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#1. Standing there on display was painful enough.
Now came the truly unfortunate task of socializing. - Author: V.E Schwab
Blackberry Display quotes by V.E Schwab
#2. Without this ridiculous vanity that takes the form of self-display, and is part of everything and everyone, we would see nothing, and nothing would exist. - Author: Antonio Porchia
Blackberry Display quotes by Antonio Porchia
#3. Why is it important to look at fiction writing through the lens of emotional experience? Because that's the way readers read. They don't so much read as respond. They do not automatically adopt your outlook and outrage. They formulate their own. You are not the author of what readers feel, just the provocateur of those feelings. You may curate your characters' experiences and put them on display, but the exhibit's meaning is different in thousands of ways for thousands of different museum visitors, your readers. Not - Author: Donald Maass
Blackberry Display quotes by Donald Maass
#4. Nicolas couldn't stop looking at her with her head thrown back, her thick, black hair streaming in the wind, her body perfectly balanced as she guided the boat. With her head back, he could see her neck and the outline of her body beneath the shirt, almost as if she wore nothing at all. His body stirred, hardened. Nicolas didn't bother to fight the reaction. Whatever was between them, the chemistry was apparent and it wasn't going to go away. He could sit in the boat and admire the flawless perfection of her skin. Imagine the way it would feel beneath his fingertips, his palm.
Dahlia's head suddenly turned and her eyes were on him. Hot Wild. Wary. "Stop touching my breasts." She lifted her chin, faint color stealing under her skin.
He held up his hands in surrender. "I have no idea what you're talking about."
"You know exactly what I'm talking about." Dahlia's breasts ached, felt swollen and hot, and deep inside her, a ravenous appetite began to stir. Nicolas was sitting across from her, looking the epitome of the perfect male statue, his features expressionless and his eyes cool, but she felt his hands on her body. Long caresses, his palms cupping her breasts, thumbs stroking her nipples until she shivered in awareness and hunger.
"Oh, that."
"Yes, that." She couldn't help seeing the rigid length bulging beneath his jeans, and he made no effort to hide it. His unashamed display sent her body into overtime reaction so that she felt a curious throbbing - Author: Christine Feehan
Blackberry Display quotes by Christine Feehan
#5. Display is like shallow water, where you can see the muddy bottom. - Author: Alphonse Karr
Blackberry Display quotes by Alphonse Karr
#6. Google's competitors argue that Google designs its search display to promote Google 'products' like Google Maps, Google Places, and Google Shopping, ahead of competitors like MapQuest, Yelp, and product-search sites. - Author: Marvin Ammori
Blackberry Display quotes by Marvin Ammori
#7. Now if you have proofs to bring forward, bring them forward, and your moral discourse as well; if you have no enthymemes, then fall back upon moral discourse: after all, it is more fitting for a good man to display himself as an honest fellow than as a subtle reasoner. - Author: Aristotle.
Blackberry Display quotes by Aristotle.
#8. A collection of short stories is generally thought to be a horrendous clinker; an enforced courtesy for the elderly writer who wants to display the trophies of his youth, along with his trout flies. - Author: John Cheever
Blackberry Display quotes by John Cheever
#9. In the early stages of wealth, up to 10 years after individuals became very rich, they display a bit of reluctance to spend money. It's a lot easier rationalizing spending a lot for a house. - Author: Frederick Winslow Taylor
Blackberry Display quotes by Frederick Winslow Taylor
#10. Even the things we don't understand are a display of the goodness of God. - Author: Liz Curtis Higgs
Blackberry Display quotes by Liz Curtis Higgs
#11. So I make no effort to hide my pain. I don't ever put it all on display like this - but for today and all the rest of the days of the trial, I must. My every flinch, every flicker of pain, will be
magnified a hundred times over, then dissected by the pundits and talking heads. But I'm told it's necessary; the world needs to see me vulnerable and wounded. I cannot appear not to care or to lack remorse, but that removes a crucial component of my self- defense mechanism and leaves me bleeding for all the world to see. I suppose that's rather the point. - Author: Ann Aguirre
Blackberry Display quotes by Ann Aguirre
#12. Often the desire to appear competent impedes our ability to become competent, because we more anxious to display our knowledge than to learn what we do not know. - Author: Madeleine De Souvre, Marquise De ...
Blackberry Display quotes by Madeleine De Souvre, Marquise De ...
#13. After she left, no one knows how wretched I felt, how deep the abyss. How could they? I can barely recall it myself. How much did I suffer? How much pain did I go through? I wish there was a machine that could accurately measure sadness, and display it in numbers that you could record, And it would be great if that machine could fit in the palm of your hand. - Author: Haruki Murakami
Blackberry Display quotes by Haruki Murakami
#14. The self-cultivator spends more energy trying to display the fact that he is happy - posting highlight reel Facebook photos and all the rest - than he does actually being happy. - Author: David Brooks
Blackberry Display quotes by David Brooks
#15. [James vowed again to] use the National Guard and state troopers to prevent the removal [of Judge Roy Moore's Commandments display]. - Author: Fob James
Blackberry Display quotes by Fob James
#16. I have a retina scanner and display in my eye. It's like a really small netscreen, so there's a lot of wiring. Oh, stars, I can't believe I'm telling you this." She buried her face in her hands. "It's kind of brilliant," said Kai. She - Author: Marissa Meyer
Blackberry Display quotes by Marissa Meyer
#17. Human beings often display emotions they do not feel. And they often feel emotions they do not display. - Author: Jeanette Winterson
Blackberry Display quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#18. Many anti-energy groups display little appreciation of the extent to which modern economies depend pervasively on the use of fossil fuels and petrochemical products. - Author: Robert Higgs
Blackberry Display quotes by Robert Higgs
#19. The Tower of the Spirit

