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From whence shall we expect the approach of danger? Shall some trans-Atlantic military giant step the earth and crush us at a blow? Never. All the armies of Europe and Asia ... could not by force take a drink from the Ohio River or make a track on the Blue Ridge in the trial of a thousand years. No, if destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of free men we will live forever or die by suicide. ~ Abraham Lincoln
Civil War Secession quotes by Abraham Lincoln
The Civil War defined us as what we are and it opened us to being what we became, good and bad things ... It was the crossroads of our being, and it was a hell of a crossroads. ~ Shelby Foote
Civil War Secession quotes by Shelby Foote
Today's breakfast consist of rice and a piece of bread fried in a bit of salt pork grease. At least I have my memories of grand banquets and fine foods, but this is all the children have ever known. I suppose it is best not to have anything to compare. ~ Nancy B. Brewer
Civil War Secession quotes by Nancy B. Brewer
In trench warfare five things are important: firewood, food, tobacco, candles, and the enemy. In winter on the Zaragoza front they were important in that order, with the enemy a bad last ~ George Orwell
Civil War Secession quotes by George Orwell
Over the course of six decades, some six million black southerners left the land of their forefathers and fanned out across the country for an uncertain existence in nearly every other corner of America. The Great Migration would become a turning point in history. It would transform urban America and recast the social and political order of every city it touched. It would force the South to search its soul and finally to lay aside a feudal caste system. It grew out of the unmet promises made after the Civil War and, through the sheer weight of it, helped push the country toward the civil rights revolutions of the 1960s. ~ Isabel Wilkerson
Civil War Secession quotes by Isabel Wilkerson
For twenty-five years I've been speaking and writing in defense of your right to happiness in this world, condemning your inability to take what is your due, to secure what you won in bloody battles on the barricades of Paris and Vienna, in the American Civil War, in the Russian Revolution. Your Paris ended with Petain and Laval, your Vienna with Hitler, your Russia with Stalin, and your America may well end in the rule of the Ku Klux Klan! You've been more successful in winning your freedom than in securing it for yourself and others. This I knew long ago. What I did not understand was why time and again, after fighting your way out of a swamp, you sank into a worse one. Then groping and cautiously looking about me, I gradually found out what has enslaved you: YOUR SLAVE DRIVER IS YOU YOURSELF. No one is to blame for your slavery but you yourself. No one else, I say! ~ Wilhelm Reich
Civil War Secession quotes by Wilhelm Reich
As long as you are forced to be a woman first instead of a person, by default, you need to be a feminist. That's it. Men are people, women are women? Screw that. Screw that. I am sick of having words aimed to shut me up. I am sick of having to be anything other than a person first. Zounds! I enjoy being a girl, whatever that means. For me, that meant Star Wars figurines, mounds of books, skirts and flats. It meant Civil War reenacting and best girlfriends I'd give a kidney to and best guy friends I'd ruin a liver with and making messes and cleaning up some of them and still not knowing how to apply eye shadow. That's being a girl. That's being a person. It's the same damn thing. I wish Rush had just called me an idiot. I'm happy to be called an idiot! On the day when someone on the Internet calls me an idiot first and ugly second, I will set down my feminist battle flag and heave a great sigh. Then I will pick it back up and keep climbing. There are many more mountains to overcome. ~ Alexandra Petri
Civil War Secession quotes by Alexandra Petri
And we love to dance, especially that new one called the Civil War Twist. The Northern part of you stands still while the Southern part tries to secede. ~ Dick Gregory
Civil War Secession quotes by Dick Gregory
Before the Civil War, the Southern states were selling a lot of cotton to England and didn't seem to mind British occupation. By and large, the Revolutionary War wasn't at all great for business. ~ Henry Rollins
Civil War Secession quotes by Henry Rollins
We have to make a really cold judgement. Would the consequence of civil war be more devastating than the consequences of staying the course?. ~ Zbigniew Brzezinski
Civil War Secession quotes by Zbigniew Brzezinski
Senators from his own party soon began to warn that Obama was secretly expanding the government's surveillance powers even beyond those authorized by Bush. Obama allowed the civil liberties panel that was supposed to provide oversight of the government's war on terror to remain idle and only partially staffed for years. His administration launched a draconian crackdown on the press, spying on reporters while prosecuting more leakers and whistleblowers than all previous administrations combined. ~ James Risen
Civil War Secession quotes by James Risen
Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience. Our problem is that people all over the world have obeyed the dictates of leaders ... and millions have been killed because of this obedience ... Our problem is that people are obedient allover the world in the face of poverty and starvation and stupidity, and war, and cruelty. Our problem is that people are obedient while the jails are full of petty thieves ... (and) the grand thieves are running the country. That's our problem. ~ Howard Zinn
