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#1. Now, when I play soul piano, for instance, and I play a rendition of 'Spain,' I do it deconstructively. That's the most fun, but I can only do that when I'm on my own. - Author: Chick Corea
Shchedrin Piano quotes by Chick Corea
#2. Being a part of the crowd with incredible musicians onstage summoning the muse and delivering that to us - doesn't matter if it's an orchestra, two bluegrass banjo pickers, a solo singer, piano player, or Bruce Springsteen - when it all comes together, you can just feel as if you are a part of something bigger and grander than yourself. - Author: Patrick Fabian
Shchedrin Piano quotes by Patrick Fabian
#3. Whether you love Bach or would rather listen to a composition produced by Kulitta Software, Bach has and will continue to demand the we approach and answer the question, 'what is the art, science and language of music? - Author: Anastasia Lily
Shchedrin Piano quotes by Anastasia Lily
#4. I went to national piano competitions and did that whole circuit. Then I played professionally to support myself when I moved out to LA. - Author: Alicia Witt
Shchedrin Piano quotes by Alicia Witt
#5. Our whole dream for our home was for it to be an artist's haven. So there are paint supplies; there's a piano with a microphone and a recorder right there to capture things right in the second. There's editing equipment. There are cameras. I think the only thing in our house that people would be surprised by is the efficiency. - Author: Will Smith
Shchedrin Piano quotes by Will Smith
#6. If you're small and can speak clearly and you're a cute kid, that's the craft, really. The whole child actor thing can be dangerous sometimes. Other kids were taking piano lessons; I did ballet and acting. - Author: Rose McIver
Shchedrin Piano quotes by Rose McIver
#7. There weren't sidewalks to skateboard on and malls to hang out in. There wasn't anything to do. And I was too scrawny to play football, and so I decided I was just gonna sit at the piano, because it made more sense. - Author: John Fullbright
Shchedrin Piano quotes by John Fullbright
#8. I looked. George Shearing. And as always he leaned his blind head on his pale hand, all ears opened like the ears of an elephant, listening to the American sounds and mastering them for his own English summer's-night use. Then they urged him to get up and play. He did. He played innumerable choruses with amazing chords that mounted higher and higher till the sweat splashed all over the piano and everybody listened in awe and fright. They led him off the stand after an hour. He went back to his dark corner, old God Shearing, and the boys said, 'There ain't nothin left after that. - Author: Jack Kerouac
Shchedrin Piano quotes by Jack Kerouac
#9. When I was a kid, three years old, I couldn't walk by the piano without reaching up and trying to play a few notes on it. There are kids who are just drawn to listening to music and dancing to it and trying to conduct. - Author: Michael Tilson Thomas
Shchedrin Piano quotes by Michael Tilson Thomas
#10. I have long convinced myself that the piano is like a drug, seductive and strong, and it can mess you up, it can awaken dead emotions, it can drown you in your lost selves. It is a nervous breakdown waiting to happen. - Author: Matt Haig
Shchedrin Piano quotes by Matt Haig
#11. Some days I feel like a piano: kind of short, always in black & white, always expected to produce music. - Author: Alber Elbaz
Shchedrin Piano quotes by Alber Elbaz
#12. I still will sit down at the piano and play when I am wrestling with something emotionally or just want to move into the musical world. - Author: Alan Lightman
Shchedrin Piano quotes by Alan Lightman
#13. People sort of know me for that solo piano music I did. - Author: John Cale
Shchedrin Piano quotes by John Cale
#14. To me, the piano in itself is an orchestra. - Author: Cecil Taylor
Shchedrin Piano quotes by Cecil Taylor
#15. Sometimes it's nice to try different instruments because they have a different sound to offer and therefore your approach changes a little bit. But, I always come back to the piano. - Author: McCoy Tyner
Shchedrin Piano quotes by McCoy Tyner
#16. Prayer is like practicing the piano or ballet or writing: you have to bring your body for a very long time, in spite of your body's frailties and conflicts and general revolt, and then one day your body is not separate any more. You've in a sense become the piano or the dance or the word or the prayer. The prayer is in your heart. The prayer is your heart. - Author: Heather King
Shchedrin Piano quotes by Heather King
#17. There is, of course, no reason for the existence of the male sex except that sometimes one needs help with moving the piano. - Author: Rebecca West
Shchedrin Piano quotes by Rebecca West
#18. I sat on the piano bench next to my mother in church. Something happened before I set foot on this planet. I was crawling around inside of her. She was a church pianist. My dad was a brilliant singer. I was hearing it. - Author: Al Jarreau
Shchedrin Piano quotes by Al Jarreau
#19. A pianist is a painter of music - Author: Goitsemang Mvula
Shchedrin Piano quotes by Goitsemang Mvula
#20. I spent ten years playing classical piano, and that was what led to keyboards and eventually to production and to Linkin Park. - Author: Mike Shinoda
Shchedrin Piano quotes by Mike Shinoda
#21. This book came to me for review, but when I observed its count of pages I quietly dropped it behind the piano. - Author: H.L. Mencken
Shchedrin Piano quotes by H.L. Mencken
#22. I totally related to Cole Porter's magnetic pull to any piano that was in the room, which he was famous for doing, as was Gershwin. You couldn't drag them away from a piano. - Author: Kevin Kline
Shchedrin Piano quotes by Kevin Kline
#23. I cannot really play. Either at piano or at life; never, never have I been able to. I have always been too hasty, too impatient; something always intervenes and breaks it up. But who really knows how to play, and if he does know, what good is it to him? Is the great dark less dark for that, are the unanswerable questions less inscrutable, does the pain of despair at eternal inadequacy burn less fiercely, and can life ever be explained and seized and ridden like a tamed horse or is it always a mighty sail that carries us in the storm and, when we try to seize it, sweep us into the deep? Sometimes there is a hole in me that seems to extend to the center of the earth. What could fill it? Yearning? Dispair? Happiness? What happiness? Fatigue? Resignation? Death? What am I alive for? Yes, for what am I alive? - Author: Erich Maria Remarque
