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#1. Public Speaking is a skill that can be studied, polished, perfected. Not only can you get good at it, you can get damn good at it and it makes a heck of a difference. - Author: Tom Peters
Public Speaking quotes by Tom Peters
#2. Some introverts are perfectly comfortable with public speaking; I'm not one of them. - Author: Susan Cain
Public Speaking quotes by Susan Cain
#3. Disabilities are not Liabilities but true test of abilities - Author: Emmanuel Shola Ayeni
Public Speaking quotes by Emmanuel Shola Ayeni
#4. Figure out what you are meant to contribute to the world and make sure you contribute it. If this requires public speaking or networking or other activities that make you uncomfortable, do them anyway. But accept that they're difficult, get the training you need to make them easier, and reward yourself when you're done. - Author: Susan Cain
Public Speaking quotes by Susan Cain
#5. If one is going to spend her afternoon singing hymns to the great porcelain goddess, she might as well do it in a really plush ladies room. Stupid fear of public speaking. - Author: Molly Harper
Public Speaking quotes by Molly Harper
#6. These are the three things - volume of sound, modulation of pitch, and rhythm - that a speaker bears in mind. It is those who do bear them in mind who usually win prizes in the dramatic contests; and just as in drama the actors now count for more than the poets, so it is in the contests of public life, owing to the defects of our political institutions. - Author: Aristotle.
Public Speaking quotes by Aristotle.
#7. An orator can hardly get beyond commonplaces: if he does he gets beyond his hearers. - Author: William Hazlitt
Public Speaking quotes by William Hazlitt
#8. I was extremely shy and had a terrible fear of public speaking. But I had fallen in love with stand-up. - Author: Kumail Nanjiani
Public Speaking quotes by Kumail Nanjiani
#9. It is true that despite occasional gleams of Churchillian eloquence he [Gen. Douglas MacArthur] usually spoke poorly. He was far more effective in conversations a deux. But those who dismiss him as shallow because his rhetoric was fustian err. - Author: William Manchester
Public Speaking quotes by William Manchester
#10. I made a list of skills in which I think every adult should gain a working knowledge. I wouldn't expect you to become a master of any, but mastery isn't necessary. Luck has a good chance of finding you if you become merely good in most of these areas. I'll make a case for each one, but here's the preview list.
Public speaking
Business Writing
Design (the basics)
Overcoming Shyness
Second language
Proper grammar
Technology ( hobby level)
Proper voice technique - Author: Scott Adams
Public Speaking quotes by Scott Adams
#11. Say what you have to say, and then stop. - Author: Rudolf Flesch
Public Speaking quotes by Rudolf Flesch
#12. We don't ask why God chose as his prophet a stutterer with a public speaking phobia. But we should. The book of Exodus is short on explication, but its stories suggest that introversion plays yin to the yang of extroversion; that the medium is not always the message; and that people followed Moses because his words were thoughtful, not because he spoke them well. - Author: Susan Cain
Public Speaking quotes by Susan Cain
#13. We don't always have an accurate view of our own potential. I think most people who are frightened of public speaking and can't imagine they might feel different as a result of training. Don't assume you know how much potential you have. Sometimes the only way to know what you can do is to test yourself. - Author: Scott Adams
Public Speaking quotes by Scott Adams
#14. Take public speaking: I spent all of my twenties and early thirties avoiding it. When I once asked a speech teacher about my aversion, she explained that dancers and writers were especially difficult to teach to speak in public, since both had chosen a profession in which they didn't have to talk - and I had been both. - Author: Gloria Steinem
Public Speaking quotes by Gloria Steinem
#15. I don't do much public speaking. I did a lot of stuff for Bones, and then ended up having said yes to a lot of things that kept me on the road for a while for that, but then I pretty much stopped. I'm touring for this book, but when the tour is done, that'll be the end of it. - Author: Alice Sebold
Public Speaking quotes by Alice Sebold
#16. When I began to do a little public speaking, one of the questions I heard most often was, "What good is science fiction to Black people?" I was usually asked this by a Black person ...
What good is science fiction's thinking about the present, the future, and the past? What good is its tendency to warn or to consider alternative ways of thinking and doing? What good is its examination of the possible effects of science and technology, or social organization and political direction? At its best, science fiction stimulates imagination and creativity. It gets reader and writer off the beaten track, off the narrow, narrow footpath of what "everyone" is saying, doing, thinking
whoever "everyone" happens to be this year.
And what good is all this to Black people? - Author: Octavia E. Butler
Public Speaking quotes by Octavia E. Butler
#17. All you need is something to say, and a burning desire to say it ... it doesn't matter where your hands are. - Author: Lou Holtz
Public Speaking quotes by Lou Holtz
#18. Public speaking is scary, I think. I've gotten way better at it. If I have to do a speech and be like, 'I'm a YouTuber,' then that's easy, but if I have to get up there and pretend I know something in front of adults, it's never fine. In front of adults, it's like, 'Ahhhh they're going to judge me.' - Author: Connor Franta
Public Speaking quotes by Connor Franta
#19. No audience ever complained about a presentation or speech being too short - Author: Stephen Keague
Public Speaking quotes by Stephen Keague
#20. Fabre stood up. He placed his fingertips on d'Anton's temples. "Put your fingers here," he said. "Feel the resonance. Put them here, and here." He jabbed at d'Anton's face: below the cheekbones, at the side of his jaw. "I'll teach you like an actor," he said. "This city is our stage."
Camille said: "Book of Ezekiel. 'This city is the cauldron, and we the flesh' ..."
Fabre turned. "This stutter," he said. "You don't have to do it." Camille put his hands over his eyes. "Leave me alone," he said. "Even you." Fabre's face was incandescent. "Even you, I am going to teach." He leapt forward, wrenched Camille upright in his chair. He took him by the shoulders and shook him. "You're going to talk properly," Fabre said. "Even if it kills one of us." Camille put his hands protectively over his head. Fabre continued to perpetrate violence; d'Anton was too tired to intervene. - Author: Hilary Mantel
Public Speaking quotes by Hilary Mantel
#21. I served with General Washington in die Legislature of Virginia ... and ... with Doctor Franklin in Congress. I never heard neither of them speak ten minutes at a time, nor to any but the main point. - Author: Thomas Jefferson
Public Speaking quotes by Thomas Jefferson
#22. Public speaking is the art of diluting a two-minute idea with a two-hour vocabulary. - Author: Evan Esar
Public Speaking quotes by Evan Esar
#23. 99% of the population is afraid of public speaking, and of the remaining 1%, 99% of them have nothing original and interesting to say. - Author: Jarod Kintz
Public Speaking quotes by Jarod Kintz
#24. When Tommy asked me to speak to the students, I immediately told him no. I was finally comfortable talking to people individually about my faith, but I still didn't want anything to do with public speaking. But then I thought about the idea for three or four days and it was really nagging at me. I called Tommy back and told him to line it up.
When I arrived at the classroom a few days later, there were about fifty kids there. I stood in the front of the class and told them I was a hunter and fisherman, but I loved the Lord, and I told them why. I went through my entire testimony and shared the Gospel with them. I was so nervous talking to them that every time I tried to turn a page in my Bible, I ripped about three pages! My hand was shaking so badly that I couldn't stop ripping pages! I kept looking up to see if anyone had noticed how nervous I was. I couldn't wait for my talk to end.
But after I was finished talking, a young boy came up to me. He had tears in his eyes.
"Thanks, mister," he said. "I really needed to hear that."
