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I'm somewhat shy about the brutal facts of being a carnivore. I don't like meat to look like animals. I prefer it in the form of sausages, hamburger and meat loaf, far removed from the living thing. ~ John Updike
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by John Updike
Slicing a warm slab of bacon is a lot like giving a ferret a shave. No matter how careful you are, somebody's going to get hurt. ~ Alton Brown
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by Alton Brown
Some enterprising rabbit had dug its way under the stakes of my garden again. One voracious rabbit could eat a cabbage down to the roots, and from the looks of things, he'd brought friends. I sighed and squatted to repair the damage, packing rocks and earth back into the hole. The loss of Ian was a constant ache; at such moments as this, I missed his horrible dog as well.

I had brought a large collection of cuttings and seeds from River Run, most of which had survived the journey. It was mid-June, still time--barely--to put in a fresh crop of carrots. The small patch of potato vines was all right, so were the peanut bushes; rabbits wouldn't touch those, and didn't care for the aromatic herbs either, except the fennel, which they gobbled like licorice.

I wanted cabbages, though, to preserve a sauerkraut; come winter, we would want food with some taste to it, as well as some vitamin C. I had enough seed left, and could raise a couple of decent crops before the weather turned cold, if I could keep the bloody rabbits off. I drummed my fingers on the handle of my basket, thinking. The Indians scattered clippings of their hair around the edges of the fields, but that was more protection against deer than rabbits.

Jamie was the best repellent, I decided. Nayawenne had told me that the scent of carnivore urine would keep rabbits away--and a man who ate meat was nearly as good as a mountain lion, to say nothing of being more biddable. Yes, that would d ~ Diana Gabaldon
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by Diana Gabaldon
Oh yes, and compulsory ferret-legging down the pub on Tuesday evenings, for the tourist trade tha' knows." "Ferret-legging?" Rachel looked at him incredulously. "Yup. You tie your kilt up around your knees with duct tape - as you probably know, no Yorkshireman would be seen dead wearing anything under his sporran - and take a ferret by the scruff of his neck. A ferret, that's like, uh, a bit like a mink. Only less friendly. It's a young man's initiation rite; you stick the ferret where the sun doesn't shine and dance the furry dance to the tune of a balalaika. Last man standing and all that, kind of like the ancient Boer aardvark-kissing competition." Martin shuddered dramatically. "I hate ferrets. The bloody things bite like a cask-strength single malt without the nice after-effects. ~ Charles Stross
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by Charles Stross
See!" she snapped at him. "You men are all brutish. You force your strength and will on us as if we matter for naught and then you wonder why we don'tlike " - she spat the word at him - "you. Really? Is it any wonder? Why would any woman want to subject herself to the male ego? Why?"

She looked down at his body as a sudden heat came into her gaze that made him instantly nervous. "Sure, you're a handsome beastie with kissable lips when they're not bleeding. You're fair in form with big, bulging - " He actually cringed in fear of the word "cock" coming out of her mouth again, but luckily she averted her thoughts as her gaze met his.

For the first time the despair left her voice. "Your eyes are so beautiful." She ran one finger over his brow, making him instantly hard for her. "Did you know that?" Then the gloomy tone returned as she dropped her hand from his face. "Of course you do. You're a worthless man. Just like all the others."

"Yeah," Blaise teased. "You're worthless, Varian. And what on him bulges again, Merewyn?"

Varian glared at the mandrake, who merely continued to laugh at him.

"Everything. His arms, his legs, his - "

"Enough, Merewyn," Varian said from between clenched teeth.

"Well, you do bulge. I've seen it."

"We've all seen it," Merrick said, his voice filled with humor, "And it's sickening."

