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#1. I was 14 years old. I did an audition for extra work as an actor, with two lines. Suddenly I was auditioning for a bigger role, and then got a part on a Portuguese TV series at age 15. My whole life changed completely. - Author: Diogo Morgado
Extra Work quotes by Diogo Morgado
#2. When we think we're multitasking we're actually multiswitching. That is what the brain is very good at doing - quickly diverting its attention from one place to the next. We think we're being productive. We are, indeed, being busy. But in reality we're simply giving ourselves extra work. - Author: Michael Harris
Extra Work quotes by Michael Harris
#3. There is a neat economic explanation for the sexual division of labour in hunter-gatherers. In terms of nutrition, women generally collect dependable, staple carbohydrates whereas men fetch precious protein. Combine the two – predictable calories from women and occasional protein from men – and you get the best of both worlds. At the cost of some extra work, women get to eat some good protein without having to chase it; men get to know where the next meal is coming from if they fail to kill a deer. That very fact makes it easier for them to spend more time chasing deer and so makes it more likely they will catch one. Everybody gains – gains from trade. It is as if the species now has two brains and two stores of knowledge instead of one – a brain that learns about hunting and a brain that learns about gathering. - Author: Matt Ridley
Extra Work quotes by Matt Ridley
#4. People who wanted to challenge the status quo didn't get to have temper tantrums. They had to be smarter, and calmer, and faster, and better. Beyond reproach, beyond critique. As perfect as a human being could be, because you could whine about fair and unfair all you wanted, but at the end of the day, you did the extra work or you failed. - Author: Kit Rocha
Extra Work quotes by Kit Rocha
#5. Of course, many people in the universe have also had the misplaced belief that they can safely ignore gravity, mostly after taking some local equivalent of dried frog pills, and that has led to much extra work for elementary physics and caused brief traffic jams in the street below. - Author: Terry Pratchett
Extra Work quotes by Terry Pratchett
#6. You teach the reader that he's way smarter than he thought he was. I think one of the insidious lessons about TV is the meta-lesson that you're dumb. This is all you can do. This is easy, and you're the sort of person who really just wants to sit in a chair and have it easy. When in fact there are parts of us, in a way, that are a lot more ambitious than that. And what we need ... is seriously engaged art that can teach again that we're smart. And that's the stuff that TV and movies - although they're great at certain things - cannot give us. But that have to create the motivations for us to want to do the extra work, to get those other kinds of art ... Which is tricky, because you want to seduce the reader, but you don't want to pander or manipulate them. I mean, a good book teaches the reader how to read it. - Author: David Foster Wallace
Extra Work quotes by David Foster Wallace
#7. If I'm going to make something in the kitchen, even if it's something as simple as a sandwich, I will take the extra time to make it a great sandwich instead of just an average sandwich. I don't mind investing a little extra work to make something special. - Author: Kyle MacLachlan
Extra Work quotes by Kyle MacLachlan
#8. The amount of money that is in your bank at the time of your death is the extra work you did which wasn't necessary - Author: Adolf Hitler
Extra Work quotes by Adolf Hitler
#9. If there's a national-team player, he has to do extra work. He has to do extra weeks, and he can't go on vacation even if he says: 'Well, but I'm supposed now to have six weeks off.' If he comes and says that, then I give him a hug and say: 'Have fun the six weeks, but don't come back here.' - Author: Jurgen Klinsmann
Extra Work quotes by Jurgen Klinsmann
#10. When I first moved to New York I had been trying to work on anything and everything I could. From extra work and commercials to short and student films so I could learn in front of a camera. - Author: Pawel Szajda
Extra Work quotes by Pawel Szajda
#11. Ah," Gary said dreamily. " 'Free time.' I've heard about that. Don't fool yourself, Fire-Top. What with extra hours of lessons for punishments, and the extra work you get every day, free time is an illusion. It's what you get when you die and the gods reward you for a life spent working from dawn until midnight. We all face up to it sooner or later
the only real free time you get here is what my honored sire chooses to give you, when he thinks you have earned it."
