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Underneath, people sometimes remain the same as they were as children. Other times, events tear and hurt, twist and reshape so deeply there's no way to stay the same. ~ Anonymous
Chairing Events quotes by Anonymous
We are capable of thinking positive in the midst of the most trying of circumstances or events. ~ Asa Don Brown
Chairing Events quotes by Asa Don Brown
Risk is what you control and fortune is really all about risk. Bottom Line: Fortune comes from big money bets on very low probability events ~ Ziad K. Abdelnour
Chairing Events quotes by Ziad K. Abdelnour
Tell me something true about you."
"Okay …" She mentally rifled through birthplace (Portland, Oregon), college major (sociology), astrological sign (Virgo), favorite movie (The Apple Dumpling Gang - don't judge), until she hit a fact that wasn't completely mundane. "One of my favorite things in the world are those charity events where everyone buys a rubber ducky with a number and the first person's duck to get down the river wins."
"I like seeing the river teeming with all those outrageously yellow and orange ducks. It's so friendly. And I love the hope of it. Even though it doesn't matter if you win, because all that wonderful, candy-colored money is going to something really important like a free clinic downtown or cleft palate operations for children in India, you still have that playful hope that you will win. You run alongside the stream, not knowing which is your duck but imagining the lead one is yours."
"And this is the essence of your soul - the ducky race?"
"Well, you didn't ask for the essence of my soul. You asked for something true about me, and so I went for something slightly embarrassing and secret but true nonetheless. Next time you want the essence of my soul, I'll oblige you with sunsets and baby's laughter and greeting cards with watercolor flowers."
He squinted at her thoughtfully. "No, so far as I'm concerned, the yellow duckies are the essence of your soul. ~ Shannon Hale
Chairing Events quotes by Shannon Hale
Rendering thanks to my Creator for my existence and station among His works, for my birth in a country enlightened by the Gospel and enjoying freedom, and for all His other kindnesses, to Him I resign myself, humbly confiding in His goodness and in His mercy through Jesus Christ for the events of eternity. ~ John Dickinson
Chairing Events quotes by John Dickinson
I've done a lot of Super Bowls and appeared in a lot of big, big events and places and the Masters and what have you, but there was nothing as intimidating as speaking with Billy Graham. ~ Pat Summerall
Chairing Events quotes by Pat Summerall
Also unfortunately, Congress is far too busy asking if baseball players are really as strong as they seem and trying to choke bankers with wads of cash to grant more funds to such trifling matters as the avoidance of space bullets, so they won't give NASA the money ~ Robert Brockway
Chairing Events quotes by Robert Brockway
Biographies should also contain the events that failed to foreshadow. ~ Sarah Manguso
Chairing Events quotes by Sarah Manguso
I enjoy my family a lot. I have active teenagers, and they're in soccer and choral events. ~ Linda Sue Park
Chairing Events quotes by Linda Sue Park
I was formed by 'The Forsyte Saga' marathon. There was something about seeing all those events telescoped that was unbelievably moving: that sense of time as something that can be tinkered with. ~ Richard Greenberg
Chairing Events quotes by Richard Greenberg
Let the children learn to see in nature an expression of the love and the wisdom of God; let the thought of Him be linked with bird and flower and tree; let all things seen become to them the interpreters of the unseen, and all the events of life be a means of divine teaching. As they learn thus to study the lessons in all created things and in all life's experiences, show that the same laws which govern the things of nature and the events of life are to control us, that they are given for our good, and that only in obedience to them can we find true happiness and success. ~ Ellen G. White
Chairing Events quotes by Ellen G. White
Whether he'll follow some gaudy, hysterical leader who'll promise rashly to fill the void in him, or whether he'll come to an understanding with the millions of his kindred fellow workers under trade-union or revolutionary guidance depends upon the future drift of events in America. But, ~ Richard Wright
Chairing Events quotes by Richard Wright
Look at the past - empire succeeding empire - and from that, extrapolate the future: the same thing. No escape from the rhythm of events. Which is why observing life for forty years is as good as a thousand. Would you really see anything new? ~ Marcus Aurelius
Chairing Events quotes by Marcus Aurelius
In trusting, we let ourselves go. We know that all kinds of unexpected events may come our way. Our tension eases, our mind and our hearts open spontaneously to be possibilities. It is an ever new state of mind, in the present moment, because we have detached from all we know. But it is also a feeling as old as can be, because, before all betrayals and all disappointments, there was a time in which trusting another was the very substance of our life. ~ Piero Ferrucci
Chairing Events quotes by Piero Ferrucci
Surreal fiction is a sophisticated art form. Events happen divorced from conventional logic, as events in a dream may happen. But unlike dreams, everything in the story contributes to an overall coherent point, impression or emotion. ~ Nancy Kress
Chairing Events quotes by Nancy Kress
We may yet work up to some serious shooting war, or maybe some acts of urban genocide committed with rogue nuclear weapons. But if that were the case, why would we call that '9/11'? If Washington disappeared in a mushroom cloud, we'd give that huge event a different name. ~ Bruce Sterling
Chairing Events quotes by Bruce Sterling
I wouldn't have thought the king would discuss important matters where the dull-minded can hear. Such people tend to be so confused by events that it is a disservice to allow them the opportunity. ~ Brandon Sanderson
Chairing Events quotes by Brandon Sanderson
Optimists, by contrast, look for specific, limited, short-term explanations for bad events, and as a result, in the face of a setback, they're more likely to pick themselves up and try again. ~ Paul Tough
Chairing Events quotes by Paul Tough
I think of my life as a series of moments and I've found that the great moments often don't have too much to them. They're not huge, complicated events; they're just magical wee moments when somebody says 'I love you' or 'You're a really good at what you do' or simply 'You're a good person'. ~ Billy Connolly
Chairing Events quotes by Billy Connolly
You cannot penetrate events with reportage. ~ Michelangelo Antonioni
Chairing Events quotes by Michelangelo Antonioni
In the natural course of events, the period when death is taking over a body is fairly brief. My grandfather (who had no medication) had about a fortnight of this period in his life. Today it can drag on for months or years. ~ Jennifer Worth
Chairing Events quotes by Jennifer Worth
The author called us to re-examine assumptions bequeathed to us from Greece and Rome. Just as a bridge built by the Roman Empire might have held up tolerably for centuries under foot traffic but crumble under the weight of a modern truck, the author cautions that classical thinking had limits exposed by contemporary events and certainly exposed by the modern world. ~ Francis A. Schaeffer
Chairing Events quotes by Francis A. Schaeffer
For the ordinary man is passive. Within a narrow circle (home life, and perhaps the trade unions or local politics) he feels himself master of his fate, but against major events he is as helpless as against the elements. So far from endeavoring to influence the future, he simply lies down and lets things happen to him. ~ George Orwell
Chairing Events quotes by George Orwell
After the events of last week, I'm appalled at the standard Australia seems to be willing to accept in regards to its own behaviour and the behaviour of our leaders. Accuse me of playing the gender card all you like, but I will not walk past it any more. You might consider joining me. ~ Clementine Ford
Chairing Events quotes by Clementine Ford
I've been hiding crucial events in my life since I was 13. ~ Ira Sachs
Chairing Events quotes by Ira Sachs
Life is a spread of surprises and it is both a privilege and a challenge to respond to things and events, and find the right answers to prickly questions. In this process, however, it might be wise to change first our perception and our way of looking at things, before persistently changing the very things and altering their hallmark. ("Life out there ") ~ Erik Pevernagie
Chairing Events quotes by Erik Pevernagie
Going to so many book events keeps me connected with my readership while constantly reminding me that all the long hours at the drawing desk are worthwhile. ~ Raina Telgemeier
Chairing Events quotes by Raina Telgemeier
After the event, even a fool is wise. ~ Homer
Chairing Events quotes by Homer
Book I wrote this book because I believe there is still hope to prevent the catastrophic events planned by the global elite ruling class. In a desperate attempt to protect their monopoly on the global financial system, they are willing to start World War III. It is their intention to use ISIS to ignite a massive conflict in the Middle East, a conflict designed to draw Russia and China in so they can start a global war. ~ James Garcia
Chairing Events quotes by James Garcia
Learning from Negative Experiences