Varian glared at the triplets, especially the ferret, who was lau ~ Kinley MacGregor
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by Kinley MacGregor
Every time that an animal eats a plant or another animal, the conversion of food biomass into the consumer's biomass involves an efficiency of much less than 100 percent: typically around 10 percent. That is, it takes around 10,000 pounds of corn to grow a 1,000-pound cow. If instead you want to grow 1,000 pounds of carnivore, you have to feed it 10,000 pounds of herbivore grown on 100,000 pounds of corn. Even among herbivores and omnivores, many species, like koalas, are too finicky in their plant preferences to recommend themselves as farm animals. As a result of this fundamental inefficiency, no mammalian carnivore has ever been domesticated for food. ~ Jared Diamond
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by Jared Diamond
I suppose we all share this pipe-dream of being able to reach out a hand and find anything at will; what is amazing is that we think that good filing could somehow make it comes true. On the contrary: putting a letter into a filing system is like releasing your ferret in the Hampton Court maze. ~ Katharine Whitehorn
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by Katharine Whitehorn
And because I had been a hustler, I knew better than all whites knew, and better than nearly all of the black 'leaders' knew, that actually the most dangerous black man in America was the ghetto hustler. Why do I say this? The hustler, out there in the ghetto jungles, has less respect for the white power structure than any other Negro in North America. The ghetto hustler is internally restrained by nothing. He has no religion, no concept of morality, no civic responsibility, no fear--nothing. To survive, he is out there constantly preying upon others, probing for any human weakness like a ferret. The ghetto hustler is forever frustrated, restless, and anxious for some 'action'. Whatever he undertakes, he commits himself to it fully, absolutely. What makes the ghetto hustler yet more dangerous is his 'glamour' image to the school-dropout youth in the ghetto.These ghetto teen-agers see the hell caught by their parents struggling to get somewhere, or see that they have given up struggling in the prejudiced, intolerant white man's world. The ghetto teen-agers make up their own minds they would rather be like the hustlers whom they see dressed 'sharp' and flashing money and displaying no respect for anybody or anything. So the ghetto youth become attracted to the hustler worlds of dope, thievery, prostitution, and general crime and immorality. ~ Malcolm X
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by Malcolm X
Pulling back, like a savage carnivore at its prey, it tore a large chunk of meat rendering his left arm useless...regardless he did not require it for long. ~ Stacy Buck
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by Stacy Buck
Nature's intent is neither food, nor drink, nor clothing, nor comfort, nor anything else in which God is left out. Whether you like it or not, whether you know it or not, secretly nature seeks, hunts, tries to ferret out the track on which God may be found. ~ Meister Eckhart
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by Meister Eckhart
You look like the cat that ate the canary."
"As a vegetarian, I object to that metaphor."
Scout grinned teethily at me. "As a carnivore, I object to your pickines. Now spill the goods."
-Scout and Lily ~ Chloe Neill
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by Chloe Neill
I often resorted: buckets, brooms, garden rakes, Granny Smith apples, cats that when thrown will reliably take out their fury not on the thrower but instead on the person at whom they're thrown. I didn't like throwing cats or animals of any kind, as far as that goes, but every once in a while, in a life-and-death situation, there was nothing to be done but grab a cat and throw it, or an angry ferret. ~ Dean Koontz
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by Dean Koontz
Dear Fran
I'm watching you sleep. You are sucking your thumb. (We're going to need to talk about this.)
I can't pretend you look like a delicately slumbering princess, because you don't. Apart from the thumb business you are twitching around like a ferret and about ten minutes ago you pulled the entire duvet over yourself and left me with nothing. But I've never loved you more than I do right now.
I love you so much. I hope we can have a life together. There's so much I want to say to you. Please wake up soon.
Freddy x ~ Lucy Robinson
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by Lucy Robinson
compliance, compliance begets tolerance, and tolerance brings peace." He flicks his ferret-like gaze across them all. "Disorder is unacceptable. The greater good depends upon all of you, ~ Joe Hart
