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I would rather have bowel surgery in the woods with a stick. If you are not stung or pronged to death in some unexpected manner, you may be fatally chomped by sharks or crocodiles, or carried helplessly out to sea by irresistible currents, or left to stagger to an unhappy death in the baking outback. ~ Bill Bryson
Gimer Stick quotes by Bill Bryson
It makes no difference to me what kind of bat I have. For instance, I often grab the first bat I come across when I go up to the plate. Muggsy McGraw uses a light stick and Jake Stenzel uses a heavy one, but I'm liable to take any one of the miscellaneous lot that falls in my way. ~ Joe Kelley
Gimer Stick quotes by Joe Kelley
The wealthy are confident in their abilities to overcome bad situations - on the job, in their personal lives, with their finances. Many have triumphed over dismal financial starts. And, unlike most of the population that hops from job to job, career to career, the wealthy are much more likely to stick with what they start. ~ Jean Chatzky
Gimer Stick quotes by Jean Chatzky
He sent you a text message that read: FIre Sign - You're compatible with all signs. Your blood group breathes disappointment and happiness. You stick your tongue in the woman's mouth in order to cool down. The fog that burns on the ceiling is the steam of sweat. You buy pins and colored pictures from the shop. You pin them on your flesh when you receive a guest. The firewood comes to you throughout the night, wrapped in nightmares. When you wake up you have a bath on fire. You eat on fire. You read the newspapers on fire. You smoke a cigarette on fire. In the coffee cup you come across prophecies of fire. You laugh on fire. You have your lungs checked at the hospital, and they find a spring of errors that looks like a tumor. You dream of the final act: It goes out. ~ Hassan Blasim
Gimer Stick quotes by Hassan Blasim
Stick to a task, 'til it sticks to you. Beginners are many, finishers are few. -Anonymous, as quoted in Small and Simple Things. ~ Marjorie Pay Hinckley
Gimer Stick quotes by Marjorie Pay Hinckley
Look, I might keep interested in this if you stop shouting it all over the island and if you stick to killing Colonel Cathcart. But if you're going to turn it into a bloodbath, you can forget about me. ~ Joseph Heller
Gimer Stick quotes by Joseph Heller
There was something so comforting in the certainty that someone knew about your biggest flaws and was still willing to stick around. ~ R.K. Lilley
Gimer Stick quotes by R.K. Lilley
Never underestimate the power of weapons. A novice with a powerful weapon is deadlier than a warrior with a stick. ~ Shon Mehta
Gimer Stick quotes by Shon Mehta
The world is made out of Nutella. You just need to stick your tongue out, so that you could really taste it. ~ Nishikant
Gimer Stick quotes by Nishikant
If I lost focus for even a moment, she's smack me with her stick and say, "Dreaming of dancing with your dark prince? ~ Leigh Bardugo
Gimer Stick quotes by Leigh Bardugo
I have a coconut oil stick, which I use for everything - on my eye lids to make them shinier, on my lips, and on any dry skin. ~ Georgia May Jagger
Gimer Stick quotes by Georgia May Jagger
We ask you to help us work for that day when black will not be asked to get back, when brown can stick around, when yellow will be mellow, when the red man can get ahead, man, and when white will embrace what is right. ~ Joseph Lowery
Gimer Stick quotes by Joseph Lowery
My theory is that if you buy an ice-cream cone and make it hit your mouth, you can learn to play tennis. If you stick it on your forehead, your chances aren't as good. ~ Vic Braden
Gimer Stick quotes by Vic Braden
Think big. Make a plan and stick to it, and you can do anything you want to do. ~ Chasey Lain
Gimer Stick quotes by Chasey Lain
I always think if you have to cook once, it should feed you twice. If you're going to make a big chicken and vegetable soup for lunch on Monday, you stick it in the refrigerator and it's also for Wednesday's dinner. ~ Curtis Stone
Gimer Stick quotes by Curtis Stone
But first we had to get on board Raul's yacht silently and alive, and to do that we had to approach it without being seen. So far, we had come up with no way to do that, other than go-take-a-look-and-see-what's-what. If it had been up to me, this casual plan of attack would not have been plan B - not even C. I don't like to improvise. When I slide out into the night for the purpose of making Mischief, I need to have a plan, and I need to stick with it. Beginning, ~ Jeff Lindsay
Gimer Stick quotes by Jeff Lindsay

Victory may lay in the fog
Silent seas
Howling dogs
You and and me
Cut from a different cloth
Concrete love
Oh let me tell ya
Im gunna take this one step further
Lets explore don't stick to what you know
We're gunna take this one step further
I've found the truth
The stars are you
Running in the dark
Skiing in the fields
Oh lets get lost
Buy a ticket to mars
Oh show me the way
And i'm sure i'll stay
We're blossom leaves
No camouflage
Let colours bleed for us all to see
Hey your coming with me
Whether you like it or not
1 2 3
Im gunna take this one step further
Lets explore don't stick to what you know
We're gunna take this one step further
I've found the truth
The stars are you
Running in the dark
Skiing in the fields
Oh lets get lost
Buy a ticket to mars
Oh show me the way
And i'm sure i'll stay
What you running for
Running for
What you running for
Running in the dark
Skiing in the fields
Oh lets get lost
Buy a ticket to mars
Oh show me the way
And i'm sure i'll stay ~ Bipolar Sunshine
Gimer Stick quotes by Bipolar Sunshine
Mr. Sturgess ran the classes with iron, ex-military discipline. We each had spots on the floor, denoting where we should stand rigidly to attention, awaiting our next task. And he pushed us hard. It felt like Mr. Sturgess had forgotten that we were only age six--but as kids, we loved it.
