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On the Republican side, the emotional bonds of family launched a major social organization led by nietos, the Association for the Recovery of Historical Memory. Late in 2000 Emilio Silva and Santiago Macías began a personal search for the unmarked graves of their Republican ancestors.

[...] Descendants of executed Republicans told a journalist that "without the body, the pain never ceases." "Never," she reported, "have they spoken of vengeance, of revenge, or of anything that resembles that. In an exhumation, they never raise their eyes from the ground. They are not thinking of reopening wounds, but of closing, for once, their own." This journalist, Natalia Junquera, also quoted a distinguished professor of psychiatry who said, "The hatred dies, it is extinguished, but the necessity of putting a name to the dead, of honoring them, no. There always comes a moment in which one has to put an end to this interminable trauma." [63] ~ Paul D. Escott
Emotional Bonds quotes by Paul D. Escott
Emotions form pure, profound bonds
Emotions may blind us but they bind us. ~ Balroop Singh
Emotional Bonds quotes by Balroop Singh
Electronic culture created soulless replacements for connective rituals- television supplanted tribal legends told by the fire; 'fast food' consumed in distraction took the place of a shared meal. We substituted matter for Mater (feminine principle), money for mother's milk, objects for emotional bonds. ~ Daniel Pinchbeck
Emotional Bonds quotes by Daniel Pinchbeck
Though I may accumulate a great deal of riches in this world, it is only my wealth of knowledge, talents, and emotional bonds that I keep when I leave. ~ Richelle E. Goodrich
Emotional Bonds quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
Many animals flourish not in spite of the fact that they are "animals" but because they are "animals" - or even more precisely, perhaps, because they are felt to be members of our families and our communities, regardless of their species. And yet, at the very same moment, billions of animals in factory farms, many of whom are very near to or indeed exceed cats and dogs and other companion animals in the capacities we take to be relevant to standing (the ability to experience pain and suffering, anticipatory dread, emotional bonds and complex social interactions, and so on), have as horrible a life as one could imagine, also because they are "animals."