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by Joe Hart
Without knowing I was going to, I started to laugh, a crazy laugh like Ian's the night before, and at first he looked worried, but then he started too. Even with the wind whipping past the station, even with Ian hugging his backpack to his chest for warmth, we were laughing, and not a laughter of release or a laughter that was really sadness in disguise. It was the laugh of the absurd. Your grandmother is a seventeen-year-old boy? That creepy Russian man just paid for your ticket? Ferret-Glo? ~ Rebecca Makkai
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by Rebecca Makkai
Nice work in their, Herondale, setting the place on fire," Gabriel observed. "Good thing we were there to clean up after you, or the whole plan would have gone down in flames, along with the shreds of your reputation."
"Are you implying that shreds of my reputation remain intact?" Will demanded with mock horror. "Clearly I have been doing somethin wrong. Or no doing something wrong, as the case may be." He banged on the side of the carriage. "Thomas!" We must away from here at once to the nearest brothel! I seek scandal and low companionship."
Thomas snorted and muttered somethin that sounded like "bosh", which Will ignored.
Gabriel's face darkened. "Is there anything that isn't a joke to you?"
Nothing that comes to mind."
"You know," Gabriel said, "there was a time I thought we could be friends, Will"
"There was a time I thought I was a ferret," Will said, "but it turned out to be the opium haze. Did you know it had that effect? Becausen I didn't. ~ Cassandra Clare
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by Cassandra Clare
I'm a ferret," she said like she was confessing a great sin that she wasn't sorry for.
"I noticed that, too. I'm a kestrel. Pleased to make your acquaintance. And it would be rather splendid, except that when I fly I seem to lose my brain. I'm working on it. Flying should be useful, when I can control it more. I can fly ahead and scout. Spy on people. I can't wait to spy on people. Just think of all the dirt I'll dig up. ~ Cynthia Hand
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by Cynthia Hand
Most humans truly are like sheep
Wanting nothing more than peace to keep
To graze, grow fat and raise their young,
Sweet taste of clover on the tongue.
Their lives serene upon Life's farm,
They sense no threat nor fear no harm.
On verdant meadows, they forage free
With naught to fear, with naught to flee.
They pay their sheepdogs little heed
For there is no threat; there is no need.
To the flock, sheepdog's are mysteries,
Roaming watchful round the peripheries.
These fang-toothed creatures bark, they roar
With the fetid reek of the carnivore,
Too like the wolf of legends told,
To be amongst our docile fold.
Who needs sheepdogs? What good are they?
They have no use, not in this day.
Lock them away, out of our sight
We have no need of their fierce might.
But sudden in their midst a beast
Has come to kill, has come to feast
The wolves attack; they give no warning
Upon that calm September morning
They slash and kill with frenzied glee
Their passive helpless enemy
Who had no clue the wolves were there
Far roaming from their Eastern lair.
Then from the carnage, from the rout,
Comes the cry, "Turn the sheepdogs out!"
Thus is our nature but too our plight
To keep our dogs on leashes tight
And live a life of illusive bliss
Hearing not the beast, his growl, his hiss.
Until he has us by the throat,
Jose N Harris
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by Jose N Harris
In the case of Leo, however, Beatrix assured Christopher that in spite of his sharp tongue, Leo was a caring and loyal brother. "You'll come to like him very well," she said. "But it's no surprise that you feel more comfortable around Cam- you're both foxes."
"Foxes?" Christopher had repeated, amused.
"Yes. I can always tell what kind of animal a person would be. Foxes are hunters, but they don't rely on brute strength. They're subtle and clever. Fond of outwitting others. And although they sometimes travel far, they always like to come back to a snug, safe home."
"I suppose Leo is a lion," Christopher said dryly.
"Oh, yes. Dramatic, demonstrative, and he hates being ignored. And sometimes he'll take a swipe at you. But beneath the sharp claws and the growls, he's still a cat."
"What animal are you?"
"A ferret. We can't help collecting things. When we're awake, we're very busy, but we also like to be still for long periods." She grinned at him. "And ferrets are very affectionate. ~ Lisa Kleypas
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by Lisa Kleypas
You're just jealous of my beard."
"No. No, really not. It makes you look like you've got a ferret trying to shag your chin. ~ FayJay
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by FayJay
Why- who made you decorate the watermelon like a ferret?"

