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#1. Clicking on "send" has its limitations as a system of subtle communication. Which is why, of course, people use so many dashes and italics and capitals ("I AM joking!") to compensate. That's why they came up with the emoticon, too - the emoticon being the greatest (or most desperate, depending how you look at it) advance in punctuation since the question mark in the reign of Charlemagne.

You will know all about emoticons. Emoticons are the proper name for smileys. And a smiley is, famously, this:

: - )

Forget the idea of selecting the right words in the right order and channelling the reader's attention by means of artful pointing. Just add the right emoticon to your email and everyone will know what self-expressive effect you thought you kind-of had in mind. Anyone interested in punctuation has a dual reason to feel aggrieved about smileys, because not only are they a paltry substitute for expressing oneself properly; they are also designed by people who evidently thought the punctuation marks on the standard keyboard cried out for an ornamental function. What's this dot-on-top-of-a-dot thing for? What earthly good is it? Well, if you look at it sideways, it could be a pair of eyes. What's this curvy thing for? It's a mouth, look! Hey, I think we're on to something.

: - (

Now it's sad!

; - )

It looks like it's winking!

: - r

It looks like it's sticking its tongue out! The perm - Author: Lynne Truss
Choukair Name quotes by Lynne Truss
#2. Say your name over two hundred times and discover you are no one. - Author: Stephen King
Choukair Name quotes by Stephen King
#3. Something I'm not ready to name works itself under the grip of Charlies death and loosens it, and keeps the nightmare at bay when I fall back asleep. - Author: Trish Doller
Choukair Name quotes by Trish Doller
#4. To be a man requires that you accept everything life has to give you, beginning with your name. - Author: Burl Ives
Choukair Name quotes by Burl Ives
#5. This name reminds us of Baptism, which should be practiced in daily tribulations and produce its effects so that we grow into a new and perfect man (cf. Eph. 4:13-15) and in this way the name of Christian be perfected until our name and Old Adam are abolished. Therefore - Author: Martin Luther
Choukair Name quotes by Martin Luther
#6. In the beginning, Barry and I couldn't decide if we were going got go forward with the name of the Bee Gees or just as Barry and Robin. Now we've decided to continue as the Bee Gees because we feel we can, and Maurice would have wanted it. - Author: Robin Gibb
Choukair Name quotes by Robin Gibb
#7. Just because you "liked" my picture, doesn't mean you shouldn't call me and ask me how I'm doing. You know what's funny? If you ever owe someone a call, and it's something you're trying to avoid, notice how many times they "like" your photos until you call them back. It's an alarm, and people abuse that. They know you can see that. They know you'll see their name. - Author: Derek Waters
Choukair Name quotes by Derek Waters
#8. I take it you just etched your name on the invitation list for our little coffee klatch," Mitch noted, now looking at Sebring. Knight grinned. "I'll bring the pastries. - Author: Kristen Ashley
Choukair Name quotes by Kristen Ashley
#9. Shaking herself, Petunia looked around. Several of her sisters had been talking to her, but she hadn't heard them. "And that answers our questions about why he gave himself up," Poppy was saying, a smile turning up one corner of her mouth as she looked at Petunia. "Now if everyone could please avoid saying his name [Oliver], so that Petunia doesn't drift off again ... ? - Author: Jessica Day George
Choukair Name quotes by Jessica Day George
#10. What if his ambitions was just a name he gave to a kind of conformity, and he was going back because he wasn't brave enough to live a life that wasn't expected of him, a life so far from any road that there wouldn't be any signposts or milestones? - Author: Caleb Crain
Choukair Name quotes by Caleb Crain
#11. The Ancient Egyptians postulated seven souls."

Top soul (Vicarious), and the first to leave at the moment of death, is Ren the Secret name. This corresponds to my Director. He directs the film of your life from conception to death. The Secret Name is the title of your film. When you die, that's where Ren came in.

Second soul (Jambi), and second one off the sinking ship, is Sekem: Energy, Power. LIGHT. The Director gives the orders, Sekem presses the right buttons.

Number three (Wings/Days) is Khu, the Guardian Angel. He, she or it is third man out...depicted as flying away across a full moon, a bird with luminous wings and head of light. The sort of thing you might see on a screen in an Indian restaurant in Panama. The Khu is responsible for the subject and can be injured in his defense - but not permanently, since the first three souls are eternal. They go back to Heaven for another vessel. The four remaining souls must take their chances with the subject in the land of the dead.

Number four (The Pot) is Ba, the Heart, often treacherous. This is a hawk's body with your face on it, shrunk down to the size of a fist. Many a hero has been brought down, like Samson, by a perfidious Ba.