I couldn't believe God had used a simple guy like me to have this kind of impact on a kid. - Author: Jase Robertson
Public Speaking quotes by Jase Robertson
#25. Combining storytelling, humanity, and laughter will give you a huge advantage in your public speaking and the odds are good that you already have all the raw material you need. - Author: David Nihill
Public Speaking quotes by David Nihill
#26. I support myself by public speaking and trying to work on as many appropriate and legitimate ventures as I can. - Author: Jack Abramoff
Public Speaking quotes by Jack Abramoff
#27. For many years, I didn't even like the idea of doing a one-person play. Public speaking got me past that. I've always been good at public speaking, but I never really enjoyed it. Then I started to really enjoy it, and that's made all the difference. - Author: Mimi Kennedy
Public Speaking quotes by Mimi Kennedy
#28. Students of public speaking continually ask, "How can I overcome
self-consciousness and the fear that paralyzes me before an
Did you ever notice in looking from a train window that some
horses feed near the track and never even pause to look up at the
thundering cars, while just ahead at the next railroad crossing a
farmer's wife will be nervously trying to quiet her scared horse as
the train goes by?
How would you cure a horse that is afraid of cars - graze him in a
back-woods lot where he would never see steam-engines or
automobiles, or drive or pasture him where he would frequently see
the machines?
Apply horse-sense to ridding yourself of self-consciousness and
fear: face an audience as frequently as you can, and you will soon stop shying. You can never attain
freedom from stage-fright by reading a treatise. A book may give
you excellent suggestions on how best to conduct yourself in the
water, but sooner or later you must get wet, perhaps even strangle
and be "half scared to death." There are a great many "wetless"
bathing suits worn at the seashore, but no one ever learns to swim
in them. To plunge is the only way. - Author: Dale Carnegie
Public Speaking quotes by Dale Carnegie
#29. A man may be a faithful minister, and yet never preach a sermon. If a great congregation have six or more pastors, and two or three of them be the ablest preachers, and the rest more judicious, and fit for discourse and private oversight, these latter may well employ themselves in such oversight, conference, and other ministerial works, and leave public-speaking in the pulpit to them that are more able for it, and so they may divide the work among them according to their parts: and it will not now follow that they are no pastors that preach not publicly. - Author: Richard Baxter
Public Speaking quotes by Richard Baxter
#30. Make sure you have finished speaking before your audience has finished listening. - Author: Dorothy Sarnoff
Public Speaking quotes by Dorothy Sarnoff
#31. For the social phobic, any kind of performance - musical, sporting, public speaking - can be terrifying because failure will reveal the weakness and inadequacy within. This in turn means constantly projecting an image that feels false - an image of confidence, competence, even perfection. - Author: Scott Stossel
Public Speaking quotes by Scott Stossel
#32. Live an active life among people who are doing worthwhile things, keep eyes and ears and mind and heart open to absorb truth, and then tell of the things you know, as if you know them. The world will listen, for the world loves nothing so much as real life. - Author: Dale Carnegie
Public Speaking quotes by Dale Carnegie
#33. Eloquence in public assemblies is not the surest road to fame and preferment, at least unless it be used with great caution, very rarely, and with great reserve. - Author: John Adams
Public Speaking quotes by John Adams
#34. There was a tradition of soap-box public speaking in Sator Square. "Speaking" was stretching a point to cover the ranters, haranguers and occasional self-absorbed mumblers that spaced themselves at intervals amongst the crowds. And, traditionally, people said whatever was on their minds and at the top of their voices. The Patrician, it was said, looked kindly on the custom. He did. And very closely, too. He probably had someone make notes. - Author: Terry Pratchett
Public Speaking quotes by Terry Pratchett
#35. I do a lot of public speaking and presentations and I'll always start with a self-deprecating joke to make everybody feel comfortable with my size because there can be hang-ups and anxieties. - Author: Warwick Davis
Public Speaking quotes by Warwick Davis
#36. Accustomed as I am to public speaking, I know the futility of it. - Author: Franklin P. Adams
Public Speaking quotes by Franklin P. Adams
#37. In 2008, an Australian company commissioned a study to find out exactly how much people fear public speaking. The survey of more than one thousand people found that 23 percent feared public speaking more than death itself! As Jerry Seinfeld once said, most people attending a funeral would rather be in the casket than delivering the eulogy!
I can relate to those people because I feared speaking in front of a class or group of people more than anything else when I was a kid. In fact, I dropped speech in high school because when I signed up for it I thought it was a grammar class for an English credit. When I found out it actually required giving an oral presentation, I didn't want any part of it! After hearing the overview of the class on the first day, I got out of my seat and walked toward the door; the teacher asked me where I was going. We had a brief meeting in the hall, in which she informed me that nobody ever dropped her class. After a meeting with the principal, I dropped the class, but on the condition that I might be called upon in the near future to use my hunting and fishing skills. I thought the principal was joking--until I was called upon later that year during duck season to pick ducks during recess! I looked at it as a fair trade. - Author: Jase Robertson
Public Speaking quotes by Jase Robertson
#38. A few mistakes do not a fiasco make. Professionals throw them off casually but file them away to reinvent as an endearing anecdote in later presentations. Make them part of the performance! Put them behind you and keep going whatever happens. - Author: Ruth Bonetti
Public Speaking quotes by Ruth Bonetti
#39. He very soon acquired the reputation of being the best public speaker of his time. He had taken pains to master the art, approaching it with scientific precision. On the morning of a day on which he was giving a speech, he once told Wilkie Collins, he would take a long walk during which he would establish the various headings to be dealt with. Then, in his mind's eye, he would arrange them as on a cart wheel, with himself as the hub and each heading a spoke. As he dealt with a subject, the relevant imaginary spoke would drop out. When there were no more spokes, the speech was at an end. Close observers of Dickens noticed that while he was speaking he would make a quick action of the finger at the end of each topic, as if he were knocking the spoke away. - Author: Simon Callow
Public Speaking quotes by Simon Callow
#40. Switch from a Performance Focus to a Mastery Focus

There's a way to keep your standards high but avoid the problems that come from perfectionism. If you can shift your thinking from a performance focus to a mastery focus, you'll become less fearful, more resilient, and more open to good, new ideas. Performance focus is when your highest priority is to show you can do something well now. Mastery focus is when you're mostly concerned with advancing your skills. Someone with a mastery focus will think, "My goal is to master this skill set" rather than "I need to perform well to prove myself."
A mastery focus can help you persist after setbacks. To illustrate this, imagine the following scenario: Adam is trying to master the art of public speaking. Due to his mastery goal, he's likely to take as many opportunities as he can to practice giving speeches. When he has setbacks, he'll be motivated to try to understand these and get back on track. His mastery focus will make him more likely to work steadily toward his goal. Compare this with performance-focused Rob, who is concerned just with proving his competence each time he gives a talk. Rob will probably take fewer risks in his style of presentation and be less willing to step outside his comfort zone. If he has an incident in which a talk doesn't go as well as he'd hoped, he's likely to start avoiding public speaking opportunities.