"The art fairy ~ Qiqi
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by Qiqi
I recognize a few more of the attendees: Mustela fae - ferret-like creatures with long, venomous fangs and vulnerable craniums, a hedgehog being with the face of a sparrow, a pink woman with a neck as long as a flamingo. There ~ A.G. Howard
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by A.G. Howard
It was An­tho­ny Marston who dis­agreed with the ma­jor­ity. 'A bit un­sport­ing, what?' he said. 'Ought to fer­ret out the mys­tery be­fore we go. Whole thing's like a de­tec­tive sto­ry. Pos­itive­ly thrilling.' The judge said acid­ly: 'At my time of life, I have no de­sire for "thrills," as you call them.' An­tho­ny said with a grin: 'The le­gal life's narrow­ing! I'm all for crime! Here's to it.' He picked up his drink and drank it off at a gulp. Too quick­ly, per­haps. He choked -​ choked bad­ly. His face contort­ed, turned pur­ple. He gasped for breath -​ then slid down off his chair, the glass falling from his hand. ~ Agatha Christie
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by Agatha Christie
We cut the throat of a calf and hang it up by the heels to bleed to death so that our veal cutlet may be white; we nail geese to a board and cram them with food because we like the taste of liver disease; we tear birds to pieces to decorate our women's hats; we mutilate domestic animals for no reason at all except to follow an instinctively cruel fashion; and we connive at the most abominable tortures in the hope of discovering some magical cure for our own diseases by them. ~ George Bernard Shaw
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by George Bernard Shaw
and Ross was limping by the end of it. He rode a horse longer than he walked these days. Then it was an asking and a questing, a seeking among dark and sprawling figures, the thumb jerked, the finger pointed. Ross's escort moved like a small Scottish ferret from group to group. At last a man sat up and said: 'Yes, I'm Poldark. Who wants me?' 'One of your own blood,' said Ross. 'Who else?' There was a startled oath, and a thin man scrambled to his feet. He had been lying, his back propped against a tree, his scabbard across his knees. He peered in the uncertain starlight. 'By the Lord God! It's Uncle Ross!' 'Geoffrey Charles! I never ~ Winston Graham
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by Winston Graham
Utter another word and I will bite you like a rabid ferret."
John gapes at me for a second, then bursts out laughing – full, shoulder-shaking laughing that cause tears to well in his eyes.
I huff out an annoyed breath. "I'm serious. Fear my wrath, rocker boy."
He laughs harder. "Make it stop," he rasps through his tears. "My stomach hurts."
"Ass-nugget," I mutter, which makes him hunch over. ~ Kristen Callihan
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by Kristen Callihan
Men do not know the natural infirmity of their mind: it does nothing but ferret and quest, and keeps incessantly whirling around, building up and becoming entangled in its own work, like silkworms, and is suffocated in it. A mouse in a pitch barrel ... thinks it notices from a distance some sort of glimmer of imaginary light and truth; but while running toward it, it is crossed by so many difficulties and obstacles, and diverted by so many new quests, that it strays from the road, bewildered. ~ Michel De Montaigne
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by Michel De Montaigne
Beyond that row was a double row of trees. Sam headed in that direction, Dad on her heels.
"Be careful of snakes."
That stopped her in her tracks. She could deal with a snarling dog. A hissing cat. Even a spitting ferret like her cousin Chris had, but she had the biggest fear if snakes. It didn't matter if it was a grass snake or a supposedly good snake that ate the poisonous snakes. In Sam's opinion, the only good snake was a dead snake. Dead and chopped up into little, itty, bitty pieces.