Number five (L.C., Lost Keys, Rosetta Stoned) is Ka, the double, most closely associated with the subject. The Ka, which usually reaches adolescence at the time of bodily death, is the only reliable guide through the Land of the Dead to the We - Author: William S. Burroughs
Choukair Name quotes by William S. Burroughs
#12. I do have the sense that, although there may be no one way to write a novel, there are many novelists who are in fact part of some sort of larger literary community, whether in the form of a writing group or an MFA program, to name two of the more common forms. - Author: Hanya Yanagihara
Choukair Name quotes by Hanya Yanagihara
#13. We have'nt had enough time to explore each other.," he murmured against her lips.

"We're going to do that soon."

"But right now, I'm going to make you scream my name."

"Cocky bast--"

He cut her off with a kiss, took her mouth like he was on a mission.

~Wyatt - Author: Sydney Croft
Choukair Name quotes by Sydney Croft
#14. I never really knew about my ancestors until this year, when I learned that the name Cobain was Irish. My parents had never bothered to find that stuff out. - Author: Kurt Cobain
Choukair Name quotes by Kurt Cobain
#15. I'd been round the world a hundred times and had started to forget where I'd been. I knew I'd been there: it said it on the tour map. I could remember the name of the city but I couldn't remember what it was like - it was a massive blur. - Author: Bryan Adams
Choukair Name quotes by Bryan Adams
#16. Don't name our stupidity, ignorance, stupid rules and lack of skills DESTINY! - Author: Maliheh Sadat Razavi
Choukair Name quotes by Maliheh Sadat Razavi
#17. But I also knew that I was circling wagons around my life with try again laters, and that months, seasons, entire years, a lifetime could go by with nothing but Saint Try-again-later stamped on every day. Try again later worked for people like Oliver. If not later, when? was my shibboleth.

