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We have failed to recognize our great asset: time. A conscientious use of it could make us into something quite amazing. - Friedrich Schiller ~ Mason Currey
Great Asset quotes by Mason Currey
A careful and sympathetic sense of humour can also be a great asset when there is need to get out of difficult situations gracefully. ~ John Allen Fraser
Great Asset quotes by John Allen Fraser
Don't be fooled into thinking that you have the capacity to achieve your best on your own. A training partner in the gym is a great asset because when you think you have reached your limit, there is someone who can push you to go further. ~ Brian Houston
Great Asset quotes by Brian Houston
Obama's great asset has always been an ability to maintain his air of authority without being baritone about it. He can be boring, but he is never ridiculous or pompous. ~ Tina Brown
Great Asset quotes by Tina Brown
It's really a great asset to be willing to fail and blow it, so to speak, and to be okay with just making stuff, sharing it and getting feedback. ~ Chase Jarvis
Great Asset quotes by Chase Jarvis
Her hair, long, black and flowing, was her great asset, and she liked to wear it over her shoulders, ~ Amitav Ghosh
Great Asset quotes by Amitav Ghosh
Speed is a great asset; but it's greater when it's combined with quickness - and there's a big difference. ~ Ty Cobb
Great Asset quotes by Ty Cobb
The bottom line is that TV can either be a great asset to your career, or if you're a complete ass that people hate, it can be the final nail in your coffin. ~ Bret Michaels
Great Asset quotes by Bret Michaels
Life is a great asset we must all endeavor to acquire, keep and daily maintain it well with all due diligence, for without life, all other assets have no real meaning to our lives. ~ Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
Great Asset quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
It is essential for the photographer to know the effect of his lenses. The lens is his eye, and it makes or ruins his pictures. A feeling for composition is a great asset. I think it is very much a matter of instinct. It can perhaps be developed, but I doubt if it can be learned. To achieve his best work, the young photographer must discover what really excites him visually. He must discover his own world. ~ Bill Brandt
Great Asset quotes by Bill Brandt
You can't train people loyalty. A person with loyalty is a great asset than a smart but disloyal one... ~ Assegid Habtewold
Great Asset quotes by Assegid Habtewold
Fred Sturm has proven to be a great asset to the musical world as a teacher, composer and author. His gifts have enriched the musical life of all the people who have been fortunate enough to share his wisdom and musicality. ~ Bob Brookmeyer
Great Asset quotes by Bob Brookmeyer
Men are born with a great asset of weak memory, especially for the bad moments. It's not the same with women though. Good or bad, they would keep the memories intact like permanent data in ROM. ~ Mita Jain
Great Asset quotes by Mita Jain
My soul is my great asset and my great misfortune. ~ D.H. Lawrence
Great Asset quotes by D.H. Lawrence
When you believe in yourself as a great asset God created for a reason, you will rename your major successes as mere stepping stones because there are greater things that eyes have not yet seen through you, and all are embedded in the value you have in your room; remember that value is you! ~ Israelmore Ayivor
Great Asset quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
The unknown can be a great tool. ~ George M. Gilbert
Great Asset quotes by George M. Gilbert
I took a fortnight off. But I'm not a great believer in breaks. I don't want to be rattling around inside my own head. I did feel I was spiralling into a Kathy Burke character and tried going out, but I prefer it here. Filming keeps me busy. It absorbs me. ~ Nigella Lawson
Great Asset quotes by Nigella Lawson
It would be futile to delude ourselves that at present, readers find every pathography unsavory. This attitude is excused with the reproach that from a pathographic elaboration of a great man one never obtains an understanding of his importance and his attainments, that it is therefore useless mischief to study in him things which could just as well be found in the first comer. However, this criticism is so clearly unjust that it can only be grasped when viewed as a pretext and a disguise for something. As a matter of fact pathography does not aim at making comprehensible the attainments of the great man; no one should really be blamed for not doing something which one never promised. The real motives for the opposition are quite different. One finds them when one bears in mind that biographers are fixed on their heroes in quite a peculiar manner. Frequently they take the hero as the object of study because, for reasons of their personal emotional life, they bear him a special affection from the very outset. They then devote themselves to a work of idealization which strives to enroll the great men among their infantile models, and to revive through him, as it were, the infantile conception of the father. For the sake of this wish they wipe out the individual features in his physiognomy, they rub out the traces of his life's struggle with inner and outer resistances, and do not tolerate in him anything of human weakness or imperfection; they then give us a cold, strange, idea ~ Sigmund Freud
Great Asset quotes by Sigmund Freud
I'm a great believer that, if you know how to operate in Africa, there are unbelievable opportunities. ~ Nicky Oppenheimer
Great Asset quotes by Nicky Oppenheimer
Specialization is the great evil of civilization. ~ Wendell Berry
Great Asset quotes by Wendell Berry
Men, it is supposed want to pass their wisdom to their sons; he would give a great deal to protect his own son from a quartr of what he knows. ~ Hilary Mantel
