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#1. To die is nothing; but it is terrible not to live. - Author: Victor Hugo
Les Mis quotes by Victor Hugo
#2. The first symptom of true love in a young man
is timidity; in a young girl, boldness. This is surprising, yet nothing is more simple. It is the two sexes tending
to approach each other and assuming, each the other's
That day, Cosette's glance drove Marius beside himself,
and Marius' glance set Cosette to trembling. Marius went
away confident, and Cosette uneasy. From that day forth,
they adored each other.
The first thing that Cosette felt was a confused and profound
melancholy. It seemed to her that her soul had become
black since the day before. She no longer recognized it. The
whiteness of soul in young girls, which is composed of coldness
and gayety, resembles snow. It melts in love, which is
its sun.
Cosette did not know what love was. She had never heard
the word uttered in its terrestrial sense. She did not know
what name to give to what she now felt. Is any one the less ill
because one does not know the name of one's malady?
She loved with all the more passion because she loved ignorantly.
She did not know whether it was a good thing or a
bad thing, useful or dangerous, eternal or temporary, allowable
or prohibited; she loved. She would have been greatly
astonished, had any one said to her: 'You do not sleep? But
that is forbidden! You do not eat? Why, that is very bad! You
have oppressions and palpitations of the heart? That must
not - Author: Victor Hugo
Les Mis quotes by Victor Hugo
#3. You always have everything better than the rest, even pain. - Author: Victor Hugo
Les Mis quotes by Victor Hugo
#4. Will you join in our crusade?
Who will be strong and stand with me?
Somewhere beyond the barricade
Is there a world you long to see?
Do you hear the people sing?
Say, do you hear the distant drums?
It is the future that they bring
When tomorrow comes! - Author: Les Miserables The Broadway Musical
Les Mis quotes by Les Miserables The Broadway Musical
#5. To love or have loved, that is enough. Ask nothing further. There is no other pearl to be found in the dark folds of life. - Author: Victor Hugo
Les Mis quotes by Victor Hugo
#6. What is admirable in the clash of young minds is that no one can foresee the spark that sets off an explosion or predict what kind of explosion it will be. - Author: Victor Hugo
Les Mis quotes by Victor Hugo
#7. She appeared to him more beautiful than he had ever seen her yet. Beautiful with a beauty which was wholly feminine and angelic, with a complete beauty which would have made Petrarch sing and Dante kneel. [...] - Author: Victor Hugo, Les Misérables.
Les Mis quotes by Victor Hugo, Les Misérables.
#8. There is nothing like a dream to create the future. - Author: Victor Hugo
Les Mis quotes by Victor Hugo
#9. He plainly perceived this truth, the basis of his life henceforth, that so long as she should be alive, so long as he should have her with him, he should need nothing except for her, and fear nothing save on her account. - Author: Victor Hugo
Les Mis quotes by Victor Hugo
#10. The music department is going to do a musical next year," he tells me, rolling his eyes like I would.
Justine is running toward me, and I can tell by the look on her face that she's found out about the musical, too.
I sigh, shaking my head. "I have to give Justine a lesson in holding back," I tell him. "She's just way too enthusiastic".
She grabs my arms in excitement. "We're doing Les Mis."
I scream hysterically, clutching her as we jump up and down. - Author: Melina Marchetta
Les Mis quotes by Melina Marchetta
#11. The barber ran to the broken window, and saw Gavroche, who was running with all his might towards the Saint Jean market. On passing the barber's shop, Gavroche, who had the two children on his mind, could not resist the desire to bid him "good day", and had sent a stone through his sash.
"See!" screamed the barber, who from white had become blue, "he makes mischief. What has anybody done to this Gamin? - Author: Victor Hugo
Les Mis quotes by Victor Hugo
#12. He asked himself ... whether it was not outrageous for society to treat thus precisely those of its members who were the least well endowed in the division of goods made by chance, and consequently the most deserving of consideration. - Author: Victor Hugo
