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#1. Shape of eternal light, by my divine existence, it should shine in your decent thoughts. - Author: Kristian Goldmund Aumann
Decent Thoughts quotes by Kristian Goldmund Aumann
#2. Writers want to talk. They can't wait to tell you what they've been thinking. And because they've been in solitude, they've had some fairly decent thoughts. - Author: Mariella Frostrup
Decent Thoughts quotes by Mariella Frostrup
#3. To succeed in life ... we must constantly work on restraining ourselves from negative thoughts ... strengthening our positive qualities in the process. - Author: Timothy Pina
Decent Thoughts quotes by Timothy Pina
#4. Once he had thought it a refuge, once he had thought it holiness ... But now he began to suspect that the good brothers did not shadow the ether not because they were good, but because they had masked themselves from everything, had carefully erased their stray thoughts, had poured out their human longings, emptied themselves of desires and become so transparent as existence that they had not only ceased to be evil, they had ceased to be good. They had ceased to fight the battles of everyday life, and simply weighed nothing. Not a feather. Not a grain. They had given up everything, until they vanished from the scale of all that mattered, having given away themselves long before any power declared the contest. - Author: C.J. Cherryh
Decent Thoughts quotes by C.J. Cherryh
#5. I'm cheating on the man I'm cheating on my husband with, Anna thought. I grow less decent every passing day. - Author: Jill Alexander Essbaum
Decent Thoughts quotes by Jill Alexander Essbaum
#6. People of very different opinions
friends who can discuss politics, religion, and sex with perfect civility
are often reduced to red-faced rage when the topic of conversation is the serial comma or an expression like more unique. People who merely roll their eyes at hate crimes feel compelled to write jeremiads on declining standards when a newspaper uses the wrong form of its. Challenge my most cherished beliefs about the place of humankind in God's creation, and while I may not agree with you, I'll fight to the death for your right to say it. But dangle a participle in my presence, and I'll consider you a subliterate cretin no longer worth listening to, a menace to decent society who should be removed from the gene pool before you do any more damage. - Author: Jack Lynch
Decent Thoughts quotes by Jack Lynch
#7. Peace in my mind,
Peace in my heart,
Peace in my dreams
And peace in my thoughts. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Decent Thoughts quotes by Debasish Mridha
#8. Every thought and action of anyone affects everyone. - Author: Walter Russell
Decent Thoughts quotes by Walter Russell
#9. The Bible's "it's better to give than receive" was not the raving of a lunatic. It goes back to a recurring theme that I've found in almost all my experiments: behaviour shapes your thoughts. My brain sees me giving a gift to Julie. My brain concludes I must really love her. I love her all the more. Which means I'm happier in my relationship, if a bit poorer. - Author: A. J. Jacobs
Decent Thoughts quotes by A. J. Jacobs
#10. Form follows thought.
Your intentions have wings
Which carry your life
To the very same things
That fill up your head.
You think you've no choice
Like you've been taken captive,
You obey the voice
Which over and over says things to you
It relentlessly chatters
Sometimes it will spew!
It's goal to disarm you of thoughts
Pure and true.
It makes you a victim
You get stuck in it's glue!
And it's all in your mind. - Author: Kate McGahan
Decent Thoughts quotes by Kate McGahan
#11. I asked him how he came to be writing for the popular American weekly. How did he know what to write about or what to say? 'Oh...they have somehow got the idea that I am an unaccountably paradoxical dog, and they name the subject on which they want me to write; and they pay generously.' 'And so you set to work and invent a few paradoxes?' Not a bit of it. What I do is to recall, as well as I can, what my mother used to say on the subject, eke it out with a few similar thoughts of my own, and so produce what would have been strict orthodoxy in about 1900. And this seems to them outrageously paradoxical, avant garde stuff. - Author: Jocelyn Gibb
Decent Thoughts quotes by Jocelyn Gibb
#12. I thought for a minute of the world outside my house, and then I didn't have any more thoughts except the thought that I had to hurry up and sleep. - Author: Raymond Carver
Decent Thoughts quotes by Raymond Carver
#13. As I looked at them, I found my mind rushing ahead to the wedding planned for the first part of September, and I wondered what flowers would be available. That was another decision that had to be made. Oh, my! Was there no end to them? It seemed that ever since Wynn had asked me to become his wife, I had been making one decision after the other - some big and some not-so-big. As my thoughts turned to Wynn, I smiled to myself. How fortunate I was to be engaged to marry such a man. He was everything a girl could ever desire - his height, his bearing, his smile, his quiet self-assurance, his caring. And he loved me! I would have gone on and on daydreaming but Kathleen interrupted me. - Author: Janette Oke
Decent Thoughts quotes by Janette Oke
#14. When we talk, we express our preconceived thoughts, when we listen, we learn and give birth to new thoughts. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Decent Thoughts quotes by Debasish Mridha
#15. We are capable of thinking positive in the midst of the most trying of circumstances or events. - Author: Asa Don Brown
Decent Thoughts quotes by Asa Don Brown
#16. What's emerging from the pattern of my own life is the for belief that the crisis is being caused by the inadequacy of existing forms of thought to cope with the situation. It can't be solved by rational means because the rationality itself is the source of the problem. The only ones who're solving it are solving it at a personal level by abandoning 'square' rationality altogether and going by feelings alone. Like John and Sylvia here. And millions of others like them. And that seems like a wrong direction too. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that the solution to the problem isn't that you abandon rationality but that you expand the nature of rationality so that it's capable of coming up with a solution. - Author: Robert M. Pirsig
Decent Thoughts quotes by Robert M. Pirsig
#17. Remember that we're living in a place that is temporary. No matter what you believe in the end of time I don't care about it. As of now.. live your life, cut those negative thoughts and actions, reach your dreams and goals. - Author: Jayson Engay
Decent Thoughts quotes by Jayson Engay
#18. Notebooks. There are dozens of notebooks. I always carry notebooks with me. I scribble in them in a barely readable scrawl. I do not write jokes. I write moments. Thoughts. Fragments that I have to sweat over as if they're cryptic texts in a lost language when I try to interpret them. That shouldn't be part of my process - decoding my own writing - but it has been for my entire life. What does that say about me? Why can't I make it easy? I need to complicate everything to protect myself from success and to remain complicated and overwhelmed. - Author: Marc Maron
Decent Thoughts quotes by Marc Maron
#19. The energy of our thoughts, words, actions, and emotions collectively create the frequency of our vibrational aura. - Author: Alaric Hutchinson
Decent Thoughts quotes by Alaric Hutchinson
#20. Music is your own experience, your own thoughts, your wisdom. - Author: Charlie Parker
Decent Thoughts quotes by Charlie Parker
#21. I have come to you, Jesus, to take your touch before I begin my day. Let your eyes rest upon my eyes for a while let me take to my work the assurance of your friendship. Fill my mind to last through the desert of noise. Let your blessed sunshine fill the peaks of my thoughts. And give me strength for those who need me. - Author: Mother Teresa
Decent Thoughts quotes by Mother Teresa
#22. You can't possibly adopt stray French monsters; wherever would you put it?"