Mastery goals will help you become less upset about individual instances of fa - Author: Alice Boyes
Public Speaking quotes by Alice Boyes
#41. A speech is poetry: cadence, rhythm, imagery, sweep! A speech reminds us that words, like children, have the power to make dance the dullest beanbag of a heart. - Author: Peggy Noonan
Public Speaking quotes by Peggy Noonan
#42. More men feel comfortable doing "public speaking," while more women feel comfortable doing "private" speaking. - Author: Deborah Tannen
Public Speaking quotes by Deborah Tannen
#43. We live in an era where the best way to make a dent on the world may no longer be to write a letter to the editor or publish a book. It may be simply to stand up and say something ... because both the words and the passion with which they are delivered can now spread across the world at warp speed. - Author: Chris Anderson
Public Speaking quotes by Chris Anderson
#44. "Why doesn't the fellow who says, "I'm no speechmaker," let it go at that instead of giving a demonstration? " - Author: Kin Hubbard
Public Speaking quotes by Kin Hubbard
#45. I'm suffering from stage fright. I don't like making speeches. I'm the kind of introvert actor who likes putting on other people's clothes and pretending to be somebody else, which is completely crazy choice of profession. So, I don't enjoy public speaking and I have every sympathy for anyone who has to do it and doesn't enjoy it. - Author: Helena Bonham Carter
Public Speaking quotes by Helena Bonham Carter
#46. Bookish folk aren't what they used to be. Introverted, reserved, studious. There was a time when bookish folk would steer clear of trendy bars, dinner occasions and gatherings. Any social or public encounters would be avoided at all costs because these activities were very un-bookish. Bookish people preferred to stay in, or to sit alone in a quiet pub, reading a good book, or getting some writing done. Writers, in fact, perhaps epitomised these bookish traits most strongly. At least, they used to.
These days, bookish people, such as writers, are commonly found on stage, headlining festivals, or being interviewed on TV. Author events and performances have proliferated, becoming established parts of a writer's role. It's not that authors have suddenly become more extroverted – it's more a case that their job description has changed.
Of course, not all writers are bookish. Not in the traditional sense of the word anyway. Some are well suited for public life, particularly those from certain academic backgrounds where public speaking is encouraged and confidence in social situations is shaped and formed. These writers may even be termed 'gregarious', and are thus happy being offered up for speaking engagements, stage discussions and signings. Good for them. But the others – the timid, shy and mousy authors – they're being thrust into the limelight too. That's my lot. The social wipeouts. Unprepared and ill-equipped to face our reader audience. What's most concerning is - Author: Paul Ewen
Public Speaking quotes by Paul Ewen
#47. Our revolution is not a public-speaking tournament. Our revolution is not a battle of fine phrases. Our revolution is not simply for spouting slogans that are no more than signals used by manipulators trying to use them as catchwords, as codewords, as a foil for their own display. Our revolution is, and should continue to be, the collective effort of revolutionaries to transform reality, to improve the concrete situation of the masses of our country. - Author: Thomas Sankara
Public Speaking quotes by Thomas Sankara
#48. The winners of the 15th Interschool Environmental Public Speaking competition were: Ambassador Private School, Star International School, Dubai National School (Girls), Al Barsha and Dubai National School (Boys), Al Barsha.Overall winners were Ambassador Private School and overall 1st runner-up: Dubai National School (Girls), Al Barsha and overall 2nd Runner-up: Star International School. - Author: Anonymous
Public Speaking quotes by Anonymous
#49. As she waited for the applause to subside, she thought of the statistic that said people feared public speaking more than they feared death. She loved it. She enjoyed all of the concatenated moments of presenting in front of a listening audience - teaching, performing, telling a story, teeing up a heated debate. She also loved the adrenaline rush. The bigger the stakes, the more sophisticated or hostile the audience, the more the whole experience thrilled her. - Author: Lisa Genova
Public Speaking quotes by Lisa Genova
#50. Some will, some won't. Look for the ones who will. - Author: Todd Stocker
Public Speaking quotes by Todd Stocker
#51. Ah, the first rule of public speaking
always start with a joke. - Author: Jon Stewart
Public Speaking quotes by Jon Stewart
#52. I hear a lot of people say that the fear of death and the fear of public speaking are two of the main fears in my generation, but I disagree. I think it's the fear of silence. We refuse to turn off our computers, turn off our phones, log off Facebook, and just sit in silence, because in those moments we might actually have to face up to who we really are. We fear silence like it's an invisible monster, gnawing at us, ripping us open, and showing us our dissatisfaction. Silence is terrifying. - Author: Jefferson Bethke
Public Speaking quotes by Jefferson Bethke
#53. It was the power of having each other's backs that made this possible and resulted in a long-term business partnership and friendship. At, we offer tons of free tips sheets, guides, e-books, and video training on public speaking and on-camera performance techniques for both professionals and laymen alike. So, if you have a wedding toast, a big presentation, a sales pitch, or just want to improve your ability to communicate, head over there now. - Author: Anonymous
Public Speaking quotes by Anonymous
#54. Being a little nervous when you present means that you really care about what you have to say. Audience members see this as a signal that you are solicitous of their esteem - there is a graceful humility this - and that you care enough to want to do a great job. Caring for your audience almost always has a boomerang effect. - Author: Bruna Martinuzzi
Public Speaking quotes by Bruna Martinuzzi
#55. TIPS
Even though I don't much like them, I have to admit that tips can sometimes be useful. Here are a few that have been good to me.
The Three Rules of Three
1. When I talk to an audience, I try to make no more than three points. (They can't remember more than three, and neither can I.) In fact, restricting myself to one big point is even better. But three is the limit.
2. I try to explain difficult ideas three different ways. Some people can't understand something the first couple of ways I say it, but can if I say it another way. This lets them triangulate their way to understanding.
3. I try to find a subtle way to make an important point three times. It sticks a little better. - Author: Alan Alda
Public Speaking quotes by Alan Alda
#56. Some people talk too much without saying a lot. - Author: Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Public Speaking quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#57. The crowd shouldn't dictate your performance - Author: Bernard Kelvin Clive
Public Speaking quotes by Bernard Kelvin Clive
#58. The speaker catches fire
looking at their faces.
His words
jump down to stand
in listener's places. - Author: Langston Hughes
Public Speaking quotes by Langston Hughes
#59. This new, telegraphic writing style also influenced public speaking: short sound bites became popular because they were easier for stenographers to transcribe, and cheaper and quicker for reporters to transmit. - Author: Tom Standage
Public Speaking quotes by Tom Standage
#60. The easiest way to stay awake during an after-dinner speech is to deliver it. - Author: Herman Herst, Jr.
Public Speaking quotes by Herman Herst, Jr.
