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Tim ~ Sean Waller
Sick Boy quotes by Sean Waller
Can you wait until I'm gone to be her boyfriend? Cause right now, I like to think of you as my boyfriend. ~ Sean Waller
Sick Boy quotes by Sean Waller
Tolstoi made the writing of Stephen Crane on the Civil War seem like the brilliant imagining of a sick boy who had never seen war but had only read the battles and chronicles and seen the Brady ~ Ernest Hemingway,
Sick Boy quotes by Ernest Hemingway,
It is all about perspective. To healthy people, I seem very sick. But to dying people, I seem healthy. ~ Sean Waller
Sick Boy quotes by Sean Waller
I'm only thankful that I had her as long as I did. ~ Sean Waller
Sick Boy quotes by Sean Waller
and were greatly distressed that their only son must be taken from them. We felt a spirit of prayer for him, and earnestly besought the Lord to spare his life. We believed that he would get well, although to all appearances there was no possibility of his recovery. It was a powerful season. My husband raised him in his arms, and exclaimed, 'You will not die, but live!' We believed that God would be glorified in his recovery. We left Dartmouth, and were absent about eight days. When we returned, the sick boy came out to meet us. He had gained four pounds in flesh. We found the household rejoicing in God for his wonderful work. ~ James White
Sick Boy quotes by James White
But ah'm hugging Janey and thinking about how much a life can change in the time it takes tae fix up. ~ Irvine Welsh
Sick Boy quotes by Irvine Welsh
- Makes nae fucking difference. Rents n Stevie came up fae London for this. If Rents n Stevie kin come up fae fucking London, Sick Boy kin come up fae fuckcing France.
Spud's senses were dangerously dulled with the alcohol. Stupidly, he kept the argument going. - Yeah, but, eh... France is further away... wir talking aboot the south ay France here, likesay. Ken?
Begbie looked incredulously at Spud. Obviously the message had not got across. He spoke lower, higher and with a snarl twisting his cruel mouth into a strange shape below his blazing eyes.
- Yeah... right enough. Should've made the effort. Mate's funeral likesay, ken. Spud thought that the Conservative Party in Scotland could do with a few Begbies. It's not what the message is, the problem is just communication. Begbie is good at getting the message across. ~ Irvine Welsh
Sick Boy quotes by Irvine Welsh
Think, bud. Fierce immortal who likes to gamble in Sin's casino, wear tacky shirts, and watch anime." – Zarek
"Old Bear?" – Sundown
"Give that boy a biscuit. He finally got it." – Zarek ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Sick Boy quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Since I am writing a book about depression, I am often asked in social situations to describe my own experiences, and I usually end by saying that I am on medication.
"Still?" people ask. "But you seem fine!" To which I invariably reply that I seem fine because I am fine, and that I am fine in part because of medication.
"So how long do you expect to go on taking this stuff?" people ask. When I say that I will be on medication indefinitely, people who have dealt calmly and sympathetically with the news of suicide attempts, catatonia, missed years of work, significant loss of body weight, and so on stare at me with alarm.
"But it's really bad to be on medicine that way," they say. "Surely now you are strong enough to be able to phase out some of these drugs!" If you say to them that this is like phasing the carburetor out of your car or the buttresses out of Notre Dame, they laugh.
"So maybe you'll stay on a really low maintenance dose?" They ask. You explain that the level of medication you take was chosen because it normalizes the systems that can go haywire, and that a low dose of medication would be like removing half of your carburetor. You add that you have experienced almost no side effects from the medication you are taking, and that there is no evidence of negative effects of long-term medication. You say that you really don't want to get sick again. But wellness is still, in this area, associated not with achieving control of your problem, but ~ Andrew Solomon
Sick Boy quotes by Andrew Solomon
I so love the bad-boy look. ~ Jenna Morasca
Sick Boy quotes by Jenna Morasca
The bristling eyebrows shot up in mock surprise. Mesmerized, the boy watched them disappear under the hanging thatch of white hair. There, almost coyly, they remained just out of sight for a moment, before suddenly descending with a terrible finality and weight. ~ Jonathan Stroud
Sick Boy quotes by Jonathan Stroud
That's the real distinction between people: not between those who have secrets and those who don't, but between those who want to know everything and those who don't. This search is a sign of love, I maintain.
It's similar with books. Not quite the same, of course (it never is); but similar. If you quite enjoy a writer's work, if you turn the page approvingly yet
don't mind being interrupted, then you tend to like that author unthinkingly. Good chap, you assume. Sound fellow. They say he strangled an entire pack of Wolf Cubs and fed their bodies to a school of carp? Oh no, I'm sure he didn't; sound fellow, good chap. But if you love a writer, if you depend upon the drip-feed of his intelligence, if you want to pursue him and find him -- despite edicts to the contrary -- then it's impossible to know too much. You seek the vice as well. A pack of Wolf Cubs, eh? Was that twenty-seven or twenty-eight? And did he have their little scarves sewn up into a patchwork quilt? And is it true that as he ascended the scaffold he quoted from the Book of Jonah? And that he bequeathed his carp pond to the local Boy Scouts?
But here's the difference. With a lover, a wife, when you find the worst -- be it infidelity or lack of love, madness or the suicidal spark -- you are almost relieved. Life is as I thought it was; shall we now celebrate this disappointment? With a writer you love, the instinct is to defend. This is what I meant earlier: perhaps love for a writer is the purest ~ Julian Barnes
Sick Boy quotes by Julian Barnes
When I was 14 years old, I was a huge fan of the Velvets, the Stooges and the Modern Lovers. They are my three favourite bands. I never get sick of 'em. ~ Evan Dando
Sick Boy quotes by Evan Dando
I'm back there again, broken from being a champion,
The boy that no one loved,
The years I spent training like a method actor to
Become the man that everyone admired,
But it means nothing,
Like ashes on a forehead, they marked me inferior,
When I was still young enough to receive it into the grain of my being ~ Terrence Alonzo Craft
Sick Boy quotes by Terrence Alonzo Craft
I am sick of women who love one. Women who hate one are much more interesting. ~ Oscar Wilde
Sick Boy quotes by Oscar Wilde
We dance. Sweet, downcast, through-the-lashes-glances bely every beating she got at thirteen, every lash of the tongue from her dad at fourteen, every heroin high that let her out for awhile, every hour and day she had to be tough.