It made us feel special.
We would line up in rows beneath a metal bar, some seven feet off the ground, then one by one we would say: "Up, please, Mr. Sturgess," and he would lift us up and leave us hanging, as he continued down the line.
The rules were simple: you were not allowed to ask permission to drop off until the whole row was up and hanging, like dead pheasants in a game larder. And even then you had to request: "Down, please, Mr. Sturgess." If you buckled and dropped off prematurely, you were sent back in shame to your spot.
I found I loved these sessions and took great pride in determining to be the last man hanging. Mum would say that she couldn't bear to watch as my little skinny body hung there, my face purple and contorted in blind determination to stick it out until the bitter end.
One by one the other boys would drop off the bar, and I would be left hanging there, battling to endure until the point where even Mr. Sturgess would decide it was time to call it.
I would then scuttle back to my mark, grinning from ear to ear.
"Down, please, Mr. Sturgess," became a family phrase for us, as an example of hard physical exercise, strict discipline, an ~ Bear Grylls
Gimer Stick quotes by Bear Grylls
Sir," said the guard from behind me. "I'd appreciate it if you left your club here."
I paused and looked over my shoulder, He had a gun. His hand wasn't exactly resting on it, but he'd tucked his thumb into his belt about half an inch away.
"It isn't a club," I said calmly. "It's a walking stick."
"Six feet long."
"It's traditional Ozark folk art."
"With dents and nicks all over it."
I thought about it for a second. "I'm insecure?"
"Get a blanket. ~ Jim Butcher
Gimer Stick quotes by Jim Butcher
Holden... One short, faintly stuffy, pedagogical question. Don't you think there's a time and place for everything? Don't you think if someone starts out to tell you about his father's farm, he should stick to his guns, then get around to telling you about his uncle's brace? Or, if his uncle's brace is such a provocative subject, shouldn't he have selected it in the first place as his subject - not the farm?'
I didn't feel much like thinking and answering and all. I had a headache and I felt lousy. I even had sort of a stomach-ache, if you want to know the truth.
'Yes - I don't know. I guess he should. I mean I guess he should've picked his uncle as a subject, instead of the farm, if that interested him most. But what I mean is, lots of time you don't know what interests you most till you start talking about something that doesn't interest you most. I mean you can't help it sometimes. What I think is, you're supposed to leave somebody alone if he's at least being interesting and he's getting all excited about something. I like it when somebody gets excited about something. It's nice. You just didn't know this teacher, Mr. Vinson. He could drive you crazy sometimes, him and the goddam class. I mean he'd keep telling you to unify and simplify all the time. Some things you just can't do that to. I mean you can't hardly ever simplify and unify something just because somebody wants you to. ~ J.D. Salinger
Gimer Stick quotes by J.D. Salinger
There is an unspoken pact that women are supposed to follow. I am supposed to act like I constantly feel guilty about being away from my kids. (I don't. I love my job.) Mothers who stay at home are supposed to pretend they are bored and wish they were doing more corporate things. (They don't. They love their job.) If we all stick to the plan there will be less blood in the streets. ~ Amy Poehler
Gimer Stick quotes by Amy Poehler
If you get stuck and it feels a little stiff, then you do have to mess it up to find it. But other times it's really written and you just stick to your guns and do it as elegantly and as concentrated and as committed as you can. ~ Willem Dafoe
Gimer Stick quotes by Willem Dafoe
Like your mother. That's what you are. Another obstinate pig like your mother. But I'll fix you. We'll see. And if you don't pass that exam next week, by God I'll lame you for life. When I was your age, I had to get up and work. I had to rise at five in the morning and drag a milk cart half round the town for a few shillings a week. Here you get a chance of earning over a pound a week and you stick your nose up at it. I'll fix you. You wait. I have had to work hard for my living and I'll bloody well see that you do the same. ~ James Hanley
Gimer Stick quotes by James Hanley
Whenever I got those rejection letters, then, I would permit my ego to say aloud to whoever had signed it: You think you can scare me off? I've got another eighty years to wear you down! There are people who haven't even been born yet who are gonna reject me someday - that's how long I plan to stick around. ~ Elizabeth Gilbert