#61. In the world of oratory, the cunning atheist declares himself a believer so as to preserve access to the rich fund of tales from religious texts and to powerful concepts like God, fate, angels, the soul, & the afterlife. - Author: Agona Apell
Public Speaking quotes by Agona Apell
#62. There is only one excuse for a speaker's asking the attention of his audience: he must have either truth or entertainment for them. - Author: Dale Carnegie
Public Speaking quotes by Dale Carnegie
#63. I blush easily. I have difficulty meeting people's eye, difficulty with public speaking, the normal afflictions of the shy, but not to a paralysing degree. - Author: Nicholson Baker
Public Speaking quotes by Nicholson Baker
#64. Verbosity wastes a portion of the reader's or listener's life. - Author: Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Public Speaking quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#65. Public speaking is done in the public tongue, the national or tribal language; and the language of our tribe is the men's language. Of course women learn it. We're not dumb. If you can tell Margaret Thatcher from Ronald Reagan, or Indira Gandhi from General Somoza, by anything they say, tell me how. This is a man's world, so it talks a man's language. - Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
Public Speaking quotes by Ursula K. Le Guin
#66. All problems with writing and performing come from fear. Fear of exposure, fear of weakness, fear of lack of talent, fear of looking like a fool for trying, for even thinking you could write in the first place. It's all fear. If we didn't have fear, imagine the creativity in the world. Fear holds us back every step of the way. A lot of studies say that despite all our fears in this country - death, war, guns, illness - our biggest fear is public speaking. What I am doing right now. And when people are asked to identify which kind of public speaking they are most afraid of, they check the improvisation box. So improvisation is the number-one fear in America. Forget a nuclear winter or an eight-point nine earthquake or another Hitler. It's improv. Which is funny, because aren't we just improvising all day long? Isn't our whole life just one long improvisation? What are we so scared of? - Author: Lily King
Public Speaking quotes by Lily King
#67. I had used eclectic therapy and behavior therapy on myself at the age of 19 to get over my fear of public speaking and of approaching young women in public. - Author: Albert Ellis
Public Speaking quotes by Albert Ellis
#68. When you start at catering college, nobody prepares you for a book tour or public speaking. - Author: Rene Redzepi
Public Speaking quotes by Rene Redzepi
#69. See every situation as a BLOT i.e. everything that comes your way is either a Blessing, Lesson, Opportunity, or a Test. - Author: Henry Agbebire
Public Speaking quotes by Henry Agbebire
#70. Your voice will enter corners your eyes will never see, so speak up - Author: Ibrahim Mustapha
Public Speaking quotes by Ibrahim Mustapha
#71. Anyone who has invented a better mousetrap, or the contemporary equivalent, can expect to be harassed by strangers demanding that you read their unpublished manuscripts or undergo the humiliation of public speaking, usually on remote Midwestern campuses. - Author: Barbara Ehrenreich
Public Speaking quotes by Barbara Ehrenreich
#72. There is always pressure in any movie set. If you think about it, there is something that you memorize and it is almost like public speaking every day, all day. There is a crew of people, there are monitors and if you mess up, you have to do it until you get it right and then sometimes, you would go blank. - Author: Michael Pena
Public Speaking quotes by Michael Pena
#73. Fear paralyses you - fear of flying, fear of the future, fear of leaving a rubbish marriage, fear of public speaking, or whatever it is. - Author: Annie Lennox
Public Speaking quotes by Annie Lennox
#74. If you live with fear and consider yourself as something special then automatically, emotionally, you are distanced from others. You then create the basis for feelings of alienation from others and loneliness. So, I never consider, even when giving a talk to a large crowd, that I am something special, I am 'His Holiness the Dalai Lama' . . . I always emphasize that when I meet people, we are all the same human beings. A thousand people -- same human being. Ten thousand or a hundred thousand -- same human being -- mentally, emotionally, and physically. Then, you see, no barrier. Then my mind remains completely calm and relaxed. If too much emphasis on myself, and I start to think I'm something special, then more anxiety, more nervousness. - Author: Dalai Lama XIV
Public Speaking quotes by Dalai Lama XIV
#75. Heartfelt communicators make such a difference in the lives of others through their authentic depth and sincere expression. - Author: Miya Yamanouchi
Public Speaking quotes by Miya Yamanouchi
#76. The duty of a toastmaster is to be so dull that the succeeding speakers will appear brilliant by contrast. - Author: Clarence Budington Kelland
Public Speaking quotes by Clarence Budington Kelland
#77. The trouble with the public is that there is too much of it; what we need in public is less quantity and more quality. - Author: Don Marquis
Public Speaking quotes by Don Marquis
#78. Just as you can't rehearse your way to success, you can't design your way there either. - Author: Dale Ludwig
Public Speaking quotes by Dale Ludwig
#79. If you're not comfortable with public speaking - and nobody starts out comfortable; you have to learn how to be comfortable - practice. I cannot overstate the importance of practicing. Get some close friends or family members to help evaluate you, or somebody at work that you trust. - Author: Hillary Clinton
Public Speaking quotes by Hillary Clinton
#80. When he is dissected after his death," a disrespectful interpreter said of a foreign dignitary, "a million predicates will be found in his stomach: those he swallowed in the past decades without saying them. - Author: Kato Lomb
Public Speaking quotes by Kato Lomb
#81. What does it mean to be an advocate?
In its broadest sense, advocacy means "any public action to support and recommend a cause, policy or practice." That covers a lot of public actions, from displaying
 a bumper sticker to sounding off with a bullhorn. But whether the action is slapping something on the back of a car or speaking in front of millions, every act of advocacy involves making some kind of public statement, one that says, "I support this." Advocacy is a communicative act. Advocacy is also a persuasive act. "I support this" is usually followed by another statement (sometimes only implied): "...and you should, too." Advocacy not only means endorsing a cause or idea, but recommending, promoting, defending, or arguing for it. - Author: John Capecci And Timothy Cage
Public Speaking quotes by John Capecci And Timothy Cage
#82. A speaker should approach his preparation not by what he wants to say, but by what he wants to learn. - Author: Todd Stocker
Public Speaking quotes by Todd Stocker
#83. There are three things to aim at in public speaking: first, to get into your subject, then to get your subject into yourself, and lastly, to get your subject into the heart of your audience."

Alexander Gregg - Author: Alexander Gregg
Public Speaking quotes by Alexander Gregg
#84. My activism has to do with my conscience; I cannot let certain things slide without doing something. My public speaking is part of an art form that is cultural. - Author: Lee Maracle
Public Speaking quotes by Lee Maracle
#85. The smaller trips are useful in between the big trips: they help me gain new skills and experiences, they solve a perpetual case of cabin fever, and they are accommodating to an ambitious public speaking schedule and to some private guiding. - Author: Andrew Skurka
Public Speaking quotes by Andrew Skurka
#86. Avoid the enthymeme form when you are trying to rouse feeling; for it will either kill the feeling or will itself fall flat: all simultaneous motions tend to cancel each other either completely or partially. - Author: Aristotle.
Public Speaking quotes by Aristotle.
#87. Public Speaking is very easy. - Author: Dan Quayle
Public Speaking quotes by Dan Quayle
#88. According to most studies, people's number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. Death is number two. Does that sound right? This means to the average person, if you go to a funeral, you're better off in the casket than doing the eulogy. - Author: Jerry Seinfeld
Public Speaking quotes by Jerry Seinfeld
#89. Charles was most comfortable by himself or, if that wasn't possible, with his pack in the wild. Talking for hours in a crowded auditorium was not on any list of things he enjoyed - or things he was good at. At least no one had died. Yet. - Author: Patricia Briggs
Public Speaking quotes by Patricia Briggs
#90. I failed public speaking in grade school, 'cause I was so nervous and scared. - Author: Gary Clark, Jr.
Public Speaking quotes by Gary Clark, Jr.
#91. I found myself doing so much public speaking, more and more and bigger and bigger. - Author: Dani Shapiro
Public Speaking quotes by Dani Shapiro
#92. I want to do public speaking and cause campaigning. I want to write a book. - Author: Bristol Palin
Public Speaking quotes by Bristol Palin
#93. Every speaker has a mouth; An arrangement rather neat. Sometimes it's filled with wisdom. Sometimes it's filled with feet. - Author: Robert Orben
Public Speaking quotes by Robert Orben
#94. Being able to read well in public and talk about your work in an engaging fashion is part of most writers' job specification. - Author: Sara Sheridan
Public Speaking quotes by Sara Sheridan
#95. In presentations or speeches less really is more - Author: Stephen Keague
Public Speaking quotes by Stephen Keague
#96. Madison lived in his head and public speaking did not come naturally to him. - Author: Richard Brookhiser
Public Speaking quotes by Richard Brookhiser
#97. There exists a remarkable consensus among those who have studied and practiced public speaking over the last twenty-five hundred years that the most effective way to structure a speech is to build it around a single significant thought. - Author: Keith Willhite
Public Speaking quotes by Keith Willhite
#98. I've been around politics a long time. I've seen it at its best and its worst, been at so many events, listened to private conversations versus public speaking, understood the game of it, and in many ways the theatrics. - Author: Kevin Spacey
Public Speaking quotes by Kevin Spacey
#99. A good orator is pointed and impassioned. - Author: Marcus Tullius Cicero
Public Speaking quotes by Marcus Tullius Cicero
#100. If you're public speaking, imagine yourself feeling confident; if you're nervous about a date and thinking, 'I'm gonna be a dork,' picture yourself being funny. Then it will be familiar to your brain. - Author: Lindsey Stirling
Public Speaking quotes by Lindsey Stirling
#101. Just keep in mind," Liaro said, "they're not going to remember the words. They'll remember how you made them feel. Make them feel something. - Author: Kameron Hurley
Public Speaking quotes by Kameron Hurley
#102. Public speaking skills are an essential key to achieving career advancement and success. - Author: Robert Moment
Public Speaking quotes by Robert Moment
#103. One night, the Duarte girl, sang poems set to music in a voice so clear I felt my soul rise up inside my ear. In a garden of clematis, with servants dressed like Gypsies placing candles in the trees, we assembled on the grass, between a Belgian wood and {the Duchess of Lorraine}'s glassy pond. In a pale orange gown I read two pieces I'd prepared...When the ladies clapped their approval in the dark, everything, to me, was suddenly bright and near. - Author: Danielle Dutton
Public Speaking quotes by Danielle Dutton
#104. You sit right next to me.
