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#1. Meanwhile, the state has grown as addicted to the lottery as its problem gamblers. Lottery proceeds now account for 13 percent of the state revenues in Massachusetts, making radical change all but unthinkable. No politician, however troubled by the lottery's harmful effects, would dare raise taxes or cut spending sufficiently to offset the revenue the lottery brings in. With states hooked on the money, they have no choice but to continue to bombard their citizens, especially the most vulnerable ones, with a message at odds with the ethic of work, sacrifice and moral responsibility that sustains democratic life. This civic corruption is the gravest harm that lotteries bring. It degrades the public realm by casting the government as the purveyor of a perverse civic education. To keep the money flowing, state governments across American must now use their authority and influence not to cultivate civic virtue but to peddle false hope. They must persuade their citizens that with a little luck they can escape the world of work to which only misfortune cosigns them. - Author: Michael J. Sandel
Civic Education quotes by Michael J. Sandel
#2. Not only does neoliberalism undermine both civic education and public values and confuse education with training, it also treats knowledge as a product, promoting a neoliberal logic that views schools as malls, students as consumers, and faculty as entrepreneurs. - Author: Henry Giroux
Civic Education quotes by Henry Giroux
#3. Civic education and civic responsibility should be taught in elementary school. - Author: Donna Brazile
Civic Education quotes by Donna Brazile
#4. Democracy is not something we have by divine right. It is a hard-won privilege granted to us by those who came before us and fought for it. These were people who knew the tyranny and injustice of oppressive masters who would deny ordinary people a voice and basic human rights, such as freedom of expression and association. But we forget that democracy requires an active, informed, and engaged citizenry that seeks the well-being of all, not just their gang, in order to thrive. - Author: Diane Kalen-Sukra
Civic Education quotes by Diane Kalen-Sukra
#5. Princeton is a wonderful little spot. A quaint and ceremonious village of puny demigods on stilts. - Author: Albert Einstein
Civic Education quotes by Albert Einstein
#6. O Solon, Solon, you Hellenes are but children. [...] There is no old doctrine handed down among you by ancient tradition nor any science which is hoary with age, and I will tell you the reason behind this. There have been and will be again many destructions of mankind arising out of many causes, the greatest having been brought about by earth-fire and inundation. Whatever happened either in your country or ours or in any other country of which we are informed, any action which is noble and great or in any other way remarkable which has taken place, all that has been inscribed long ago in our temple records, whereas you and other nations did not keep imperishable records. And then, after a period of time, the usual inundation visits like a pestilence and leaves only those of you who are destitute of letters and education. And thus you have to begin over again as children and know nothing of what happened in ancient times either among us or among yourselves.'
'As for those genealogies of yours which you have related to us, they are no better than tales of children; for in the first place, you remember one deluge only, whereas there were a number of them. And in the next place there dwelt in your land, which you do not know, the fairest and noblest race of men that ever lived of which you are but a seed or remnant. And this was not known to you because for many generations the survivors of that destruction made no records.'
[Spoken by a priest of Egypt] - Author: Plato
Civic Education quotes by Plato
#7. There is no good day or a bad day, but our perception makes it so. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Civic Education quotes by Debasish Mridha
#8. Experiences in order to be educative must lead out into an expanding world of subject matter, a subject matter of facts or information and of ideas. This condition is satisfied only as the educator views teaching and learning as a continuous process of reconstruction of experience. - Author: John Dewey
Civic Education quotes by John Dewey
#9. Education is neither writing on a blank slate nor allowing the child's nobility to come into flower. Rather, education is a technology that tries to make up for what the human mind is innately bad at. Children don't have to go to school to learn to walk, talk, recognize objects, or remember the personalities of their friends, even though these tasks are much harder than reading, adding, or remembering dates in history. They do have to go to school to learn written language, arithmetic, and science, because those bodies of knowledge and skill were invented too recently for any species-wide knack for them to have evolved. - Author: Steven Pinker
Civic Education quotes by Steven Pinker
#10. I received the fundamentals of my education in school, but that was not enough. My real education, the superstructure, the details, the true architecture, I got out of the public library. For an impoverished child whose family could not afford to buy books, the library was the open door to wonder and achievement, and I can never be sufficiently grateful that I had the wit to charge through that door and make the most of it. Now, when I read constantly about the way in which library funds are being cut and cut, I can only think that the door is closing and that American society has found one more way to destroy itself. - Author: Isaac Asimov
Civic Education quotes by Isaac Asimov
#11. Freedom without organization of work would be useless. The child left free without means of work would go to waste, just as a new-born baby, if left free without nourishment, would die of starvation.The organization of the work, therefore, is the cornerstone of this new structure of goodness [in education], but even that organization would be in vain without the liberty to make use of it. - Author: Maria Montessori
Civic Education quotes by Maria Montessori
#12. Yahoo! is dedicated to promoting community awareness through outreach, education and information access. - Author: David Filo
Civic Education quotes by David Filo
#13. I have a college education. I'm not destitute. I'm living like this by choice. - Author: Alexander Supertramp Chris McCandless
Civic Education quotes by Alexander Supertramp Chris McCandless
#14. Parents usually educate their children merely in such a manner than however bad the world may be, they may adapt themselves to its present conditions. But they ought to give them an education so much better than this, that a better condition of things may thereby be brought about by the future. - Author: Immanuel Kant
Civic Education quotes by Immanuel Kant
#15. There is a good deal of the Nietzschean standpoint in this verse. It is the evolutionary and natural view. Of what use is it to perpetuate the misery of tuberculosis, and such diseases, as we now do? Nature's way is to weed out the weak. This is the most merciful way, too. At present all the strong are being damaged, and their progress hindered by the dead weight of the weak limbs and the missing limbs, the diseased limbs and the atrophied limbs. The Christians to the Lions!

