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Bruges had the air of a ghost town. The high towers, the trees along the canals withdrew, absorbed by the same muslin: impenetrable fog with not a single rift. Even the carillon seemed to have to escape, to force its way out of a prison yard filled with cotton wool to be free in the air, to reach the gables over which, every quarter of an hour, the bells poured, like falling leaves, a melancholy autumn of music. ~ Georges Rodenbach
Chucrh Bells quotes by Georges Rodenbach
People there's a new sheriff in town. One of the great running backs in line of Pittsburgh Steelers [and] his name is Le'Veon Bell. He's on his way people. ~ LaDainian Tomlinson
Chucrh Bells quotes by LaDainian Tomlinson
It seems to begin before dawn with the Muslims, when a mosque at the edge of the mangrove forest softly announces, in a lullaby voice, the morning call to prayer. Not to be outdone, the local Christians soon crank up pop-sounding hymns that last anywhere from one to three hours. This is followed by cheerful, though overamplified, kazoo-like refrain from the Hindu temple that reminds Less of the ice cream truck from his childhood. Then comes a later call to prayer. Then the Christians decide to ring some bronze bells. And so on. There are sermons and live singers and thunderous drum performances. In this way, the faiths alternate throughout the day, as at a music festival, growing louder and louder until, during the outright cacophony of sunset, the Muslims, who began the whole thing, declare victory by projecting not only the evening call to prayer but the prayer itself in its entirety. After that, the jungle falls to silence. Perhaps this is the Buddhists' sole contribution. Every morning, it starts again. ~ Andrew Sean Greer
Chucrh Bells quotes by Andrew Sean Greer
It had to do with the knowledge that the world was as it was because of what men believed it was ... year by year, these past three or four generations, the minds of men had been hardened to believing that there was one God, one world, one way of describing reality, and that all things which intruded on the realm of that great one-ness must be evil and of the fiends, and that the sound of the bells and the shadow of their holy places would keep the evil afar. And as more and more people believed this, it was so, and Avalon no more than a dream adrift in an almost inaccessible other world ~ Marion Zimmer Bradley
Chucrh Bells quotes by Marion Zimmer Bradley
Often beneath the wave, wide from this ledge
The dice of drowned men's bones he saw bequeath
An embassy. Their numbers as he watched,
Beat on the dusty shore and were obscured.

And wrecks passed without sound of bells,
The calyx of death's bounty giving back
A scattered chapter, livid hieroglyph,
The portent wound in corridors of shells.

Then in the circuit calm of one vast coil,
Its lashings charmed and malice reconciled,
Frosted eyes there were that lifted altars;
And silent answers crept across the stars.

Compass, quadrant and sextant contrive
No farther tides ... High in the azure steeps
Monody shall not wake the mariner.
This fabulous shadow only the sea keeps. ~ Hart Crane
Chucrh Bells quotes by Hart Crane
Bell's theorem ... proves that quantum theory requires connections that appear to resemble telepathic communication. ~ Gary Zukav
Chucrh Bells quotes by Gary Zukav
Do not forget that when the heart petrifies there is no progress. All science must be like a fruit, so ordered that it may hang from a tree of the flesh & ripen in the sunlight of passion. Histology, photography, electric bells, telescopes, birds, amperes, smoothing irons, etc. -this is only good for bouncing off the arse of humanity. ~ Blaise Cendrars
Chucrh Bells quotes by Blaise Cendrars
The bells of defeat strike the unprepared. ~ Alpha Four
Chucrh Bells quotes by Alpha Four
The town was its green suburban lawns, sure, but it was also its secrets. The kind of place where people double-checked the locks at night or pulled their kids closer in the grocery store. They hung horseshoes over their front doors and put up bells instead of wind chimes. They wore crosses made from stainless steel instead of gold because gold couldn't protect them from people like me. ~ Brenna Yovanoff
Chucrh Bells quotes by Brenna Yovanoff
I compose with bells a lot. Bells and breath. Both things you react to without thinking about it. Bells traditionally give us orders: come to the desk, the truck is backing up, the ice cream is here, it's time to go to church. They're sounds our brains are already associated with. ~ Sxip Shirey