She is so natural and soft. Her shoulders are down, hips loose and swinging as we close together. I swear I'm growing chest hair just looking at her. I've been a boy in public before, but I've never seen her like this. That's it exactly; I haven't seen her at all, except in glimpses, in half-confessional role-play sex. And here she is - pressed tight against my chest, hips grinding against my crotch to the bass bump of the music. Her thigh along mine is electric heaven. Two drag queens cannot decide whether we are breeders or in drag. I stroke my mascara-made mustache at them - but none of it matters with hands in suede and the way she smiles. ~ Various
Sick Boy quotes by Various
I train very hard, until I am sick. Sometimes I train like a foolish man who has no mind. ~ Hicham El Guerrouj
Sick Boy quotes by Hicham El Guerrouj
I once said to a boy, 'You're a really good kisser,' and he said, 'You're only as good as the person you're kissing.' I think it's the same with the music. ~ FKA Twigs
Sick Boy quotes by FKA Twigs
If I died now," he said, "you would hardly remember me when you are my age."
He said it for no apparent reason, and the angel of death hovered for a moment in the cool shadows of the office and flew out again through the window, leaving a trail of feathers fluttering in his wake, but the boy did not see them. ~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Sick Boy quotes by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
If I had known that this movie would bring so much craziness, I don't know if I would have said 'yes' to the Twilight Saga. I never asked to be a poster-boy. ~ Robert Pattinson
Sick Boy quotes by Robert Pattinson
My little boy Sonny makes me laugh all the time. He has good comedic timing. ~ Sophie Ellis-Bextor
Sick Boy quotes by Sophie Ellis-Bextor
the way of the sick soul seems unmanly and diseased.' This was the fault line, the precise point where my mind bifurcated. I longed to have a mystical experience that would fuse these parts together. I yearned for an unequivocal, undivided mind and a soul of 'sky-blue tint'. A shadow lay across my soul. I could glimpse it, feel its weight. But what it was or why it was there I could not fathom. I found James's pragmatism reassuring and steadying, in contrast to Nietzsche, that pyschopomp of misguided youth, to whom the ego was just a jumble of unrelated thoughts that only assume a semblance of order after the fact. ~ Magda Szubanski
Sick Boy quotes by Magda Szubanski
When you can't have freedom and safety, boy, which do you choose? ~ Brandon Sanderson
Sick Boy quotes by Brandon Sanderson
This was something Grandma Tilly couldn't understand
how war promises a boy it can make a man out of him. ~ Richard Peck
Sick Boy quotes by Richard Peck
This is Harry.
As a boy, Harry was very, very shy.

Some people may have even said he was painfully shy. As if his shyness caused them pain and not the other way around.

There are many things that can cause a person to recede. To look away from other people's eyes or to choose empty hallways over crowded ones. Some shy people try to reach out and try, and nothing seems to come back and then there just comes a point where they stop trying.

In Harry's case he was slapped in the face and called names designed to isolate him, designed to deliver maximum damage. This because he came from a different country and didn't know the right words to use or the right way to say them.

And so, Harry learned how to be still, to camouflage, to be the least.

Some people describe this as receding into a shell, where the stillness hardens and protects. But the eyes, even when they look down and away, are still watching, still looking for some way out or in; painfully shy.