Les Mis quotes by Victor Hugo
#13. Do not ask the name of the person who asks you for a bed for a night. He whose name is a burden to him needs shelter more than any one. - Author: Victor Hugo
Les Mis quotes by Victor Hugo
#14. Love is a fault; be it so. Fantine was innocence floating upon the surface of this fault. - Author: Victor Hugo
Les Mis quotes by Victor Hugo
#15. I've seen everything from 'Wicked' to 'The Book Of Mormon,' and I don't make any bones of the fact that I love both. But 'Les Mis' is not only my favorite musical, but it's also my favorite story. I love the book, which I read as a kid, and I identified so much with Jean Valjean. - Author: Corey Taylor
Les Mis quotes by Corey Taylor
#16. Grantaire, earthbound in doubt, loved to watch Enjolras soaring in the upper air of faith. He needed Enjolras. Without being fully aware of it, or seeking to account for it himself, he was charmed by that chaste, upright, inflexible and candid nature. - Author: Victor Hugo
Les Mis quotes by Victor Hugo
#17. Eponine and Azelma did not notice Cosette. To them she was like the dog. These three little girls could not count twenty-four years among them all, and they already represented all human society; on one side envy, on the other disdain. - Author: Victor Hugo
Les Mis quotes by Victor Hugo
#18. For men felt therein the presence of that great human thing which is called law, and that great divine thing which is called justice. - Author: Victor Hugo
Les Mis quotes by Victor Hugo
#19. Why comes there an hour when we leave this azure, and why does life continue afterwards? - Author: Victor Hugo
Les Mis quotes by Victor Hugo
#20. Let us show that, if the people abandon the republicans, the republicans do not abandon the people. - Author: Victor Hugo
Les Mis quotes by Victor Hugo
#21. For the rest, he was the same to all men, the fashionable world and the ordinary people. He judged nothing in haste, or without taking account of the cirumstances. He said, 'Let me see how the fault arose. - Author: Victor Hugo
Les Mis quotes by Victor Hugo
#22. Darks drifts covered the horizon. A strange shadow approaching nearer and nearer, was spreading little by little over men, over things, over ideas; a shadow which came from indignations and from systems. All that had been hurriedly stifled was stirring and fermenting. Sometimes the conscious of the honest man caught its breath, there was so much confusion in that air in which sophisms were mingled with truths. Minds trembled in the social anxiety like leaves at the approach of the storm. The electric tension was so great that at certain moments any chance-comer, thought unknown, flashed out. Then the twilight darkness fell again. At intervals, deep and sullen mutterings enabled men to judge of the amount of lightning in the cloud. - Author: Victor Hugo
Les Mis quotes by Victor Hugo
#23. To breathe Paris is to preserve one's soul. - Author: Victor Hugo
Les Mis quotes by Victor Hugo
#24. I love 'Les Mis' so much, like, since I was younger; I saw it when I was like, you know, 10, and I've seen it almost 18 times. - Author: June Diane Raphael
Les Mis quotes by June Diane Raphael
#25. Now life has killed the dream I dreamed. - Author: Victor Hugo
Les Mis quotes by Victor Hugo
#26. If no one loved, the sun would go out. - Author: Victor Hugo
Les Mis quotes by Victor Hugo
#27. I'd like a drink. I desire to forget life. Life is a hideous invention by somebody I don't know. It doesn't last, and it's good for nothing. You break your neck simply living. - Author: Victor Hugo
Les Mis quotes by Victor Hugo
#28. It was like a hand which had opened and thrown suddenly upon her a handful of sunbeams. - Author: Victor Hugo
Les Mis quotes by Victor Hugo
#29. Never, even among animals, does the creature born to be a dove change into an osprey. That is only seen among men. - Author: Victor Hugo
Les Mis quotes by Victor Hugo
#30. Relegated, as he was, to one corner, and sheltered behind the billiard-table, the soldiers whose eyes were fixed on Enjolras, had not even noticed Grantaire, and the sergeant was preparing to repeat his order: "Take aim!" when all at once, they heard a strong voice shout beside them:

"Long live the Republic! I'm one of them."

Grantaire had risen. The immense gleam of the whole combat which he had missed, and in which he had had no part, appeared in the brilliant glance of the transfigured drunken man.

He repeated: "Long live the Republic!" crossed the room with a firm stride and placed himself in front of the guns beside Enjolras.

"Finish both of us at one blow," said he.

And turning gently to Enjolras, he said to him:

"Do you permit it?"

Enjolras pressed his hand with a smile.

This smile was not ended when the report resounded.

Enjolras, pierced by eight bullets, remained leaning against the wall, as though the balls had nailed him there. Only, his head was bowed.

Grantaire fell at his feet, as though struck by a thunderbolt. - Author: Victor Hugo
Les Mis quotes by Victor Hugo
#31. Teach the ignorant as much as you can; society is culpable in not providing a free education for all and it must answer for the night which it produces. If the soul is left in darkness sins will be committed. The guilty one is not he who commits the sin, but he who causes the darkness. - Author: Victor Hugo
Les Mis quotes by Victor Hugo
#32. That it was no doubt a dark hour, but that he should get through it; that after all he held his destiny, evil as it might be, in his own hand; that he was master of it. He clung to that thought. - Author: Victor Hugo
Les Mis quotes by Victor Hugo
#33. Pope John Paul II returned to this theme, condemning state-recognized same-sex unions as parodic versions of authentic families, "based on individual egoism" rather than genuine love. Justifying that condemnation, he observed, "Such a 'caricature' has no future and cannot give future to any society". Queers must respond to the violent force of such constant provocations not only by insisting on our equal right to the social order's prerogatives, not only by avowing our capacity to promote that order's coherence and integrity, but also by saying explicitly what Law and the Pope and the whole of the Symbolic order for which they stand hear anyway in each and every expression or manifestation of queer sexuality: Fuck the social order and the Child in whose name we're collectively terrorized; fuck Annie; fuck the waif from Les Mis; fuck the poor, innocent kid on the Net; fuck Laws both with capital ls and small; fuck the whole network of Symbolic relations and the future that serves as its prop. - Author: Lee Edelman
Les Mis quotes by Lee Edelman
#34. He did not study God; he was dazzled by him. - Author: Victor Hugo
Les Mis quotes by Victor Hugo
#35. The night was starless and very dark. Without doubt, in the gloom some mighty angel was standing, with outstretched wings, awaiting the soul. - Author: Victor Hugo
Les Mis quotes by Victor Hugo
#36. Argot is both a literary and a social phenomenon. What is argot, properly speaking? Argot is the language of misery. - Author: Victor Hugo
Les Mis quotes by Victor Hugo
#37. One would have called it a luminous wound. - Author: Victor Hugo
Les Mis quotes by Victor Hugo
#38. It is nothing to die. It is frightful not to live. - Author: Victor Hugo
Les Mis quotes by Victor Hugo
#39. It is a mournful task to break the sombre attachments of the past. - Author: Victor Hugo
Les Mis quotes by Victor Hugo
#40. He was troubled; this brain, so limpid in its blindness, had lost its transparency; there was a cloud in this crystal. - Author: Victor Hugo
Les Mis quotes by Victor Hugo
#41. If there is anything terrible, if there exists a reality which surpasses dreams, it is this: to live, to see the sun, to be in full possession of viral force; to possess health and joy; to laugh valiantly; to rush toward a glory which one sees dazzling in front of one; to feel in ones's breast lounges which breath, a heart which beats, a will which reasons; to speak, think, hope, love; to have a mother, to have a wife, to have children, to have the light - and all at once, in the space of a shout, in less than a minute, to sink into an abyss; to fall, to roll, to crush, to be crushed,to see ears of wheat, flowers, leaves, branches; not to be able to catch hold of anything; to feel one's sword useless, men beneath one, horses on top of one; to struggle in vain, since ones bones have been broken by some kick in the darkness; to feel a heel which makes ones's eyes start from their sockets; to bite horses' shoes in one's rage,; to stifle. to yell, to writhe; to be beneath, and to say to one's self, "But just a little while ago I was a living man! - Author: Victor Hugo
Les Mis quotes by Victor Hugo
#42. You could do a 'Les Mis'-type musical about Hamilton, but it would have to be 12 hours long, because the amount of words on the bars when you're writing a typical song - that's maybe got 10 words per line. - Author: Lin-Manuel Miranda
Les Mis quotes by Lin-Manuel Miranda
#43. That you are happy, that Monsieur Pontmercy has Cosette, that youth espouses mourning, that there are about you, my children, lilacs and nightingales, that your life is a beautiful lawn in the sunshine, that all the enchantments of heaven fill your souls, and now, that I who am good for nothing, that I die; surely all this is well. - Author: Victor Hugo
Les Mis quotes by Victor Hugo
#44. I damaged my health during 'Les Mis,' which I didn't want to mention in case it seemed like I was courting sympathy. - Author: Anne Hathaway
Les Mis quotes by Anne Hathaway
#45. Hardly had the light been extinguished, when a peculiar trembling began
to affect the netting under which the three children lay.