Chucrh Bells quotes by Sxip Shirey
Broken Bells reminds me how much fun I have making music. ~ Danger Mouse
Chucrh Bells quotes by Danger Mouse
I am a Hindu because of sculptured cones of red kumkum powder and baskets of yellow turmeric nuggets, because of garlands of flowers and pieces of broken coconut, because of the clanging of bells to announce one's arrival to God, because of the whine of the reedy nadaswaram and the beating of drums, because of the patter of bare feet against stone floors down dark corridors pierced by shafts of sunlight, because of the fragrance of incense, because of flames of arati lamps circling in the darkness, because of bhajans being sweetly sung, because of elephants standing around to bless, because of colourful murals telling colourful stories, because of foreheads carrying, variously signified, the same word - faith. ~ Yann Martel
Chucrh Bells quotes by Yann Martel
In college I started studying the stock market. I went down to the stock exchange, watched all the activity from the visitors' gallery, people running around, calling numbers, shouting, and all the paper flying and the bells ringing, and of course that was exciting, and it seemed to lend itself to my analytical skills. ~ Robert C. Merton
Chucrh Bells quotes by Robert C. Merton
Why did they keep changing guitars and amplifiers when they were perfect? They did the same things with cars, if you ask me. They forgot how to make them right, because they focused on style and bells and whistles. ~ Buddy Guy
Chucrh Bells quotes by Buddy Guy
I see the Hell Bells post in my head, that weird "BFC" thing. Bullets From Crazies? Beat Fags Cheerfully? ~ J.C. Lillis
Chucrh Bells quotes by J.C. Lillis
I rang the bell and she opened the door, dried her hands, and said heartily: 'Hello, stranger. I was just saying to Cliff only tonight, it's about time you showed up around here.'
I wanted to detach him from her, but first I had to sit through about ten minutes of her. She was my sister, but you don't tell women things like I wanted to tell him. I don't know why, but you don't. You tell them the things you have under control; the things that you're frightened of, you tell other men if you tell anyone. ("Nightmare") ~ Cornell Woolrich
Chucrh Bells quotes by Cornell Woolrich
Not a word was spoken. The church bells all were broken. ~ Don McLean
Chucrh Bells quotes by Don McLean
I made a concerned effort to focus. There was something I needed to say. The most important thing.
I love you," I said, but it sounded like singing. My voice rang and shimmered like a bell.
As i love you,"He told me. ~ Stephenie Meyer
Chucrh Bells quotes by Stephenie Meyer
Today were Wednesday and you decided that it would be quite possible for your desire to embody a new realization of yourself by Sunday, then Sunday becomes the point in time that you would visit. To make this visit you shut out Wednesday and let in Sunday. This is accomplished by simply feeling that it is Sunday, Begin to hear the church bells; begin to feel the quietness of the day and all that Sunday means to you; actually feel that it is Sunday. ~ Neville Goddard
Chucrh Bells quotes by Neville Goddard
In some cases it takes time to jingle sweet bells, love is not always at first sight. ~ Nighat Hafiz
Chucrh Bells quotes by Nighat Hafiz
The psychical condition of men's minds may be compared with a set of bells close together, and so arranged that in the ordinary man a bell rings only when one beside it sounds, and the vibration lasts only a moment. In the genius, when a bell sounds it vibrates so strongly that it sets in action the whole series, and remains in action throughout life. The latter kind of movement often gives rise to extraordinary conditions and absurd impulses, that may last for weeks together and that form the basis of the supposed kinship of genius with insanity. ~ Otto Weininger
Chucrh Bells quotes by Otto Weininger
I suppose everybody has a mental picture of the days of the week, some seeing them as a circle, some as an endless line, and others again, for all I know, as triangles and cubes. Mine is a wavy line proceeding to infinity, dipping to Wednesday which is the colour of old silver dark with polishing and rising again to a pale gold Sunday. This day has a feeling in my picture of warmth and light breezes and sunshine and afternoons that stretch to infinity and mornings full of far-off bells. ~ Angela Thirkell