Clearly, then, the question here is not simply of the "animal" as the abjected other of the "human" tout court, but rather something like a distinction between bios and zoe that obtains within the domain of domesticated animals itself. ~ Cary Wolfe
Emotional Bonds quotes by Cary Wolfe
In all trust there is a possibility of betrayal, but without trust there is no friendship, closeness, or the emotional bonds that give us so much happiness when the time is right for it. Trust is a hardening agent to all relationships as Carbon is to Iron to create Steel combined in the desired amounts ~ Donavan Nelson Butler
Emotional Bonds quotes by Donavan Nelson Butler
The propensity to make strong emotional bonds to particular individuals [is] a basic component of human nature ~ John Bowlby
Emotional Bonds quotes by John Bowlby
I've remembered that most of life is about small, essential connections, so unobtrusive, so elastic, that you scarcely realize they're actually holding you together. The big ones-the great, grand emotional bonds-those are the ones that break, the ones that fail you, the ones that give way and send you careening toward the foot of the bleak and jagged canyon. It's the tough, gnarled, unadorned ties that really do bind, that never let you fall all the way down into darkness. ~ Sharon Shinn
Emotional Bonds quotes by Sharon Shinn
If there is one thing developmental psychologists have learned over the years, it is that parents don't have to be brilliant psychologists to succeed. They don't have to be supremely gifted teachers. Most of the stuff parents do with flashcards and special drills and tutorials to hone their kids into perfect achievement machines don't have any effect at all. Instead, parents just have to be good enough. They have to provide their kids with stable and predictable rhythms. They need to be able to fall in tune with their kids' needs, combining warmth and discipline. They need to establish the secure emotional bonds that kids can fall back upon in the face of stress. They need to be there to provide living examples of how to cope with the problems of the world so that their children can develop unconscious models in their heads. ~ David Brooks
Emotional Bonds quotes by David Brooks
Humans and other animals experience love and fear, and form deep emotional bonds with cherished companions. We mourn when a close friend dies, and so do other animals, as Barbara King's poignant book illustrates in compelling detail. How Animals Grieve helps us to connect and to better understand the complex social lives of other animals and of ourselves. ~ Gene Baur
Emotional Bonds quotes by Gene Baur
Then as now the PC held a curious power over restless, analytical people. To start with, the computer carried a psychological appeal not unlike that of an automobile. Both machines were objects of intense attachment for many of their owners - feelings of attachment that went well beyond the utility of the machines. While illustrating the way in which people can form emotional bonds with tools, the symbolisms of the automobile and the PC differed in an important way. The realm of the automobile extended no further than that of fantasy and enjoyment. The PC, by contrast, was a medium for creation. The utility of a PC arose directly from its software. Writing software required little money and, surprisingly, scant experience. ~ G. Pascal Zachary
Emotional Bonds quotes by G. Pascal Zachary
United Nations should be like a caring mother having many children. Its role is to grow trust and respect among the siblings with strong emotional bonds. ~ Amit Ray
Emotional Bonds quotes by Amit Ray
Throughout our emotional odyssey in the unembellished narrative of our life, we may sense many alluring voices that are enticing us into a beguiling, seamless story. Our inner monologue, however, might start raising consequential questions about the scintillation of that story, about our vulnerability during the tempting process and the danger of losing our real self. The question may be asked, whether the lure might enlighten, weaken or destroy our living. While our interior monologue mostly listens to the wisdom of our experience and the guidance of our memory, it may happen that it prefers not to listen. In that event, however, unreason and passion will be calling all the shots. ( "Woman in progress" ) ~ Erik Pevernagie
Emotional Bonds quotes by Erik Pevernagie
Work is not just an activity that generates funds and creates desire; it's the vagabonding gestation period, wherein you earn your integrity, start making plans, and get your proverbial act together. Work is a time to dream about travel and write notes to yourself, but it's also the time to tie up your loose ends. Work is when you confront the problems you might otherwise be tempted to run away from. Work is how you settle your financial and emotional debts - so that your travels are not an escape from your real life but a discovery of your real life. ~ Rolf Potts
Emotional Bonds quotes by Rolf Potts
People think that the arts are optional and they aren't. They teach a level of emotional depth that's equally important to mathematic skill. You can replace some math skills with a calculator if you know how to operate the thing, but there's no calculator for human interaction. ~ Hal Sparks
Emotional Bonds quotes by Hal Sparks
Pseudoscience speaks to powerful emotional needs that science often leaves unfulfilled. It caters to fantasies about personal powers we lack and long for. ~ Carl Sagan
Emotional Bonds quotes by Carl Sagan
Where did the bonds of maternity end? All children grew up, changed, became somebody else. Parents who trembled that they might lose a gap-toothed toddler to some terrible accident ended up losing him anyway, always, to time. The toddlers died, after all, and what was left was a bond with another adult, who had once been the beloved child. ~ Nancy Kress
Emotional Bonds quotes by Nancy Kress
Your tears proves that you are an emotional human being; love, joy, sadness and misery touches you deeply. ~ Debasish Mridha
Emotional Bonds quotes by Debasish Mridha
If one really does try to find out why it is that people don't leave each other, one discovers a mystery. It is because they can't; they are bound. And nobody on earth knows what are the bonds that bind them except those two. ~ Katherine Mansfield
Emotional Bonds quotes by Katherine Mansfield
I am not damaged goods, I am not a product of my past. I am whole! ~ Patricia Dsouza
Emotional Bonds quotes by Patricia Dsouza
Our bond's fully formed now. When did that happen?"
"When I was resuscitating you." He rested his forehead against hers. "I didn't realize I was holding back. It wasn't intentional."
"I know."
"I was scared of needing anyone, scared of having anyone need me."
"I get it."
"No, you don't. You have no concept of how much I need you. It scares me."
"Same here." Needing someone went against every instinct she had developed, but Marcus was essential to her.
"Then don't ever endanger your life like that again. You keep this ass safe for me." He palmed it and gave it a light squeeze. "Okay?"
"Okay." His mouth came down on hers, licking, nipping, and biting. Pulling back, he gave her one of those sensual smiles that did very interesting things to her body.
"I love you, Roni Axton."
"And I love you, Marcus Fuller." Watching as a familiar pained expression suddenly formed on his face, she said, "Seriously? Despite almost dying, you're hungry?"
"I don't know how to answer that question without irritating you." His mate just rolled her eyes, making him smile again. ~ Suzanne Wright
Emotional Bonds quotes by Suzanne Wright
When you love someone you
protect them.
Protect them from not just others but
sometimes yourself too - from your own
sharp edges.
Such is the flow of the emotional current
that if they are hurt you feel as much pain.
And so, you either willingly smoothen your
corners or you turn yourself away so as to
save them from the bruises.
And perhaps that's how
Love makes you a better person. ~ Drishti Bablani
Emotional Bonds quotes by Drishti Bablani
Properly speaking, altruism is an absurdity. Women are self-sacrificing in direct proportion to their incapacity to offer anything but this sacrifice. They sacrifice what they never had: a self. The cry of the deserted woman, 'What have I done to deserve this?' reveals at once the false emotional economy that she has been following. ~ Germaine Greer
Emotional Bonds quotes by Germaine Greer
A true Democratic Spirit is up there with religious faith and emotional maturity and all those other top-of-the-Maslow-Pyramid-type qualities that people spend their whole lives working on. A Democratic Spirit's constituent rigor and humility and self-honesty are, in fact, so hard to maintain on certain issues that it's almost irresistibly tempting to fall in with some established dogmatic camp and to follow that camp's line on the issue and to let your position harden within the camp and become inflexible and to believe that he other camps are either evil or insane and to spend all your time and energy trying to shout over them. ~ David Foster Wallace
Emotional Bonds quotes by David Foster Wallace
I like to think I've written something worth reading when I cry the tears of the characters. ~ Carla H. Krueger
Emotional Bonds quotes by Carla H. Krueger
Nisargadatta: You can have for the asking all the peace you want.