"And he doesn't give it to you at night," Alex put in. "He gives it to you when you've been here awhile, on Market Day and sometimes a morning or afternoon all to yourself. But never at night. At night you study. During the day you study. In your sleep
- Author: Tamora Pierce
Extra Work quotes by Tamora Pierce
#12. I never wanted to have any extra money, if it meant having to have any extra work. - Author: Fran Lebowitz
Extra Work quotes by Fran Lebowitz
#13. I'd like to find whoever taught the Stump that extra work builds character and push him down the stairs, Neal told Kel at lunch. - Author: Tamora Pierce
Extra Work quotes by Tamora Pierce
#14. When humans began cultivating the land, they thought that the extra work this required will pay off. 'Yes, we will have to work harder. But the harvest will be so bountiful! We won't have to worry any more about lean years. Our children will never go to sleep hungry.' It made sense.

If you worked harder, you would have a better life. That was the plan.

The first part of the plan went smoothly. People indeed worked harder. But people did not foresee that the number of children would increase, meaning that the extra wheat would have to be shared between more children.

Neither did the early farmers understand that feeding children with more porridge and less breast milk would weaken their immune system, and that permanent settlements would be hotbeds for infectious diseases.

They did not foresee that by increasing their dependence on a single source of food, they were actually exposing themselves even more to the depredations of drought. Nor did the farmers foresee that in good years their bulging granaries would tempt thieves and enemies, compelling them to start building walls and doing guard duty. - Author: Yuval Noah Harari
Extra Work quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#15. Nobody here wants Competition,' Ives LeSpark re-entering, shaking his head gravely. 'All wish but to name their Price, and maintain it, without the extra work and worry all these damn'd Up-starts require. - Author: Thomas Pynchon
Extra Work quotes by Thomas Pynchon
#16. There'll be two buses leaving the hotel for the park tomorrow. The 2:00 bus will be for those of you who need a little extra work. The empty bus will leave at 5:00. - Author: Dave Bristol
Extra Work quotes by Dave Bristol
#17. You just go around getting hung up on all the least convenient things
and if the only obstacle in your way is a little extra work, then that's the wonderful gift right there. - Author: Elif Batuman
Extra Work quotes by Elif Batuman
#18. I can't imagine doing an hour-long dramatic series because it's so much work. A sitcom is a wonderful gig. You work from 10 to 4 every day, it's fun, and you get to live at home. - Author: John Lithgow
Extra Work quotes by John Lithgow
#19. It's technically demanding to shoot in 3-D. It's an extra element. Also, just the size of the cameras. They look like these 'Transformers' monsters; they are incredibly big, many of them. - Author: Joel Kinnaman
Extra Work quotes by Joel Kinnaman
#20. I love the Web, but the basis of my work is going through the physical books. When you go to the library, you see other books around on the shelves that you never knew existed. You can flip through a book and see the whole outline of it. - Author: Camille Paglia
Extra Work quotes by Camille Paglia
#21. Sell-sell-sell sales methods simply do not work on social media. - Author: Kim Garst
Extra Work quotes by Kim Garst
#22. Writing is work. Anyone can do this, anyone can learn to do this. It's not rocket science; it's habits of mind and habits of work. - Author: Alexander Chee
Extra Work quotes by Alexander Chee
#23. Berners-Lee was supremely lucky in the work environment he had settled into, the Swiss particle physics lab CERN. It took him ten years to nurture his slow hunch about a hypertext information platform. - Author: Steven Johnson
Extra Work quotes by Steven Johnson
#24. It seems strange to say this, but it is true: Coming back to Vegas to work is like going on vacation for me. - Author: Celine Dion
Extra Work quotes by Celine Dion
#25. If you do a musical, it's really thrilling and it's a lot of work, but it's very rewarding. I would say, for me, what I like best is what I do, which is, I call it vaudeville, I call it live, I call it in concert, I call it what Bette Midler does, and what Garland did for years, and Ethel Merman. - Author: Debbie Reynolds