Gimer Stick quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
Here's a handy list of warning signs of the worst people on the road. Some are tuned-out menaces, others are just assholes. Be alert, and if you see this on a vehicle close to you, get away now. STICK FIGURE FAMILY: I hereby decree that you are allowed to accelerate to ramming speed every time you see a minivan with a silhouette of the family and their names on the rear window. We get it, you didn't pull out. Is that information you really think I'm interested in? I know you're a parent. You're driving a Plymouth Voyager with two hundred thousand miles on it; do you imagine I'm behind you thinking, "Who is that gay entrepreneur?" Even worse is the theme family. Oh, you're into snowboarding? Oh, you've got cats? Oh, they've all got Mickey ears, they must really love Disney. You know what I love? Driving more than fifty-three miles an hour. How about a stick figure depiction of your family moving the fuck over and letting me get to work on time? ~ Adam Carolla
Gimer Stick quotes by Adam Carolla
The legacies that parents and church and teachers left to my generation of Black children were priceless but not material: a living faith reflected in daily service, the discipline of hard work and stick-to-itiveness, and a capacity to struggle in the face of adversity. ~ Marian Wright Edelman
Gimer Stick quotes by Marian Wright Edelman
We want you to sit down and leave your egos at home and let's get an understanding as to where all this is foolishness coming from. There are others who are putting things out there or throwing a stick and hiding their hand and keeping things built up in the media. ~ Afrika Bambaataa
Gimer Stick quotes by Afrika Bambaataa
So there that poor little stick is, caught up in a swirlin' eddy, spinnin' and spinnin' until it's sure it's gonna be stuck in that one spot forever. But then a most amazing thing happens. For no reason that anyone can really be sure of, the water spits that little stick right out of that stuck place and off it goes, floatin' on down the river to find new adventures. ~ Sandra Kring
Gimer Stick quotes by Sandra Kring
I breathed in a deep dose of night air, trying to calm my schoolgirl nervousness. "I, umm…" I began. "I decided to stick around here a little while." There. I'd said it. This was all officially real.
Without a moment of hesitation, Marlboro Man wrapped his ample arms around my waist. Then, in what seemed to be less than a second, he hoisted me from my horizontal position on the bed of his pickup until we were both standing in front of each other. Scooping me off my feet, he raised me up to his height so his icy blue eyes were level with mine.
"Wait…are you serious?" he asked, taking my face in his hands. Squaring it in front of his. Looking me in the eye. "You're not going?"
"Nope," I answered.
"Whoa," he said, smiling and moving in for a long, impassioned kiss on the back of his Ford F250. "I can't believe it," he continued, squeezing me tightly.
Our knees buckled under the heat, and before I knew it we were back where we'd been before, rolling around and kissing manically in the bed of his diesel pickup. Occasionally my arm would hit a crowbar and my head would slam against a spare tire or a cattle prod or a jack; I didn't care, of course. I'd said what I wanted to say that night. Everything else--even minor head injuries--was a piece of cake.
We stayed there a long, long time, the balmy night air giving us no good reason to leave. Under the innumerable stars, amidst all the embraces and kisses and sounds from the surrounding livestock, I sudde ~ Ree Drummond
Gimer Stick quotes by Ree Drummond
Freedom. And Justice. If you have those two, it covers everything. You must stick to those principles and have the courage of your convictions. ~ Ian Smith
Gimer Stick quotes by Ian Smith
When I've written episodes of 'Doctor Who', when it comes to the monster chasing somebody, it's the Doctor and the companion, running down the corridor, being chased by a guy with a stick and a tennis ball on the end. Whereas, when I see the rushes of 'Being Human', we're actually looking at the werewolf, and it just looks real. ~ Donald Sumpter
Gimer Stick quotes by Donald Sumpter
I have dipped into Ian McEwan and so on. I tend not to stick with one writer. But I dip in here and there. ~ John Gimlette
Gimer Stick quotes by John Gimlette

To her, the scent and the memory of him were one. Where it lay strongest, the distant past came to her as if that morning: Taking a dead sparrow from her jaws, before she knew to hide such things. Guiding her to the floor, bending her knee until the arthritis made it stick, his palm hotsided on her ribs to measure her breaths and know where the pain began. And to comfort her. That had been the week before he went away.