Civil War Secession quotes by Howard Zinn
In beloved Iraq, blood is flowing between brothers, in the shadow of an illegitimate foreign occupation, and abhorrent sectarianism threatens a civil war. ~ Abdullah Of Saudi Arabia
Civil War Secession quotes by Abdullah Of Saudi Arabia
I pray that our Heavenly Father may assuage the anguish of your bereavement, and leave you only the cherished memory of the loved and lost, and the solemn pride that must be yours, to have laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of Freedom. ~ Abraham Lincoln
Civil War Secession quotes by Abraham Lincoln
You know it's going to be Mary the Maid, or someone like her, and there's going to be two men and she will end up with the nice one, and there has to be misunderstandings, and they never do anything more than kiss and it's absolutely guaranteed that, for example, an exciting civil war or an invasion by trolls or even a scene with any cooking in it is not going to happen. The best you can expect is a thunderstorm. ~ Terry Pratchett
Civil War Secession quotes by Terry Pratchett
When we stand up for what we believe in - for what's right - there is always a chance that we risk the very things we fight for: our safety, our lives, our freedom. But if we stand down, the risk is definite. ~ Kelseyleigh Reber
Civil War Secession quotes by Kelseyleigh Reber
Only then, after all these things had been accomplished within the first couple of hours of the coup, could the messages, which had been drawn up and filed, be sent out by radio, telephone and telegraph to the commanders of the Home Army in other cities and to the top generals commanding the troops at the front and in the occupied zones, announcing that Hitler was dead and that a new anti-Nazi government had been formed in Berlin. The revolt would have to be over - and achieved - within twenty-four hours and the new government firmly installed. Otherwise the vacillating generals might have second thoughts. Goering and Himmler might be able to rally them, and a civil war would ensue. In that case the fronts would cave in and the very chaos and collapse which the plotters wished to prevent would become inevitable. ~ William L. Shirer
Civil War Secession quotes by William L. Shirer
Causes of Civil War are also, that the Wealth of the Nation is in too few mens hands, and that no certain means are provided to keep all men from a necessity either to beg, or steal, or be Souldiers. ~ William Petty
Civil War Secession quotes by William Petty
And if there was one title that could be applied to all my films, it would be 'Civil War' - not civil war in the way we know it, but the daily war that goes on between us all. ~ Michael Haneke
Civil War Secession quotes by Michael Haneke
But my point is these Civil War songs were gruesome. The hatred that's so bad in this country today, and for the past 10 or 15 years, bad as it is, is nothing compared to the kind of things people would write down and sing back in the Civil War. ~ T Bone Burnett
Civil War Secession quotes by T Bone Burnett
After the Spanish Civil War against Franco, a group of us got together: a group of well-to-do people who were sympathetic to the lost cause of a Republican state. We bought a convent in Toulouse and converted it into a hospital run by the Unitarians. It took care of the Spanish refugees who fled to Toulouse. ~ Howard Fast
Civil War Secession quotes by Howard Fast
Religious canons, civil laws, are cruel; then what should war be? ~ William Shakespeare
Civil War Secession quotes by William Shakespeare
With war, most people are heartless and less weighed as a ton of nothing. ~ Auliq Ice
Civil War Secession quotes by Auliq Ice
Something often neglected in popular accounts of the Wild West is the extent to which its dramas were colored by the politics and personal resentments left by the Civil War. ~ Gary Krist
Civil War Secession quotes by Gary Krist
With the likely nominations of Barack Obama by the Democrats and John McCain by the Republicans, one of these two parties is headed for a 2009 crack-up that could prove as messy as any party civil war in recent history. ~ Chuck Todd
Civil War Secession quotes by Chuck Todd
It is the observer of the pun that makes it, my dear Brumm. Of course, when the word is distorted, as in Evilution, the most preoccupied notice it, but in this instance which you try to fasten upon me the crime is yours. There is nothing more contrary to the Evolutionary will than puns. Bloodshed and desolation follow in their wake. Their English heyday, which was in the reign of James I, caused the great civil war; in France they flourished most rankly under Louis XV, and produced the French Revolution. I have considered puns, and apart altogether from their hateful effect, as shown in history, it is certain that they are quite unevolutionary, because I, the fittest of men, am unable to make them. You will consult your own welfare, and that of the nation, Brougham, by refraining in future. ~ John Davidson
Civil War Secession quotes by John Davidson
What we forget is that African Americans made the largest contribution to America, economically, before the Civil War of any sector of society. I read that the railroads were worth about $2 billion, but slavery was a $3 billion asset. ~ Andrew Young
Civil War Secession quotes by Andrew Young
I am not going to kill you. First I'm going to beat on you for a few hours.
Then I might move on to the cutting. ~ Marc Guggenheim
Civil War Secession quotes by Marc Guggenheim
I gotta be honest with you, Joe. This isn't a really social job. We don't talk to each other much. We tried it once. A bunch of us all got together to have a party, maybe get to know each other better."
"What happened?"
