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You can't be to attached if you're trying to grow. ~ Germany Kent
Champion Attitude quotes by Germany Kent
I think everybody should take the attitude that we're working to be a champion, that we want to be a champion in everything that we do. Every choice, every decision, everything that we do every day, we want to be a champion. ~ Nick Saban
Champion Attitude quotes by Nick Saban
Your Mouth, Attitude, Behavior and Character can cancel out any and all talent you have. Take Responsibility. ~ Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino
Champion Attitude quotes by Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino
Our beliefs about what we are and what we can be precisely determine what we can be ~ Anthony Robbins
Champion Attitude quotes by Anthony Robbins
I think Nina Simone has had an amazing journey. She was spicy and she had attitude and she didn't care, she wanted her money in a paper bag and don't mess with me and I've been doing some research on that so. ~ Nia Long
Champion Attitude quotes by Nia Long
Keep the warmth of the sun in your heart. ~ Robert Muller
Champion Attitude quotes by Robert Muller
If u wanna be bright future.. you have to work hard today ~ Prasanth KPS
Champion Attitude quotes by Prasanth KPS
A defeatist attitude was not in his gene pool. ~ DiAnn Mills
Champion Attitude quotes by DiAnn Mills
I'm more influenced by people's attitudes and spirits than by their particular style. Whether it's Elsie de Wolfe or Pauline de Rothschild, I always admire women who had a vision and stuck to it. Because ultimately, the way you live has to be a reflection of you. ~ Charlotte Moss
Champion Attitude quotes by Charlotte Moss
I found that when you start thinking and saying what you really want then your mind automatically shifts and pulls you in that direction. And sometimes it can be that simple, just a little twist in vocabulary that illustrates your attitude and philosophy. ~ Jim Rohn
Champion Attitude quotes by Jim Rohn
If my attitude be on of fear, not faith, about the one who has disappointed me; if I say "Just what I expected," if a fall occurs, then I know nothing of Calvary Love. ~ Amy Carmichael
Champion Attitude quotes by Amy Carmichael
I thought one should have the attitude of 'What do you care what other people think!' ~ Richard P. Feynman
Champion Attitude quotes by Richard P. Feynman
Our attitude is a result of our perception of reality, which is as much a reflection of time as anything else:
what we have encountered in the past,
our present situation,
and how we see the future unfolding.

People of faith can put their past behind them; all has been forgiven.
We can also be buoyed in the present by the realization that all things must pass.
That leaves the greatest source of optimism for the Christian:
the certain future that lies ahead.

Christ has replaced death with immortality. With our souls entrusted to God through faith in our Savior, a glorious future with God is ours.

- Ed McMinn, Daily Devotions for Die-Hard Fans: Oklahoma State Cowboy ~ Ed McMinn
Champion Attitude quotes by Ed McMinn
My season of compromise is OVER. The reason I am misunderstood ... I am not stuck up, I am selective. You can't let everyone get close to you. Being pleasing and sacraficing parts or all yourself to the undeserving is self-sabaotage. You're not a victim, you made a choice. If it doesn't work, make a new one. Next. ~ C. Nzingha Smith
Champion Attitude quotes by C. Nzingha Smith
People who go to Disney who have magic in themselves experience magic there, just as people who go to the grocery store who have magic in themselves experience magic at the grocery store. The principle is simple: fun, joy, and happiness, are something we bring to life, not something life, circumstance, or situation bring to us. There are truly no magic kingdoms, only magic people.