If not later, when? What if he had found me out and uncovered each and every one of my secrets with those four cutting words? - Author: Andre Aciman
Choukair Name quotes by Andre Aciman
#18. I eyed the spirit. "You know the name 'Alfred' is a joke, right?" It stared at me. A wind that didn't exist stirred the hem of its cloak. I raised my hands in surrender and said, "All right. I guess you need a first name, too. Alfred Demonreach it is. - Author: Jim Butcher
Choukair Name quotes by Jim Butcher
#19. His gaze dropped down to the deep V of her cherry-red top and the pulse in his temple pulsed. For a second she didn't think he was going to say anything, which was good because she'd just forgotten her own name. His focus inched northward across her generous cleavage, up her neck and to her lips -- leaving a heated trail across her skin without ever making a move. The last dry spot on her panties surrendered. - Author: Avery Flynn
Choukair Name quotes by Avery Flynn
#20. A dementor," I say. "What in God's holy name is that?" "A dementor? From Harry Potter?" "Well, put your hood back, for the love of Jesus. And who are you supposed to be?" "Kim Kardashian," says Leah, just completely deadpan. Garrett looks confused. "Tohru from Fruits Basket. - Author: Becky Albertalli
Choukair Name quotes by Becky Albertalli
#21. Prayer is not only conversation, it is transformation. It is not only light, it is fire. And the closer you get to Him, the hotter the fire gets. Words begin to melt. The first word that melts in His presence is the word 'I.' That is His unique name. The closer you get to Him, the harder it is to begin a sentence with 'I.' It melts in the fire of 'thou. - Author: Peter Kreeft
Choukair Name quotes by Peter Kreeft
#22. How funny your name would be if you could follow it back to where the first person thought of saying it, naming himself that, or maybe some other persons thought of it and named that person. It would be like following a river to its source, which would be impossible. Rivers have no source. - Author: John Ashbery
Choukair Name quotes by John Ashbery
#23. Rather than providing him with economic opportunity, the Act of that name seems designed to make the poor man do penance all his life for the sin of being born into a non-capital-owning family ... One searches it in vain for measure designed to provide economic opportunity to the capital owner. But nobody proposes to educate, train, or rehabilitate either him or his children, even when their "unemployment" is notorious. - Author: Louis O. Kelso
Choukair Name quotes by Louis O. Kelso
#24. If I were asked to name one aspect of tennis that is the biggest weakness of players of all levels, I would probably say concentration. However good your shots, however fast your movement and reflexes, all is lost if the mind is not controlling every move. - Author: Ken Rosewall
Choukair Name quotes by Ken Rosewall
#25. It doesn't make any difference how much money a father earns, his name is always Dad-Can-I ... Like all other children, my five have one great talent: they are gifted beggars. Not one of them ever ran into the room, looked up at me, and said, I'm really happy that you're my father, and as a tangible token of my appreciation, here's a dollar. - Author: Bill Cosby
Choukair Name quotes by Bill Cosby
#26. In the beginning was the word, and primitive societies venerated poets second only to their leaders. A poet had the power to name and so to control; he was, literally, the living memory of a group or tribe who would perpetuate their history in song; his inspiration was god given and he was in effect a medium. - Author: Kevin Crossley-Holland
Choukair Name quotes by Kevin Crossley-Holland
#27. There are crimes which no one would commit as an individual which he willingly and bravely commits when acting in the name of his society, because he has been (too easily) convinced that evil is entirely different when it is done 'for the common good.' ... one might point to the way in which racial hatreds and even persecution are admitted by people who consider themselves, and perhaps in some sense are, kind, tolerant, civilized and even humane. - Author: Thomas Merton
Choukair Name quotes by Thomas Merton
#28. The "sharp female newly-born, and called La Guillotine," was hardly known to him, or to the generality of people, by name. - Author: Charles Dickens
Choukair Name quotes by Charles Dickens
#29. Opentoe College had some sort of evangelical mission that involved perpetual kindness and hopelessly outdated uniforms. The Harpooners hated them for it. It was unspeakably infuriating that the one school in the UMSCAC that spent less money on its baseball program than Westish always managed to kick their ass. The Opentoe players never talked even the mildest forms of smack. If you worked a walk, the first baseman would say, "Good eye." If you ripped a three-run triple, the third baseman would say, "Nice rip." They smiled when they were behind, and when they were ahead they looked pensive and slightly sad. Their team name was the Holy Poets. - Author: Chad Harbach
Choukair Name quotes by Chad Harbach
#30. I had escaped the snare of certitude that I welcomed so avidly at first and entered, via the name of Jesus, the wide and comprehensive company of Jesus. - Author: Eugene H. Peterson
Choukair Name quotes by Eugene H. Peterson
#31. ….unable to find a title for her last published novel, she wrote six lines which included her eventual title The Birds Fall Down. These lines were attributed to Conway Power (the name she generally appended to her poetry, even in her private notebooks), from a non-existent poem called 'Guide to a Disturbed Planet.' When the novel was published she had fun deflecting the enquiries of readers who wanted to know how to find the works of Conway Power. One was told a long story: Conway Power was a landowner in a remote area who had written thousands of poems and destroyed most of them. He had left some of them with her, given his property to a nephew, and gone abroad. 'If I can trace the book (if there is a book) I'll let you know. - Author: Victoria Glendinning
Choukair Name quotes by Victoria Glendinning
#32. Nature or Nature's God" is not a statement, but a name, internally divided by tolerated uncertainty. It has the singularity of a proper name, whilst parenthesizing a suspended decision (Pyrrhonian epoche, of which much more in a future post). It designates rigidly, but obscurely, because it points into epistemological darkness - naming a Reality that not only 'has', but epitomizes identity, whilst nevertheless, for 'the sake of argument', eluding categorical identification. Patient in the face (or facelessness) of who or what it is, 'we' emerge from a pact, with one basic term: a preliminary decision is not to be demanded. It thus synthesizes a select language community, fused by the unknown. - Author: Nick Land
Choukair Name quotes by Nick Land
#33. Ain't it queer the Lord lets us assign names? So much we can't touch in this life, and yet He give us the power to pick our name. Now that's something. - Author: John Larison
Choukair Name quotes by John Larison
#34. The rule is: we cannot really forgive ourselves unless we look at the failure in our past and call it by its right name. - Author: Lewis B. Smedes
Choukair Name quotes by Lewis B. Smedes
#35. I don't know what I'm going to do with you, Trav! I've dumped someone for you-twice-I've picked up and went to Vegas with you-twice-I've literally gone through hell and back, married you and branded myself with your name. I'm running out of ideas to prove to you that I'm yours."
A small smile graced his lips. "I love it when you say that."
"That I'm yours?" I asked. I leaned up on the balls of my feet, pressing my lips against his. "I. Am. Yours. Mrs. Travis Maddox. Forever and always. - Author: Jamie McGuire
Choukair Name quotes by Jamie McGuire
#36. Even people who know nothing about Greece know something about Greece. The very name sparks visions of ancient civilizations that dominated the Mediterranean. - Author: Polly Letofsky
Choukair Name quotes by Polly Letofsky

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