I pause. Think how best to put it. "We accidentally triggered a civil war in Cambodia. ~ Jay Stringer
Civil War Secession quotes by Jay Stringer
….two slate-colored gravestones settled at a slant into the lower corner of the field beside the lane. She could not read the names engraved on them, but she knew what they were. Joseph Watson, 1820-1891, and James Watson, son of Joseph and Hannah Watson, 1844-1863. The grave of Hannah Watson lay beside her husband's and because she had died last, she had no marker, unless the pine tree growing there might count as one. To-morrow two men would drive up and leave a basket of flowers and a flag for Joseph because he had fought in the Civil War, and for James because he had died on his way home from it, but they would not have anything for Hannah because she had only identified her son James one hot summer day on the platform of North Derwich Station, and raised all the food her husband ate for twenty years as he sat in a chair in her kitchen, and done washings for Mrs. Hale to buy monuments for them at the end. But the flowers would die in the boxes; even if Jen found time to go down and set out the pansy plants in the ground, stray cows were sure to eat them off before the summer was over; and the Forrest children would take the flags to play with. Nothing would interfere with the tree. ~ Gladys Hasty Carroll
Civil War Secession quotes by Gladys Hasty Carroll
It is not the self respect and pride that you take with you, but the heritage you leave behind to your children that matters. A strongly marked personality can influence descendants for generations. Those blessed with a patriotic genetic legacy should run to the top of the mountain and roar with all fervency, "If they can over come, so will I!" When you know the ghosts that stand in support of you, you can begin to see life as they did - a life of joy, possibilities and freedom. ~ Shannon L. Alder
Civil War Secession quotes by Shannon L. Alder
I know why we lost the Civil War. We must have had the same officials. ~ Bum Phillips
Civil War Secession quotes by Bum Phillips
During the 1980s, international interest in the Nicaraguan war was intense. No conflict since the Spanish civil war had provoked such passion around the world. It was a classic good-versus-evil war. ~ Stephen Kinzer
Civil War Secession quotes by Stephen Kinzer
Hemans gallows ought to be the fate of all such ambitious men who would involve their country in civil wars, and all the evils in its train that they might reign & ride on its whirlwinds & direct the Storm The free people of these United States have spoken, and consigned these wicked demagogues to their proper doom. ~ Andrew Jackson
Civil War Secession quotes by Andrew Jackson
Though I never ordered it, and never wished for it, I have never shed any tears over the event, because I believe that it hastened what we all fought for, the end of the war. ~ William Tecumseh Sherman
Civil War Secession quotes by William Tecumseh Sherman
The American people, North and South, went into the [Civil] war as citizens of their respective states, they came out as subjects ... what they thus lost they have never got back. ~ H.L. Mencken
Civil War Secession quotes by H.L. Mencken
Come on boys! Give them the cold steel! Who will follow me? ~ Lewis Armistead
Civil War Secession quotes by Lewis Armistead
I wanted to leave the whole war behind me, and yet I was seeing something on that battlefield that demanded commemoration. It was unholy ground, but I wanted to thank God for showing it to me. I would never again look at a man without wondering what crimes he was capable of committing. That seemed important to know. ~ Robert Hicks
Civil War Secession quotes by Robert Hicks
After I finished the Tycoons - on post-Civil War development - I realized how much I didn't know about the first half of the century, even though there had obviously been an enormous amount of development, so I read about and thought about that for a couple of years before I decided I was ready for a book. ~ Charles R. Morris
Civil War Secession quotes by Charles R. Morris
I've just always had a personal fascination with the myth of Abraham Lincoln. And once you start to read about him and the Civil War and everything leading up to the Civil War, you start to understand that the myth is created when we think we understand a character and we reduce him to a kind of cultural national stereotype. ~ Steven Spielberg
Civil War Secession quotes by Steven Spielberg
Our statute books gradually became laden with gross, stereotyped distinctions between the sexes and, indeed, throughout much of the 19th century the position of women in our society was, in many respects, comparable to that of blacks under the pre-Civil War slave codes. ~ William J. Brennan
Civil War Secession quotes by William J. Brennan
I should be glad if I could flatter myself that I came as near the central idea of the occasion, in two hours, as you did in two minutes. ~ Edward Everett
Civil War Secession quotes by Edward Everett
I don't care what your daddy told you. I don't care what your grandaddy told you. The South lost. Get over it man! -January, 2003; Opening lecture to Intro to Civil War Era Studies, Gettysburg College ~ Mark A. Weitz
Civil War Secession quotes by Mark A. Weitz
What happened in America in the 1860s was a war of secession, a war of independence, no different in principle from what happened in America in the 1770s and 1780s. ~ L. Neil Smith
Civil War Secession quotes by L. Neil Smith
The evolution of national unity and equal rights is all about what America represents as a nation today: a manifestation of the historical episodes of Jefferson and Henry as well as the Civil War, the Women's Suffrage movement, and the Civil Rights struggles. ~ Patrick Mendis
Civil War Secession quotes by Patrick Mendis
I know the hole he went in at, but I can't tell you what hole he will come out of. ~ Abraham Lincoln
Civil War Secession quotes by Abraham Lincoln
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