasp only that I had been struck by calamity, as anyone can be, and now must stand apart, silent. How do the others live, I asked myself, how do they bear this land and the day to come, how do they bear it? But should the dusk of rapture fall once more, this shadowless day ebb, the deer stand on the sloping winter meadow already cloaked in fog; should I be granted one more such innocent hour, I will lower my eyes and repent, and never again lead myself into temptation, but admit: we are at home in but a narrow precinct, can cover but a tiny distance - and beyond, at an immeasurable distance, the ships land on the death's shores. ~ Annemarie Schwarzenbach
Grey Eyes quotes by Annemarie Schwarzenbach
Birds-eye view
Awake the stars 'cause they're all around you
Wide eyes will always brighten the blue
Chase your dreams
And remember me, sweet bravery
'Cause after all those wings will take you up so high
So bid the forest floor goodbye as you race the wind
And take to the sky ~ Owl City
Grey Eyes quotes by Owl City
Charlie started crying, in the convulsive, soundless way that men do. "Don't you understand," he said after composing himself, "that's a funeral dirge for the first wave." We all thought about that, the many lives lost before we even opened our eyes this morning. ~ Suzanne Hayes
Grey Eyes quotes by Suzanne Hayes
There are too many Dudleys already in this world ~ Alison Weir
Grey Eyes quotes by Alison Weir
The sun was up, the room already too warm. Light filtered in through the net curtains, hanging suspended in the air, sediment in a pond. My head felt like a sack of pulp. Still in my nightgown, damp from some fright I'd pushed aside like foliage, I pulled myself up and out of my tangled bed, then forced myself through the usual dawn rituals - the ceremonies we perform to make ourselves look sane and acceptable to other people. The hair must be smoothed down after whatever apparitions have made it stand on end during the night, the expression of staring disbelief washed from the eyes. The teeth brushed, such as they are. God knows what bones I'd been gnawing in my sleep. ~ Margaret Atwood
Grey Eyes quotes by Margaret Atwood
having a breakdown I might as well play along with it. I might snap out of it more quickly that way. I didn't know anything about hallucinations and how they were caused but I guessed that eventually you came back to earth. All I had to do was wait. 'How is Angela?' I asked conversationally. 'Fine,' said the other Dervla. 'She's going out with Joe Magellan.' 'Joe Magellan? The guy from Operations?' She nodded. 'He's Deputy Head of Operations now,' she said. 'A rising star in the company. Well, a risen star really. I doubt very much he'll progress any further. But he's doubled his salary and his bonus in the last couple of years.' 'Lucky Angela.' I tried to keep a certain bitterness out of my voice. I'd fancied Joe Magellan myself for a while. But he was way out of my league with his toned and tanned body and his come-to-bed eyes. I looked at the other girl. The other me. Had she fancied Joe Magellan too? 'Angela's not so lucky,' Dervla continued. ~ Sheila O'Flanagan
Grey Eyes quotes by Sheila O'Flanagan
These old knights are more cunning than you think, or they would never have lived to see their first grey hair. ~ George R R Martin
Grey Eyes quotes by George R R Martin
My eyes, my tongue, my hands, my feet today Have but one purpose; to be given Christ To use to bless the world with miracles. - W, LESSON 353 ~ Alan Cohen
Grey Eyes quotes by Alan Cohen
These guys were way too enabled by the false intimacy of the Internet, which allowed you to toss out come-ons you would never utter if you were staring into another person's eyes. The frightening reality of another human being, the frightening reality of our imperfect and stuttering selves. How much technology has been designed to avoid this? We're all looking for ways to be close at a distance. Alcohol bridged the gap for me, the way the Internet bridges the gap for others. But maybe everyone needs to stop trying to leap over these fucking gaps and accept how scary it is to be real and vulnerable in the world. ~ Sarah Hepola
Grey Eyes quotes by Sarah Hepola
I felt her soul staring deep into mine. Her eyes were full of wondering interest and her beauty was softened by an air of mystery. ~ Brittainy C. Cherry
Grey Eyes quotes by Brittainy C. Cherry
Some time later he heard a scratching coming from the door. G shook his head, chalking the noise up to random castle creaks and groans, but then he heard it again. A distinct scratching sound.
He raised the candle, which only had an inch of light left, and walked cautiously to the door, just in time to see two beady little eyes peeking underneath. He barely had time to register the eyes when an entire furry body snaked its way inside his chamber, flat against the ground.
G yelped and stepped back. (He definitely did not scream like a little girl.) ~ Cynthia Hand
Grey Eyes quotes by Cynthia Hand
Jen rolled her eyes and let out a huff of air. "You got the knocking part right, fluffy, but you forgot the part where you are asked to come in. You don't just knock and then walk-in." Jen turned to Sally, shaking her head. "You should think they at least have some sort of puppy training class or something."
"If you aren't careful, he's going to be picking Jen-kibble out of his teeth after his next meal," Sally whispered under her breath as Decebel continued to stare Jen down.