Questioner: I am asking.

Nisargadatta: You must ask with an undivided heart and live an integrated life.

Questioner: How?

Nisargadatta: Detach yourself from all that makes your mind restless. Renounce all that disturbs its peace. If you want peace, deserve it.

Questioner: Surely everybody deserves peace

Nisargadatta: Those only deserve it, who don't disturb it.

Questioner: In what way do I disturb peace?

Nisargadatta: By being a slave to your desires and fears.

Questioner: Even when they are justified?

Nisargadatta: Emotional reactions, born of ignorance or inadvertence, are never justified.

Seek a clear mind and a clean heart. All you need is to keep quietly alert, inquiring into the real nature of yourself. This is the only way to peace. ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj
Emotional Bonds quotes by Nisargadatta Maharaj
Our times and our thoughts shape us. The world is in a constant and ceaseless state of motion and transformation. The only constant is that the universe we occupy today will undergo change based in part because of our personal actions and omissions and partially because the random volitions of the world's flux are impervious to our meager intentions. We are more reactors than we are enactors of our daily shape testing experiences. Necessity demands that we interpret our physical environment and assign meaning to the mandala of experiences that resonate with our emotional cordage. ~ Kilroy J. Oldster
Emotional Bonds quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
Stop thirsting for things that are bitter,
Go crazy here, here in these arms that are still
Wrapped around the absent shape of you,
Go crazy with me, thrash about in our bed
And weep and wail and call me by her name,
At least have the courage to let our hearts break together. ~ Patricia Smith
Emotional Bonds quotes by Patricia Smith
The feelings flattened and folded and turned into something else, like emotional origami. ~ Louise Penny
Emotional Bonds quotes by Louise Penny
Maybe mountaineering shouldn't be considered heroic at all, since the whole effort is 'useless' and in no way to be compared with sitting down at the wrong lunch counter in the early-sixties South, or going into battle. Nevertheless, situations arise in the useless enterprise of mountaineering that present people with choices, that make emotional and physical demands that few can meet. ~ Robert Roper
Emotional Bonds quotes by Robert Roper
When we asked him to sum up his impression of the girls' emotional state at that point, he said, Buffeted but not broken. ~ Jeffrey Eugenides
Emotional Bonds quotes by Jeffrey Eugenides
Politics doesn't align with emotions. An emotional politician is most likely to be a tyrannical leader. ~ Henry Johnson Jr
Emotional Bonds quotes by Henry Johnson Jr
I have a hard time articulating the emotional experience of working on a film. Even when I have meetings on films or discussing them with directors, I find that's my biggest challenge. Different words mean different things to people. ~ Amy Adams
Emotional Bonds quotes by Amy Adams
Playing live is what it's all about for me. It's cathartic, it's emotional, it's about communing with people. The way you feel after a gig is a such a powerful thing. ~ Paul Weller
Emotional Bonds quotes by Paul Weller
Because the state uses violence to achieve its ends, and there is no rational end to the use of violence, states grow until they destroy civilized interactions through the corruption of money, contracts, honesty, family and self-reliance.

