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To know as much as me, to know more you must start do stuff which make some scars on you. ~ Deyth Banger
Think Double quotes by Deyth Banger
Who can be your killer or who can kill you and how they react??
Nice question, I just look as a killer, so here is how it goes a killer can be everyone he probably can want to kill you, then somebody kill him and then this person wants to kill you... Isn't it a reverse???
Mind Hunters is a film about reverse, if you wanna check out this film!?
The killers are silent and react fact, think double, think in such way that to be caged... awesome isn't it?? ~ Deyth Banger
Think Double quotes by Deyth Banger
the six of us are supposed to drive to the diner in Hastings for lunch. But the moment we enter the cavernous auditorium where the girls told us to meet them, my jaw drops and our plans change.

"Holy shit - is that a red velvet chaise lounge?"

The guys exchange a WTF look. "Um…sure?" Justin says. "Why - "

I'm already sprinting toward the stage. The girls aren't here yet, which means I have to act fast. "For fuck's sake, get over here," I call over my shoulder.

Their footsteps echo behind me, and by the time they climb on the stage, I've already whipped my shirt off and am reaching for my belt buckle. I stop to fish my phone from my back pocket and toss it at Garrett, who catches it without missing a beat.

"What is happening right now?" Justin bursts out.

I drop trou, kick my jeans away, and dive onto the plush chair wearing nothing but my black boxer-briefs. "Quick. Take a picture."

Justin doesn't stop shaking his head. Over and over again, and he's blinking like an owl, as if he can't fathom what he's seeing.

Garrett, on the other hand, knows better than to ask questions. Hell, he and Hannah spent two hours constructing origami hearts with me the other day. His lips twitch uncontrollably as he gets the phone in position.

"Wait." I pause in thought. "What do you think? Double guns, or double thumbs up?"

"What is happening?"