Extra Work quotes by Debbie Reynolds
#26. Women's work, married or unmarried, is menial and low paid. Women's right to possess property is curtailed, more if they are married. How can marriage provide security? In any case a husband is a possession which can be lost or stolen and the abandoned wife of thirty odd with a couple of children is far more desolate and insecure in her responsibility than an unmarried woman with or without children ever could be. - Author: Germaine Greer
Extra Work quotes by Germaine Greer
#27. ...A superficial reader of Proust's work- rather a contradiction in terms since a superficial reader will get so bored, so engulfed in his own yawns, that he will never finish the book- [the] inexperienced reader, let us say... will probably conclude that the main action of the book is a series of parties; for example, a dinner occupies a hundred and fifty pages, a soirée half a volume. - Author: Vladimir Nabokov
Extra Work quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#28. The sculpture is already complete within the marble block, before I start my work. It is already there, I just have to chisel away the superfluous material. - Author: Michelangelo Buonarroti
Extra Work quotes by Michelangelo Buonarroti
#29. The Reformation may have resulted in a "Protestant work ethic," but this was not due to the pressure to prove one's election by worldly success, as certain social scientists ludicrously maintain. Rather, the work ethic emerged out of an understanding of the meaning of work and the satisfaction and fulfillment that come from ordinary human labor when seen through the light of the doctrine of vocation. - Author: Gene Edward Veith Jr.
Extra Work quotes by Gene Edward Veith Jr.
#30. It has always amazed me how tax cuts don't work until they take effect. Mr. Obama's experience with deferred tax rate increases will be the reverse. The economy will collapse in 2011. - Author: Arthur Laffer
Extra Work quotes by Arthur Laffer
#31. Burning carbon-based substances like oil, gas, and especially coal, produces billions of tons of extra carbon dioxide each year. Methane gas from cows and pigs and other animals on our large farms ends up in the atmosphere as well, trapping more of the sun's energy as heat. - Author: Bill Nye
Extra Work quotes by Bill Nye
#32. But I have burned already down to bone.
There is a fire that burns beyond the names
Of sludge and filth of which this world is made.
Agony sears the dark flesh of the body,
And lifts me higher than the smoke, to rise
Above the earth, above the sacrifice;
Until my soul flares outward like a blue
Blossom of gas fire dancing in mid-air:
Free of the body's work of twisted iron. - Author: James Wright
Extra Work quotes by James Wright
#33. If you really believe that you deserve better, work on you, not them. - Author: Bobby Williams
Extra Work quotes by Bobby Williams
#34. Because it doesn't matter where you come from. If you work hard enough, you can do anything. Become anyone. - Author: Ismée Amiel Williams
Extra Work quotes by Ismée Amiel Williams
#35. There is a great deal of cyberpunk that I admire, especially the work of William Gibson which I think is excellent. Somehow he speaks from his own heart and cyber punk is what comes out. - Author: Robert Sheckley
Extra Work quotes by Robert Sheckley
#36. I believe in collaboration, which is why I work with others to make positive contributions of consequence, and why I have made a very clear and unwavering commitment to remain absolutely apolitical. - Author: Cliff Curtis
Extra Work quotes by Cliff Curtis
#37. Let us fear the worst, but work with faith; the best will always take care of itself. - Author: Victor Hugo
Extra Work quotes by Victor Hugo
#38. And indeed, it has been suggested that the defining moves in Chinese speculation work on a very different model, where words are part of, say, an exemplary skill-practice, meant to guide behavior in such a way as to alter perception and evaluation, rather than to describe what is really so or what is really good. - Author: Brook Ziporyn
Extra Work quotes by Brook Ziporyn
#39. I enjoy going to work and having a good time. It's tough when you got to work with people who just are in a bad mood all the damn time. - Author: Queen Latifah
Extra Work quotes by Queen Latifah