It consisted of a multitude of dull scratches which produced a metallic
sound, as if claws and teeth were gnawing at the copper wire. This was
accompanied by all sorts of little piercing cries.

The little five-year-old boy, on hearing this hubbub overhead, and
chilled with terror, jogged his brother's elbow; but the elder brother
had already shut his peepers, as Gavroche had ordered. Then the little
one, who could no longer control his terror, questioned Gavroche, but in
a very low tone, and with bated breath:--


"Hey?" said Gavroche, who had just closed his eyes.

"What is that?"

"It's the rats," replied Gavroche.

And he laid his head down on the mat again.

The rats, in fact, who swarmed by thousands in the carcass of the
elephant, and who were the living black spots which we have already
mentioned, had been held in awe by the flame of the candle, so long as
it had been lighted; but as soon as the cavern, which was the same
as their city, had returned to darkness, scenting what the good
story-teller Perrault calls "fresh meat," they had hurled themselves in
throngs on Gavroche's tent, had climbed to the top of it, and had begun
to bite the meshes as though seeking to pierce this new-fang - Author: Victor Hugo
Les Mis quotes by Victor Hugo
#46. Nearly all trouble comes from mis-timing ... - Author: Freya Stark
Les Mis quotes by Freya Stark
#47. …the expression "beyond good and evil" is all too easily (mis)understood. When we say of someone that he is acting as if he were "beyond good and evil," we usually mean that, to put it plainly, he doesn't give a damn about the good. The expression "beyond good and evil," which has become a kind of ritornello, is typically misused - that is to say, it is used to refer to what would be more correctly referred to as "beyond good." In other words, it is employed to describe a space where, although the good is no longer taken into consideration, the evil and fascination with evil are still very much at work. In this context (and if we follow Lacan's thinking to its logical conclusion), even the scandalous Marquis de Sade got no further than merely transgressing the good. In de Sade's literature, the victims not only remain beautiful throughout the horror to which they are subjected, but even gain in beauty during this process: right up to the end, a sublime beauty "covers" the bodies of the victims, even in their naked exposure. Lacan's point is that there are walls and defences that humanity has erected as shields against the central field of das Ding (connoted as evil): the first protective barrier is the good; the second is the beautiful or sublime. This is where the intimate link between sublime beauty and evil (or danger) originally springs from. Nietzsche himself develops the idea that, by transgressing (or being indifferent to) the good, we enter the domain of the sublime, - Author: Alenka Zupančič
Les Mis quotes by Alenka Zupančič
#48. The last thing the theatre owners wanted was for people who spent $200 to see 'Les Miserables' to come out again and see the real miserable children of America, right there on the sidewalk. - Author: Jonathan Kozol
Les Mis quotes by Jonathan Kozol
#49. I toyed with the idea of playing Ravel's 'Pavane pour une infante defunte' but I couldn't remember if it's a tune or Latin prescription for piles. - Author: Les Dawson
Les Mis quotes by Les Dawson
#50. Ask yourself if you are leaving a trail that others may want to follow. Are you leaving a legacy of accomplishment? What mark will you leave on your industry? Your friends and family? - Author: Les Brown
Les Mis quotes by Les Brown