Great Asset quotes by Hilary Mantel
I had a paint pony called Half-Pint, and I rode her in Madison Square Garden, and that was my first big show. But my first real pony was this red pony called Chantal. He was absolutely amazing. He was a great pony, except he did spin me off a couple of times! I would blink, and then I would be on the floor. ~ Jessica Springsteen
Great Asset quotes by Jessica Springsteen
Darks drifts covered the horizon. A strange shadow approaching nearer and nearer, was spreading little by little over men, over things, over ideas; a shadow which came from indignations and from systems. All that had been hurriedly stifled was stirring and fermenting. Sometimes the conscious of the honest man caught its breath, there was so much confusion in that air in which sophisms were mingled with truths. Minds trembled in the social anxiety like leaves at the approach of the storm. The electric tension was so great that at certain moments any chance-comer, thought unknown, flashed out. Then the twilight darkness fell again. At intervals, deep and sullen mutterings enabled men to judge of the amount of lightning in the cloud. ~ Victor Hugo
Great Asset quotes by Victor Hugo
Oh, I wish we had the old days back again," exclaimed Jem. "I'd love to be a soldier - a great, triumphant general. I'd give EVERYTHING to see a big battle." Well, ~ L.M. Montgomery
Great Asset quotes by L.M. Montgomery
I think to the degree writers are serious, there is a greater tendency for them to write to themselves, because they're trying to compose their own thoughts. They are trying to find out what is in their minds, which is the great mystery. Finding out who you are, what is in your head, and what kind of companion you are to yourself in the course of life. I do think people have very profound lives of which they say virtually nothing. ~ Marilynne Robinson
Great Asset quotes by Marilynne Robinson
My husband and I have, in some ways, a non-traditional relationship - especially when it comes to domestic duties. He does most of the cooking, dishes, and laundry, while I do most of the yard work. I love to mow the lawn! And I take great satisfaction in planting and pruning. ~ Therese Fowler
Great Asset quotes by Therese Fowler
One of the great tragedies we witness almost daily is the tragedy of men of high aim and low achievement. Their motives are noble. Their proclaimed ambition is praiseworthy. Their capacity to achieve is great. But their discipline is weak. They succumb to indolence. Appetite robs them of will. ~ Gordon B. Hinckley
Great Asset quotes by Gordon B. Hinckley
A great many people experience the movement from one century to the next, but a minuscule number of people experience the movement from one millennium to the next. ~ Neale Donald Walsch
Great Asset quotes by Neale Donald Walsch
I've looked over what I wrote yesterday and I see it wasn't as clear as it should be. It's perfectly clear for any of us, I mean. But who knows? Maybe you unknown people who'll get my notes when the INTEGRAL brings them - maybe you've read the great book of civilization only up to the page our ancestors reached about 900 years ago. Maybe you don't even know the basics - like the Table of Hours, Personal Hours, Maternal Norm, Green Wall, Benefactor. It feels funny to me, and at the same time it's very hard to talk about all this. It's just as if a writer of the twentieth century, for instance, had to explain in his novel what he meant by "jacket" or "apartment" or "wife." Still, if his novel was translated for savages, there's no way he could write "jacket" without putting in a note.
But what of that? After man's tail fell off, it was probably some little while before he learned to shoo away the flies without a tail. I don't doubt that during that first time he probably missed his tail. But now - can you even imagine yourself with a tail? Or: Can you imagine yourself walking down the street naked - without your "jacket"? (Maybe you still run around in "jackets.") Well, it's the same here: I can't imagine a city that isn't girdled about with a Green Wall. I can't imagine a life that isn't clad in the numerical robes of the Table. ~ Yevgeny Zamyatin
Great Asset quotes by Yevgeny Zamyatin
Spaniards have always shown great maturity and great common sense when it comes to voting. ~ Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero
Great Asset quotes by Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero
They had the magic pill, the solution to the inertia and frustration that has plagued the great literary protagonists I'd related to all my life - be it Leopold Bloom, Alex Portnoy, or Piglet from Winnie the Pooh. As ~ Neil Strauss
Great Asset quotes by Neil Strauss
I was a very good baseball and football player, but my father always told me I was much more interested in how I looked playing baseball or football than in actually playing. There's great truth in that. ~ John Malkovich
Great Asset quotes by John Malkovich
The work done, she lowered him back into place with what, in his final thought, seemed great gentleness. And then he was done. ~ Nicholas Nicastro
Great Asset quotes by Nicholas Nicastro
September 17, 2016
Before the day I was Born
I already Conquered
all Evil in Our Precious Universe :
Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans The Great
Religion of Blue Circle
Forever Young
God ~ Petra Hermans
Great Asset quotes by Petra Hermans
The mellow bells, soaring and singing in tower and steeple, told of time's flight through an eternity of peace; and Great Tom, tolling his nightly hundred-and-one, called home only the rooks from off Christ Church Meadow. ~ Dorothy L. Sayers
Great Asset quotes by Dorothy L. Sayers
What I love about 'The Walking Dead' is it's a human story, which is to me what makes the comic book so good, but once you jump from the pages of the book to the screen, the gore and the zombies have to look great. ~ Scott Ian