Still you don't seem close to me. - Author: Shillpi S Banerrji
Public Speaking quotes by Shillpi S Banerrji
#105. How to Create Coping Statements

Coping statements should be brief and simple so you can easily remember them when you feel anxious. They should apply directly to the situation you fear--if you are worried about your hand shaking while you eat, a statement about public speaking won't help. They should also be realistic. You might try to counter anxious feelings with a statement like, "I won't be nervous." That statement is too unrealistic to help; everyone feels nervous at times. Your statements should help you cope with the nervousness. Some examples of effective coping statements include:

-Relax. I'm in control.
-My friends will still accept me if I say something silly.
-It's not that bad. I can do it.

You may want to write your coping statement on a piece of paper to carry with you. You can also write other helpful comments on it. Then, when you become anxious, you can read the coping card and can remind yourself that you can change the way you think. Often, simply having the card with you is calming whether you refer to it or not. - Author: Heather Moehn
Public Speaking quotes by Heather Moehn
#106. At times, I've been so absolutely terrified of what I was about to do, whether it was public speaking or performance. Whatever it was, sometimes it had me really, really shaking in my shoes, and I decided that I was going to do it no matter what. And, of course, the critic is there, and afterwards, there's this, "Was it good enough? Was it really all I wanted to say?" - Author: Annie Lennox
Public Speaking quotes by Annie Lennox
#107. Fear of public speaking can be overcome with effective public speaking tips, skills and strategies. - Author: Robert Moment
Public Speaking quotes by Robert Moment
#108. Lewis had developed a trademark style, slow enough for note taking, loud enough to rouse the dullest listener, straightforward, abundantly furnished with quotations, and lavish in wit. - Author: Philip Zaleski
Public Speaking quotes by Philip Zaleski
#109. Speakers find joy in public speaking when they realize that a speech is all about the audience, not the speaker. Most speakers are so caught up in their own concerns and so driven to cover certain points or get a certain message across that they can't be bothered to think in more than a perfunctory way about the audience. And the irony is, of course, that there is no hope of getting your message across if that's all the energy you put into the audience. So let go, and give the moment to the audience. - Author: Nick Morgan
Public Speaking quotes by Nick Morgan
#110. I used to be as scared of public speaking as I was of sharks. Every time I teach I get an endorphin high off the fact that I did not have a panic attack. I teach and swim in order to measure my improvement as a human. I am no longer terrified of quite so many things. - Author: Heidi Julavits
Public Speaking quotes by Heidi Julavits
#111. Shin-shin-toitsu-do includes a wide variety of stretching exercises, breathing methods, forms of seated meditation and moving meditation, massage-like healing arts, techniques of auto-suggestion, and mind and body coordination drills, as well as principles for the unification of
mind and body.

These principles of mind and body coordination are regarded as universal laws that express the workings of nature on human life. As such, they can be applied directly to an endless number of everyday activities and tasks. It is not uncommon when studying Japanese yoga to encounter classes and seminars that deal with the direct application of these universal principles to office work, sales, management, sports, art, music, public speaking, and a host of other topics.

How to use these precepts of mind and body integration to realize our full potential in any action is the goal. All drills, exercises, and practices of Shin-shin-toitsu-do are based on the same principles, thus linking intelligently a diversity of arts. But more than this, they serve as vehicles for grasping and cultivating the principles of mind and body coordination. And it is these principles that can be put to use directly, unobtrusively, and immediately in our daily lives. - Author: H.E. Davey
Public Speaking quotes by H.E. Davey
#112. Let thy speech be better than silence, or be silent. - Author: Dionysius I Of Syracuse
Public Speaking quotes by Dionysius I Of Syracuse
#113. So we must work at our profession and not make anybody else's idleness an excuse for our own. There is no lack of readers and listeners; it is for us to produce something worth being written and heard. - Author: Pliny The Younger
Public Speaking quotes by Pliny The Younger
#114. The talent, including the talent for history - and I do think there are people who just have a talent for it, the way you have a talent for public speaking or music or whatever - it shouldn't be allowed to lie dormant. It should be brought alive. - Author: David McCullough
Public Speaking quotes by David McCullough
#115. I think the social faux par is probably what most people fear ... more people fear public speaking than death and that's because we don't want to make a fool of ourselves. It's fundamental. - Author: Ricky Gervais
Public Speaking quotes by Ricky Gervais
#116. Here I was presented with an opportunity of speaking before quite a large audience. I was now able to confirm what I had hitherto merely felt, namely, that I had a talent for public speaking. My voice had become- so much better that I could be well understood, at least in all parts of the small hall where the soldiers assembled. No task could have been more pleasing to me than this one; for now, before being demobilized, I was in a position to render useful service to an institution which had been infinitely dear to my heart: namely, the army. - Author: Adolf Hitler
Public Speaking quotes by Adolf Hitler
#117. As long as there are human rights to be defended; as long as there are great interests to be guarded; as long as the welfare of nations is a matter for discussion, so long will public speaking have its place. - Author: William Jennings Bryan
Public Speaking quotes by William Jennings Bryan
#118. Improvement is achieved by the ripple effect of a few simple changes in approach, attitude, or habit. - Author: Dale Ludwig
Public Speaking quotes by Dale Ludwig
#119. I took a public speaking class in college and managed to make the class laugh a little bit. - Author: Kevin James
Public Speaking quotes by Kevin James
#120. Now if you have proofs to bring forward, bring them forward, and your moral discourse as well; if you have no enthymemes, then fall back upon moral discourse: after all, it is more fitting for a good man to display himself as an honest fellow than as a subtle reasoner. - Author: Aristotle.
Public Speaking quotes by Aristotle.
