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I have a camp so I brought my writers, LaShawn Daniels and at the time, Anesha and Antea [Birchett], they were sisters, and this girl Delisha [Thomas] and Makeba [Riddick]. I brought basically five writers to work on different ideas. You either make the cut or you don't. ~ Rodney Jerkins
Wisconsin Girl quotes by Rodney Jerkins
The art school party in Liverpool, in a flat in the students' accomdation, was the first all night party I ever went to ... I puked up next morning. Cynthia was there, and I remember saying drunkenly to her 'I wish I had a nice girl like you' ~ George Harrison
Wisconsin Girl quotes by George Harrison
And instantly [4] the woman was made well. 23And when Jesus came to the ruler's house and saw z the flute players and the crowd making a commotion, 24he said, "Go away, for a the girl is not dead but b sleeping." And they laughed at him. 25But c when the crowd had been put outside, he went in and d took her by the hand, and the girl arose. 26And the report of this went through all that district. ~ Anonymous
Wisconsin Girl quotes by Anonymous
If they do something like that, maybe a Freddy Krueger fan, a girl, a really sick goth girl starts killing kids herself and Freddy has to put a stop to it, or they have to fight it out. ~ Robert Englund
Wisconsin Girl quotes by Robert Englund
When I receive letters from girls that say, 'You give me confidence,' I think, 'Wow, this is amazing.' That's my goal: to let people know it's truly what's on the inside that counts. ~ Amber Riley
Wisconsin Girl quotes by Amber Riley
I will be your friend,' I said. 'I will go home to my mother's house the way I did when I skinned my knees as a little girl. I'll go and let myself be consoled by my roses, my palm trees, my enormous volcanoes in San Salvador. When you are old, maybe you'll come and see me someday. ~ Consuelo De Saint-Exupery
Wisconsin Girl quotes by Consuelo De Saint-Exupery
Peter pushed off from the roof and stalked a few feet away, his back to her. "Please tell me this is all some kind of a sick joke."
"It's the truth. All of it. That's why hunters are after me."
"How did they find out?" Peter asked, swiveling toward her now.
"I think Beck ratted me out. I went to his house this morning and told him what had happened. He was furious, Peter. I've never seen anyone that angry."
"Duh! Now there's a surprise," her friend replied sarcastically. "I saw the way he looked at you at your dad's funeral. Of course he'd be mad. You're about the only one on the planet who doesn't realize how he feels about you."
"He never said anything," she retorted.
"Hey, we guys don't blurt out that kind of stuff," he replied. "It's against the man code. Beck may never have said how he felt, but everything he did for you should have been a big clue. I mean, come on, how slow are you?"
She glowered at her friend. "I figured he was doing it because of my father."
"Maybe, but the guy is really into you, Riley."
"No way. If he'd liked me, he wouldn't have blown me off and - "
"Ancient history, girl!" he countered. "You were, what, fifteen? Your dad would have torn him apart if he'd touched you. Beck had no other choice."
"He didn't have to be so mean."
"God, will you listen to yourself?" Peter retorted.
"You have no idea how much he hurt me," she shot back.
"Give it up, will you? You're my best friend, but ~ Jana Oliver
Wisconsin Girl quotes by Jana Oliver
A girl is different. They want things. They need things on a regular schedule. Why, a girl's got purposes you and me can't even imagine. They got ideas in their heads you and me can't even suppose. ~ Kent Haruf
Wisconsin Girl quotes by Kent Haruf
Don't tell girls they can be anything they want when they grow up. Because it would have never occurred to them that they couldn't. It's like saying, 'Hey, when you get in the shower, I'm not gonna read your diary.' 'Wait
are you gonna read my diary?' 'No! I said I'm not gonna read your diary. Go take a shower!' ~ Sarah Silverman
Wisconsin Girl quotes by Sarah Silverman
You wanna go see my old bedroom?"
"Is that a pickup line?"
"Come on inside and you'll find out."
How was a girl supposed to resist an offer like that? ~ Jamie Farrell
Wisconsin Girl quotes by Jamie Farrell
The second thing my brain registered was this girl was trouble wrapped up in psycho. ~ Adriane Leigh
Wisconsin Girl quotes by Adriane Leigh
No one is waiting for me. In this story, I'm the girl no one is waiting for. ~ Jennifer Egan
Wisconsin Girl quotes by Jennifer Egan
I still think of Oregon Trail as a great leveler. If, for example, you were a twelve-year-old girl from Westchester with frizzy hair, a bite plate, and no control over your own life, suddenly you could drown whomever you pleased. Say you have shot four bison, eleven rabbits, and Bambi's mom. Say your wagon weighs 9,783 pounds and this arduous journey has been most arduous. The banker's sick. The carpenter's sick. The butcher, the baker, the algebra-maker. Your fellow pioneers are hanging on by a spool of flax. Your whole life is in flux and all you have is this moment. Are you sure you want to forge the river? Yes. Yes, you are. ~ Sloane Crosley
Wisconsin Girl quotes by Sloane Crosley
I felt tears prick my eyes as I looked down at the model again, looking at that girl and boy on the curb. Forever in that place, together. ~ Sarah Dessen
Wisconsin Girl quotes by Sarah Dessen
It's my first glimpse at my old self, and my heart constricts in pure longing for the girl I was. She's catty and shallow, but only because she hasn't learned how to like herself. How can she not see how beautiful she is, how special? ~ Cristin Terrill
Wisconsin Girl quotes by Cristin Terrill
I can sue you for harassment".
