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The fleet being thus more inclosed will more readily observe the signals, and with greater facility form itself into the line of battle a circumstance which should be kept in view in every order of sailing. ~ William Falconer
California Order quotes by William Falconer
In order to create a hatred-free society, the upcoming generations must receive authentic knowledge about the evolution of gods. Schoolbooks must teach the origin of life, anthropology and a brief history of each major religion. Students must learn when, why and how humans invented gods and religions ~ Ajay Kansal
California Order quotes by Ajay Kansal
While many have depicted the War on Drugs as a Republican initiative, the drug war was a bipartisan effort. This rhetoric of law and
order deployed by politicians won elections nationwide, from races for local council seats to the presidency. ~ Dominique DuBois Gilliard
California Order quotes by Dominique DuBois Gilliard
Some people go to the West and claim they are gays and that their lives are at risk in the Gambia, in order for them to be granted a stay in Europe. ~ Yahya Jammeh
California Order quotes by Yahya Jammeh
We are all rich in mind, we just have to exert a little more pressure to ourselves in order to expose our wealthiness to the outside world ~ Mojela Malelu
California Order quotes by Mojela Malelu
In order to be a writer, "Maugham continues: "one must take chances and not be afraid to look foolish. I wrote The Razor's Edge while wearing a paper hat ... . ~ Woody Allen
California Order quotes by Woody Allen
Relegated, as he was, to one corner, and sheltered behind the billiard-table, the soldiers whose eyes were fixed on Enjolras, had not even noticed Grantaire, and the sergeant was preparing to repeat his order: "Take aim!" when all at once, they heard a strong voice shout beside them:

"Long live the Republic! I'm one of them."

Grantaire had risen. The immense gleam of the whole combat which he had missed, and in which he had had no part, appeared in the brilliant glance of the transfigured drunken man.

He repeated: "Long live the Republic!" crossed the room with a firm stride and placed himself in front of the guns beside Enjolras.

"Finish both of us at one blow," said he.

And turning gently to Enjolras, he said to him:

"Do you permit it?"

Enjolras pressed his hand with a smile.

This smile was not ended when the report resounded.

Enjolras, pierced by eight bullets, remained leaning against the wall, as though the balls had nailed him there. Only, his head was bowed.

Grantaire fell at his feet, as though struck by a thunderbolt. ~ Victor Hugo
California Order quotes by Victor Hugo
The failure of a political enterprise intended to bring about a fundamental change in the order of society can have one of three different effects on a man who has undertaken it. He may go on trying to do the same thing in the same way, always hoping that he will have better luck next time. Or he may come to the conclusion that his whole effort is futile and that he may as well accept the established order of things. Or he may continue to adhere to his faith, but recognize that the difficulties are greater than he had previously supposed and that he must adopt a more gradual method of approach to a goal which has receded into the far distance. ~ Geoffrey Francis Hudson
California Order quotes by Geoffrey Francis Hudson
California is very much my home, and has been for the last eight yeas. It doesn't matter where I am, the inner me stays the same, home is wherever I happen to be living with Tracey, my companion of the last eighteen years. ~ Brian Williams
California Order quotes by Brian Williams
I have a really good band, and just returned from a short tour in California. It hasn't always gone that well. ~ Mick Taylor
California Order quotes by Mick Taylor
We tell ourselves how lovely it would be, would it not, if there were a God who created the universe and benign Providence, a moral world order, and life beyond the grave, yet it is very evident, is it not, that all of this is the way we should inevitably wish it to be. And it would be even more remarkable if our poor, ignorant bondsman ancestors had managed to solve all these difficult cosmic questions. ~ Sigmund Freud
California Order quotes by Sigmund Freud
GDCC M. Wolf has a dehumanized approach to demand. Demand is not an animal. Manipulating it veers on totalitarianism. The natural order is that people demand - or, more precisely, desire - the product of their work. This natural - and beautiful - order can momentously be tampered with by well-meaning or not so well-meaning people. Needs can be decreed by tyrants, cravings can be artificially aroused by advertising gurus and affordability can be engineered by economists through debt. But the end result is alienation. Serf8973521 ~ Cathal Haughian
California Order quotes by Cathal Haughian
Sometimes you need to stand out in order to blend in. ~ Kerri Maniscalco
California Order quotes by Kerri Maniscalco
He got off on Lincoln and slavery and dared any man there to deny that Lincoln and the negro and Moses and the children of Israel were the same, and that the Red Sea was just the blood that had to be spilled in order that the black race might cross into the Promised Land. ~ William Faulkner
California Order quotes by William Faulkner
Affectation proceeds from one of these two causes,
vanity or hypocrisy; for as vanity puts us on affecting false characters, in order to purchase applause; so hypocrisy sets us on an endeavor to avoid censure, by concealing our vices under an appearance of their opposite virtues. ~ Henry Fielding
California Order quotes by Henry Fielding
For me, poetry is always a search for order. ~ Elizabeth Jennings
California Order quotes by Elizabeth Jennings
Get up and make notes on the books that you have, reflect on these notes and order more books, get up again, revise the hypothesis, and figure out a new plan of action. Repeat, making sure to leave no cracks open through which the gray fog of depression can penetrate. I ~ Barbara Ehrenreich
California Order quotes by Barbara Ehrenreich
Real consciousness is touch. Thought is getting out of touch.