#40. My work comes out of a deep psychological place, so it's not like I'm Object Man at home. Theoretically, I'm not against objects, but, personally, I'm not comfortable attaching myself to them - I don't seek them out. What you can say about my home is that it's not very ambitious. - Author: Tino Sehgal
Extra Work quotes by Tino Sehgal
#41. The whole love of the "Law" has been lavished on and has cherished the Sabbath. As the day of rest, it gives life its balance and rhythm; it sustains the week. Rest is something entirely different from a mere recess, from a mere interruption of work, from not working. A recess is something essentially physical, part of the earthly everyday sphere. Rest, on the other hand, is essentially religious, part of the atmosphere of the divine; it leads us to the mystery, to the depth from which all commandments come, too. It is that which re-creates and reconciles, the recreation in which the soul, as it were, creates itself again and catches the breath of life-- that in life which is sabbatical. - Author: Leo Baeck
Extra Work quotes by Leo Baeck
#42. What is work? Work is of two kinds: first, altering the position of matter at or near the earth's surface relatively to other such matter; second, telling other people to do so. The first one is unpleasant and ill paid; the second is pleasant and highly paid. - Author: Bertrand Russell
Extra Work quotes by Bertrand Russell
#43. I'd like to get the sex thing over with, but I realized I'm not done with it.You should never will a change in your work-you have to work an idea to death. I often find that the best things happen when you're near the end. - Author: John Currin
Extra Work quotes by John Currin
#44. Writing a complete novel is time consuming, frustrating, nerve wrecking, and most of the time your work is under valued, under appreciated, and taken for granted. So why do authors do it? Because not writing at all, feels far worse. - Author: Carl Henegan
Extra Work quotes by Carl Henegan
#45. I am quite happy to take a cut. You've got to, if you want to work and continue working. - Author: Paul O'Grady
Extra Work quotes by Paul O'Grady
#46. He would give all of his clothes to his servant, admonishing him NOT to return them until he had completed his day's work. - Author: Victor Hugo
Extra Work quotes by Victor Hugo
#47. No one should stand for nor chant the Pledge of Allegiance because it was the origin of the Nazi salute and Nazi behavior (see the discoveries by the historian Dr. Rex Curry in the many books that cite his academic work) - Author: Lin Xun
Extra Work quotes by Lin Xun
#48. I would rather work less and do the things that I really want to do. - Author: Sandy Duncan
Extra Work quotes by Sandy Duncan
#49. the best of luck in improving their English writing skills. However, in saying that, it's not up to luck so much as dedication, hard work, and a personal interest in improving your English academic writing skills. APPLY your newly learned knowledge with practical essay writing skills, and you can write you way to a BA. - Author: Stephen E. Dew
Extra Work quotes by Stephen E. Dew
#50. Work is the only only only remedy for life: for happiness, for interest, for stability, for security. Hard, willed work. Oh work! - Author: Elizabeth Smart
Extra Work quotes by Elizabeth Smart
#51. There's a lot of work that goes into it - if you think about how many collections a year that Karl Lagerfeld has to do, with Chanel and all the other things he does - you can't do that unless you are working 18 hours a day. It's really a lot of hard, hard work. - Author: Penelope Cruz
Extra Work quotes by Penelope Cruz
#52. I don't believe in "writer's block". I try and deal with getting stuck by having more than one thing to work on at a time. And by knowing that even a hundred bad words that didn't exist before is forward progress. - Author: Neil Gaiman
Extra Work quotes by Neil Gaiman
#53. There is no fate, only free will, and we were just in the way of other people's free will when they decided to do the Devil's work. People are doing the Devil's work everywhere you go; there's no avoiding it unless you go live on a mountaintop somewhere, a hundred miles from everyone. - Author: Dean Koontz
Extra Work quotes by Dean Koontz
#54. Don't ask a writer what he's working on. It's like asking someone with cancer on the progress of his disease. - Author: Amy Lowell
Extra Work quotes by Amy Lowell