Fun, joy and happiness are choices, orientations, approaches, attitudes, a way of living in the world, not the world itself ... ~ David W. Jones
Champion Attitude quotes by David W. Jones
To write a damn good thriller, you need a killer attitude. ~ James Frey
Champion Attitude quotes by James Frey
Want a better job right this second? Choose your attitude and adjust your expectations. ~ Jon Acuff
Champion Attitude quotes by Jon Acuff
When I was going to college, there were probably four colleges in the nation that offered a major in meteorology. I wasn't fortunate enough to be in a part of the country where that was readily accessible. I have been doing weather since I graduated from college. I feel solid about what I'm doing. ~ Sam Champion
Champion Attitude quotes by Sam Champion
I think I have a mental nappy attitude. ~ Paul Mooney
Champion Attitude quotes by Paul Mooney
The greatest mistake a man can make is to be afraid of making one. ~ Maxwell Maltz
Champion Attitude quotes by Maxwell Maltz
While on the level of civil rights many things have changed decisively for the better, on the level of attitudes and mentality there's still a long way to go. On the other hand it's obvious that it's much easier to change a law than to change a way of thinking. ~ Dacia Maraini
Champion Attitude quotes by Dacia Maraini
I'm very sad to be compared with Warhol and The Factory, because I have no drugs, you know. We have no drug culture in Japan! Maybe it's because our attitude toward labor is totally different. ~ Takashi Murakami
Champion Attitude quotes by Takashi Murakami
We can choose the type of thoughts we repeat in our mind. Nothing can force us to pick any memory, circumstance or relationship without our permission. ~ Hina Hashmi
Champion Attitude quotes by Hina Hashmi
Get your hopes up

I was talking to a reporter one time, and I could tell he didn't like the fact that my message is so positive and so hopeful. He asked what I would tell a person who lost a job and was about to lose a home and had no place to go and all sorts of other problems. He painted the worst possible situation.
I said, "First of all, I would encourage that person to get up and find something to be grateful for, and secondly, I would encourage the person to expect things to turn around, expect new doors to open, expect breakthroughs."
The scripture says, "When darkness overtakes the righteous, light will come bursting in." When you don't see a way out, and it's dark, you're in prime position for God's favor to come bursting in.
The reporter said, "Wouldn't that be giving them false hope?"
Here's the alternative: I could tell them be negative, bitter, give up, complain, and be depressed. All that would do is make matters worse.
You may be in a difficult situation, but instead of being negative just dig in your heels and say, "I refuse to live with a negative attitude. I'm not giving up on my dreams. I'm not living without passion or zeal. I may not see a way, but I know God has a way. It may be dark, but I'm expecting the light to come bursting in. I'm setting my mind for victory."
That's what allows God to work. It's not just mind over matter. It's not just having a positive attitude. It's your faith being released. When you be ~ Joel Osteen
Champion Attitude quotes by Joel Osteen
To manage to smile and have a good laugh in the midst of difficult times makes you look younger. ~ Euginia Herlihy
Champion Attitude quotes by Euginia Herlihy
Every day practice emptying your mind of all unhealthy attitudes. ~ Norman Vincent Peale
Champion Attitude quotes by Norman Vincent Peale
I never saw an ugly thing in my life: for let the form of an object be what it may, - light, shade, and perspective will always make it beautiful. ~ John Constable
Champion Attitude quotes by John Constable
A champion is defined by the adversity he overcomes ~ Anderson Silva
Champion Attitude quotes by Anderson Silva
Tommie Aaron taught me how to have a good attitude, to be easy going and not get uptight. ~ Dale Murphy
Champion Attitude quotes by Dale Murphy
Just like salt makes sweet taste sweeter, trials make happy feel happier. ~ Richelle E. Goodrich
Champion Attitude quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
As you strive for personal effectiveness and leadership excellence, there are local and global questions that you will inevitably have to face. These range from poverty, corruption, terrorism, food security, scarcity of resources and overpopulation among others. Your power and influence for significance in leadership excellence will increase in direct proportion to your ability to find effective and sustainable practical solutions to some of these real-life challenges. ~ Archibald Marwizi
Champion Attitude quotes by Archibald Marwizi
Live everyday like your birthday and drive your life with all varieties of appreciation. A life live with thanksgiving every day is never tired of being lived again and again! ~ Israelmore Ayivor
Champion Attitude quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
The leader's Attitude is like a thermostat for the place she works. If her attitude is good, the atmosphere is pleasant, and the environment is easy to work in. But if her attitude is bad, the temperature is insufferable. ~ John C. Maxwell
Champion Attitude quotes by John C. Maxwell
Dismantle your friend to see how he behaves. If he smiles with a beautiful grin, then take him back, he's worthy to be called a friend. ~ Michael Bassey Johnson
Champion Attitude quotes by Michael Bassey Johnson
If you want something different, do something different. "Same crap, different day" doesn't describe the day; it describes your attitude towards it. ~ Steve Maraboli
Champion Attitude quotes by Steve Maraboli
Get up and get on the bed in the Master. I'm going to fuck the hell out of you. ~ Alessandra Torre
Champion Attitude quotes by Alessandra Torre
Attitude produces character, and character produces hope. ~ Mark Burnett
Champion Attitude quotes by Mark Burnett
It takes skill and technique to convey feelings and ideas in a work of art. But there is a third element; Style of interpretation through emotions. Emotions have a life force of their own whereas, feelings are common in each one of us. I think rather than letting us feel them, emotions wants us carefully to hear them instead. ~ Efrat Cybulkiewicz
Champion Attitude quotes by Efrat Cybulkiewicz
You deserve more in your life. Think big. Love more and share beyond your limits. You will then become limitless. ~ Steven Cuoco
Champion Attitude quotes by Steven Cuoco
We must have friendship for all; we must be merciful toward those that are in misery; when people are happy, we ought to be happy; and to the wicked we must be indifferent. These attitudes will make the mind peaceful. ~ Swami Vivekananda
Champion Attitude quotes by Swami Vivekananda
Shane and Claire quickly moved to stand back to back. So did Eve and Michael. Among the
four of them, they were covering every angle.