"Lets play that fucking game." Lo replies "lets see whose lawyers are better. I'm a goddamn Hale. My family eats shitty fucks like you for brunch. Don't you ever force yourself on a girl ever again ~ Krista Ritchie
Wisconsin Girl quotes by Krista Ritchie
I kept my arms around Joi and my face buried deep in her hair while I waited for Peter Pan to slip through the window. I thought I needed him to tell me what I should do. But he never showed up. He left me alone with a girl who smelled of jasmine and cocoa butter. And before I fell asleep, I finally realized that was more than enough. ~ Kirsten Miller
Wisconsin Girl quotes by Kirsten Miller
In truth, some demons were once people who did bad things even though they knew better. In truth, people were demons when they didn't know any better. The girl had learned that it hardly mattered in the end, ~ Jeff VanderMeer
Wisconsin Girl quotes by Jeff VanderMeer
I heard a little girl shout: "Chicken man, get
the moose!"
You know how hard it is to feel like an extreme falcon-headed combat machine when somebody
calls you "chicken man"? ~ Rick Riordan
Wisconsin Girl quotes by Rick Riordan
I think so many young girls get caught up in the challenge of being with somebody who's dangerous, who's bad, who's enticing, who's all of those things, and you forget what it's like to enjoy simple love. ~ Nikki Reed
Wisconsin Girl quotes by Nikki Reed
When he and Wally stopped laughing, Homer said, 'I've never seen the ocean, you know.'
'Candy, did you hear that?' Wally asked, but Candy had released herself with her brief laughter and she was sound asleep. 'You've never seen the ocean?' Wally asked Homer.
'That's right,' said Homer Wells.
'That's not funny,' said Wally seriously.
'Right,' Homer said.
A little later, Wally said, 'You want to drive for a while?'
'I don't know how to drive,' Homer said.
'Really?' Wally asked. And later still – it was almost midnight – Wally asked, 'Uh, have you ever been with a girl – made love to one, you know?' But Homer Wells had also felt released: he had laughed out loud with his new friends. The young but veteran insomniac had fallen asleep. Would Wally have been surprised to know that Homer hadn't laughed out loud with friends before, either? ~ John Irving
Wisconsin Girl quotes by John Irving
I try not to sleep with every girl I see, but it's hard! ~ Lee Ryan
Wisconsin Girl quotes by Lee Ryan
I think, by nature you know, I'm very attracted and I gravitate toward the very strong girl who can watch a ballgame, but who's also extremely feminine. ~ Omari Hardwick
Wisconsin Girl quotes by Omari Hardwick
Using one's beauty was the only way a smart girl could get by, at least that's how it was back then, though even for a smart girl there were really only three professions. You could be a nurse or a teacher or a wife. ~ Shannon Celebi
Wisconsin Girl quotes by Shannon Celebi
Jogging in the park is my excuse to look at all the girls. ~ Ray Davies
Wisconsin Girl quotes by Ray Davies
She was just a sad girl who liked to write songs. And I was nothing more than a simple guy who was lucky enough to have made her fall in love with him. ~ Aly Martinez
Wisconsin Girl quotes by Aly Martinez
Wai Lin is the first Bond Girl who is on a par with Bond, someone who can match up with him mentally and physically. From the moment our characters see each other, there is a wariness and a recognition that this person is not who she or he seems to be. ~ Michelle Yeoh
Wisconsin Girl quotes by Michelle Yeoh
Incredible. Humans are such irrational creatures. So here you sit,a small space filled with demons that could tear you limb from limb as easy as pulling wings off a butterfly and you're scared of the helicopter crashing, which has a less than 2 percent chance ... tell me Keira girl, what do you think the percentage is of a vampire sucking a human dry? ~ Stephanie Hudson
Wisconsin Girl quotes by Stephanie Hudson
isn't telling a girl you just loooooove eating horsemeat one step away from saying you haven't lived 'til you've eaten puppy skewers? ~ Rachel Dratch
Wisconsin Girl quotes by Rachel Dratch
Do you understand?" the figure beside the first speaker demanded. Its voice, unlike that of its companion, was light and breathy - the voice of an excited girl. Every inch of its head had been tattooed with an intricate grid, and at every intersection of horizontal and vertical axes a jeweled pin driven through to the bone. Its tongue was similarly decorated. "Do you even know who we are?" it asked. ~ Clive Barker
Wisconsin Girl quotes by Clive Barker
Free Falling
She's a good girl, loves her mama
Loves Jesus and America too
She's a good girl, crazy 'bout Elvis
Loves horses and her boyfriend too
It's a long day livin' in Reseda
There's a freeway runnin' through the yard
I'm a bad boy, 'cause I don't even miss her
I'm a bad boy for breakin' her heart
And I'm free, I'm free fallin'
All the vampires walkin' through the valley
Move west down Ventura Blvd
All the bad boys are standing in the shadows
All the good girls are home with broken hearts
And I'm free, I'm free fallin'
I wanna glide down over Mulholland
I wanna write her name in the sky
I wanna free fall out into nothin'
Gonna leave this world for a while
And I'm free, I'm free fallin ~ Tom Petty
Wisconsin Girl quotes by Tom Petty
Did you see that guy in the back, from the radio station?'

His smile is a jar full of fireflies.

'Crazy Girl,' he says.
'All I saw was you. ~ Hilary T. Smith
Wisconsin Girl quotes by Hilary T. Smith
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