The Spirit has an impregnable tower
Which no danger can disturb
As long as the tower is guarded
By the invisible Protector
Who acts unconsciously, and whose actions
Go astray when they become deliberate,
Reflexive, and intentional.

The unconscious
And entire sincerity of Tao
Are disturbed by any effort
At self-conscious demonstration.
All such demonstrations
Are lies.

When one displays himself
In this ambiguous way
The world storms in
and imprisons him.

He is no longer protected
by the sincerity of Tao.

Each new act
Is a new failure.

If his acts are done in public,
In broad daylight,
He will be punished by men.
If they are done in private
And in secret,
He will be punished
By spirits.

Let each one understand
The meaning of sincerity
and guard against display.

He will be at peace
with men and spirits
and will act rightly, unseen,
in his own solitude,
in the tower of his spirit. - Author: Thomas Merton
Blackberry Display quotes by Thomas Merton
#20. The ultimate good of the gospel is seeing and savoring the beauty and value of God. God's wrath and our sin obstruct that vision and that pleasure. You can't see and savor God as supremely satisfying while you are full of rebellion against Him and He is full of wrath against you. The removal of this wrath and this rebellion is what the gospel is for. The ultimate aim of the gospel is the display of God's glory and the removal of every obstacle to our seeing it and savoring it as our highest treasure. "Behold Your God!" is the most gracious command and the best gift of the gospel. If we do not see Him and savor Him as our greatest fortune, we have not obeyed or believed the gospel. - Author: John Piper
Blackberry Display quotes by John Piper
#21. The nobility of Teresa Leo's poems is that they are not disposed to hide from the dark-rather, they display a mind that tends toward obsession and brooding, that works against fatality like fingers at a knot. The firm, attentive mind on display and the lucid unfolding of the poems are the life instinct seeking and finding its way through again and again. Love and beauty are the argument, but they don't win easily. Bloom in Reverse works through elegy toward survival with moving persistence, both driven and compelling. - Author: Tony Hoagland
Blackberry Display quotes by Tony Hoagland
#22. Maybe someday shedding tears in the workplace will no longer be viewed as embarrassing or weak, but as a simple display of authentic emotion. And maybe the compassion and sensitivity that have historically held some women back will make them more natural leaders in the future. In the meantime, we can all hasten this change by committing ourselves to both seek - and speak - our truth. - Author: Sheryl Sandberg
Blackberry Display quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
#23. Growing up in Chicago, there was a very particular type of home that would display the black Jesus figure. It wasn't a radical home. You wouldn't find these in a Black Panther house. There's still a strong allegiance to Christianity. - Author: Rashid Johnson
Blackberry Display quotes by Rashid Johnson
#24. The violence that undergirded the country, so flagrantly on display during Black History Month, and the intimate violence of "Yeah, nigger, what's up now?" were not unrelated. And this violence was not magical, but was of a piece and by design. - Author: Ta-Nehisi Coates
Blackberry Display quotes by Ta-Nehisi Coates
#25. When you show yourself to the world and display your talents, you naturally stir all kinds of resentment, envy, and other manifestations of insecurity ... you cannot spend your life worrying about the petty feelings of others - Author: Robert Greene
Blackberry Display quotes by Robert Greene
#26. All this display, while the working classes were pinched beyond bearing; it was not wise, or tasteful: it smacked of ostentatious wealth. The Europe from which Phryne had lately come was impoverished, even the nobility; and was keeping its head down, still shocked by the Russian revolution. It had become fashionable to make no display; understatement had become most stylish. - Author: Kerry Greenwood
Blackberry Display quotes by Kerry Greenwood
#27. I wasn't blessed with this unique talent for nothing. I have to put it on display. The game hasn't retired me. When I went through all of my struggles, I became a champion right then. Now I just have to walk through my destiny. - Author: Antonio Tarver
Blackberry Display quotes by Antonio Tarver
#28. Voluptuaries, consumed by their senses, always begin by flinging themselves with a great display of frenzy into an abyss. But they survive, they come to the surface again. And they develop a routine of the abyss: It's four o clock. At five I have my abyss ... - Author: Sidonie Gabrielle Colette
Blackberry Display quotes by Sidonie Gabrielle Colette
#29. The zealous display the strength of their belief, while the judicious show the grounds of it. - WILLIAM SHENSTONE, EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY POET AND LANDSCAPE DESIGNER - Author: Josh Kaufman
Blackberry Display quotes by Josh Kaufman
#30. He'd never seen a lady's hair down in a public place, and here was Miss Jerningham - Gabby - blithely shaking her curls, as if the crowd of stevedores, sailors, and boatmen around her were naught.
'A lady does not groom herself in public!'
'I'm afraid I'm used to being on display,' she said brightly. 'In the village, my father and I were the only Europeans. My hair was considered to be a good-luck charm- - Author: Eloisa James
Blackberry Display quotes by Eloisa James
