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However, many skilled medical volunteers are turned away because community health centers cannot afford to cover their additional medical liability insurance. ~ Tim Murphy
Vfis Insurance quotes by Tim Murphy
Face it girls. I'm older and I have more insurance. ~ Fannie Flagg
Vfis Insurance quotes by Fannie Flagg
I had no idea that marriage was only supposed to be between two people who wanted to get between the sheets and make more people. What ever happened to marrying for love - or to get on your partner's health insurance policy, or for presents? No one was going to buy two people in their thirties a four-slice toaster if we just continued to live in sin. ~ Jen Kirkman
Vfis Insurance quotes by Jen Kirkman
When I worked at Microsoft, I got to go and visit a bunch of different companies. Probably a hundred different companies a year. You'd see all the different ways they'd work. The guys who did Ventura Publisher one day, and then United Airlines the next. You'd see the 12 guys in Texas doing Doom, and then you'd go see Aetna life insurance. ~ Gabe Newell
Vfis Insurance quotes by Gabe Newell
Making a Hollywood film you don't have a very big movie because they have a Safety Captain and insurance people on the set. They have to check first. 'Don't do it. Let me check. Make sure everything is safe.' ~ Jackie Chan
Vfis Insurance quotes by Jackie Chan
Once you're retired and are no longer counting on earned income to live on and supplement your nest egg, you're done with disability insurance. At that point, though, the need for long-term care insurance - which protects you from spending that nest egg too fast - takes over. ~ Jean Chatzky
Vfis Insurance quotes by Jean Chatzky
Every sixty seconds, thirty acres of rain forest are destroyed in order to raise beef for fast-food restaurants that sell it to people, giving them strokes and heart attacks, which raise medical costs and insurance rates, providing insurance companies with more money to invest in large corporations that branch out further into the Third World so they can destroy more rain forests. ~ George Carlin
Vfis Insurance quotes by George Carlin
Today, planning has become collaborative and interactive, using software and tools that will allow clients to "play" with different scenarios, becoming invested in the results. Our delivery is online, and the focus is on the process of planning, not the product (the plan). We engage as many other professionals as we need to (accountants, attorneys, and insurance agents) to complete the implementation. ~ Deena B. Katz
Vfis Insurance quotes by Deena B. Katz
When the mass of families in a State are without property, then those who were once citizens become virtually slaves. The more the State steps in to enforce conditions of security and sufficiency; the more it regulates wages, provides compulsory insurance, doctoring, education, and in general takes over the lives of the wage-earners, for the benefit of the companies and men employing the wage-earners, the more is this condition of semi-slavery accentuated. ~ Hilaire Belloc
Vfis Insurance quotes by Hilaire Belloc
Obamacare was very attractive, particularly to those without health insurance. ~ Mitt Romney
Vfis Insurance quotes by Mitt Romney
My wife bought an extra life insurance policy on me. ~ Willie Aames
Vfis Insurance quotes by Willie Aames
except sociopaths trying to sell me term insurance, home security, and lawn care. ~ Jonathan Kellerman
Vfis Insurance quotes by Jonathan Kellerman
One of the worst results of the retention of the Keynesian myths is that it not only promotes greater and greater inflation, but that it systematically diverts attention from the real causes of our unemployment, such as excessive union wage-rates, minimum wage laws, excessive and prolonged unemployment insurance, and overgenerous relief payments. ~ Henry Hazlitt
Vfis Insurance quotes by Henry Hazlitt
For those that are working part time, in small businesses, or who are unemployed and do not currently have health insurance, we want to make sure that you are covered. ~ Valerie Jarrett
Vfis Insurance quotes by Valerie Jarrett
Before Medicare, nearly half of American seniors were forced to go without coverage because insurance companies were reluctant to insure them - making the chances of having health insurance as a senior the same as getting tails on a coin flip. ~ John B. Larson
