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#1. Punk was perfect for lazy people, because anyone could do it
you didn't even need to know how to play your instrument, assuming you knew how to plug it in. There was really no difference between Sid Vicious and anyone in London who owned a bass. - Author: Chuck Klosterman
Cassie And Sid Skins quotes by Chuck Klosterman
#2. Six years in chains for one moment of principle. That's the tithe I paid. But you know what I learned in all the years between then and this, little Crow?"


Sid fixed Mia in his ice-blue stare.

"There's no softer pillow than a clear conscience."

Mia sat in the dark, trembling head to foot. Tears spilling down her cheek. And without another word, Sidonius lay down in the straw, rolled over onto his side, and closed his eyes.

"Sleep well, Mia. - Author: Jay Kristoff
Cassie And Sid Skins quotes by Jay Kristoff
#3. Fuck," he growled again, the sound coming from his gut, rumbling into my sex, and a moan slid up my throat. "Harder, Deacon." His lips came to mine. "You got it, Cassie. - Author: Kristen Ashley
Cassie And Sid Skins quotes by Kristen Ashley
#4. You're talking crazy, Cassie. Let me break that glass around you."I wrap my hand around the door knob and allow tears to fall. "That's the problem with glass, Keith. When you break it, it cuts you." I swing the door open. "And pieces are left shattered everywhere that you can never put back together. - Author: Tracy Krimmer
Cassie And Sid Skins quotes by Tracy Krimmer
#5. There'll be a whole lot of things you ain't gonna want to do, but you'll have to do in this life just so you can survive.
'Now, I don't like the idea of what Charlie Simms did to you no more than your Uncle Hammer, but I had to weigh the hurt of what happened to you to what could've happened if I went after him. If I'd-a gone after Charlie Simms and given him a good thrashin', like I felt like doing, the hurt to all of us would've been a whole lot more than the hurt to you. So I let it be. I don't like letting it be, but I can live with that decision.
'But there are other things, Cassie, that if I'd let be, they'd eat away at me and destroy me in the end. And it's the same with you, baby. There are things you can't back down on. Things you gotta take a stand on, but it's up to you to decide what them things are.
'You have to demand respect in this world. Ain't nobody just gonna hand it to you. How you carry yourself, what you stand for, that's how you gain respect. But little one, ain't nobody's respect worth more than your own. You understand that?'
'Now, there ain't no sense going around being mad. You clear your head so you can think sensibly. Then I want you to think real hard about whether Lillian Jean's worth taking a stand about. But keep in mind that Lillian Jean probably won't be the last white person to think you this way. - Author: Mildred D. Taylor
Cassie And Sid Skins quotes by Mildred D. Taylor
#6. I think in my case, I had no choice but to have a good sense of humor. I grew up with my dad, Danny Thomas, and George Burns and Bob Hope and Milton Berle and Sid Caesar and all those guys were at our house all the time and telling jokes and making each other laugh. - Author: Marlo Thomas
Cassie And Sid Skins quotes by Marlo Thomas
#7. You think I don't know these ancient labyrinths? I know them all, in every city. I've known them for centuries."
"And you're looking your age," said Cassie. - Author: Gabriella Poole
Cassie And Sid Skins quotes by Gabriella Poole
#8. But if I'm it, the last of my kind, the last page of human history, like hell I'm going to let the story end this way. I may be the last one, but I am the one still standing. I am the one turning to face the faceless hunter in the woods on an abandoned highway. I am the one not running but facing. Because if I am the last one, then I am humanity. And if this is humanity's last war, then I am the battlefield. - Author: Rick Yancey
Cassie And Sid Skins quotes by Rick Yancey
#9. Growing up in that house sucks so badly and when my brother leaves I break down and cry because I don't want him to leave, but I know that he has to have a life of his own - Author: Cassie Brode
Cassie And Sid Skins quotes by Cassie Brode
#10. Bottom line, if Bad Guy Sid hurt Stella or any of the Rock Chicks, Mace, not known for being a mellow guy (at all, even at the best of times), was going to hunt him down and kill him. - Author: Kristen Ashley
Cassie And Sid Skins quotes by Kristen Ashley
#11. I can grow another. And when I do, I'll be proud of what it represents. My own hard work and skill. Not some talent spun out of the swamp by a power I don't properly understand. - Author: Cassie Beasley
Cassie And Sid Skins quotes by Cassie Beasley
#12. Do you know what I feel about you, Devin? About us? ... Dazzled, you dazzle me. You make me feel things, and want things I never knew I could have. -Cassie - Author: Nora Roberts