#121. It's not by story alone that successful advocates urge others to take action. Advocating with our personal stories takes a specific kind of preparation. It requires practice with elements of persuasion, public speaking, media interview skills and storytelling - not to mention healthy does of fortitude and commitment. - Author: John Capecci And Timothy Cage
Public Speaking quotes by John Capecci And Timothy Cage
#122. When I accept an invitation for a public speaking engagement, my purpose is to share the TOMS story and our giving mission. In no way do I believe this means I endorse every single aspect of that organization. That may be naive, and you may disagree, but it is my sincere belief. - Author: Blake Mycoskie
Public Speaking quotes by Blake Mycoskie
#123. I enjoy my public speaking. That's what I love doing. It's what I'm good at. - Author: Terry Bradshaw
Public Speaking quotes by Terry Bradshaw
#124. The audience are likely to remember only three things from your presentation or speech - Author: Stephen Keague
Public Speaking quotes by Stephen Keague
#125. Naked lions are just as dangerous as elegantly dressed ones - Author: Susan Cain
Public Speaking quotes by Susan Cain
#126. Whenever people have trouble public speaking, it's because they are just thinking about themselves. - Author: Tony Robbins
Public Speaking quotes by Tony Robbins
#127. There are certain things in which mediocrity is not to be endured, such as poetry, music, painting, public speaking. - Author: Jean De La Bruyere
Public Speaking quotes by Jean De La Bruyere
#128. Churchill wrote his own speeches. When a leader does that, he becomes emotionally invested with his utterances ... If Churchill had had a speech write in 1940, Britain would be speaking German today. - Author: James C. Humes
Public Speaking quotes by James C. Humes
#129. He who wants to persuade should put his trust not in the right argument, but in the right word. The power of sound has always been greater than the power of sense. - Author: Joseph Conrad
Public Speaking quotes by Joseph Conrad
#130. Powerful new drug-free treatments have been developed for depression and for every conceivable type of anxiety, such as chronic worrying, shyness, public speaking anxiety, test anxiety, phobias, and panic attacks. The goal of the treatment is not just partial improvement but full recovery. - Author: David D. Burns
Public Speaking quotes by David D. Burns
#131. Today's public figures can no longer write their own speeches or books, and there is some evidence that they can't read them either. - Author: Gore Vidal
Public Speaking quotes by Gore Vidal
#132. Always be shorter than anybody dared to hope. - Author: Rufus Isaacs, 1st Marquess Of Reading
Public Speaking quotes by Rufus Isaacs, 1st Marquess Of Reading
#133. The most precious things in speech are pauses. - Author: Ralph Richardson
Public Speaking quotes by Ralph Richardson
#134. There are only two types of speakers in the world. 1. The nervous and 2. Liars. - Author: Mark Twain
Public Speaking quotes by Mark Twain
#135. When orators and auditors have the same prejudices, those prejudices run a great risk of being made to stand for incontestable truths. - Author: Philibert Joseph Roux
Public Speaking quotes by Philibert Joseph Roux
#136. Every man is eloquent once in his life. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
Public Speaking quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#137. Blacksmiths sometimes twist a rope tight around the nose of a horse, and by thus inflicting a little pain they distract his attention from the shoeing process. One way to get air out of a
glass is to pour in water. Be Absorbed by Your Subject - Author: Dale Carnegie
Public Speaking quotes by Dale Carnegie
#138. Too many people spend too much time trying to perfect something before they actually do it. Instead of waiting for perfection, run with what you go, and fix it along the way ... - Author: Paul Arden
Public Speaking quotes by Paul Arden
#139. Oratory is the highest form of music - Author: Agona Apell
Public Speaking quotes by Agona Apell
#140. Growing up in the public spotlight and having insecurities like every other girl, I really know what it's like to feel self-conscious. - Author: Mandy Moore
Public Speaking quotes by Mandy Moore
#141. The Norse way of speaking, no one really knew what the Vikings sounded liked, they were Norsemen. The accent is really a combination of a Scandinavian accent, maybe with a Swedish accent and an old way of speaking. - Author: Katheryn Winnick
Public Speaking quotes by Katheryn Winnick
#142. Our public figures are often narcissists, utterly self-absorbed in their quest for power. - Author: Nicholas Kristof
Public Speaking quotes by Nicholas Kristof
#143. Every time he spoke, in fact, he had the appearance of thinly addressing an audience, raising and lowering his head as though from notes, and speaking in a penetrating singsong towards a point over his listeners' heads. You would have diagnosed a Physics B.Sc. with Socialist platform tendencies, and you would have been right. - Author: John Dickson Carr
Public Speaking quotes by John Dickson Carr
#144. Noticing the disturbing similarity between the rhetoric surrounding "open government" and new public management, government expert Just Longo speculates that the former might be just a Trojan horse for the latter; in our excitement about the immense potential of new technologies to promote openness and transparency, we may have lost sight of the deeply political nature of the uses to which these technologies are put...

In India, recent digitization of land records and their subsequent publication online, while nominally an effort to empower the weak, may have actually empowered the rich and powerful. Once the digitized records were available for the whole world to see, some enterprising businessmen discovered that many poor families had no documents to prove ownership of land. In most cases, this was not the result of some nefarious land grab; local culture, with its predominantly oral ways of doing business, pervasive corruption, and poor literacy, partly explains why no such records exist...

The point here, as with most open-government schemes, is not that information shouldn't be collected or distributed; rather, it needs to be collected and distributed in full awareness of the social and cultural complexity of the institutional environment in which it is gathered. - Author: Evgeny Morozov
Public Speaking quotes by Evgeny Morozov
#145. It turned out plant collecting was a solitary occupation. In the past Robert had enjoyed being alone, or so he thought. Actually he had rarely been alone for long: working in hotels, in stables, on ranches and farms, and as a miner, he had always been around others. Now, out in the woods or up in the hills or out on the flat central plain, he could go for days without speaking to anyone. His throat seemed to close up and he had to keep clearing it, singing songs aloud or reciting the Latin names of plants, just to check that he still had a voice. 'Araucaria imbricata. Sequoia sempervirens. Pinus lambertiana. Abies magnifica'. He was surprised at how much he missed people.. - Author: Tracy Chevalier
Public Speaking quotes by Tracy Chevalier
#146. Religion is of general and public concern, and on its support depend, in great measure, the peace and good order of government, the safety and happiness of the people. - Author: Samuel Chase
Public Speaking quotes by Samuel Chase
#147. The Georgia Constitution states it clearly: "The provision of an adequate public education for the citizens shall be a primary obligation of the State of Georgia." Note the term "public education." Taxpayers are not obligated to provide a private education but a public education. If you want a private education, you may certainly go get one. But the taxpayers of Georgia are under no obligation to pay for it. - Author: Anonymous
Public Speaking quotes by Anonymous
#148. Interestingly, a point that never emerged in the press but that Tim Donovan revealed to the police was that Annie had specifically "asked him to trust her" for that night's doss money. This "he declined to do." Had this incident become common knowledge, it's likely that Donovan would have faced an even worse public backlash for his role in Annie's demise. "You can find money for your beer, and you can't find money for your bed." the deputy keeper is said to have spoken in response to her request. Annie, not quite willing to admit defeat, or perhaps in a show of pride, responded with a sigh: "Keep my bed for me. I shan't be long." Ill and drunk, she went downstairs and "stood in the door for two or three minutes," considering her options. Like the impecunious lodger described by Goldsmith, she too would have been contemplating from whom among her "pals" it might have been "possible to borrow the halfpence necessary to complete {her} doss money." More likely, Annie was mentally preparing "to spend the night with only the sky for a canopy." She then set off down Brushfield Street, toward Christ Church, Spitalfields, where the homeless regularly bedded down. Her thoughts as she stepped out onto Dorest Street, as the light from Crossingham's dimmed at her back, can never be known. What route she wove through the black streets and to whom she spoke along the will never be confirmed. All that is certain is her final destination. Of the many tragedies that befell Annie Chapman in the - Author: Hallie Rubenhold
Public Speaking quotes by Hallie Rubenhold
#149. Our adversaries - our Democratic adversaries - like to be able to portray the Republican Party as a bunch of wingnuts - narrow based, always have some agenda that's not attractive to the public ... That's easier for them, and more fun, than dealing with their own problems. And I think their problems are significant. - Author: Dick Cheney
Public Speaking quotes by Dick Cheney
#150. Under the notion that unregulated market-driven values and relations should shape every domain of human life, the business model of governance has eviscerated any viable notion of social responsibility while furthering the criminalization of social problems and cutbacks in basic social services, especially for young people, the elderly, people of color, and the impoverished.36 At this historical juncture there is a merging of violence and governance along with the systemic disinvestment in and breakdown of institutions and public spheres that have provided the minimal conditions for democracy. This becomes obvious in the emergence of a surveillance state in which social media not only become new platforms for the invasion of privacy but further legitimate a culture in which monitoring functions are viewed as both necessary and benign. Meanwhile, the state-sponsored society of hyper-fear increasingly regards each and every person as a potential terrorist suspect. - Author: Henry A. Giroux
Public Speaking quotes by Henry A. Giroux
#151. Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear. - Author: Nelson Mandela
Public Speaking quotes by Nelson Mandela
#152. A majority of Americans support Social Security and Medicare, a progressive tax system and a government that regulates business in the public interest, but most share deep skepticism about the government's ability to do all this well. - Author: Adam Davidson
Public Speaking quotes by Adam Davidson
#153. Perhaps I should have been a Negro. I suspect I would have been a rather large and terrifying one, continually pressing my ample thigh against the withered thighs of old white ladies in public conveyances a great deal and eliciting more than one shriek of panic. Then, too, if I were a Negro, I would not be pressured by my mother to find a good job, for no good jobs would be available. My mother herself, a worn old Negress, would be too broken by years of underpaid labor as a domestic to go out bowling at night. She and I could live most pleasantly in some moldy shack in the slums in a state of ambitionless peace, realizing contentedly that we were unwanted, that striving was meaningless. - Author: John Kennedy Toole
Public Speaking quotes by John Kennedy Toole
#154. The public should know that the liability issues here have yet to be resolved, or even raised. If you're a farmer and you're growing a genetically engineering food crop, those genes are going to flow to the other farm. - Author: Jeremy Rifkin
Public Speaking quotes by Jeremy Rifkin
#155. Every day the same things came up; the work was never done, and the tedium of it began to weigh on me. Part of what made English a difficult subject for Korean students was the lack of a more active principle in their learning. They were accustomed to receiving, recording, and memorizing. That's the Confucian mode. As a student, you're not supposed to question a teacher; you should avoid asking for explanations because that might reveal a lack of knowledge, which can be seen as an insult to the teacher's efforts. You don't have an open, free exchange with teachers as we often have here in the West. And further, under this design, a student doesn't do much in the way of improvisation or interpretation.