#31. I'm no longer engaging with white people on the topic of race. Not all white people, just the vast majority who refuse to accept the existence of structural racism and its symptoms. I can no longer engage with the gulf of an emotional disconnect that white people display when a person of colour articulates their experience. You can see their eyes shut down and harden. It's like treacle is poured into their ears, blocking up their ear canals. It's like they can no longer hear us. - Author: Reni Eddo-Lodge
Blackberry Display quotes by Reni Eddo-Lodge
#32. A display connected to a digital computer gives us a chance to gain familiarity with concepts not realizable in the physical world. It is a looking glass into a mathematical wonderland. - Author: Ivan Sutherland
Blackberry Display quotes by Ivan Sutherland
#33. I'm really proud of 'Bright Lights' because I was still in the mind frame of my first album when I was putting it together, but next time I want to display something different. I don't want to be as young, immature and all about boys! - Author: Ellie Goulding
Blackberry Display quotes by Ellie Goulding
#34. He barely managed not to choke it into free fall, atomized. Thick, green, herbal, sweet as syrup - he nearly gagged on the sweetness - perhaps sixty percent pure ethanol. But what was the rest of it? It burned down his esophagus, making him feel suddenly like an animated display of the digestive system, with all the different parts picked out in colored lights. Respectfully, he wiped the mouthpiece on his sleeve and handed the bottle to its owner, who tucked it back under his arm. "Thanks," Miles gasped. Mayhew nodded. "So how," Miles aspirated, then cleared his throat to a more normal tone, "what are you planning to do next? What are you demanding? - Author: Lois McMaster Bujold
Blackberry Display quotes by Lois McMaster Bujold
#35. Being a good father to our children requires a few goals:
1. Be an example of personal responsibility
2. Display self-respect
3. Be an example of personal growth, passion, and perseverance
4. Recognize and accept your child's particular gifts and nurture them, not wish they had others
5. Love and respect your wife - Author: Charles F. Glassman
Blackberry Display quotes by Charles F. Glassman
#36. Aggressive and hard-charging women violate unwritten rules about acceptable social conduct. Men are continually applauded for being ambitious and powerful and successful, but women who display these same traits often pay a social penalty. Female accomplishments come at a cost. - Author: Sheryl Sandberg
Blackberry Display quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
#37. Thus, the Archivist must display at all times scrupulous independence and a devotion to the laws and principles which govern the responsibilities of the office. - Author: Allen Weinstein
Blackberry Display quotes by Allen Weinstein
#38. What about you?" I ask her. "What do you think I should read next?" She takes my hand and leads me to the children's section. She looks around for a second, then heads over to a display at the front. I see a certain green book sitting there and panic. "No! Not that one!" I say. But she isn't reaching for the green book. She's reaching for Harold and the Purple Crayon. "What could you possibly have against Harold and the Purple Crayon?" she asks. "I'm sorry. I thought you were heading for The Giving Tree." Rhiannon looks at me like I'm an insane duck. "I absolutely HATE The Giving Tree." I am so relieved. "Thank goodness. That would've been the end of us, had that been your favorite book." "Here - take my arms! Take my legs!" "Take my head! Take my shoulders!" "Because that's what love's about!" "That kid is, like, the jerk of the century," I say, relieved that Rhiannon will know what I mean. "The biggest jerk in the history of all literature, - Author: David Levithan
Blackberry Display quotes by David Levithan
#39. I am learning to pretend, to smile and nod, to display - Author: Christina Baker Kline
Blackberry Display quotes by Christina Baker Kline
#40. In contrast to emotional hunger, which has a profound detrimental effect on the growing child, real love sustains and nurtures. Genuine love may be operationally defined as those behaviors that enhance the well-being of children and assist them in reaching their full potential. Outward manifestations of love can be observed in people who make real emotional contact with another person; that is, they have frequent eye contact, display spontaneous, nonclinging physical affection, and take obvious pleasure in the other person's company. In an intimate relationship, love is expressed through direct, honest communication, mutual respect, acknowledgement of each other's boundaries, and a desire to share and cooperate. - Author: Robert W. Firestone
Blackberry Display quotes by Robert W. Firestone
#41. Aunt Lavinia always had a near-religious belief that it was wicked to inflict one's personal despair on others. Any display of self-pity or self-dissatisfaction she saw as a social cruelty that was very nearly criminal. - Author: Caroline Blackwood
Blackberry Display quotes by Caroline Blackwood
#42. The irony of the Supreme Court hearing on these cases last week and of the outright hostility that the Court has displayed against religion in recent years is that above the head of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is a concrete display of the Ten Commandments. - Author: Cliff Stearns
Blackberry Display quotes by Cliff Stearns

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