#55. Tho none ought to conclude that their day or season of grace is quite expired, yet they ought to deeply apprehend the danger, lest it should expire before their necessary work be done and their peace made. For tho it can be of no use for them to know the former, and therefore they have no means appointed them by which to know it, 'tis of great use to apprehend the latter; and they have sufficient ground for the apprehension. - Author: John Howe
Extra Work quotes by John Howe
#56. However many people complain about the "red tape," it would be sheer illusion to think ... continuous administrative work can be carried out in any field except by means of officials working in offices ... The choice is only that between bureaucracy and dillettantism. - Author: Max Weber
Extra Work quotes by Max Weber
#57. It's difficult to talk about [W.S.] Merwin's poems, as it's hard to talk about a feeling or a smell. It is what it is, but so much so that it overwhelms both sense and the senses. I aspire to something about his work, that imbues his poems, though I'm not sure I could say what that is. A purity, maybe, the kind of purity that comes from being beaten, like steel. - Author: Dorianne Laux
Extra Work quotes by Dorianne Laux
#58. For anyone who thinks "profit" is evil, I have a challenge for you: try NOT to get any profit in the next week. Profit simply means increasing how much valuable stuff you have, and if you don't profit, you die. Literally. For example, don't buy any food for a week, because when you buy food (or anything), it's because you value the food MORE than you value the money you trade for it. If you didn't, you wouldn't make the trade. So you PROFIT (and so does the seller) every time you buy something. And every time you sell something, or work for money, etc. So before condemning "profit" (or "greed" or "selfishness," for that matter), see if you can survive without it. Then stop repeating vague collectivist BS, and learn to distinguish between "win/win" events (voluntary exchange) where BOTH sides profit, and "win/lose" events, where one side benefits by harming the other side. By the way, "government" is ALWAYS the latter. - Author: - Larken Rose
Extra Work quotes by - Larken Rose
#59. Basically, every band that makes it has some dude with some sense of business. I don't know if our band would've been so successful were it not for Daniel's [Kessler] insight into how things really work. Daniel was the one who was diligently saying, "We should make a demo, send it out, play shows but not too many shows, get on shows with touring bands that are coming to New York." - Author: Paul Banks
Extra Work quotes by Paul Banks
#60. You see, in this country are a number of youths who do not like to work, and the college is an excellent place for them. - Author: L. Frank Baum
Extra Work quotes by L. Frank Baum
#61. Holiness is as much about what you do on a Monday morning on the factory floor as it is about what you do on a Sunday morning in a church gathering. Holiness is as much about the kind of neighbour you are as it is about the kind of church member you are. It is as much about who you are when you are holding a steering wheel as who you are when you are holding a Bible. - Author: Tim Chester
Extra Work quotes by Tim Chester
#62. I'm very serious about what I do. I practice every day for three hours. I work on my scales; I work on my tone. But otherwise, I like to have fun. - Author: Kenny G
Extra Work quotes by Kenny G
#63. I'm so involved in the process that sometimes at the end of a day, I can look at the piece on my desk and really wonder how it got there. At other times, I really have to struggle with a piece to turn it into what I had in mind. Sometimes, I give up and leave it half finished to work on something else. Then in a few days, when I come back to it, I can see what it wants to be ... which sometimes is not at all what I had in mind. When I just let that happen, things seem to go more smoothly. - Author: Wendy Froud
Extra Work quotes by Wendy Froud
#64. It's funny, but on a set there's a pecking order. There's a caste system, you know? It goes from the star down to the extra. That includes the crew as well. I've never liked that. - Author: Peter Jason
Extra Work quotes by Peter Jason
#65. It is entirely the work of grace and a benefit conferred by it that our heart is changed from a stony one to one of flesh, that our will is made new, and that we, created anew in heart and mind, at length will what we ought to will. - Author: John Calvin
Extra Work quotes by John Calvin

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