This approach might work well for some pursuits, may even be preferred--indeed, I was often amazed by the way Koreans learned crafts and skills, everything from basketball to calligraphy, for example, by methodically studying and reproducing a defined set of steps (a BBC report explained how the North Korean leader Kim Jong Il had his minions rigorously study the pizza-making techniques used by Italian chefs so that he could get a good pie at home, even as thousands of his subjects starved)--but foreign-language learning, the actual speaking component most of all, has to be more spontaneous and less rigid.

We all saw this played out before our eyes and quickly discerned the problem. A student cannot hope to sit in a class and have a language handed over to - Author: Cullen Thomas
Public Speaking quotes by Cullen Thomas
#156. Over the past few decades we have developed euphemisms to help us forget how we, as a nation, have segregated African American citizens. We have become embarrassed about saying "ghetto", a word that accurately describes a neighborhood where government has not only concentrated a minority but established barriers to its exit. We don't hesitate to acknowledge that Jews in eastern Europe were forced to live in ghettos where opportunity was limited and leaving was difficult or impossible. Yet when we encounter similar neighborhoods in this country, we now delicately refer to them as "the inner city", yet everyone knows what we mean. When affluent whites gentrify the same geographic areas, we don't characterize those whites as "inner city families". Before we became ashamed to admit that the country had circumscribed African Americans in ghettos, analysts of race relations, both African American and white, consistently and accurately used "ghetto" to describe low-income African American neighborhoods created by public policy, with a shortage of opportunity, and with barriers to exit. - Author: Richard Rothstein
Public Speaking quotes by Richard Rothstein
#157. Rather than allowing subway and bus fares to rise while service erodes, we need to be lowering prices and expanding services - regardless of the costs. Public - Author: Naomi Klein
Public Speaking quotes by Naomi Klein
#158. Follow your own way of speaking to our Lord sincerely, lovingly, confidently, and simply, as your heart dictates. - Author: Jane Frances De Chantal
Public Speaking quotes by Jane Frances De Chantal
#159. I had no interest in sports so I didn't make friends in that traditional way where kids are in public school and they go and they join clubs, and play sports. So I kind of had to find my own way to make friends and get attention and so I just was the class clown. - Author: Zach Braff
Public Speaking quotes by Zach Braff
#160. it's a terrible feeling when you first fall in love. your mind gets completely taken over, you can't function properly anymore. the world turns into a dream place, nothing seems real. you forget your keys, no one seems to be talking English and even if they are you don't care as you can't hear what they're saying anyway, and it doesn't matter since your not really there. things you cared about before don't seem to matter anymore and things you didn't think you cared about suddenly do. I must become a brilliant cook, I don't want to waste time seeing my friends when I could be with him, I feel no sympathy for all those people in India killed by an earthquake last night; what is the matter with me? It's a kind of hell, but you feel like your in heaven.
even your body goes out of control, you can't eat, you don't sleep properly, your legs turn to jelly as your not sure where the floor is anymore. you have butterflies permanently, not only in your tummy but all over your body - your hands, your shoulders, your chest, your eyes everything's just a jangling mess of nerve endings tingling with fire. it makes you feel so alive. and yet its like being suffocated, you don't seem to be able to see or hear anything real anymore, its like people are speaking to you through treacle, and so you stay in your cosy place with him, the place that only you two understand. occasionally your forced to come up for air by your biggest enemy, Real Life, so you do the minimum then head back down - Author: Annabel Giles
Public Speaking quotes by Annabel Giles
#161. Most of our lives in public are spent papering over, rationalizing, and otherwise denying our fear. We go to war because we're afraid, and we often go to spiritual events for the very same reason. - Author: Seth Godin
Public Speaking quotes by Seth Godin
#162. I might be capable of making figures that have heart, conscience, passion, emotion and decency. But there's no call for that at all in the world. People are only interested in monsters and freaks, so I give them their monsters. Monsters are what they want! - Author: Joseph Roth
Public Speaking quotes by Joseph Roth
#163. To me, money is a means to do good. I reached a point in my life where I had enjoyed tremendous business success that afforded my family everything we could possibly want. My wife and I then decided that we could use our wealth to make a difference. So we created the Broad Foundations to do four things: to improve urban public education, to support innovative scientific and medical research, to foster art appreciation for audiences worldwide and to support civic initiatives in Los Angeles. - Author: Eli Broad
Public Speaking quotes by Eli Broad
#164. The systematic abuse with which the newspapers of one side assail every candidate coming forward on the other, is the cause of many honorable men, who have a regard to their reputation, being deterred from entering public life; and of the people being thus deprived of some better servants than any they have. - Author: Harriet Martineau
Public Speaking quotes by Harriet Martineau
#165. What is 'cool,' anyway? Maybe it's Warne Marsh, almost totally obscure and penniless, coming in late to a fourth-rate Hollywood nightclub, playing like an angel with a couple of sidemen, but never speaking to or even acknowledging another human being. - Author: Carolyn See
Public Speaking quotes by Carolyn See
#166. All the authorities, however, agree as to the following facts: - that until the third day after Hephaestion's death, Alexander neither tasted food nor paid any attention to his personal appearance, but lay on the ground either bewailing or silently mourning; that he also ordered a funeral pyre to be prepared for him in Babylon at the expense of 10,000 talents; some say at a still greater cost; that a decree was published throughout all the barbarian territory for the observance of a public mourning. Many of Alexander's Companions dedicated themselves and their arms to the dead Hephaestion in order to show their respect to him; and the first to begin the artifice was Eumenes, whom we a short time ago mentioned as having been at variance with him. This he did that Alexander might not think he was pleased at Hephaestion's death. Alexander did not appoint any one else to be commander of the Companion cavalry in the place of Hephaestion, so that the name of that general might not perish from the brigade; but that division of cavalry was still called Hephaestion's and the figure made from Hephaestion went in front of it. - Author: Arrian
Public Speaking quotes by Arrian
#167. Holy cow," Chloe said faintly.