#51. Dialectic concepts can permit the existence of UFOs and other life-forms... Even if these reports of flying saucers are fantasies, as is possible that the majority may be, many of them, their historical basis is correct… the scientific capacity of human beings is determined by their social organisation... The answers to these mysteries would lie in a study of Marxism." From Les Soucoupes Volantes (Flying Saucers) - Author: Juan R. Posadas
Les Mis quotes by Juan R. Posadas
#52. You can start over again! Don't even think about quitting now! It is easy to replay in your mind how things did not work, how much you lost, what you are going through, how angry you are. There is no amount of conversation or magic that is going to wipe the slate clean. You are wasting valuable time and energy that could be used to regain a new normal and start another version of your life. Even though you are hurt and you may be feeling down - stop kicking yourself! Face what has happened. Make the decision to start over again. - Author: Les Brown
Les Mis quotes by Les Brown
#53. Don't you agree?"
"Indeed," Robert answered without thought, and then sharply shook his head. "I beg your pardon. You were saying?"
"That Mr. Warner is a thorough investigator, and despite his doubts, I believe he will succeed in ferreting out our master criminal." She stared up at him from the settee, looking quite at ease.
"Master criminal?"
"Yes, Les and Morley could hardly be accused of the cleverness needed for such a planned endeavor."
"Yes … no…" With a frown, Robert scanned the room. "Indeed, a master … Where is Mr. Warner?"
Lydia laughed, a delightful carillon. "Robert, my dear friend, you were woolgathering. I thought as much; your expression was rather blank."
"Was it?" Robert was very glad to know that he did not look the lovesick calf he felt. - Author: Cindy Anstey
Les Mis quotes by Cindy Anstey
#54. Sometimes you've got to # believe in someone else's belief in you until your # belief kicks in. - Author: Les Brown
Les Mis quotes by Les Brown
#55. I can bounce back from adversity and reinvent my life - it's possible - Author: Les Brown
Les Mis quotes by Les Brown
#56. You can determine what your future holds based on how much time and energy you spend working on yourself now. Find out what it is you want, and go after it as if your life depends on it. Why? Because it does, - Author: Les Brown
Les Mis quotes by Les Brown
#57. I follow Coach Spurrier because he seems to have an entertaining way of communicating. - Author: Les Miles
Les Mis quotes by Les Miles
#58. Glaring at the doctor, Kev spoke in Romany. "Ka xlia ma pe tute" (I'm going to shit on you.)

"Which means," Rohan said hastily, "'Please forgive the misunderstanding; let's part as friends.'"

"Te malavel les i menkiva," Kev added for good measure. (May you die of a malignant wasting disease.)

"Roughly translated," Rohan said, "that means, 'May your garden be filled with fine, fat hedgehogs.' Which, I may add, is considered quite a blessing among the Rom. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Les Mis quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#59. Care of the mouth. - Technique of coughing and of spitting. Here is a personal observation.
A little girl did not know how to spit and each of her colds was aggravated as a result. I gathered this information. In her father's village and in his family in particular, au Berry, no one knows how to spit. I taught her how to spit. I gave her four sous per spit. As she wanted to have a bicycle, she learned how to spit. She was the first in the family to know how to spit.