Shchedrin Piano quotes by Erich Maria Remarque
#24. My father was always playing the piano. He played all kinds of music - Gershwin, all kinds of stuff. - Author: Kate Bush
Shchedrin Piano quotes by Kate Bush
#25. In one of our concert grand pianos, 243 taut strings exert a pull of 40,000 pounds on an iron frame. It is proof that out of great tension may come great harmony. - Author: Theodore E. Steinway
Shchedrin Piano quotes by Theodore E. Steinway
#26. Genetically, I have tons of musical background in my life. My mother's father was a famous Weimar-era composer, Ernst Toch. My father's mother was the head of the Vienna Conservatory's piano department. It all canceled out in my case. I'm completely hopeless in music. - Author: Lawrence Weschler
Shchedrin Piano quotes by Lawrence Weschler
#27. I always thought of myself as the piano player in the band. That, I suppose, I'm confident about, and I guess my songwriting developed as I went along and I got a certain amount of confidence in that. The songs are like my kids, I'm proud of all of them for one reason or another. - Author: Billy Joel
Shchedrin Piano quotes by Billy Joel
#28. When you walk 25-30 feet above ground, it is a miracle, because you are still in the city ... but you are flying above the city. You are in the middle of trees, and that is a moment of beauty. - Author: Renzo Piano
Shchedrin Piano quotes by Renzo Piano
#29. I'm by no means a pianist. I think that's safe to say, but the piano, for me, I would say it's the enabler. It gave me what I needed and gives me what I need in order to write a song. And I think playing or improvising on the piano is where I feel most liberated and sort of less conscious of all my insecurities or inadequacies. - Author: Laura Mvula
Shchedrin Piano quotes by Laura Mvula
#30. On the stage Tristen bent over the piano, his fingers swift and sure, his blond hair gleaming under the spotlight. I glanced around at the audience, watching their faces, gratified that they were as captivated as I was by the dark, thunderous song that Tristen conjured. - Author: Beth Fantaskey
Shchedrin Piano quotes by Beth Fantaskey
#31. [A]s soon as you try and take a song from your mind into piano and voice and into the real world, something gets lost and it's like a moment where, in that moment you forget how it was and it's this new way. And then when you make a record, even those ideas that you had, then those get all turned and changed. So in the end, I think, it just becomes it's own thing and really I think a song could be recorded a million different ways and so what my records are, it just happened like that, but it's not like, this is how I planned it from the very beginning because I have no idea, I can't remember. - Author: Regina Spektor
Shchedrin Piano quotes by Regina Spektor
#32. They stopped thinking with an almost painful relief, stopped seeing; they only breathed and sought each other. They were both in the gray gentle world of a mild hangover of fatigue when the nerves relax in bunches like piano strings, and crackle suddenly like wicker chairs. Nerves so raw and tender must surely join other nerves, lips to lips, breast to breast ... - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
Shchedrin Piano quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#33. It was not so much fun. His work became confused with Nicole's problems; in addition, her income had increased so fast of late that it seemed to belittle his work. Also, for the purpose of her cure, he had for many years pretended to a rigid domesticity from which he was drifting away, and the pretence became more arduous in this effortless immobility, in which he was inevitably subjected to microscopic examination. When Dick could no longer play what he wanted to play on the piano, it was an indication that life was bring refined down to a point. He stayed in the big room a long time, listening to the buzz of the electric clock, listening to time. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
Shchedrin Piano quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#34. Eliminating the piano means that I've always worked closer with the bass than most players. - Author: Gerry Mulligan
Shchedrin Piano quotes by Gerry Mulligan
#35. I don't own a computer. I have a nine-foot piano in my home to compose my messages. Why would I want a one-foot computer to do the same thing? - Author: Tori Amos
Shchedrin Piano quotes by Tori Amos
#36. You play beautifully," she told him, although the music was obscurely classical and, because there were no lyrics, unmemorable to her. But the compliment was like a drop of water on the dry wool of his face. His cheeks seemed to soften, color, even swell. "I hope it doesn't disturb you," he said. She held out her hand, the thin string of the bakery box looped around her wrist. "Not at all," she said, although three or four times now she had hung on her husband's arm to keep him from banging the broom handle against the ceiling. "We enjoy it," she said. And then, at a loss for a more substantial compliment, she added, "You must have some beautiful piano. - Author: Alice McDermott
Shchedrin Piano quotes by Alice McDermott
#37. The world moves along at such a fast clip that we have little patience when things are slow, whether it's the line at a supermarket or Internet access. We've become intolerant of those things that cannot be accelerated or skipped entirely. I can't speed up the foundation work for a building, nor can I expect to play piano like Glenn Gould just because I want to. - Author: Donald J. Trump
Shchedrin Piano quotes by Donald J. Trump
#38. I like the poem on the page and not at the podium. I like to address the poem in peace and quiet, not on the edge of a folding chair with a full bladder. I can't stand hearing a poem that I can't see. I did a reading at Wayne State, and it ended with the comedy such occasions deserve. I'd seated myself on a piano bench, and discovered upon attempting to arise at the end that the varnish had softened and I was stuck fast. The hinge was to the front, under my knees, so that as I tried to get up, I merely opened the lid. - Author: Ted Kooser
Shchedrin Piano quotes by Ted Kooser
#39. I've played piano and guitar when I was younger. - Author: Debra Wilson
Shchedrin Piano quotes by Debra Wilson

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