"No kidding," Gwen breathed.
The sexy Fae prince flashed them a smile that was pure devilish charm, sexy and playful and mischievous, briefly catching the tip of his tongue between white teeth, before his lip curved, dark eyes sparkling gold.
Gabby groaned. She choked on it hastily, camouflaging it with a dry little cough. Her own private stash of eye candy had just been made available for public consumption and she didn't like it one bit.
Apparently she wasn't the only one.
"Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Dageus?" Drustan said irritably.
"Och, aye," Dageus said darkly. "You liked him better invisible too?"
"Och, aye."
"Should I curse him again?"
"Och, aye."
Adam threw back his head and laughed, eyes sparkling with gold fire. "Bloody hell, it's good to be back," he purred. - Author: Karen Marie Moning
Public Speaking quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#168. Are-are you leaving?"
She saw his shoulders stiffen at the sound of her voice, and when he turned and looked at her, she could almost feel the effort he was exerting to keep his rage under control. "You're leaving," he bit out.
In silent, helpless protest Elizabeth shook her head and started slowly across the carpet, dimly aware that this was worse, much worse than merely standing up in front of several hundred lords in the House.
"I wouldn't do that, if I were you," he warned softly.
"Do-do what?" Elizabeth said shakily.
"Get any nearer to me."
She stopped cold, her mind registering the physical threat in his voice, refusing to believe it, her gaze searching his granite features.
"Ian," she began, stretching her hand out in a gesture of mute appeal, then letting it fall to her side when her beseeching move got nothing from him but a blast of contempt from his eyes. "I realize," she began again, her voice trembling with emotion while she tried to think how to begin to diffuse his wrath, "that you must despise me for what I've done."
"You're right."
"But," Elizabeth continued bravely, "I am prepared to do anything, anything to try to atone for it. No matter how it must seem to you now, I never stopped loving-"
His voice cracked like a whiplash. "Shut up!"
"No, you have to listen to me," she said, speaking more quickly now, driven by panic and an awful sense of foreboding that nothing she could do or say would ever make him - Author: Judith McNaught
Public Speaking quotes by Judith McNaught
#169. And in heaven's name, who are the public enemies?" exclaimed Dr. Leete. "Are they France, England Germany or hunger, cold and nakedness? - Author: Edward Bellamy
Public Speaking quotes by Edward Bellamy
#170. Spurgeon used his wit to provoke laughter in private and in public. He said in one of his sermons, "If by a laugh I can make men see the folly of an error better than in any other way, they shall laugh. - Author: Randy Alcorn
Public Speaking quotes by Randy Alcorn
#171. The trouble is that privacy is at once essential to, and in tension with, both freedom and security. A cabinet minister who keeps his mistress in satin sheets at the French taxpayer's expense cannot justly object when the press exposes his misuse of public funds. Our freedom to scrutinise the conduct of public figures trumps that minister's claim to privacy. The question is: where and how do we draw the line between a genuine public interest and that which is merely what interests the public? - Author: Timothy Garton Ash
Public Speaking quotes by Timothy Garton Ash
#172. She sighed and put on a good sulk. Actually, she had no desire to get her nose pierced but she did
want a third piercing in her left earlobe. Working down to it, or over to it, from the nose was good
strategy. The kind, she thought, her father would appreciate if he knew about it.
"It's my body."
"Not until you're eighteen, it's not. Until that happy day, it's mine. Go nag your brother."
"I can't. I'm not speaking to him."
She rolled onto her back on her father's - Author: Nora Roberts
Public Speaking quotes by Nora Roberts
#173. If you put all of your business out on social media don't be surprised when the general public tries to run your life. - Author: Germany Kent
Public Speaking quotes by Germany Kent
#174. Speaking of people I had to exclude: Hank Williams. which is to say, songs are part of lyric poetry in my book, my thinking. In fact they are the urgent element of poetry in our time, they carry the most emotion for the most people in our culture. everyone LOVES poetry, because we all love (one form or another) of rock and roll (be it folk to emo to rap). It's all rock and roll and all lyric poetry. - Author: Gregory Orr
Public Speaking quotes by Gregory Orr
#175. You're trying to be charming again," Shelby muttered.
"Am I succeeding?"
Some questions were best ignored. "I really don't know how to be more succinct, Alan."
Was that part of the appeal? he wondered. The fact that the free-spirited Gypsy could turn into the regal duchess in the blink of an eye. He doubted she had any notion she was as much one as the other. "You have a wonderful speaking voice.What time will you be ready?"
Shelby huffed and frowned and considered. "If I agree to spend some time with you today, will you stop sending me things?"
Alan was silent for a long moment. "Are you going to take a politician's word?"
Now she had to laugh. "All right, you've boxed me in on that one."
"It's a beautiful day, Shelby.I haven't had a free Saturday in over a month. Come out with me."
She twined the phone cord around her finger. A refusal seemed so petty, so bad-natured.He was really asking her for very little, and-dammit-she wanted to see him. "All right, Alan, every rule needs to be bent a bit now and again to prove it's really a rule after all."
"If you say so.Where would you like to go? There's an exhibition of Flemish art at the National Gallery."
Shelby's lips curved. "The zoo," she said and waited for his reaction.
"Fine," Alan agreed without missing a beat. "I'll be there in ten minutes."
With a sigh,Shelby decided he just wasn't an easy man to shake. "Alan, I'm not dressed."
"I'll be there in five."
Author: Nora Roberts
Public Speaking quotes by Nora Roberts
#176. Let them hear your voice so rarely that a simply-uttered word creates a hush of expectancy in the room. - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
Public Speaking quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#177. To be true to its constitutional role, the Supreme Court should refuse to be drawn into making public policy, and it should strike down legislation only when a clear constitutional violation exists. When judicial activists resort to various inventions and theories to impose their personal views on privacy and liberty, they jeopardize the legitimacy of the judiciary as an institution and undermine the role of the other branches of government. - Author: Mark Levin
Public Speaking quotes by Mark Levin
#178. Every three minutes a woman is being raped. Every eighteen seconds a woman is being beaten. There is nothing abstract about it. It is happening right now as I am speaking. - Author: Andrea Dworkin
Public Speaking quotes by Andrea Dworkin
#179. As capital becomes more and more organised, it tends to pull together all its different strands, bringing a statist element to the enterprise, a bourgeois element to the trade-union bureaucracy, and a social element to public administration. - Author: Anonymous
Public Speaking quotes by Anonymous
#180. Had said, The greatest contribution Vietnam is making ... is developing an ability in the United States to fight a limited war, to go to war without arousing the public ire. - Author: Barbara W. Tuchman
Public Speaking quotes by Barbara W. Tuchman
#181. wherever they live, travel, hike, swim, fish, dive, kayak, or trek, they risk being confronted by something capable of doing them in with tooth, fang, claw, jaw, or stinger, and yet there is no public clamor to eradicate any animal because of the peril it poses to the human population. australians have learned to coexist in relative peace with nearly everything, and when occasionally a human life is lost to an animal, the public usually reacts philosophically. - Author: Peter Benchley
Public Speaking quotes by Peter Benchley

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