No state in history has ever been contained.

It's only taken a little more than a century for the US – founded on the idea of limited government, to break the bonds of the constitution, institute the income tax, take control of the money supply and the educational system and begin its catastrophic expansion. ~ Stefan Molyneux
Emotional Bonds quotes by Stefan Molyneux
Emotional pain was the price I paid on the path to becoming a woman. So excuse me if I'm not clueless like a little girl. ~ J.A. ANUM
Emotional Bonds quotes by J.A. ANUM
While medicine creates material for writing, perhaps even more important is that it also creates a psychological and emotional need to write. ~ Daniel Mason
Emotional Bonds quotes by Daniel Mason
Generally speaking, our stuff can be divided into three categories: useful stuff, beautiful stuff, and emotional stuff. ~ Francine Jay
Emotional Bonds quotes by Francine Jay
Get pissed because you deserve more than this abuse. Emotional abuse is the gateway to all abuse. Get out! ~ Tracy Malone
Emotional Bonds quotes by Tracy Malone
From early childhood his mother had taught him that to discuss in public a profound emotional experience-which, in the open air, immediately evanesces and fades, and, oddly, becomes similar to an analogous experience of one's interlocutor-was not only vulgar, but also a sin against sentiment. ~ Vladimir Nabokov
Emotional Bonds quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
For most of my adult life, I have been an emotional hit-and- run driver
that is, a reporter. I made people like me, trust me, open their hearts and their minds to me, and cry and bleed on to the pages of my neat little notebooks, and then I went back to a safe place and made a story out of it. ~ Anna Quindlen
Emotional Bonds quotes by Anna Quindlen
The past is a presence between us. In all my mother does and says, the past continually discloses itself in the smallest ways. She sees it directly; I see its shadow. Still, it pulses in my fingertips, feeds on my consciousness. It is a backdrop for each act, each drama of our lives. I have absorbed a sense of what she has suffered, what she has lost, even what her mother endured and handed down. It is my emotional gene map. ~ Fern Schumer Chapman
Emotional Bonds quotes by Fern Schumer Chapman
I guess that's the problem when you really get to know someone. You learn all their triggers and emotional buttons, and unfortunately, in times of war, you press them. ~ Samantha Young
Emotional Bonds quotes by Samantha Young
A marriage, even one that goes awry, generates claims and needs that persist like an afterglow long after the emotional fire is burned out. ~ Wallis Simpson
Emotional Bonds quotes by Wallis Simpson
It only takes one idea, one second in time, one relationship, one dream, one leap of faith, to change everything, forever. So hang in there. And keep exercising your emotional strength. Remember, happiness is a mindset of appreciation. It doesn't start when "this, that or the other thing" is resolved. Happiness is what happens NOW when you appreciate what you have. ~ Anonymous
Emotional Bonds quotes by Anonymous
Some children are threatened with loss of privileges such as money, cell phones, cars or even eviction from home if they do not 'toe-the-line' and 'act straight'. I don't think parents who do such things consider for a moment the kind of emotional damage they are doing to their children - or thinking beyond their own feelings about the situation - which will not change or go away simply because of their denial. ~ Christina Engela
Emotional Bonds quotes by Christina Engela
The fact is we can only love what we know personally. And we cannot know much. In public affairs, in the rebuilding of civilization, something less dramatic and emotional is needed, namely tolerance. ~ E. M. Forster
Emotional Bonds quotes by E. M. Forster
Music is the emotional life of the most people. ~ Leonard Cohen
Emotional Bonds quotes by Leonard Cohen
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