Chucrh Bells quotes by Angela Thirkell
Family planning experts are now recommending giving men vasectomy gift cards for the holidays. Talk about taking the jingle out of the bells. ~ Jay Leno
Chucrh Bells quotes by Jay Leno
If the right job came along, absolutely with bells on I would work in Sweden. ~ MyAnna Buring
Chucrh Bells quotes by MyAnna Buring
Yet she is happy -- is it happiness she feels? -- as she places her things in the cupboards and drawers. Her quills, stockings, shoes. The room is dotted by porcelain figures. Punctuated, she thinks. She picks one up, puts it down. The former wife's collection? Then opens a window to London bells and that green-silk scent of spring. And she sees now, here in this room, how badly she'd needed to leave. ~ Danielle Dutton
Chucrh Bells quotes by Danielle Dutton
The house squatted around them, vast, empty, unnecessary and indestructible. You had to be a fat busy Victorian family to expand enough to fill up basements and passages and conservatives and attics. You had to have an army of bootboys and nurses and parlourmaids. You had to have a complicated greedy system of living that used up plenty of space and people and just in the daily business of eating and sleeping and keeping clean. You had to multiply your requirements and your possessions, activate that panel of bells in the kitchen - Drawing-Room and Master Bedroom and Library - keep going a spiral of needs and people to satisfy the needs. if you did not, if you contracted into three people without such needs, then a house like this became a dinosaur, occupying too much air and ground and demanding to be fed new sinks and drainpipes and a sea of electricity. Such a house became a fossil, stranded among neighbours long since chopped up into flats and bed-sitting-rooms, or sleek modern houses that had a suitable number of rooms for correct living in the late twentieth century. It and its kind, stood awkwardly on the fringes of a city renowned for old and beautiful buildings: they were old, and unbeautiful. ~ Penelope Lively
Chucrh Bells quotes by Penelope Lively
The mellow bells, soaring and singing in tower and steeple, told of time's flight through an eternity of peace; and Great Tom, tolling his nightly hundred-and-one, called home only the rooks from off Christ Church Meadow. ~ Dorothy L. Sayers
Chucrh Bells quotes by Dorothy L. Sayers
Birds will be bored
If I'd forgotten something
Ring the bells of those school dismissals in the sea
What we shall call pensive borage
We start by giving the solution to the contest
To wit how many tears can be held in a woman's hand
1. as little as possible
2. in a medium-sized hand
While I crumple this star-lit paper
And while the everlasting flesh has once and for all taken
possession of the mountain summits
I live like a recluse in a little house in the Vaucluse
Heart king's order ~ Andre Breton
Chucrh Bells quotes by Andre Breton
That which is destroying the Church is not the outward groping of those within it nor the inward groping of those without, but the professionals who control it and who have removed the bells from its steeples. ~ William Faulkner
Chucrh Bells quotes by William Faulkner
In London there is a man who screams when the church bells ring. He lives all alone with his streaked cat in Gray's Inn, and people call him harmlessly mad. ~ H.P. Lovecraft
Chucrh Bells quotes by H.P. Lovecraft
When I decided to be a musician I reckoned that that was going to be the way of less profit, less money. I was sort of giving up the idea of making a lot of money. It was what I loved to do. I would have done it anyway. If I'd had to work at Taco Bell I'd have still been out at night trying to play music. ~ Tom Petty
Chucrh Bells quotes by Tom Petty
The transept belfry and the two towers were to him three great cages, the birds in which, taught by him, would sing for him alone. Yet it was these same bells which had made him deaf; but mothers are often fondest of the child who has made them suffer most. ~ Victor Hugo
Chucrh Bells quotes by Victor Hugo
What Bell is to the telephone - or, more aptly, what Eastman is to photography - Haloid could be to xerography. ~ Chester Carlson
Chucrh Bells quotes by Chester Carlson
If there are occasions when my grape turned into a raisin and my joy bell lost its resonance, please forgive me. Charge it to my head and not to my heart. ~ Jesse Jackson