~From "Samantha Sanderson On the Scene ~ Robin Caroll
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by Robin Caroll
The part of my soul that is driven to make stories is a fierce thing, like a ferret: long, sleek, incapable of sleep, it digs and bites through all I know of the world. ~ Barbara Kingsolver
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
Music is like magic, there's a certain feeling you get
When you real and you spit and people are feeling your shit
This is your moment, and every single minute you spend
Tryna hold on to it because you may never get it again
So while you're in it, try to get as much shit as you can
And when your run is over just admit when it's at its end
Because I'm at the end of my wits with half the shit gets in ~ Eminem
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by Eminem
New Rule: Whenever you think the Tea Party can't get any dumber, they get dumber. Now they're in love with Donald Trump. Because nothing says "We're serious about fiscal responsibility" quite like a billionaire whose corporations have filed for bankruptcy three times. ~ Bill Maher
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by Bill Maher
Sometimes I wonder if he has a philosophy. Maybe even a worldview. I'd like to sit down with him and pick his brain, just a tiny bit somewhere in the frontal lobe to get a taste of his thoughts. But he's too much of a toughguy to ever be that vulnerable. - R on M ~ Isaac Marion
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by Isaac Marion
MIKE WOULD LIKE TO THANK: Cus D'Amato, my mentor, friend, and general. Because of you, my life has reached heights I could never have imagined. Without you, I don't know where I would be today. My gratitude to you is immeasurable. ~ Mike Tyson
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by Mike Tyson
The moment you venture out, something takes place in you and about you. Life comes to your aid in various ways. You may not like the form in which it comes to you - it may be misery, struggle, starvation - but when you invite life, things begin to happen. ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by Jiddu Krishnamurti
But the truth is that I don't feel like I can carry anyone but myself right now. The streets are empty. I am empty. Or, no
I am full of pain. It's my life that's empty. ~ David Levithan
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by David Levithan
His achievements read like the graffiti on the walls of a hangman's changing room. ~ Jonathan Larson
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by Jonathan Larson
I am really chained to my computer these days so I work in my bedroom, which is a room I have worked in for years and years. It is just as much an office as a bedroom, and during the day, my bed is rather like an extension of my desk. ~ Margaret Mahy
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by Margaret Mahy
From the sun did I learn this, when it goeth down, the exuberant one: gold doth it then pour into the sea, out of inexhaustible riches, -So that the poorest fisherman roweth even with golden oars! For this did I once see, and did not tire of weeping in beholding it. - Like the sun will also Zarathustra go down: now sitteth he here and waiteth, old broken tables around him, and also new tables half-written. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
There is nothing I've been through in my life that I regret, or that I would go back and change. I feel like everything that happened - personally and professionally - I went through for a reason, and I learned from those things. ~ Sheryl Swoopes
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by Sheryl Swoopes
Like sheep, sidhe-seers herd by nature, until you *want* them to go somewhere. Then they're all fluffy bottoms and broken. ~ Karen Marie Moning
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by Karen Marie Moning
I like starting. It's pretty cool. ~ Al Leiter
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by Al Leiter
Bailey, do you ever hear music in your head ? You know, like even when there's none playing. ~ J.J. Howard
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by J.J. Howard
Here is Christianity with its marvellous parable of the Prodigal Son to teach us indulgence and pardon. Jesus was full of love for souls wounded by the passions of men; he loved to bind up their wounds and to find in those very wounds the balm which should heal them. Thus he said to the Magdalen: "Much shall be forgiven thee because thou hast loved much," a sublimity of pardon which can only have called forth a sublime faith.
Why do we make ourselves more strict than Christ? Why, holding obstinately to the opinions of the world, which hardens itself in order that it may be thought strong, do we reject, as it rejects, souls bleeding at wounds by which, like a sick man's bad blood, the evil of their past may be healed, if only a friendly hand is stretched out to lave them and set them in the convalescence of the heart? ~ Alexandre Dumas-fils
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by Alexandre Dumas-fils
How beautiful would history have been if it could be written beforehand and then acted out like drama! ~ Aihebholo-oria Okonoboh
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by Aihebholo-oria Okonoboh
It felt as though the while globe was dressed in snow. Like it had pulled it on, the way you pull on a jumper. ~ Markus Zusak
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by Markus Zusak
A smile is nature's freeway: it has lanes, and you can go any speed you like, except you can't go back ~ James M. Cain
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by James M. Cain
In between films I like to travel and hope to visit every continent before I become a mother. ~ Diane Kruger
Ferret Like Carnivore quotes by Diane Kruger
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