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Life is a journey. Perhaps we may be more or less pointed towards a general direction, but whether we pave that road with diamonds and gold or just plain dirt and cement is up to us. ~ Alex Tan
Alex Stern quotes by Alex Tan
There's always someone we'd love to kill, the trick is to make it not look like an accident ~ Josh Stern
Alex Stern quotes by Josh Stern
changing lives started with changing my own. ~ Alexandra Elle
Alex Stern quotes by Alexandra Elle
There is a volatile mix, and that's because we're all intense. And there's no denying that. ~ Alex Van Halen
Alex Stern quotes by Alex Van Halen
I am really quite proud of most of the people I " know who have "made it," who do things to help people. ~ Alex Haley
Alex Stern quotes by Alex Haley
I saw a bakery truck go by with the name 'Rocco' on it, and that's when I decided to become Alex Rocco. ~ Alex Rocco
Alex Stern quotes by Alex Rocco
Testimonials are enough to convince people for now. ~ Alex Chiu
Alex Stern quotes by Alex Chiu
The only difference between a lesson and a mistake is repetition. ~ Shawn Stern
Alex Stern quotes by Shawn Stern
Credibility sets the stage. Logic leads to conclusion. Emotion leads to action. Strategically balancing all three persuades conversion. ~ Alex Harris
Alex Stern quotes by Alex Harris
What I find fascinating ... you have to give David Stern and the NBA a lot of credit ... ESPN pays the league, and then the league tells them what to do. It's more ESPN's problem. You gotta have no balls whatsoever to pay someone hundreds of millions of dollars and let them run your business. ~ Stan Van Gundy
Alex Stern quotes by Stan Van Gundy
Frodo drew himself up, and again Sam was startled by his words and his stern voice. 'On the Precious? How dare you?' he said. 'Think! Would you commit your promise to that, Smeagol? It will hold you. But it is more treacherous than you are. It may twist your words. Beware! ~ J.R.R. Tolkien
Alex Stern quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
Indeed optimists rather than defeatists have produced the results for which serious genealogical research is best known. ~ Alex Haley
Alex Stern quotes by Alex Haley
Inspired by Alex Haley's 'Roots,' at the age of 11 I began a handwritten Middle Passage story called 'Lawdy, Lawdy, Make Us Free.' I was raised by civil rights activists with a very strong sense of racial history and consciousness. ~ Tananarive Due
Alex Stern quotes by Tananarive Due
Alex took a piece of my heart with him when he left. ~ Simone Elkeles
Alex Stern quotes by Simone Elkeles
Some of us take death very seriously." Ms. Udell's words were icy. She looked at Jeff and Rick in turn; they each stared at their sneakers. "It is a solemn topic, and I hope that you will respect yourselves, your classmates, and life itself by treating it as such. ~ Alex Gino
Alex Stern quotes by Alex Gino
I'll never get over the fact
that the buildings all light up at night,
and the night comes every night
and without regret we let it go.
We sleep a little and we live.
That's what we do. ~ Alex Dimitrov
Alex Stern quotes by Alex Dimitrov
Artists are never appreciated at lunchtime," Kelly mumbled as she stuffed her camera into her pocket. ~ Alex Gino
Alex Stern quotes by Alex Gino
Make a run for it! A voice in my head commanded me. Make a run for it, before it's too late! This voice was clearly sensible. However, sometimes I wasn't sensible, especially when intrigue was involved. ~ Adele Rose
Alex Stern quotes by Adele Rose
Alex McLeish will have had kittens - literally. ~ Chris Coleman
Alex Stern quotes by Chris Coleman
A sibling is a friend for life, but they are a friend for life that you are forced to have. And like anything that you are forced to do, occasionally people will drive you crazy. ~ Alex Hirsch
Alex Stern quotes by Alex Hirsch
Lots of people are born into lives that feel like a journey in the very middle of a big ship on familiar seas; they sit comfortably, crossing their legs, they know when the sun will rise and when the moon will wane, they have plans that they follow, they have a map! But then there are those of us, a few, who are born into lives that feel like standing at the very top of the ship's stern; we have to stand up, hold on tight for dear life, we never know when the waves will rock and we never know where the sun will set or when the moon will wane! Nothing follows the laws of common nature and we live in a wild, wild awakening and the only map we have is the map of the stars! We're called to see the lighting tear at the horizon, we're chosen to roar with the tempests, but we're also the first ones to see the suns rise, the first ones to watch the moons form anew! There is nothing ordinary, nothing at all. But neither are we! And we wouldn't want it any other way! ~ C. JoyBell C.
Alex Stern quotes by C. JoyBell C.
Rosette disappeared onto the dance floor. Wells sat in silence for a minute, watching the dancers. The worldwide cult of fast money spent stupidly. The worldwide cult of trying too hard. Moscow, Rio, Los Angeles, Tokyo, New York, London, Shanghai--the story was the same everywhere. The same overloud music, the same overpromoted brand names, the same fake tits, about as erotic as helium balloons. Everywhere an orgy of empty consumption and bad sex. Las Vegas was the cult's world headquarters, Donald Trump its patron saint. Wells had spent ten years in the barren mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan. He never wanted to live there again. But if he had to choose between an eternity there or in the supposed luxury of this club, he'd go back without a second thought. ~ Alex Berenson
Alex Stern quotes by Alex Berenson
Pa-rump, pa-rump, pa-rump. He's the Little Drummer Boy on speed. ~ Alex Adams
Alex Stern quotes by Alex Adams
I like what I hear as a resulting combination of these two strands ... something of a combination of familiarity and, for lack of a better word, strangeness. ~ Alex North
Alex Stern quotes by Alex North
Funny story. A bunch of people -- the cult -- blame the appearance of abilities on the invention of the internet. ~ Alex Lane
Alex Stern quotes by Alex Lane
This is in a real sense the capstone of the initial missions to explore the planets. Pluto, its moons and this part of the solar system are such mysteries that New Horizons will rewrite all of the textbooks. ~ Alan Stern
Alex Stern quotes by Alan Stern
The more heavily the government regulates the market, the more competition is impeded. ~ Alex Kozinski
Alex Stern quotes by Alex Kozinski
"Airgela" is "Alegria" backwards and "Alegria" means "Joy" or "Happiness." This is a fundamental word in this film. It's very important. Symbolically "Alegria" is crucial word in the creation of this project. Although it wasn't present from the beginning, as we were working on the music it became symbolic. ~ Alex Abreu
Alex Stern quotes by Alex Abreu
I believe that cuisine is the most important link between nature and culture. ~ Alex Atala
Alex Stern quotes by Alex Atala
Alex let out a sigh, pushing down a swell of jealousy. He didn't want Michael to like Tessa so much. His brother's affection would only complicate matters when Alex finally swept Tessa off her feet. ~ Jody Hedlund
Alex Stern quotes by Jody Hedlund
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