Cassie And Sid Skins quotes by Nora Roberts
#13. Do you know a way out of here?" I ask Ben. Sammy's more trusting than I am, but the idea's worth exploring. Finding the escape pods - if they even exist - has always been the weakest part of my getaway plan.
He nods. "Do you?"
"I know a way - I just don't know the way to the way."
"The way to the way? Okay." He grins. He looks like hell, but the smile hasn't changed a bit. It lights up the tunnel like a thousand-watt bulb. "I know the way and the way to the way. - Author: Rick Yancey
Cassie And Sid Skins quotes by Rick Yancey
#14. It would be too much for me to deal with to be sitting up there next to God, Bon Scott, Sid Vicious, and Jimi Hendrix, and hear somebody read my obituary from below:
Cassie And Sid Skins quotes by Nikki Sixx
#15. Exactly what she was doing - tears leaked from the corners of her eyes and wove crooked paths down her cheeks. How could she have been so insensitive to her own sister? Chapter 24 All week Cassie had worked feverishly to put Steve out of her mind, but it hadn't worked. She couldn't wait to see him, and a week had never dragged on for so long. Nothing felt the same without him at the construction site, running the project. Saturday morning, Cassie was up early. The Hoedown was being held in an airport hangar, and a lot of work had to be done in order to get the space ready. Several other volunteers arrived to work off their hours by putting up long folding tables and chairs, placing red-and-white checkered plastic tablecloths across the tables, and then setting the tables, lining each place setting up perfectly. To the front of the hangar was a mechanical bull quartered off with stacks of hay. In the middle of the room were tables displaying - Author: Debbie Macomber
Cassie And Sid Skins quotes by Debbie Macomber
#16. From Flood, Flash, and Pheromones
coming soon:
In the torrential downpour with water swirling that threatened to pull her down, she didn't see the voice's owner. The hurricane had blessed the entire city with a surprise drenching. All weather reports had predicted it to pass over with sporadic rainfall but that didn't happen. The storm settled over Houston as if it had no intention to move on. Cassie flailed in panic as the roof of her car disappeared under the water twenty feet beyond. She prayed once more that the container in it was watertight. And that she'd see her car again. Then she concentrated on living. Where had the voice come from? - Author: Shelley K. Wall
Cassie And Sid Skins quotes by Shelley K. Wall
#17. We don't like murders here, said a man's voice, low and threatening, from the back of the crowd. Megan glanced at Cassie and her friends. They looked away, as if they didn't see what was happening.
Anger boiled in her chest. Why wouldn't they leave her alone? She hadn't killed anyone. She hadn't killed Harlen Trooper, all those years ago. She knew it and the judge knew it. She hadn't even been charged.
If I wanted to, I could have you all killed, she thought, and was stunned when the thought didn't scare her the way it should. She looked at their faces, stony and stubbled, shiny with alcoholic sweat. The power in her chest hadn't worked against Ktana Leyak, but it could against them, this miserable bunch of humans with their heavy boots and beer guts.
She pictured those guts exploding. She pictured the terror in their eyes when they realized they were messing with the wrong fucking demon, they were -
Demon? - Author: Stacia Kane
Cassie And Sid Skins quotes by Stacia Kane
#18. Wait a minute," he says, holding up one of his large handa. "A green bomb?"
"I'm not making this up."
"Why green, though?"
"Because green is the color of money, grass, oak leaves, and alien bombs. How the hell would I know why it was green? - Author: Rick Yancey
Cassie And Sid Skins quotes by Rick Yancey
#19. That's sort of what happened with Cassie and me. I guess I was Goya, just doing my thing, and she was the French Revolution. - Author: Claire Messud
Cassie And Sid Skins quotes by Claire Messud
#20. I couldn't see Pritkin's face very well, just a pale blur against the shadows, but he didn't sound happy. Some people thought he had only one mode ... pissed off. In reality, he had plenty of them. Over the past few weeks, I'd learned to tell the difference between real pissed off, impatient pissed off and scared pissed off. I suspected that this was the last kind. If so, that made two of us. - Author: Karen Chance
Cassie And Sid Skins quotes by Karen Chance
#21. You," he snarled, closing his fingers around the front of her jacket again, pulling her against his body and up onto her toes, holding her there as he lowered his mouth to hers. But Sid wasn't ready to kiss and make up, so she bit his lip angrily.

