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[Dean Martin] is an absolute, unqualified drunk. And if we ever develop an Olympic drinking team, he's gonna be the coach ... Dean Martin has been stoned more often than the United States embassies. ~ Frank Sinatra
Coach Shula quotes by Frank Sinatra
When I broke into professional hockey at 17 I was told that I was too small and too slow and I wouldn't make the NHL. Now it's kind of flip-flopped and the sense is I can't be a good coach because I was a great athlete. ~ Wayne Gretzky
Coach Shula quotes by Wayne Gretzky
He doesn't move.

Please, I beg him inwardly.

Please go up to bed.

It's hard enough to look at his face each day and not feel heartbreak. I can't be close to him right now. I'm afraid I'll give in and kiss him again. The way his hard body had aligned so perfectly with mine is burned in my consciousness. I'll be trying not to remember that for weeks.

I wait, and I ache.

Finally the door clicks open. I hear him exit the car. When the door slams shut, I feel it like a sledgehammer to the heart.

Don't look, I coach myself.

But my self-control isn't infinite. His fair hair glints under the streetlight as his long legs eat up the walkway in just a few paces. Seeing him walk away from me splinters something inside me. ~ Sarina Bowen
Coach Shula quotes by Sarina Bowen
Every coach should be recording games to watch ... use your VCR. ~ Don Meyer
Coach Shula quotes by Don Meyer
My job is to call attention to the things that I think are the difference between winning and losing. If I can't do that then I have failed as a coach. ~ Bill Parcells
Coach Shula quotes by Bill Parcells
What you are afraid of is also afraid of you; face your fear! ~ Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha
Coach Shula quotes by Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha
If I'm going to coach the players, I want some say on who they're going to be. ~ Red Auerbach
Coach Shula quotes by Red Auerbach
If there is something a coach might wish to see changed in a player or team, the first place to check and see if it could not be done better is in yourself. ~ John Kessel
Coach Shula quotes by John Kessel
Coaching is effective self-expression in the coach/client relationship so that you catalyze your clients' manifestation of their own desired outcomes. ~ Patrick Williams
Coach Shula quotes by Patrick Williams
My ambition in high school was to be a high school coach and teacher, and that's still what I do: teach. ~ Mike Krzyzewski
Coach Shula quotes by Mike Krzyzewski
The best ever spiritual coach you can ever have is Jesus Christ; our model of true leadership! You can do all things through Christ your and my spiritual coach! ~ Israelmore Ayivor
Coach Shula quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
Despite the darkness and the rhythmic trotting of the huge four-legged brick pulling the coach, Cole had failed to relax enough to sleep. ~ Brandon Mull
Coach Shula quotes by Brandon Mull
Yeah. No matter what Coach does or doesn't do. Because ... I'm going on my terms. Even if by some miracle he recommends me for the scholarship, I'm not taking it."
That surprises her. "I don't get it."
"That's why I had no choice but to let that pitch go by. I had to prove to myself that I could live without baseball. I can't go to college on their terms. I can't be the ballplayer first and the student second, and if they're giving me an athletic scholarship, believe me - that's what it would be. Athlete-scholar, not the other way around. No one can convince me otherwise.
"So, yeah. I'll have to take out student loans. I'll have to work my ass off. But that's OK. ~ Barry Lyga
Coach Shula quotes by Barry Lyga
I think God speaks something meaningful into our lives and it fills us up and helps us change the world regardless of ourselves and our shortcomings. His name for us is His beloved. He hopes that we'll believe Him like I came to believe what the coach said about me. He hopes we'll start to see ourselves as His beloved rather than think of all of the reasons that we aren't. ~ Bob Goff
Coach Shula quotes by Bob Goff
When you're playing against a stacked deck, compete even harder. ~ Pat Riley
Coach Shula quotes by Pat Riley
I definitely see myself continuing to transition into more acting roles. I'll always be a coach. I'm always going to have a training center, always going to work with guys that are looking for some input and want help. I love commentating, and that's something I can always go back to and enjoy doing. ~ Randy Couture
Coach Shula quotes by Randy Couture
The trouble is that people hate coaches, and for good reason. Coach travel is a dismal and humiliating experience. When I take the bus, as I sometimes must, from Oxford to Cambridge, I arrive feeling almost suicidal. ~ George Monbiot
Coach Shula quotes by George Monbiot
We talked about it. An assistant coach suggested fouling, but I rejected it because I was afraid we'd foul them shooting and get beat that way. Hindsight couldn't have been worse than what happened to us. ~ John Whisenant
Coach Shula quotes by John Whisenant
Tom" softly over the coach-roof.
"Hallo", Joe."
"Did you hear the message?"
"I did, Joe."
"What did you make of it, Tom?"
"Nothing at all, Joe."