Vfis Insurance quotes by John B. Larson
The haute décor of the San Diego Homicide Division offices could have been lifted straight out of any insurance ajusters' pied-a-terre in Omaha. ~ Mark T. Sullivan
Vfis Insurance quotes by Mark T. Sullivan
I'm not critical of the people who do psychotherapy. The therapists in the trenches have to face an awful lot of the social, political, and economic failures of capitalism. They have to take care of all the rejects and failures. They are sincere and work hard with very little credit, and the HMOs and the pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies are trying to wipe them out. So certainly I am not attacking them. I am attacking the theories of psychotherapy. ~ James Hillman
Vfis Insurance quotes by James Hillman
Financial security and independence are like a three-legged stool resting on savings, insurance and investments ~ Brian Tracy
Vfis Insurance quotes by Brian Tracy
Being a champion opens lots of doors - I'd like to get a real estate license, maybe sell insurance. ~ Mike Tyson
Vfis Insurance quotes by Mike Tyson
My dad was in the life insurance business, so I learned about selling when I was about 14 because I started working as a secretary. ~ Annette Bening
Vfis Insurance quotes by Annette Bening
The Health and Human Services preventive services mandate forces businesses to provide the morning-after and the week-after pills in our health insurance plans. ~ David Green
Vfis Insurance quotes by David Green
Employees are shielded from being healthcare consumers because they rely on their
employers' priorities and judgment instead of their own to select insurance. ~ Archelle Georgiou
Vfis Insurance quotes by Archelle Georgiou
In the 5 years, well over 60,000 American families have been broken apart by the absence of insurance because the only way for parents to get treatment for their children is to turn the custody of those children over to the State. ~ Patrick J. Kennedy
Vfis Insurance quotes by Patrick J. Kennedy
I've spent my career fighting the worst practices of insurance companies. ~ Kathleen Sebelius
Vfis Insurance quotes by Kathleen Sebelius
Hard-hearted people may be no fun to sit next to at parties, but they are just as entitled to earn a living as the rest of us. Fortunately-for them, at least-the need for insurance adjusters, tax collectors, theater critics, and the like continues to this very day. ~ Maryrose Wood
Vfis Insurance quotes by Maryrose Wood
All of the little triumphs of their love story had been banked away over the years, accumulating interest. Now they made lavish withdrawals, cashed in every bond, every insurance policy. ~ Suanne Laqueur
Vfis Insurance quotes by Suanne Laqueur
As Ba Ga and Banareng, our bond as a family is our insurance for the future. The key of brotherhood and sisterhood is that brothers and sisters carry the same genetic code. Together, united, they carry the legacy of their forefathers. ~ Pekwa Nicholas Mohlala
Vfis Insurance quotes by Pekwa Nicholas Mohlala
How come liberals never admit that they're liberal? They've now come up with a new word called 'progressive,' which I thought was an insurance company but apparently it's a label. ~ Marco Rubio
Vfis Insurance quotes by Marco Rubio
Life insurance is time. The time a man might not have. If he needs time, he needs life insurance. ~ Ben Feldman
Vfis Insurance quotes by Ben Feldman
A president and a party that can provide insurance for 31 million more Americans is far preferable to most voters than a party that only says, 'No.' ~ Bernie Sanders
Vfis Insurance quotes by Bernie Sanders
The Act of God designation on all insurance policies; which means, roughly, that you cannot be insured for the accidents that are most likely to happen to you. ~ Alan Coren
Vfis Insurance quotes by Alan Coren
Those with health insurance are overinsured and their behavior is distorted by moral hazard. Those without health insurance use their own money to make decisions based on an assessment of
their needs. The insured are wasteful. The uninsured are prudent. So what's the solution? Make the insured a little more like the uninsured. ~ Malcolm Gladwell
Vfis Insurance quotes by Malcolm Gladwell
The key of brotherhood and sisterhood is that brothers and sisters carry the same genetic code. Together, united, they carry the legacy of their forefathers. Our bond (through our shared blood/DNA) as Ba Ga Mohlala family/clan is our insurance for the future.