He was gone, she knew this, but something of him clung to the baseboards. At times the floor quivered under his footstep. She stood then and nosed into the kitchen and the bathroom and the bedroom-especially the closet-her intention to press her ruff against his hand, run it along his thigh, feel the heat of his body through the fabric.

Places, times, weather-all these drew him up inside her. Rain, especially, falling past the double doors of the kennel, where he'd waited through so many storms, each drop throwing a dozen replicas into the air as it struck the waterlogged earth. And where the rising and falling water met, something like an expectation formed, a place where he might appear and pass in long strides, silent and gestureless. For she was not without her own selfish desires: to hold things motionless, to measure herself against them and find herself present, to know that she was alive precisely because he needn't acknowledge her in casual passing; that utter constancy might prevail if she attended the world ~ David Wroblewski
Gimer Stick quotes by David Wroblewski
It's important for us as Democrats to stick together. ~ Frank Pallone
Gimer Stick quotes by Frank Pallone
My main object in making a motion picture is entertainment. If at the same time I can strike a blow for liberty, then I'll stick one in. ~ John Wayne
Gimer Stick quotes by John Wayne
Assign a deadline to your biggest objectives and stick to it so they don't become just another litany of "what ifs" and sad regrets. ~ Carlos Wallace
Gimer Stick quotes by Carlos Wallace
Success is just a war of attrition. Sure, there's an element of talent you should probably possess. But if you just stick around long enough, eventually something is going to happen. ~ Dax Shepard
Gimer Stick quotes by Dax Shepard
There are no gods, paladin. There is no afterlife, no eternal reward. You, in fact, are a slave to a creature you cannot even comprehend." Demian stabbed the stick he still held into the ground. "All that a man has in this world is his own will, the freedom to do what he desires. Taking away that is the greatest crime one can inflict upon another. Murder – it is terrible. But it is over in an instant and the dead never can truly understand what has happened to them. They are simply gone. But slavery – day after day, year after year shackled to another's whims – it is the most heinous of crimes. ~ Alec Hutson
Gimer Stick quotes by Alec Hutson
God in His grace will allow us a certain number of friendships that stick for the long haul of life. These friendships are a treasured blessing. ~ Bill Hybels
Gimer Stick quotes by Bill Hybels
Beer has that Olympic medal color," Rot replied, "but does it have a winning taste? I'd hardly call silver a champion flavor. No, I'll stick to my red wine. ~ Jarod Kintz
Gimer Stick quotes by Jarod Kintz
Sarah turned her narrow-eyed gaze on him, making me glad once more that Antimony's comic books got it wrong, and telepaths can't actually kill you with their brains. Give you a whopping headache and earworm you with annoying jingles, yes; kill you, no. (Although sometimes, when she's managed to stick "The Happy Banana Song" in my head for a week, I sort of wish she could kill people with her brain. It would be kinder.) ~ Seanan McGuire
Gimer Stick quotes by Seanan McGuire
I was literally dazed by the volt of vehemence that a thin sugar cane stick like body can throw out. "I understand, but ~ Poulomi Sengupta
Gimer Stick quotes by Poulomi Sengupta
Sensitive people find it harder to stick around. ~ Nick Hornby
Gimer Stick quotes by Nick Hornby
The mistake many people make when they go to a bespoke tailor is they often think they need to do something special - either an interesting design feature, or a particularly interesting or unique-looking cloth. I say do the opposite. Stick to something really simple, because this will be a suit that you will really want to wear, so start with something very straightforward and you will get an enormous amount of joy wearing it. ~ Patrick Grant
Gimer Stick quotes by Patrick Grant
It depends on the baby. Stick with the perfume-free and dye-free rule, especially for babies with sensitive skin. But, that does NOT necessarily mean that your baby's laundry needs to be washed separately with his own expensive detergent. The whole family's laundry can be done with a product like ALL Free and Clear or Tide Free. For the baby with sensitive skin, pre-wash items that will be touching him. It may also be helpful to double rinse the laundry. And remember to avoid dryer sheets (they all contain perfume). ~ Ari Brown
Gimer Stick quotes by Ari Brown
If you ask any copper why they stick at a job which exposes them to abuse from everyone from petty criminals all the way down to government ministers, they'll say it's the variety. ~ Ben Aaronovitch
Gimer Stick quotes by Ben Aaronovitch
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