We both ignore Justin's baffled e ~ Elle Kennedy
Think Double quotes by Elle Kennedy
You can be very independent, but admit to wanting somebody close to you and that's what me and my wife have. We don't need each other but we want to be with each other and I think it's important to educate the kids with that. ~ Boris Kodjoe
Think Double quotes by Boris Kodjoe
To have children is a double living, the earthly fountain of youth, a continual fresh delight, a volcano as well as a fountain, and also a source of weariness beyond description ... ~ Josephine Winslow Johnson
Think Double quotes by Josephine Winslow Johnson
See that guy over there?" I nod toward a man in jean shorts and a Budweiser T-shirt. "Am I that obvious?"
St. Clair squints at him. "Obviously what? Balding? Overweight? Tasteless?"
He sighs melodramtically. "Honestly, Anna. You must get over this."
"I just don't want to offend anyone. I hear they offend easily."
"You're not offending anyone except me right now."
"What about her?" I point to a middle-aged woman in khaki shorts and a knit top with stars and stripes on it.She has a camera strapped to her belt and is arguing with a man in a bucket hat. Her husband,I suppose.
"Completely offensive."
"I mean,am I as obvious as her?"
"Considering she's wearing the American flag, I'd venture a no on that one." He bites his thumbnail. "Listen.I think I have a solution to your problem, but you'll have to wait for it. Just promise you'll stop asking me to compare you to fifty-year-old women,and I'll take care of everything."
"How? With what? A French passport?"
He snorts. "I didn't say I'd make you French." I open my mouth to protest, but he cuts me off. "Deal?"
"Deal," I say uncomfortably. I don't care for surprises. "But it better be good."
"Oh,it's good." And St. Clair looks so smug that I'm about to call him on it, when I realize I can't see our school anymore.
I don't believe it.He's completely distracted me. ~ Stephanie Perkins
Think Double quotes by Stephanie Perkins
There will always be competition, especially in showbiz. There's always someone younger and hungrier standing behind you; there's always someone with more contacts; there's always someone whose grandfather or father is a filmmaker. I think your job is just to be there 100% - you work hard, and there are no shortcuts to success. ~ Preity Zinta
Think Double quotes by Preity Zinta
From the very first inkling of a concept, founders need to gather a target group of five to ten potential users to begin the feedback loop. We all think we know how the market will react to new ideas, but actual users live with the pros and cons of the existing market conditions every day. They are the market experts. ~ Jay Samit
Think Double quotes by Jay Samit
They are angry with me, because I know what I am." Said the little eagle. "How do you know that they are angry with you?" "Because, they despise me for wanting to soar, they only want me to peck at the dirt, looking for ants, with them. But I can't do that. I don't have chicken feet, I have eagle wings." "And what is so wrong with having eagle wings and no chicken feet?" Asked the old owl. "I'm not sure, that's what I'm trying to find out." "They hate you because you know that you are an eagle and they want you to think you are a chicken so that you will peck at the ground looking for ants and worms, so that you will never know that you are an eagle and always think yourself a chicken. Let them hate you, they will always be chickens, and you will always be an eagle. You must fly. You must soar." Said the old owl. ~ C. JoyBell C.
Think Double quotes by C. JoyBell C.
I think young people ought to seek the experience that is going to knock them off center. ~ James A. Michener
Think Double quotes by James A. Michener
The War broke out, and our city and country became a part of Hitler's Imperium. For five and a half years we lived in a dimension completely different from that which any literature or experience could have led us to know. What we beheld surpassed the most daring and the most macabre imagination. Descriptions of horrors known to us of old now made us smile at their naivete. German rule in Eu­rope was ruthless, but nowhere so ruthless as in the East, for the East was populated by races which, according to the doctrines of National Socialism, were either to be utterly eradicated or else used for heavy physical labor. The events we were forced to partici­pate in resulted from the effort to put these doctrines into practice.
Still we lived; and since we were writers, we tried to write. True, from time to time one of us dropped out, shipped off to a concentration camp or shot. There was no help for this. We were like people marooned on a dissolving floe of ice; we dared not think of the moment when it would melt away. ~ Czesław Miłosz
Think Double quotes by Czesław Miłosz
I think it is always appropriate to end a conversation about sperm with a sweaty handshake. ~ Andrew Smith
Think Double quotes by Andrew Smith
I tried to think what I had loved knives for, but my mind slipped from the noose of the thought and swung, like a bird, in the centre of empty air. ~ Sylvia Plath
Think Double quotes by Sylvia Plath
I suppose it's a sentimental thing, but I wouldn't want to do more 'Lewis' than we did 'Morse' because I do still think of it as an offshoot. ~ Kevin Whately
Think Double quotes by Kevin Whately
I tend to be a great optimist when it comes to the United States and the American way of life, I think precisely because I wasn't born into it. ~ Paullina Simons
Think Double quotes by Paullina Simons
I think it's better to feel good than to look good. ~ Tom Hanks
Think Double quotes by Tom Hanks
Christ's church is composed of people. These people are very much alive. We do well to view ourselves as what we are - a people. Instead of thinking in terms of static things such as buildings or institutions, we more accurately and beneficially think of Christ's body as a thriving, growing mass of humanity that loves Jesus. ~ Eric Carpenter
Think Double quotes by Eric Carpenter
You just can't help but sort of think that your life and your career are going to go straight up, up, up. ~ Tate Donovan
Think Double quotes by Tate Donovan
I do think deception ... There's something kind of odd about tricking people for a living, but ultimately, it's a remarkably honest profession, when you think about it. If you violate that code, and you say you're not using camera tricks, and then you do, I actually think that's a kind of serious moral issue. ~ Ricky Jay
Think Double quotes by Ricky Jay
You have to always try to think about them like real people first, and not just heroes. They have to be real characters. As people do more and more superhero stuff, the characters are what distinguish it, just like in cop shows. ~ Greg Berlanti
Think Double quotes by Greg Berlanti
I think; therefore, I am above average. ~ Michael Walton