(Marcel Mauss, "Les techniques du corps," in Anthropologze et Sociologze. [Paris: Presses Universitaires de France, 1935, p. 383.) - Author: Marcel Mauss
Les Mis quotes by Marcel Mauss
#60. There's not a season set aside for pondering and reveries. It will not les us hesitate or rest; it does not wish us to stand back and comment on its comeliness or devise a song for it. It has no time to listen to our song. It only asks us not to tire in our hard work. It wants to see us leathery, our necks and fore-arms burnt as black as chimney oak; it wants to leave us thinned and sinewy from work. It taxes us from dawn to dusk, and torments us at night; that is the taxing that the thrush complains about. Our great task each and every year is to defend ourselves against hunger and defeat with implements and tools. - Author: Jim Crace
Les Mis quotes by Jim Crace
#61. You didn't succeed. Well, what of that? There's nothing to prove, you know, and the revolution's not a question of virtue but of effectiveness. There is no heaven. There's work to be done, that's all. And you must do what you're cut out for; all the better if it comes easy to you. The best work is not the work that takes the most sacrifice. It's the work in which you can best succeed. - Author: Jean-Paul Sartre
Les Mis quotes by Jean-Paul Sartre
#62. She could tell him how he smelled. So good. Like the crisp, clear mountains."Tu sens bon. Comme les montanges."
He arched a brow, his lids dropping partway closed." Tu es sexy. Je tiens à vous lécher partout".
Oh, God. He understood. - Author: Jaci Burton
Les Mis quotes by Jaci Burton
#63. WANT shows up in conversation - EXPECTATION shows up in behavior. - Author: Les Brown
Les Mis quotes by Les Brown
#64. I'm gonna go live my life now, Les. A life I'm actually able to look forward to, and I'd honestly thought I'd never be able to say that. Then again, I'd honestly thought I'd always be hopeless, but I find hope every single day. - Author: Colleen Hoover
Les Mis quotes by Colleen Hoover
#65. This is my decade. Nothing is going to stop me. - Author: Les Brown
Les Mis quotes by Les Brown
#66. On a Parisienne's Bookshelf

The books you so often claim you've read that you actually believe you have.
The books you read in school from which you remember only the main character's name.
The art books your parents give you each Christmas so you can get some "culture".
The art books that you bought yourself and which you really love.
The books that you've been promising yourself you'll read next summer … for the past ten years.
The books you bought only because you liked the title.
The books that you think makes you cool.
The books you read over and over again, and that evolve along with your life.
The books that remind you of someone you loved.
The books you keep for your children, just in case you ever have any.
The books whose first ten pages you've read so many times you know them by heart.
The books you own simply because you must and, taken together, form intangible proof that you are well read.

The Stranger, Albert Camus
The Elementary Particles, Michel Houellebecq
Belle du Seigneur, Albert Cohen
Bonjour Tristesse, Françoise Sagan
Madame Bovary, Gustave Flaubert
L'Écume des jours, Boris Vian
Lolita, Vladimir Nabokov
Les Fleurs du Mal, Charles Baudelaire
Journey to the End of the Night, Louis-Ferdinand C - Author: Caroline De Maigret
Les Mis quotes by Caroline De Maigret
#67. At the end of the day, it's important to know what really matters most in life ... your sanity, your health, your family, and the ability to start anew. - Author: Les Brown
Les Mis quotes by Les Brown
#68. There's no doubt that after you eat a lot of garlic, you just kind of feel like you are floating, you feel ultra-confident, you feel capable of going out and whipping your weight in wild cats. - Author: Les Blank
Les Mis quotes by Les Blank
#69. You're either living your dreams, or living your fears. - Author: Les Brown
Les Mis quotes by Les Brown
#70. I did the Broadway album unfortunately in a year when there were no hits. - Author: Les Baxter
Les Mis quotes by Les Baxter
#71. Draw your line in the sand. Make your decision now and start taking action to really live your dream. By not taking bold steps to live your dream, not only are you missing out on fully living, but the world is missing out on the greatness you have to offer. Be bold! - Author: Les Brown
Les Mis quotes by Les Brown
#72. Rail longer than train cars ; and the hope than our reasons. (Rail plus long que les wagons ; - Et l'espoir que nos raisons.) - Author: Charles De Leusse
Les Mis quotes by Charles De Leusse
#73. You ever pull a stunt like you did last night again and I will use your intestines to string your Les Paul. - Author: Jay Crownover
Les Mis quotes by Jay Crownover
#74. The happiest times in my life were the days when I was traveling with Les Brown and his band. - Author: Doris Day
Les Mis quotes by Doris Day
#75. A lot of people do not muster the courage to live their dreams because they are afraid to die. - Author: Les Brown
Les Mis quotes by Les Brown

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