Then in middle school, Harry found theater, where he forced himself to speak through other people's words. And then dance, where he started to speak through the movements of his body. To be so still for so long when you're young, means a lot of pent up energy and it was released there through work, endless work.

If someone carves into a sapling with a knife, the injury is as wide as the entire trunk. Though that mark will never fully heal, you can g ~ Ze Frank
Sick Boy quotes by Ze Frank
For a while no one spoke, because in the roundabout
course of thirty-some years they had said just about
all there was to say to one another, until finally Clay
could bear the silence no longer and cleared his throat.
"I love you guys," he said, and gods-be-damned if his
voice didn't sell him out at the end and crack like a
boy of twelve summers. ~ Nicholas Eames
Sick Boy quotes by Nicholas Eames
Scoutmasters deal with the individual boy rather than with the mass. ~ Baden Powell De Aquino
Sick Boy quotes by Baden Powell De Aquino
I don't know who's worse with little boys, Mario or Michael Jackson. ~ Dustin Diamond
Sick Boy quotes by Dustin Diamond
If you're a boy, you always want to be in a western; and any actor I know would like to be in a horror. ~ Timothy Dalton
Sick Boy quotes by Timothy Dalton
That's the business model. How quickly can they be made to grow, how tightly can they be packed, how much or little can they eat, how sick can they get without dying. This isn't animal experimentation, where you can imagine some proportionate good at the other end of the suffering. This is what we feel like eating ... Why doesn't a horny person have as strong a claim to raping an animal as a hungry one does to killing and eating it? It's easy to dismiss that question but hard to respond to it ... How riveting wold the sound of a tortured animal need to be to make you want to hear it that badly? ~ Jonathan Safran Foer
Sick Boy quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
I learnt that music cost something, and that's a good thing. Also, that I should exercise, because I didn't and I got very sick. ~ Brooke Fraser
Sick Boy quotes by Brooke Fraser
I always wanted to play a boxer because some of my favorite films, as a boy, were those great boxing movies, like 'Raging Bull', 'Rocky', 'The Set Up', 'Fat City and Hard Times'. I just loved those films. ~ Holt McCallany
Sick Boy quotes by Holt McCallany
BDSM isn't about play, not for pleasure purists.
It's our own fucked up version of therapy. If we weren't fucked up, sick and twisted this shit wouldn't get us off. ~ Erica Chilson
Sick Boy quotes by Erica Chilson
I have never been a poster boy for serenity, but I knew I needed to restore some semblance of inner peace. In search of a fix much quicker than my weekly forays into the talking cure, I came upon an ancient and proven practice, one that exists in every culture and religious tradition as a means to attaining calm and an alternate plane of consciousness: an extended fast. Buddha did it, Jesus did it, even Pythagoras and George Bernard Shaw did it. It's like a Cole Porter song from the world's least-fun musical. ~ David Rakoff
Sick Boy quotes by David Rakoff
Tolerance is love sick with the sickness of haughtiness. ~ Kahlil Gibran
Sick Boy quotes by Kahlil Gibran
What happened during the previews of Taboo [ musical] was that it was the first time I'd ever been written about as a great song-writer - I cried. I absolutely wept, because it wasn't the usual stuff like, "Oh, he was a drug addict and he did this and that ... " It was really looking at the music and it was really complimentary. It was a huge thing. ~ Boy George
Sick Boy quotes by Boy George
This is what we call love," the boy said, seeing that the wind was close to granting what he requested. "When you are loved, you can do anything in creation. When you are loved, there's no need at all to understand what's happening, because everything happens within you, and even men can turn themselves into the wind. As long as the wind helps, of course. ~ Paulo Coelho
Sick Boy quotes by Paulo Coelho
Jesus Christ was as perfect as a human bein' can be, yet he got mad and fought and wept and had days of feelin' like he couldn't go on another step. Like when the lepers and the sick folks almost trampled him down, all of 'em beggin' for miracles and doggin' him till he was about miracled out. What I'm sayin', Mr. Mackenson, is that even Jesus Christ needed help sometimes, and he wasn't too proud to ask for it. ~ Robert McCammon
Sick Boy quotes by Robert McCammon
I...I haven't done a lot of this." His cheeks flushed pink and my eyes widened. "I mean, I've done some stuff, but not a lot. I haven't...had sex."
For the longest moment I couldn't respond. All I could do was stare at him. "You're a virgin?"
One side of his lips kicked up. "Yeah. You sound surprised."
"I am. I thought... I don't know. You were with...Paige. I just assumed you had sex before."
"That would be a negative," he replied, picking up my hand. "You're looking at me like you don't understand how it's possible."
He could really read minds.
"It's gotten close, but I just never - I haven't wanted to go that far." He shrugged a bare shoulder.
"I haven't done it, either," I blurted out. "I mean, that's super obvious're the first boy I've kissed, but yeah, I don't even know...what I'm saying and I'm just going to shut up."
Rider chuckled. "Don't. I love it when you ramble."
"Only you would enjoy that." I curled my fingers through his. "Do you want to...go that far with me?"
His lashes swept up and his eyes, with their greenish flecks, met mine. "Yeah. Yeah, I do. Someday."
Warmth swept across my cheeks as I whispered, "I...I want that, too. Someday."
The dimple in his right cheek appeared. "Then we're on the same page. ~ Jennifer L. Armentrout
Sick Boy quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
You think you can uncuff me now?"
"Sorry, man, I have orders not to do that. Madison said she would bring me a huge slice of cake if I left you cuffed."
"You're leaving me like this for cake?" he asked dumbfounded that cake held that kind of power over a boy. He wondered if it was like bloodlust. ~ R.L. Mathewson
Sick Boy quotes by R.L. Mathewson
Well, she thought, I'm certainly bright. She had wanted to meet a new boy and when she finally did meet one she didn't even find out his name ~ Beverly Cleary
Sick Boy quotes by Beverly Cleary
Boy, it's a tough planet if you want it to be. But a great planet if you let it. ~ Gary Busey
Sick Boy quotes by Gary Busey
Doctor controlled his anger. "Tom," he said, "Tom, boy. Pull yourself together. Go back and lay cold cloths - cold as you can get them. I don't suppose you have any ice. Well, keep changing the cloths. I'll be out as fast as I can. Do you hear me? Tom, do you hear me?" He hung the receiver up and dressed. In angry weariness he opened the wall cabinet and collected scalpels and clamps, sponges and tubes of sutures, to put in his bag. He shook his gasoline pressure lantern to make sure it was full and arranged ether can and mask beside it on his bureau. His wife in boudoir cap and nightgown looked in. Dr. Tilson said, "I'm walking over to the garage. Call Will Hamilton. Tell him I want him to drive me to his father's place. If he argues tell him his sister is - dying. ~ John Steinbeck
Sick Boy quotes by John Steinbeck
Old and sick, more than one hundred years Face haggard, hair white, I'm happy to still live in the mountains A cloth covered phantom watching the years flow by Why envy people with clever ways of living? ~ Hanshan
Sick Boy quotes by Hanshan
Jenny: Do you mind going back downstairs?