Think Double quotes by Michael Walton
Mostly, we think that a self-expressive person is egotistical. That may be true but what about someone who refrains from expressing himself to protect his ego from bruised? ~ Assegid Habtewold
Think Double quotes by Assegid Habtewold
You don't wanna walk around and say, 'I'm somebody's niece, I'm somebody's cousin, I'm somebody's daughter. Who are you?' And I think that's always the challenge when you grow up in a well-known family, is ultimately, you have to face yourself in the mirror and say, 'Who are you? What have you done?' ~ Maria Shriver
Think Double quotes by Maria Shriver
I really hope it engenders a lot of conversation because I believe there are a lot of people who put on faces. We all do it, every time we walk out the door. And there are a lot of people who have to hide who they are. And I think this story speaks to that. ~ Glenn Close
Think Double quotes by Glenn Close
Gray hats are the ones who think they're doing good, but they're not. You learn that when the FBI shows up on your doorstep. ~ Sean Parker
Think Double quotes by Sean Parker
It's a damn sight harder making stuff up when you're under stress than you'd think. ~ J.K. Rowling
Think Double quotes by J.K. Rowling
I think when you're put into a completely different situation and environment, you really see who you are. You're not affected by what's around you. You are who you are. ~ Lauren Conrad
Think Double quotes by Lauren Conrad
It just seems like right now we're in a place where people are being witch-hunted for expressing an opinion. Even if it's a lousy opinion or a shitty opinion, and comics I don't think can ever fall into the trap of any groups that want to censor what a person says or thinks or punish a person for expressing what they think. Anything you say about a social issue is going to offend half the country. I don't care how nicely you say it, I don't care how well you construct the joke, simply by stating the opinion, you are for something and anti something else. ~ Jim Norton
Think Double quotes by Jim Norton
Good God!" Lids sliding closed, he moaned. I think I was witnessing a foodgasm and it was far too similar to another gasm I never wanted to hear from my father.
I should avert my eyes. This shit would scar me. ~ Ashlan Thomas
Think Double quotes by Ashlan Thomas
Just think: what if you could just, just blink yourself away? ~ Black Thought
Think Double quotes by Black Thought
Your language indicates--and limits--what you think. ~ Jonathan Price
Think Double quotes by Jonathan Price
From Jefferson to Jackson to Lincoln to FDR to Reagan, every great president inspires enormous affection and enormous hostility. We'll all be much saner, I think, if we remember that history is full of surprises and things that seemed absolutely certain one day are often unimaginable the next. ~ Jon Meacham
Think Double quotes by Jon Meacham
I think the more diversity that one has in his life, the happier he can be, as long as he is able to do whatever he chooses to do at that given time well. ~ Steven Seagal
Think Double quotes by Steven Seagal
I used to think of all the billions of people in the world, and of all those people, how was I going to meet the right ones The right ones to be my friends, the right one to be my husband. Now I just believe you meet the people you're supposed to meet. ~ Andrew Schneider
Think Double quotes by Andrew Schneider
You know, I feel like people in this country who feel really strongly about a man and a woman being the only
the sole sort of gatekeeper of marriage should also support people staying together. I mean, a lot of heterosexual couples don't stay together, and I think that's as upsetting as two people who are really committed and loving and have been monogamous for many years wanting to ... be married and have
share some of the same rights that this country is so uniquely qualified to give people. ~ Sarah Jessica Parker
Think Double quotes by Sarah Jessica Parker
You can go through the process. You can also change. You can do both. Uh, you can do one, the other, or both. And I think it depends on the individual. ~ Donald Trump
Think Double quotes by Donald Trump
In sixth grade, my basketball team made it to the league championships. In double overtime, with three seconds left, I rebounded the ball and passed it - to the wrong team! They scored at the buzzer and we lost the game. To this day, I still have nightmares! ~ Zac Efron
Think Double quotes by Zac Efron
I often think of the words of the great Buddhist master Padmasambhava: "Those who believe they have plenty of time get ready only at the time of death. Then they are ravaged by regret. But isn't it far too late?" What more chilling commentary on the modern world could there be than most people die unprepared for death, as they have lived, unprepared for life? ~ Sogyal Rinpoche
Think Double quotes by Sogyal Rinpoche
What the fuck are you doing?" His hands wanted to hold her, his arms wanted to wrap her up, but he squeezed the edge of the bed. Whatever game she was playing, he wasn't going to fall for it. She wouldn't make him a fool. Not more than she already had. "I told you. Sweet is good. Sweet can be better. I don't think you know that." Her hands were around his face, and it made his chest tight. He didn't understand that, either. Coming here had not eased his confusion; he was more confused now than ever. Maybe ever in his whole motherfucking life. "Fuck you." She smiled. "Maybe. But sweet. ~ Susan Fanetti
Think Double quotes by Susan Fanetti
I think I am more attracted to characters with a subtext, whatever that is and they don't necessarily have to be virtuous, but they have to at least be human. ~ Clive Owen
Think Double quotes by Clive Owen
I don't think God is an explanation at all. It's simply redescribing the problem. We are trying to understand how we have got a complicated world, and we have an explanation in terms of a slightly simpler world, and we explain that in terms of a slightly simpler world and it all hangs together down to an ultimately simple world. Now, God is not an explanation of that kind. God himself cannot be simple if he has power to do all the things he is supposed to do. ~ Richard Dawkins
Think Double quotes by Richard Dawkins
You're getting to be a big boy,' I said desperately, 'it's time you started thinking about your future.'
'I'm thinking about my future,' said Sonny, grimly. 'I think about it all the time. ~ James Baldwin
Think Double quotes by James Baldwin
Think personally, act communally. ~ Sheryl Sandberg
Think Double quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
The novel may stimulate you to think. It may satisfy your aesthetic sense. It may arouse your moral emotions. But if it does not entertain you it is a bad novel. ~ W. Somerset Maugham
Think Double quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
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