"Look," she snapped, trying without success to push him away. "I get the whole alpha male, vampire lord-of-all-he-surveys thing, okay? I kind of even like it in the bedroom. But out in the real world, you are not the boss of me. I don't forfeit my brain just because we have sex. And I'll do whatever I think necessary to get my story. Besides, it's not like most of what I do is dangerous. I'm not exactly Woodward and Bernstein material. But I'm not stupid either. I don't take unnecessary risks, and I'm careful with the risks I do take."

Aden was eyeing her with very little expression on his face, which made it difficult to tell how he was receiving her liberated woman speech. Whatever his reaction was, however, it didn't extend to his body which was hard and ready to fuck, and no question about it.

"Kind of like it?" he asked finally, a corner of his mouth curling upward with amusement as he focused on the one part of her speech that she'd thought he'd have no problem with. "I think I can do better than that. - Author: D.B. Reynolds
Cassie And Sid Skins quotes by D.B. Reynolds
#22. Evan is the little branch growing out of the cliff that she clings to, and the fact that he's gone makes her hang on even tighter. - Author: Rick Yancey
Cassie And Sid Skins quotes by Rick Yancey
#23. Their closeness wouldn't break, but it would bend and stretch into a new shape. - Author: Cassandra Clare
Cassie And Sid Skins quotes by Cassandra Clare
#24. I tape every game I can get my hands on. Every game that's on TV, I tape it. My daughter, Terry Hill, lives in Eureka, and she has a satellite dish, so she tapes what I can't get. I try to keep up with what everybody is doing, so if the phone rings, I'll be ready. - Author: Sid Gillman
Cassie And Sid Skins quotes by Sid Gillman
#25. I know what I want.
I want Cassie.
I want her with everything that I am.
And not merely her body either.
I want every piece of her. To have and to hold and to love for the rest of my damn life.
I'm not sure I could settle for anything less. - Author: Nicole Edwards
Cassie And Sid Skins quotes by Nicole Edwards
#26. I walked around my apartment with food in my mouth asking myself: "How do I come up with this voice?" Then I found the voice. I called the director and said on the phone: "Guess who you're talking to Chris? Sid, that's right Sid!" And that's how I came up with the voice. That's a true story. - Author: John Leguizamo
Cassie And Sid Skins quotes by John Leguizamo
#27. My mother is black and my father is Filipino. I got the best of both worlds. - Author: Cassie Ventura
Cassie And Sid Skins quotes by Cassie Ventura
#28. Travis, I love you with all of my being, but I love Cassie, too. And right now she needs me more than you do. Forgive me. Meri She loved him. The wonder of the statement seeped into him, but the joy that should have accompanied the knowledge faded beneath his growing frustration and fear. How could she possibly think that anyone needed her more than he did? She was his heart, his very life. If anything happened to her . . . Travis tore the top page from the tablet and hardened his jaw. He'd just have to make sure nothing did happen. After all, if a wife was going to tell her husband she loved him, she ought to do it in person. And he aimed to see that she did precisely that. Right after he kissed the living fire out of her and showed her exactly how much he truly needed her. - Author: Karen Witemeyer
Cassie And Sid Skins quotes by Karen Witemeyer
#29. his back to her. "Vic, how long's it been?" "How'd you end up down here, Sid?" I asked. "I thought you knew better than to put yourself in the crosshairs." "Nobody asks me to go out on the street anymore and I got me a weekend place down near Schererville." He winked, meaning, I suppose, that he was actually living down in Indiana - a no-no for someone on Chicago's payroll. Sid had been one of my dad's last partners, after Tony had been redeemed from cop hell: my dad had been sent to West Englewood - Author: Sara Paretsky
Cassie And Sid Skins quotes by Sara Paretsky
#30. It's like the girls who want love have a hard time finding it and the girls who don't want love gets it. - Author: Cassie Brode