The crux of the whole problem lies here, in the duality of man's consciousness. Touch, the being in touch, is the basis of all consciousness, and it is the basis of enduring happiness. Thought is a secondary form of consciousness, Mind is a secondary form of existence, a getting out of touch, a standing clear, in order to come to a better adjustment in touch.

Man, poor man, has to learn to function in these two ways of consciousness. When a man is in touch, he is non-mental, his mind is quiescent, his bodily centres are active. When a man's mind is active in real mental activity, the bodily centres are quiescent, switched off, the man is out of touch. The animals remain always in touch. And man, poor modern man, with his worship of his own god, which is his own mind glorified, is permanently out of touch. To be always irrevocably in touch is to feel sometimes imprisoned. But to be permanently out of touch is at last excruciatingly painful, it is a state of being nothing, and being nowhere, and at the same time being conscious and capable of extreme discomfort and ennui. ~ D.H. Lawrence
California Order quotes by D.H. Lawrence
The habit of saving is itself an education; it fosters every virtue, teaches self-denial, cultivates the sense of order, trains to forethought, and so broadens the mind. ~ Thornton T. Munger
California Order quotes by Thornton T. Munger
I do not wonder that, where the monastick life is permitted, every order finds votaries, and every monastery inhabitants. Men will submit to any rule, by which they may be exempted from the tyranny of caprice and of chance. They are glad to supply by external authority their own want of constancy and resolution, and court the government of others, when long experience has convinced them of their own inability to govern themselves. ~ Samuel Johnson
California Order quotes by Samuel Johnson
Each place along the way is somewhere you had to be in order to be here. ~ Wayne Dyer
California Order quotes by Wayne Dyer
Consciousness is much more of the implicate order than is matter ... Yet at a deeper level [matter and consciousness] are actually inseparable and interwoven , just as in the computer game the player and the screen are united by participation. ~ David Bohm
California Order quotes by David Bohm
I argue that a right of exit is important in order to limit government power. I sometimes think that what kept the U.S. government small in the early 19th century was not so much the Constitution as the fact that people kept leaving the then-current United States for adjacent territories. The option to exit would have made it quite difficult for government to grow large and intrusive. ~ Arnold Kling
California Order quotes by Arnold Kling
In order to make any kind of living, you cannot afford to say no. If anything comes up, you've got to take it; you've got to grab it with both hands because security is really not there. ~ Tom Goodman-Hill
California Order quotes by Tom Goodman-Hill
I was in New York. Hitchcock was in California. He rang me to make a report on his progress and said, I'm having trouble. I've just sacked my second screenwriter. ~ Patricia Highsmith
California Order quotes by Patricia Highsmith
In government and out, there are vast realms of the bureaucracy dedicated to seeking more information, in perpetuity if need be, in order to avoid taking action. ~ Meg Greenfield
California Order quotes by Meg Greenfield
I regard cats as one of the great joys in the world. I see them as a gift of highest order. ~ Trisha McCagh
California Order quotes by Trisha McCagh
An ideological movement is a collection of people many of whom could hardly bake a cake, fix a car, sustain a friendship or a marriage, or even do a quadratic equation, yet they believe they know how to rule the world. The university, in which it is possible to combine theoretical pretension with comprehensive ineptitude, has become the natural habitat of the ideological enthusiast. A kind of adventure playground, carefully insulated from reality in order to prevent absent-minded professors from bumping into things as they explore transcendental realms, has become the institutional base for civilizational self-hatred. ~ Kenneth Minogue
California Order quotes by Kenneth Minogue
There is a question that has been haunting me,' he replied over the sound of the first horns announcing column formation. 'How does a mortal win over a god? Has it ever happened before, even? Has the old order been overturned? Or is this just … special circumstance? A moment unique in all of history?'