"I have no idea," she said. "It doesn't appear to be in bad shape; honestly, I think someone's been taking at least basic care of it - no mats or snarls, it's a decent weight for its size, completely tame. It's not a thoroughbred, though, which means either it's an adopted stray or it's been summoned, which is a little odd. God knows why anyone would bother doing that kind of magic, but whatever - I suppose Parisian monster fanciers have to get their jollies somehow. I think it's come to visit, not to stow away in my suitcase."

"If this keeps up, you are going to be the most absurd Disney princess of all time," Ruthven told her. "Instead of happy little bluebirds perching on your finger to sing duets, you will be hung about with monsters like a tree with monkeys, and it will thoroughly complicate your personal life. - Author: Vivian Shaw
Decent Thoughts quotes by Vivian Shaw
#23. After having lived life for so many years, you would have learnt that nothing external can give you permanent joy, because it's all fleeting and temporary. Permanent joy is right here and now, in your being – it's not out-there in some relationship or material possession. You can have everything you desire, but first you must know that none of it is going to bring you permanent joy. Permanent peace/joy is already present in your being right now, below the surface level thoughts and feelings, recognize that and rest in this place – when you do so, you will be in a place of zero resistance and thus allow swift manifestation of your desires. - Author: Sen Mani
Decent Thoughts quotes by Sen Mani
#24. Ten short years ago, nobody had ever heard of a selfie. But today every decent cell phone has not one but two cameras, so you can take idiotic duck face pictures. And don't forget the billion dollar selfie-stick industry. Capitalism has found a whole new way to turn our vanity into profit. - Author: Oliver Markus Malloy
Decent Thoughts quotes by Oliver Markus Malloy
#25. Ivanov: I am a bad, pathetic and worthless individual. One needs to be pathetic, too, worn out and drained by drink, like Pasha, to be still fond of me and to respect me. My God, how I despise myself! I so deeply loathe my voice, my walk, my hands, these clothes, my thoughts. Well, isn't that funny, isn't that shocking? Less than a year ago I was healthy and strong, I was cheerful, tireless, passionate, I worked with these very hands, I could speak to move even Philistines to tears, I could cry when I saw grief, I became indignant when I encountered evil. I knew inspiration, I knew the charm and poetry of quiet nights when from dusk to dawn you sit at your desk or indulge you mind with dreams. I believed, I looked into the future as into the eyes of my own mother ... And now, my God, I am exhausted, I do not believe, I spend my days and nights in idleness. - Author: Anton Chekhov
Decent Thoughts quotes by Anton Chekhov
#26. Why must I cling to the customs and practices of a particular country forever, just because I happened to be born there? What does it matter if its distinctiveness is lost? Need we be so attached to it? What's the harm if everyone on earth shares the same thoughts and feelings, if they stand under a single banner of laws and regulations? What if we can't be recognized as Indians any more? Where's the harm in that? No one can object if we declare ourselves to be citizens of the world. Is that any less glorious? - Author: Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay
Decent Thoughts quotes by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay
#27. Habit rules the unreflecting herd. - Author: William Wordsworth
Decent Thoughts quotes by William Wordsworth
#28. And how rare is it to find someone who shares your tastes? The one real fight they'd ever had was over David Foster Wallace. It was around the time of Wallace's suicide. A.J. had found the reverent tone of the eulogies to be insufferable. The man had written a decent (if indulgent and overlong) novel, a few modestly insightful essays, and not much else. "Infinite Jest is a masterpiece," Harvey had said. "Infinite Jest is an endurance contest. You manage to get through it and you have no choice but to say you like it. Otherwise, you have to deal with the fact that you just wasted weeks of your life," A.J. had countered. "Style, no substance, my friend." Harvey's face had reddened as he leaned over the desk. "You say that about any writer who was born in the same decade as you! - Author: Gabrielle Zevin