Our humanitarianism, which is the syphilis of the mind, acts on the basis of the lie that the King must die. The King is beyond death; it is merely a pool where he dips for refreshment. We must therefore go back to Spartan ideas of education; and the worst enemies of humanity are those who wish, under the pretext of compassion, to continue its ills through the generations. The Christians to the Lions!

Let weak and wry productions go back into the melting-pot, as is done with flawed steel castings. Death will purge, reincarnation make whole, these errors and abortions. Nature herself may be trusted to do this, if only we will leave her alone. But what of those who, physically fitted to live, are tainted with rottenness of soul, cancerous with the sin-complex? For the third time I answer: The Christians to the Lions!

Hadit calls himself the Star, the Star being the Unit of the Macrocosm; and the Snake, the Snake being the symbol of Going or Love, the Dwarf-Soul, the Spermato - Author: Aleister Crowley
Civic Education quotes by Aleister Crowley
#16. Enjoy the moment, this is all we have at this moment. This moment is our life. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Civic Education quotes by Debasish Mridha
#17. There is no easy walk to freedom anywhere, and many of us will have to pass through the valley of the shadow of death again and again before we reach the mountaintop of our desires. - Author: Nelson Mandela
Civic Education quotes by Nelson Mandela
#18. Being supportive and building students' confidence is not accomplished by blindly telling them they are doing a great job every day. It involves assessing weaknesses and strengths and delivering feedback in a timely manner so that they can build their skills to complete the task at hand. - Author: Oran Tkatchov
Civic Education quotes by Oran Tkatchov
#19. Let us forgive, let us trust.
Let us love, and let us be just. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Civic Education quotes by Debasish Mridha
#20. Teach your children to think "we" not "them" and "us. - Author: Marty Rubin
Civic Education quotes by Marty Rubin
#21. So it is our request that you try to study Bhagavad-gītā as it is. Don't try to distort it by your so-called education. Try to understand Kṛiṣṇa as He is saying. Then you will be benefited. Your life will be successful. - Author: A C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
Civic Education quotes by A C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
#22. One of two historically African American communities that sprang up along the Mississippi Gulf Coast after emancipation, North Gulfport has always been a place where residents have had fewer civic resources than those extended to other outlying communities. - Author: Natasha Trethewey
Civic Education quotes by Natasha Trethewey
#23. 121.George Bernard Shaw – Plays and Prefaces
122.Max Planck – Origin and Development of the Quantum Theory; Where Is Science Going?; Scientific Autobiography
123.Henri Bergson – Time and Free Will; Matter and Memory; Creative Evolution; The Two Sources of Morality and Religion
124.John Dewey – How We Think; Democracy and Education; Experience and Nature; Logic; the Theory of Inquiry
125.Alfred North Whitehead – An Introduction to Mathematics; Science and the Modern World; The Aims of Education and Other Essays; Adventures of Ideas
126.George Santayana – The Life of Reason; Skepticism and Animal Faith; Persons and Places
127.Vladimir Lenin – The State and Revo - Author: Mortimer J. Adler
Civic Education quotes by Mortimer J. Adler
#24. The U.S. has become the most egregious war-monger and terrorist nation in the world, as well as the long-time leading purveyor of weapons of war throughout the world, and because here at home, we have 50 million of our citizens living in poverty, one in four children surviving on Food Stamps, a collapsing education system, poor health care, and many other disasters, none of which can be addressed as long as the country keeps pouring trillions of dollars into war and militarism. This madness and criminality must end! - Author: Dave Lindorff
Civic Education quotes by Dave Lindorff
#25. Unity of minds, natural love and co-operation, are the qualities we have to develop today. Education is not for securing university degrees. - Author: Sai Baba
Civic Education quotes by Sai Baba
#26. Education is an incredibly personal issue for me. If you're the first generation to go to college, sometimes you don't realize your potential until others point it out. - Author: Priscilla Chan
Civic Education quotes by Priscilla Chan
#27. Going to school at home saved my life as far as education went. My parents were able to give me the attention I needed. - Author: Kristy Swanson
Civic Education quotes by Kristy Swanson
#28. When you are friendly everybody will be eager to be your friend. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Civic Education quotes by Debasish Mridha
#29. My father hauled boxes so I could get an education and earn enough money to pay someone to make me lift weights. - Author: Dana Gould
Civic Education quotes by Dana Gould
#30. The purpose of education ... is to create in a person the ability to look at the world for himself, to make his own decisions. - Author: James A. Baldwin
Civic Education quotes by James A. Baldwin
#31. If you go fishing you may not catch any fish. If you don't go fishing, you'll never catch any fish. - Author: Alex Faickney Osborn
Civic Education quotes by Alex Faickney Osborn
#32. There are so many people around the world in need of high-quality education and really starving for education. - Author: Daphne Koller
Civic Education quotes by Daphne Koller
#33. I use every single thing that Alfred Hitchcock taught me in my acting career ... I am very grateful for the education he gave me in making motion pictures. - Author: Tippi Hedren
Civic Education quotes by Tippi Hedren
#34. On its first over was the famous picture of Earth taken from space; its subtitle was "Access to Tools." The underlying philosophy was that technology could be our friend. Brand wrote on the first page of the first edition, "A realm of intimate, personal power is developing- power of the individual to conduct his own education, find his own inspiration, shape his own environment, and share his adventure with whoever is interested. Tools that aid this process are sought and promoted by the Whole Earth Catalog. - Author: Walter Isaacson
Civic Education quotes by Walter Isaacson
#35. Everyone and everything around you is your teacher. - Author: Ken Keyes Jr.