'You have won the Worm of Autumn to her cause, Priest?'

At Lostara's question, Banaschar frowned. He studied her for a moment, and then glanced at Ruthan Gudd. 'You look shocked,' he said to him. 'Is it that I somehow possessed that power? Or is it the very idea that what we do in this mortal world – with our lives, with our will – could make a god kneel before us?' Then he shook his head. 'But you both misunderstood me. I was not speaking of myself at all. I cannot win over a god, even when I am the last priest in that god's House. Don't you understand? It's her. She did it. Not me.'

'She spoke to your god?'

Banaschar grunted. 'No, Lostara. She rarely speaks at all – you of all people should know that by now. No. Instead, she simply refused to waver from her path, and by that alone she has humbled the gods. Do you understand me? Humbled them.'

Ruthan Gudd shook his head. 'The gods are too arrogant to ever be humbled.'

'A year ago, lying drunk on my cot, I would have agreed with you, Captain. So tell me now, will you fight for her?'

His eyes were thinned as he studied Banaschar, and then he said, 'With ~ Steven Erikson
California Order quotes by Steven Erikson
Experiments in the visual arts (the invention of new ways of seeing things), are made because, due to the way the apparatus that makes up the mind is made, old processes and patterns have continually to be broken up in order to make it possible to perceive the new aspects and arrangements of evolving consciousness. The great enemy of intelligence is complacency. ~ John Dos Passos
California Order quotes by John Dos Passos
It is the root of all religion that a man knows that he is nothing in order to thank God that he is something. ~ Gilbert K. Chesterton
California Order quotes by Gilbert K. Chesterton
Citing C. S. Lewis, Rachael Givens writes, "God allows spiritual peaks to subside into (often extensive) troughs in order [to have] 'servants who can finally become Sons,' 'stand[ing] up on [their] own legs - to carry out from the will alone duties which have lost all relish . . . growing into the sort of creature He wants [them] to be.' " [12] ~ Terryl L. Givens
California Order quotes by Terryl L. Givens
I fell in love with the young assistant professor who took me through my first poetry course. Really in love--that is, enough to alarm Mother. Although naturally I never breathed my feelings to a soul--although naturally the first time she suggested that I might invite him home for tea I went to my room and shook for forty minutes. So she may have noticed something. In any case, in order to patrol the situation, she enrolled in his courses. And, as we bore the same name, she was seated beside me where not the flickering of an eyelash escaped her attention. I never have heard of this happening to anyone else in the history of education. ~ Agnes De Mille
California Order quotes by Agnes De Mille
The broadening of the economic order which came to be seated in the individual property owner ... dramatized by Jefferson's purchase of the Louisiana Territory ... The supremacy of corporate economic power ... consolidated by the Supreme Court decision of 1886 which declared that the Fourteenth Amendment protected the corporation ... [the New Deal, leading to], within the political arena, as well as in the corporate world itself, competing centers of power that challenged those of the corporate directors. ~ C. Wright Mills
California Order quotes by C. Wright Mills
A software architecture is defined by a configuration of architectural elements
components, connectors, and data
constrained in their relationships in order to achieve a desired set of architectural properties. ~ Anonymous
California Order quotes by Anonymous
The great lesson to learn of life is the need of giving out from the abundance of one's self in order to be ever abundant within one's self. ~ Walter Russell
California Order quotes by Walter Russell
I grew up in Douglasville, Georgia. My father played football for the Atlanta Falcons. We lived a bunch of places when I was younger. I was born in California. We lived in Chicago for a little bit and finally we ended up in Georgia. I grew up playing softball and at the age of nine I decided I was going to be an Olympian. ~ Elana Meyers