Jen's gaze never wavered as she responded to Sally, "And what makes you think I object to being dinner? ~ Quinn Loftis
Grey Eyes quotes by Quinn Loftis
He gazed at me from the caverns of his impenetrable eyes, ~ W. Somerset Maugham
Grey Eyes quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
...they took him, in his frenzy of love, for a mad dog that had broken loose-- and he really looked terrifying: so emaciated that his ribs showed, a yellow film over his eyes, panting hoarsely and with his loose collar clinking as he ran headlong with frightening single-mindedness toward his unknown goal. ~ Georgi Vladimov
Grey Eyes quotes by Georgi Vladimov
A lot of people say Jerry Lee Lewis done wrong, but that has yet to be proven in the eyes of God. ~ Jerry Lee Lewis
Grey Eyes quotes by Jerry Lee Lewis
His hands came to her wrists, squeezed reflexively, before he got quickly to his feet. "You're mixing things up." Panic arrowed straight into his heart. "I told you sex complicates things."
"Yes,you did.And of course since you're the only man I've been with, how could I knew the difference between sex and love? Then again, that doesn't take into account that I'm a smart and self-aware woman, and I know the reason you're the only man I've been with is that you're the only man I've loved.Brian..."
She stepped toward him, humor flashing into her eyes when he stepped back. "I've made up my mind.You know how stubborn I am."
"I train your father's horses."
"So what? My mother groomed them."
"That's a different matter."
"Why? Oh, because she's a woman.How foolish of me not to realize we can't possibly love each other, build a life with each other.Now if you owned Royal Meadows and I worked here, then it would be all right."
"Stop making me sound ridiculous."
"I can't." She spread her hands. "You are ridiculous.I love you anyway. Really, I tried to approach it sensibly.I like doing things in a structured order that makes a beeline for the goal.But..." She shrugged, smiled. "It just doesn't want to work that way with you.I look at you and my heart,well, it just insists on taking over.I love you so much,Brian. Can't you tell me? Can't you look at me and tell me?"
He skimmed his fingertips over the bruise high on her temple. He wanted to tend ~ Nora Roberts
Grey Eyes quotes by Nora Roberts
Despite his intent, tears sprang to his eyes, and he went into her embrace, both of them sobbing freely, like enemies joined by a common loss or lovers about to be parted. Or else souls who could not remember whether they were lovers or enemies and were weeping at their own confusion. ~ Clive Barker
Grey Eyes quotes by Clive Barker
For J
Among the small graves a soft shaft of sunlight gently rains
On a memory; etches, as a glittering finger,
Golden corn field hair, ignites eyes sweet as the seas blue plains,
Traces lips pink as Marys carnation tears and lingers
Then is gone. Oh ancient sun above how shall I tell
Of the hearts deep yearnings that the years can never quell? ~ Alan James Roll
Grey Eyes quotes by Alan James Roll
I am a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Aren't we all? I teach meditation to many different types of people, you mentioned celebrities. I also teach meditation to many people who are not famous, but are, in my eyes, very important. ~ Frederick Lenz
Grey Eyes quotes by Frederick Lenz
Events are not determined by the wheel of fortune, which is blind, but by the wheels of Providence, which are full of eyes ~ Matthew Henry
Grey Eyes quotes by Matthew Henry
I don't know if anyone's ever told you this", he begins. He doesn't blush, and his eyes don't dart away. Instead I find myself staring into a pair of oceans - one perfect, the other blemished by that tiny ripple. "You're very attractive."
I've been complimented on my appearance before. But never in his tone of voice. Of all the things he's said, I don't know why this catches me off guard. But it startles me so much that without thinking I blurt out, "I could say the same about you." I pause. "In case you didn't know."
A slow grin spreads across his face. "Oh, trust me. I know. ~ Marie Lu
Grey Eyes quotes by Marie Lu
Though our smoke may hide the Heavens from your eyes, It will vanish and the stars will shine again, Because, for all our power and weight and size, We are nothing more than children of your brain! ~ Rudyard Kipling
Grey Eyes quotes by Rudyard Kipling
You did good today."
Chase shook his head. "No, Zane. I made a big mistake. Phoebe could have died out there. We could have lost the steers. All because I pulled some stupid stunt. I'm sorry."
Zane's throat tightened. He tried to speak but couldn't. So he wrapped his arms around Chase and pulled him close.
"It's okay," he managed at last, his voice hoarse. "I screw up all the time, too. The thing is, I never let you see that."
Chase hugged him back. "For real?"
They straightened and stared at each other. He quickly told Chase the story of the stallion and how their father had reacted.
"I didn't want you to have regrets," Zane said. "Not like I did. But I've been so busy trying to save you, I've made your life hell."
His brother's eyes filled with tears. "Thanks."
"You're a good kid." He shook his head. "Sorry. A good man. I'm proud you're my brother and…" He hesitated for a second. "I love you, Chase."
His brother sucked in a breath, then hugged him tight. "I love you, too, Zane. ~ Susan Mallery
Grey Eyes quotes by Susan   Mallery
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