Chucrh Bells quotes by Jesse Jackson
Softly drops the crimson sun: Softly down from overhead, Drop the bell-notes, one by one, Melting in the melting red ... ~ Sarah Chauncey Woolsey
Chucrh Bells quotes by Sarah Chauncey Woolsey
Does the cosmos contain keys for opening my diving bell? A subway line with no terminus? A currency strong enough to buy my freedom back? We must keep looking. ~ Jean-Dominique Bauby
Chucrh Bells quotes by Jean-Dominique Bauby
Subby Subby Subby," whispered Goss. "Keep those little bells on your slippers as quiet as you can. Sparklehorse and Starpink have managed to creep out of Apple Palace past all the monkeyfish, but if we're silent as tiny goblins we can surprise them and then all frolic off together in the Meadow of Happy Kites. ~ China Mieville
Chucrh Bells quotes by China Mieville
I rang the bell of this small bed-and breakfast place, whereupon a lady appeared at an outside window. "What do you want?", she asked. "I want to stay here", I replied. "Well, stay there then", she said and closed the window. ~ Chic Murray
Chucrh Bells quotes by Chic Murray
Seriousness in play. At sunset in Genoa, I heard from a tower a long chiming of bells; it kept on and on, and over the noise of the backstreets, as if insatiable for itself, it rang out into the evening sky and the sea air, so terrible and so childish at the same time, so melancholy. then I thoughts of Platos's words and felt them suddenly in my heart: all in all, nothing human is worth taking very seriously; nevertheless ... ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
Chucrh Bells quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
When the bells justle in the tower
The hollow night amid,
Then on my tongue the taste is sour
Of all I ever did. ~ A.E. Housman
Chucrh Bells quotes by A.E. Housman
When one goes to be introduced to the king, one must be ready to wear something that would scare small children ... Just you wait. We're off to concoct a monstrosity, dearest, a monstrosity. I must tell you, it is quite fun. We shall stand in the middle of the room and anything that we see which we would never dream of putting on a dress, we shall sew right into every seam! Bells and porcelain cherries. And, oh, we mustn't forget all that goes on underneath! ~ Mia Ryan
Chucrh Bells quotes by Mia Ryan
Steve Martin is such an exquisite and precise writer. Everything is so clear; it's like a bell. He says what he means and says it so beautifully. ~ Jason Schwartzman
Chucrh Bells quotes by Jason Schwartzman
You can rescue someone from danger, but not from change and death; the soldier who survives the battle becomes someone else, something else, somewhere else. His war subsides; his memory fades; his nation ceases to exist; all but the elemental structures decay away; the very atoms that were once warring sides are now soil, trees, lovers, birds; all the medals are playthings for strangers; the cannons have been melted down and turned back into church bells that will become cannons again for another war. ~ Rebecca Solnit
Chucrh Bells quotes by Rebecca Solnit
Stupefied, but unharmed, he allowed Mathis to lead him off towards the Splendide from which guests and servants were pouring in chattering fright. As the distant clang of bells heralded the arrival of ambulances and fire-engines, they managed to push through the throng and up the short stairs and along the corridor to Bond's room. ~ Ian Fleming
Chucrh Bells quotes by Ian Fleming
Beneath and around the dead and ruined chaparral rise the most amazingly beautiful flowers. Tulips and wind poppies and flame poppies, whispering bells and suncups. These are flowers that grow only after a burn. Only in a land once dead. You never see them otherwise

When my eyes closed I can see those flowers now. They are a promise: that the land will regrow, that even after a disaster life continues, that wonders abound. k ~ Frances Wood
Chucrh Bells quotes by Frances Wood
In the end, coming to faith remains for all a sense of homecoming, of picking up the threads of a lost life, of responding to a bell that had long been ringing, of taking a place at a table that had long been vacant. ~ Malcolm Muggeridge
Chucrh Bells quotes by Malcolm Muggeridge
The impossible lives next door to the possible; people ring its door bell by accident all the time. ~ Tibor Fischer
Chucrh Bells quotes by Tibor Fischer
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