"Lurking isn't answering," Shane said. "Oliver? Little help?"
Instead, one of the shapes stepped forward into the light. Morley. Claire felt relieved, and
annoyed. Of course it was Morley. Why had she ever doubted it? He was the champion lurker
of all time. ~ Rachel Caine
Champion Attitude quotes by Rachel Caine
I think happiness is a choice. I believe luck is your attitude. It sounds like a really annoying bumper sticker. But there is such a great truth in that. You choose how you want to feel about what happens to you. I could have been a miserable failure. I haven't had anybody looking over me, and I've found my own way through optimistic exploration and fire-burning mistakes. I am a very happy person with an extraordinary life, so I must be doing a lot of things right. I really believe when you peel away the layers, the worlds is a beautiful place filled with beautiful people. ~ Drew Barrymore
Champion Attitude quotes by Drew Barrymore
Every Moment Offers Us Choices
Choose wisely
Because the Choices You Make, Make You ~ Lyssa Danehy DeHart
Champion Attitude quotes by Lyssa Danehy DeHart
It is not possible to be original by trying to be original - those who attempt this in the arts will be merely avant-garde. Originality is the product of an impulse to intense and overwhelming that it bursts the conventions and produces something new - again more by accident than design. ~ Michael Foley
Champion Attitude quotes by Michael Foley
That devilish Iron Horse, whose ear-rending neigh is heard throughout the town, has muddied the Boiling Spring with his foot, and he it is that has browsed off all the woods on Walden shore, that Trojan horse, with a thousand men in his belly, introduced by mercenary Greeks! Where is the country's champion, the Moore of Moore Hall, to meet him at the Deep Cut and thrust an avenging lance between the ribs of the bloated pest? ~ Henry David Thoreau
Champion Attitude quotes by Henry David Thoreau
Being intercontinental champion doesn't mean you're a champ. It means you're the future. ~ Cody Rhodes
Champion Attitude quotes by Cody Rhodes
He'd been able to deal with that pain because he'd accepted his own part in causing it ~ Gregory David Roberts
Champion Attitude quotes by Gregory David Roberts
When the odds are stacked against you, break them down, deal one on one with each odd, you'll have a better chance, eventually you'll end up with an even slate ~ Victoria Addino
Champion Attitude quotes by Victoria Addino
I wanted to cast doubt on the step he was about to take, to help him see there are other ways to live, other ways to seek knowledge, love ... even self-transformation. I wanted to convince him his dignity depended on maintaining a free, skeptical attitude towards doctrine. I wanted ... to save him ...
Doubt, like faith, has to be learned. It is a skill. But the curious thing about skepticism is that its adherents, ancient and modern, have so often been proselytizers. In reading them, I've often wanted to ask: "Why do you care?" Their skepticism offers no good answer to that question. ~ Mark Lilla
Champion Attitude quotes by Mark Lilla
If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. ~ Charles R. Swindoll
Champion Attitude quotes by Charles R. Swindoll
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