"That's a coincidence, too" the guard mused, "for I made the same of it myself. ~ Charles Dickens
Coach Shula quotes by Charles Dickens
Just sit tight. Reinforcements should be here soon. Hopefully nothing happens before-"
Lightning crackled overhead. The wind picked up with a vengeance. Worksheets flew into the Grand Canyon, and the entire bridge shuddered. Kids screamed, stumbling and grabbing the rails.
"I had to say something," Hedge grumbled. He bellowed into his megaphone: "Everyone inside! The cow says moo! Off the skywalk!"
"I thought you said this thing was stable!" Jason shouted over the wind.
"Under normal circumstances," Hedge agreed, "which these aren't. ~ Rick Riordan
Coach Shula quotes by Rick Riordan
Anyway ... she knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a horse who knows a goat who knows another horse- ~ Rick Riordan
Coach Shula quotes by Rick Riordan
It comes down to this: What kind of father are you? What kind of husband are you? What kind of coach or teammate are you? What kind of son are you? What kind of friend are you? Success comes in terms of relationships. ~ Joe Ehrmann
Coach Shula quotes by Joe Ehrmann
A true legacy is established over a lifetime and relates to what a human being does for others, not for himself. ~ Bill Courtney
Coach Shula quotes by Bill Courtney
Deciding that at the moment it behooved her to, as Wiry had put it, behave, Heather inclined her head, first to the woman alongside her, "Martha," then to the barrel-chested man, shorter than Wiry but of heavier build, who'd remained quietly seated in the far corner of the coach. "Cobbins."
She turned her gaze on Wiry. "And you are?"
He smiled. "You may call me Fletcher, Miss Wallace."
Heather thought of a few other epithets she might call him, but she merely inclined her head. Settling on the seat, she leaned her head back against the squabs and ventured nothing more. She sensed that Fletcher expected her to protest, perhaps beg for mercy, or try to subvert him and the others from their goal, but she saw no point in lowering herself to that.
No point at all.
The more she thought of all Fletcher had let fall, the more she felt certain of that. This had to be the strangest abduction she'd ever heard of...well, she hadn't heard the details of any abduction attempts, but it seemed distinctly odd that they were treating her so considerately, so...sensibly. So terribly calmly and confidently. ~ Stephanie Laurens
Coach Shula quotes by Stephanie Laurens
Well," he said, "and this is only my own way of thinking, mind, but when you're doing something you love - really love - you can't let the way others play the game get in the way of that, if you follow. It don't matter if your coach is hassling you, or whether you don't like how some of your teammates indulge in the sport. When you're out there, you've got a goal to accomplish, and you can't see to letting all that mishmash weigh you down. ~ Jaida Jones
Coach Shula quotes by Jaida Jones
Good shooters take the shots; best shooters take most of the shots. ~ Don Meyer
Coach Shula quotes by Don Meyer
My coach confirmed to me my impression that he uses a different measuring stick to evaluate Almunia. For me, this was a huge disappointment. That has forced me to think about my situation. I have to ask myself what is still realistic and possible for me at Arsenal? When Wenger says something like that, it's going to be difficult for me to get back in here. It's very frustrating. When I see the performances on the field, I get angry and I have to clench my fist in my pocket. ~ Jens Lehmann
Coach Shula quotes by Jens Lehmann
I feel blessed that I had an opportunity to be in the Big Ten for four years as a player and be in the Big Ten as a coach for eight years. To get 12 years in a conference like the Big Ten - it's a first-class league with great towns and great fans. ~ Steve Alford
Coach Shula quotes by Steve Alford
Probably no one here knows I coached a football team - a service team - playing against Georgetown. I think it was in the fall of 1924 Lou Little was your coach, and he beat us. But it was a very happy circumstance, because it brought me the friendship of another man, Lou Little, who to this day remains my very warm associate and friend. ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower
Coach Shula quotes by Dwight D. Eisenhower
The civilized man has built a coach, but has lost the use of his feet. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Coach Shula quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
The more things we can get kids to do correctly off the court, the more they will do correctly on the court. ~ Mike Jarvis
Coach Shula quotes by Mike Jarvis
Talking to my mental coach definitely helps. I talk to her every week. Yeah, I mean, she's been helping me a lot, too. ~ Inbee Park
Coach Shula quotes by Inbee Park
Annabeth realized that if six of them went on these two quests, it would leave Percy alone on the ship with Coach Hedge, which was maybe not a situation a caring girlfriend should put him in. Nor was she eager to let Percy out of her sight again - not after they'd been apart for so many months. ~ Rick Riordan
Coach Shula quotes by Rick Riordan
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