California Order quotes by Elana Meyers
Life must be kept up at a great rate in order to absorb any considerable amount of learning. ~ Robert Frost
California Order quotes by Robert Frost
Why, though? I knew it didn't make sense. I did love her in my own way. Very much. She was beautiful and fun and caring, but I was bored, so bored. I had to think of other girls to get a hard-on. I didn't want to start the long arduous road to her orgasm, let alone mine. Afraid to touch her in case it was mistaken for an application for sex. So in order to feel something through the numbness, I decided to perpetrate on my soul and hers the equivalent of quenching cigarettes on my paralyzed limbs. My hope was that if I registered pain, it would be welcomed as a sign of life. ~ Anonymous
California Order quotes by Anonymous
It has long been presumed that the diversity of constitutional forms makes for an optimal result. In reality, it creates a system of impediments that makes popular reform nearly impossible.
As with Polybius and Cicero, so with Aristotle, and so with the framers of the United States Constitution in 1787 . . . - all have been mindful of the leveling threats of democratic forces and the need for a constitutional "mix" that allows only limited participation by the demos, with a dominant role allotted to an elite executive power. . . . Diluting democratic power with a preponderantly undemocratic mix does not create an admirable "balance" and "stability." In actual practice, the diversity of form more often has been a subterfuge, allowing an appearance of popular participation in order to lend legitimacy to oligarchic dominance. ~ Michael Parenti
California Order quotes by Michael Parenti
Sometimes you need to take a departure from what you do to something that's slightly different in order to get inspiration. ~ Tori Amos
California Order quotes by Tori Amos
As we apprentice ourselves to the way of nature, we begin to understand that all of life is in a continuous cycle of giving and receiving. It is the honouring of this cycle that makes us feel at home in ourselves and in relation to the rest of nature. In order to experience true belonging, we must not only acknowledge the gifts we are receiving, but also give our beauty away, no matter how it may be received by others. ~ Toko-pa Turner
California Order quotes by Toko-pa Turner
It is as though God said, You think to create order? Here is the appropriate disorder, since they are one. ~ Florida Scott-Maxwell
California Order quotes by Florida Scott-Maxwell
If the church were the goal, then sustaining that church would logically be the priority of the highest order. But if the Kingdom of God was the goal, then the Kingdom-building instrument would gladly self-sacrifice for the eternal prize. ~ Jeff Christopherson
California Order quotes by Jeff Christopherson
A mathematical problem should be difficult in order to entice us, yet not completely inaccessible, lest it mock at our efforts. It should be to us a guide post on the mazy paths to hidden truths, and ultimately a reminder of our pleasure in the successful solution. ~ David Hilbert
California Order quotes by David Hilbert
[Myne] shouldn't be enjoying the feeling of closeness, of holding someone who didn't belong to him, but damn, this felt good. He didn't get to be with females often, not when his bite caused excruciating pain, and he definitely didn't get to save a life ... ever. Nicole was depending on him in order to survive, and he began to shake with the magnitude of it all. Rike, he whispered to himself. If you come back and don't mate this female before the next daybreak, I'll kill you myself. Of course, that was if Riker didn't kill him first for getting a raging erection for his female. ~ Larissa Ione
California Order quotes by Larissa Ione
A 'harmonized' life these days sounds like a tall order. Between housework, homework, workwork, and busywork, there are perpetually too many things to do, and not enough time to find that mythical balance. Nothing is more frustrating than feeling like you're doing doing doing but getting nothing truly done that you really want. ~ Jack Canfield
California Order quotes by Jack Canfield
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