Damian: Why?

Jenny: Because I don't want any dead bodies in my bathroom.

Damian: ...We don't have to keep it in here.

Jenny: GET OUT! ~ Alexander Engel-Hodgkinson
Sick Boy quotes by Alexander Engel-Hodgkinson
She did look beautiful, holding the baby. She had managed to look beautiful holding a sick bucket. She was beautiful, in a way that had nothing to do with a perfect smile, or large breasts, or gorgeous hair, and had everything to do with her.

Although the boobs and hair were a nice perk.

She looked over at him, smiled that perfect smile, and for a moment he couldn't fucking breathe. ~ Lucy Parker
Sick Boy quotes by Lucy Parker
I've had enough
I'm sick of seeing and touching
Both sides of things
Sick of being the damn bridge for everybody

Can talk to anybody
Without me

I explain my mother to my father
my father to my little sister
My little sister to my brother
my brother to the white feminists
The white feminists to the Black church folks
the Black church folks to the ex-hippies
the ex-hippies to the Black separatists
the Black separatists to the artists
the artists to my friends' parents…

I've got to explain myself
To everybody

I do more translating
Than the Gawdamn U.N.

Forget it
I'm sick of it.

I'm sick of filling in your gaps

Sick of being your insurance against
the isolation of your self-imposed limitations

Sick of being the crazy at your holiday dinners

Sick of being the odd one at your Sunday Brunches

Sick of being the sole Black friend to 34 individual white people

Find another connection to the rest of the world
Find something else to make you legitimate
Find some other way to be political and hip

I will not be the bridge to your womanhood
Your manhood
Your humanness

I'm sick of reminding you not to
Close off too tight for too long

I'm sick of mediati ~ Kate Rushin
Sick Boy quotes by Kate Rushin
You need to up your vocabulary, boy. You can't walk around letting people think you're stupid. Expand your horizons. Besides, it's fun to call people names they have to look up to realize they've been insulted. (Mark)
Yeah, that's a twofer there. You get away with it and then they're twice as mad when they realize how bad you really insulted them. Especially if they mistake it for a compliment when you say it and thank you for it. (Bubba) ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Sick Boy quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
I have learned so much about myself. I have re-discovered that little boy who had the hunger to create, which I think I had lost. ~ John Galliano
Sick Boy quotes by John Galliano
I've had a lot of lieutenants over the years, and all the good ones were sick, sick individuals. You might be the best one yet. ~ Henry V. O'Neil
Sick Boy quotes by Henry V. O'Neil
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