Many people with social anxiety can remember certain events that contributed to their fears. Martin knows exactly why he is afraid to speak in class.

When I was in seventh-grade science class, the teacher had each student read aloud a paragraph from the textbook. It was a chapter on different types of organisms. When it was my turn, I accidentally said "orgasm" instead of "organism." Everyone howled with laughter, including the teacher. I felt so embarrassed. My face was bright red and I wanted to hide. Kids teased me about it for a long time. Ever since then, I am terrified about reading anything aloud. Sometimes, I am even afraid of simply speaking.

This event, together with Martin's biochemistry and genes, set him up to have a form of social anxiety. People who don't have the same heightened sense of awareness or the same chemicals rushing through their bodies may not have been upset by this event. They may have laughed with the class or even have been able to make fun of themselves. ~ Heather Moehn
Chairing Events quotes by Heather Moehn
Holy anger has its roots in genuine love. Both are part of the nature of God. Jesus' love for the man with the withered hand aroused His anger against those who would deny him healing. Jesus' love for God's house made Him angry at the sellers and buyers who had turned the temple into a "den of robbers" (Matthew 21:13). Yet in both these cases and others, it was ultimately Jesus' love for those doing wrong that caused Him to be angry with them. His anger got their attention!
Great leaders -- people who turn the tide and change the direction of events -- have been angry at injustice and abuse that dishonors God and enslaves the weak. William Wilberforce moved heaven and earth to emancipate slaves in England and eliminate the slave trade -- and he was angry! ~ J. Oswald Sanders
Chairing Events quotes by J. Oswald Sanders
The concept of a Miracle, that is, an event that takes place somehow beyond the scope of functional Reality, is absurd. . . There cannot be a true miracle. There can only be events that appear miraculous when you don't really understand How Life Works. ~ Thomas Daniel Nehrer
Chairing Events quotes by Thomas Daniel Nehrer
That as people age, accumulate more and more private experiences, their sense of history tightens, narrows, becomes more personal? So that to the extent that they remember events of social importance, they remember only for example 'where they were' when such-and-such occurred. Et cetera et cetera. Objective events and data become naturally more and more subjectively colored. ~ David Foster Wallace
Chairing Events quotes by David Foster Wallace
A lot of people know about the power of the WWE brand. We're in 145 countries in 30 different languages. We reach about 650 million households worldwide on a global weekly basis. But what they don't know about WWE is that we use all of that power to give back to the community through events like Hurricane Sandy Relief. ~ Stephanie McMahon
Chairing Events quotes by Stephanie McMahon
at first wary that it was merely a dislodged fragment of the dream
she remembered Resurgam. And then, slowly, events returned, not as a tidal wave, or even as as landslide, but as a slow, squelching slippage: a disembowelment of the past. ~ Alastair Reynolds
Chairing Events quotes by Alastair Reynolds
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