Great Asset quotes by Scott Ian
I was the drummer in a band called Hemsworth for a brief stint, too - it was not very great. I didn't even write the songs, but the band was named after me. ~ Ryan Hemsworth
Great Asset quotes by Ryan Hemsworth
I meet a lot of young people that want to go into acting because they think of what it will do for them. If that's the case, it can be a very, very painful profession. But if the kids want to do acting because they love it, and they want to give to it, then they can have a great life. It's really about as simple as how you look at it. ~ Ethan Hawke
Great Asset quotes by Ethan Hawke
The great thing about books is that you can end with a question mark. ~ Joanne Harris
Great Asset quotes by Joanne Harris
A great soul is called Saragrahi that means one who is always looking for the essence of every situation that comes before us. ~ Radhanath Swami
Great Asset quotes by Radhanath Swami
Still, on 'Friends', we had some guest-stars who were less than spectacular, not the stunt-casting, but just regular guest-stars, and they weren't particularly great actors, but the material was so good that they scored. It's the writing. ~ Matt LeBlanc
Great Asset quotes by Matt LeBlanc
It is a great pity that human beings cannot find all of their satisfaction in scientific contemplativeness. ~ Niels Bohr
Great Asset quotes by Niels Bohr
Sometimes I worry about how attached I am to this dog. About the fact that the primary relationship of my life is with a canine. That at the end of a terrible day I look forward to nothing more than coming home and lying on the bed, under the covers, with a giant Great Dane. ~ Eve Marie Mont
Great Asset quotes by Eve Marie Mont
To practice tantra requires even greater compassion and greater intelligence than are required on the sutra path; thus, though many persons in the degenerate era are interested in tantra, tantra is not for degenerate persons. Tantra is limited to persons whose compassion is so great that they cannot bear to spend unnecessary time in attaining Buddhahood, as they want to be a supreme source of help and happiness for others quickly. ~ Dalai Lama XIV
Great Asset quotes by Dalai Lama XIV
Ok now
I don't read "all the time." Remember, that these ratings are over quite a while. I'll try to put in some comments over what I've been reading lately. I like Vince Flynn's spy/thrillers. Also, check out Umberto Eco's one "On Beauty"
not the precise title, but great art/comments. Also, Sophie's World if you like a pretty unusual story with philosophy mixed in. ~ Umberto Eco
Great Asset quotes by Umberto Eco
Life, my dear Mamselle, can't be reckoned up correctly without cooking the accounts a bit, and our mistake lies in this: that when we grapple with great things, we never take the human coefficient into consideration. All the confusion comes from that...Don't be upset by the coefficient, Mamselle. It contains all the savor and glamor of life. Otherwise every lout would just drink up life to the dregs, and then put a bullet into his brain...Because then his brain would ask for something beyond life...No matter what happens, keep on living, Mamselle. A living human being is, after all, Nature's most beautiful creation. ~ Leonid Leonov
Great Asset quotes by Leonid Leonov
Now, there are things I like just fine about church, and I don't just mean making money. The notion of getting together as a community to remind ourselves why we shouldn't behave like animals is a fucking great idea. ~ Nick Offerman
Great Asset quotes by Nick Offerman
Every person of intelligence should be able to use his mother tongue correctly. It only requires a little pains, a little care, a little study to enable one to do so, and the recompense is great. ~ Joseph Devlin
Great Asset quotes by Joseph Devlin
Children who wish to become good and great men or good and noble women, should try to know well all the people whom they meet. Thus they will find that there is no one who has not much of good; and when they see some great folly, or some meanness, or some cowardice, or some fault or weakness in another person, they should examine themselves carefully. Then they will see that, perhaps, they too have some of the same fault in themselves - although perhaps it does not come out in the same way - and then they must try to conquer that fault. ~ Bram Stoker
Great Asset quotes by Bram Stoker
My favorite Wes Anderson movie is 'The Darjeeling Limited,' because I have two other brothers, and I just feel that connection so well. All of his films have something so great and unique about them, that I don't know how I would be if I don't like them. I wouldn't be me. My personality is his sensibility. ~ Tony Revolori
Great Asset quotes by Tony Revolori
Even great men are only truly recognized and honored once they are dead. Why? Because those who praise them need to feel themselves somehow superior to the person praised, they need to feel they are making some concession. ~ Clarice Lispector
Great Asset quotes by Clarice Lispector
And there are loners in rural communities who, at the equinox, are said to don new garments and stroll down to the cities, where great beasts await them, fat and docile. ~ Louis Aragon
Great Asset quotes by Louis Aragon
We grown-ups always try to take the easy way out, the laziest way. We seem to have a great fear of getting tired, as if any energy depleted is lost forever. We want to plan our fatigue the same way we plan everything else. ~ Twinkle Khanna
Great Asset quotes by Twinkle Khanna
I think there's a great strength in having the courage and also having the support to do what you want to do when you're an artist in any way, shape or form. ~ Dave Gahan
Great Asset quotes by Dave Gahan
There is no prayer or good work so great, so pleasing to God, so useful to us as the Mass. ~ Lawrence Giustiniani
Great Asset quotes by Lawrence Giustiniani
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