Cassie And Sid Skins quotes by Cassie Brode
#31. She kept the wish to herself, as she should have, and simply blew out the candle.I clapped and whistled and then dove into my own cupcake, dying to know how my creations tasted. And seeing as I'd done the hard work - frosting and decorating - I felt like I could take credit and call them my creations. All Cassie had done was get the ingredients, come up with the recipe, and do all the measuring and mixing. - Author: Richelle Mead
Cassie And Sid Skins quotes by Richelle Mead
#32. I drift off for a while. I don't know how long, but when I open my eyes, the Oscars are still on and Alex tells me that Sid has gone and this makes me a little sad. Whatever the four of us had is over. He is my daughter's boyfriend now, and I am a father. A widower. No pot, no cigarettes, no sleeping over. They'll have to find inventive ways to conduct their business, most likely in uncomfortable places, just like the rest of them. I let him and my old ways go. We all let him go, as well as who we were before this, and now it's really just the three of us. I glance over at the girls, taking a good look at what's left. - Author: Kaui Hart Hemmings
Cassie And Sid Skins quotes by Kaui Hart Hemmings
#33. I started improvisation at age nine, and I loved it so much I stuck with it. As a by-product, acting was just something I was lucky enough to fall into. - Author: Cassie Steele
Cassie And Sid Skins quotes by Cassie Steele
#34. My name is Cassie Palmer and I've cheated death more times than anyone has a right to expect. In the last two months, I've been shot, stabbed, beaten and blown up a few dozen times, and that doesn't count all the magical ways I've almost been killed. I'd have been dead a long time ago if not for my friends, one of whom had just jumped off the cliff after me. I'd have been a lot more appreciative if he hadn't pushed me first. - Author: Karen Chance
Cassie And Sid Skins quotes by Karen Chance
#35. I don't like running away," Michael; brought his eyes from the floor to mine. "I don't run, I don't hide, I don't cower, I don't beg, Cassie, because running and hiding and begging doesn't work. It never works. - Author: Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Cassie And Sid Skins quotes by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
#36. People ask me all the time which I would prefer doing more, but I honestly can't say. When I'm filming, I'm like, 'No, this is my favorite,' and when I'm writing music and recording and performing, it's like, 'This is definitely it.' - Author: Cassie Steele
Cassie And Sid Skins quotes by Cassie Steele
#37. I spread my fingers to peek through them, and I see that Wesley's face is as red as mine. He's looking down at his pants like the thing is sticking out of the fly and not just pressing against it. And when I notice the dark, wet spot, that's when I really start to freak out.
He did not just ... ..
"Thats not me!" he shouts, holding his hands up and shaking his head. What the heck does he mean, that's not him? Who else could it be? "I think you drooled. That's not ... . I didn't ... - Author: Cassie Mae
Cassie And Sid Skins quotes by Cassie Mae
#38. It's a different story depending on where you start: who's good, who's bad, what it all means. Each of us shapes our stories so they make sense of who we think we are. I can begin when Cassie and I were best friends; or I can begin when we weren't anymore; or I can begin at the dark end and tell it all backward. - Author: Claire Messud
Cassie And Sid Skins quotes by Claire Messud
#39. All I know is that when you look over at the coaches on the other sideline, and all you see are guys who either coached with you or played for you, then you know it's time to get out. - Author: Sid Gillman
Cassie And Sid Skins quotes by Sid Gillman
#40. It's a form of mental and verbal gymnastics, and one of the things that appeals to me most about commenting on darts is that no one knows exactly what I'm going to come out with next - and neither do I. - Author: Sid Waddell
Cassie And Sid Skins quotes by Sid Waddell

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