Civic Education quotes by Ken Keyes Jr.
#36. He had sent her to the British school, which had a good standard of teaching. And at home, through his guidance, she had become as well-read as her brother. He liked to joke about this, tell her that her intellect shamed them all. But at some point, it seemed, he was content to let her grandmother and mother's plans for her take over. Sometimes she feels that she has become a half-developed thing, a sort of freak. Too educated to be content with the usual lot of her sex, but not enough to do anything with it. At her most angry she decided that her education had been a pastime for her father, an amusement. - Author: Lucy Foley
Civic Education quotes by Lucy Foley
#37. God is the source of all knowledge. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Civic Education quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#38. Education that stops with school stops where it is beginning. - Author: Stephen Leacock
Civic Education quotes by Stephen Leacock
#39. Measuring success in cultural diplomacy - the use of education, creative expression in any form, or people-to-people exchange to increase understanding across regions, cultures, or peoples - is challenging. How does one quantify changes in attitude, abandoning stereotypes, or feeling empathy as a result of a performance, a film, a book? - Author: Cynthia P. Schneider
Civic Education quotes by Cynthia P. Schneider
#40. Every so often, in the midst of chaos, you come across an amazing, inexplicable instance of civic responsibility. Maybe the last shred of faith people have is in their firemen. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
Civic Education quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#41. Women while in college ought to have the broadest possible education. This college education should be the same as men's, not only because there is but one best education, but because men's and women's effectiveness and happiness and the welfare of the generation to come after them will be vastly increased if their college education has given them the same intellectual training and the same scholarly and moral ideals. - Author: M. Carey Thomas
Civic Education quotes by M. Carey Thomas
#42. China is doing lots of things right. It's investing in education and R&D, it's opening up, it's more cosmopolitan than it's ever been. I think it's very likely that China will continue to explode economically and certainly become a superpower. - Author: Amy Chua
Civic Education quotes by Amy Chua
#43. I have heard, my dear friend, that a person can become over-educated; and although I have a high respect for brains, no matter how they may be arranged or classified, I begin to suspect that yours are slightly tangled. In any event, I must beg you to restrain your superior education while in our society. - Author: L. Frank Baum
Civic Education quotes by L. Frank Baum
#44. Intellectual freedom begins when one says with Socrates that he knows that he knows nothing, and then goes on to add: Do you know what you don't know and therefore what you should know? If your answer is affirmative and humble, then you are your own teacher, you are making your own assignment, and you will be your own best critic. You will not need externally imposed courses, nor marks, nor diplomas, nor a nod from your boss ... in business or in politics. (from the essay The Last Don Rag) - Author: Scott M. Buchanan
Civic Education quotes by Scott M. Buchanan
#45. As a senator from the only true swing district in the Texas Senate, I've been targeted by the GOP for my outspoken criticism of their extremist attacks on public education and voting rights, to name just two examples. - Author: Wendy Davis
Civic Education quotes by Wendy Davis
#46. I love games. I honestly can't imagine working with any other medium. I guess it would be akin to an artist who's doing commercial art and then goes into education, but it really frees you up to do all other kinds of creative stuff. - Author: Brenda Brathwaite
Civic Education quotes by Brenda Brathwaite
#47. We will never get great art from women if their education exposes them only to the second-rate and if the idea of greatness itself is denied. Greatness is not a white male trick. Every important world civilization has defined its artistic tradition in elitist terms of distinction and excellence. - Author: Camille Paglia
Civic Education quotes by Camille Paglia
#48. To become more, give more. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Civic Education quotes by Debasish Mridha
#49. What I have learned from my own experience is that the most important ingredients in a child's education are curiosity, interest, imagination, and a sense of the adventure of life. - Author: Eleanor Roosevelt
Civic Education quotes by Eleanor Roosevelt
#50. When you wage war on the public schools, you're attacking the mortar that holds the community together. You're not a conservative, you're a vandal. - Author: Garrison Keillor
Civic Education quotes by Garrison Keillor

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