As Ba Ga Mohlala we can have our own Law firms, Auditing Firms, Doctors's Medical Surgeries, Private School, Private Clinics or Private Hospital, farms and lot of small to medium manufacturing, service, retail and wholesale companies and become self relient.

All it takes to achieve that is unity, willpower and commitment. ~ Pekwa Nicholas Mohlala
Vfis Insurance quotes by Pekwa Nicholas Mohlala
The result was, of course, that today, tragically, more than 40 million Americans don't have health insurance, and for many, not having health insurance means they don't have access to good health care. ~ George J. Mitchell
Vfis Insurance quotes by George J. Mitchell
I know from my constituency what is going on. Doctors that are told, begged, by mothers, 'Please don't write down that my child as asthma. Please lie and say it's bronchitis, because if you write down asthma, when my child turns 18 or 20 and has to get his or her own insurance, it will be a pre-existing condition.' ~ Barbara Boxer
Vfis Insurance quotes by Barbara Boxer
Security is merely an illusion.

If you think your schedule, your botox, your insurance, your marriage certificate, your 401K, and the deadbolt on your door is going to keep you safe from change and the happenings of life - think again.

Nothing is guaranteed.

Nothing can give you solid ground but your own trust in yourself and the purpose of existing-- That is the only solid ground upon which you can stand. ~ Kayko Tamaki
Vfis Insurance quotes by Kayko Tamaki
A novelist must wrestle with all mysteries and strangeness of life itself, and anyone who dies not wish to accept that grand, bone-chilling commission should write book reviews, editorials, or health-insurance policies instead. ~ Pat Conroy
Vfis Insurance quotes by Pat Conroy
Britta wanted to try to turn a guard. Tamara thought it was idiotic.
"What are you going to do? Buy him beer and tell him about Kropotkin?"
I envisioned the conversation:
Vanguard: Wage Slave, are you aware that you are but a wire nail in the toolbox of capitalism?
Wage Slave: I thought I was a chisel.
Vanguard: No, the petit bourgeois are the chisels.
Wage Slave: What about a washer set? Can I be a washer set?
Vanguard: No, my ferret, run free! For I have unlocked your collar with knowledge!
Wage Slave: I want to be a chisel.
Vanguard pushes screaming ferret through hole in fence cut by the clippers of noblesse oblige.
"Well, maybe we could bribe him," said Britta. Tamara laughed.
"With what? Health insurance? ~ Vanessa Veselka
Vfis Insurance quotes by Vanessa Veselka
Today, all patients accepted for treatment at St. Jude's are treated without regard for the family's ability to pay. Everything beyond what is covered by insurance is taken care of, and for those without insurance, all of the medical costs are absorbed by the hospital. ~ Marlo Thomas
Vfis Insurance quotes by Marlo Thomas
Chiropractic is health insurance. Premiums small. Dividends large! ~ B. J. Palmer
Vfis Insurance quotes by B. J. Palmer
After all, it wasn't science that had transformed the world, but the marriage of technology and capitalism. The ignorant might blame science for the ills and evils of the modern era, but that was a case of mistaken identity - no research scientist had ever polluted a water table with a PCB, or performed a third-trimester abortion, or denied someone insurance based on a genetic screening, or turned the Internet into a covert way of peering into private lives. Real scientists were invisible outside their own circle of peers. Even Nobel Prize recipients barely registered on the public consciousness, as Brohier well knew. A Heisman Trophy or an Oscar counted for far more - there was no market for Heroes of Science trading cards. Status was still measured in arcane units: bylines, citations, appointments, grants. ~ Arthur C. Clarke
Vfis Insurance quotes by Arthur C. Clarke
People won't buy insurance until they're sick. If you can call on your way to the hospital and get coverage, it's not really insurance at that point. ~ Angela Braly
Vfis Insurance quotes by Angela Braly
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