Decent Thoughts quotes by Gabrielle Zevin
#29. My mom raised me as if there were no limitations on where I could go or what I could do. When I look back I realize she raised me like a white kid - not white culturally, but in the sense of believing that the world was my oyster, that I should speak up for myself, that my ideas and thoughts and decisions mattered. - Author: Trevor Noah
Decent Thoughts quotes by Trevor Noah
#30. Ohne Phosphor, Kein Gedanke. Without phosphorus there would be no thoughts. - Author: Ludwig Buchner
Decent Thoughts quotes by Ludwig Buchner
#31. Let your thoughts and intentions always be forgiving and loving so that you may bring true peace to mankind. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Decent Thoughts quotes by Debasish Mridha
#32. Dialogue is a space where we may see the assumptions which lay beneath the surface of our thoughts, assumptions which drive us, assumptions around which we build organizations, create economies, form nations and religions. These assumptions become habitual, mental habits that drive us, confuse us and prevent our responding intelligently to the challenges we face every day. - Author: David Bohm
Decent Thoughts quotes by David Bohm
#33. I have come, more and more, to believe that the way we are in the world actually has an impact on the world. When we are respectful, joyous, grateful, engaged, the world responds to that in concrete ways. When we are angry and resentful, or selfish or bitter, things sour around us. - Author: Alan S. Kesselheim
Decent Thoughts quotes by Alan S. Kesselheim
#34. I find myself often moved to tears by what is being written in front of me. Sometimes, I just sit on the couch and write the words down and cry because the beauty of the thoughts and how exquisitely they are being expressed. - Author: Neale Donald Walsch
Decent Thoughts quotes by Neale Donald Walsch
#35. May I not forget that poverty and riches are of the spirit. Though the world knows me not, may my thoughts and actions be such as will keep me friendly with myself. - Author: Max Ehrmann
Decent Thoughts quotes by Max Ehrmann
#36. Master your thoughts and you will master your mind; master your mind and you will master your body; master your body - Author: Robin S. Sharma
Decent Thoughts quotes by Robin S. Sharma
#37. We know of ESB's potential for mind control largely through the work of Jose Delgado. One signal provoked a cat to lick its fur, then continue compulsively licking the floor and bars of its cage. A signal designed to stimulate a portion of a monkey's thalamus, a major midbrain center for integrating muscle movements, triggered a complex action: The monkey walked to one side of the cage, then the other, then climbed to the rear ceiling, then back down. The animal performed this same activity as many times as it was stimulated with the signal, up to sixty times an hour, but not blindly - the creature still was able to avoid obstacles and threats from the dominant male while carrying out the electrical imperative. Another type of signal has made monkeys turn their heads, or smile, no matter what else they were doing, up to twenty thousand times in two weeks. As Delgado concluded, "The animals looked like electronic toys."

Even instincts and emotions can be changed: In one test a mother giving continuous care to her baby suddenly pushed the infant away whenever the signal was given. Approach-avoidance conditioning can be achieved for any action simply by stimulating the pleasure and pain centers in an animal's or person's limbic system.

Eventual monitoring of evoked potentials from the EEG, combined with radio-frequency and microwave broadcasts designed to produce specific thoughts or moods, such as compliance and complacency, promises a method of mind control that p - Author: Robert O. Becker
Decent Thoughts quotes by Robert O. Becker
#38. A collection of rare thoughts is nothing less than a cabinet of intellectual gems - Author: William Buell Sprague
Decent Thoughts quotes by William Buell Sprague

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