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The destructive effects of video games are not on boys' cognitive abilities or their reaction times, but on there motivation and their connectedness with the real world. ~ Leonard Sax
Shahanshah Video quotes by Leonard Sax
I've always liked Liverpool. I'd play a lot of video games, and I'd be them, because they played in red, like Independiente, my first club, Arsenal, or Chelsea. ~ Sergio Aguero
Shahanshah Video quotes by Sergio Aguero
Touring definitely helps sell albums. Things have changed. I've noticed now more than ever when you market an album, get radio play/video play etc. it helps sell albums but it helps get more shows. ~ Classified
Shahanshah Video quotes by Classified
There's a hardness I'm seeing in modern people. Those little moments of goofiness that used to make the day pass seem to have gone. Life's so serious now. Maybe it's just because I'm with an older gang now.[...]I mean nobody even has hobbies these days. Not that I can see. Husbands and wives both work. Kids are farmed out to schools and video games. Nobody seems able to endure simply being themselves, either - but at the same time they're isolated. People work much more, only go home and surf the Internet and send e-mail rather than calling or writing a note or visiting each other. They work, watch TV, and sleep. I see these things. The world is only about work: work work work get get ahead...getting sacked from work...going online...knowing computer languages...winning contracts. I mean, it's just not what I would have imagined the world might be if you'd asked me seventeen years ago. People are frazzled and angry, desperate about money, and, at best, indifferent to the future. ~ Douglas Coupland
Shahanshah Video quotes by Douglas Coupland
Listen, some girl will see that video and you're going to give her the courage to buy her own purple bikini. You're going to make a difference. Just watch. Girls everywhere, of all sizes, are going to want one. Clothing manufacturers across the globe will be working overtime to produce enough purple swimsuits to satisfy the demand. Girls will stop asking Do these jeans make my butt look big? They won't care if it looks big or small. They'll wear what they want to wear and fucking own it. ~ Jennifer Niven
Shahanshah Video quotes by Jennifer Niven
Any kind of horror video game where I'm the first-person player and I'm ... I suddenly stop caring about the video game dude, and I'm like, I really don't want him to die,' and then the minute he dies, it upsets me. I can't play those games. ~ Kit Harington
Shahanshah Video quotes by Kit Harington
I wanted to jeopardize my own image. With my image I had already produced art pieces such as videos of photographs. ~ Orlan
Shahanshah Video quotes by Orlan
Politics are for the Washington, D.C., policy makers who safely watched the action on a video monitor from thousands of miles away. ~ Mark Owen
Shahanshah Video quotes by Mark Owen
There's a new Osama bin Laden video. He's the only person that is looking thin during the holidays. How does he do it? I think he's going to Jenny Craig. ~ Jay Leno
Shahanshah Video quotes by Jay Leno
I'm a big video game fan. ~ Kyrie Irving
Shahanshah Video quotes by Kyrie Irving
I think that if someone plays a video game, and then goes out and harms another human being, or themselves because of what they just saw in the video game, they were screwed up in the head long before they got their hands on a controller. ~ Tim Buckley
Shahanshah Video quotes by Tim Buckley
No one was jumping up and saying, 'Yeah, let me give you money.' I had never held a camera in my hand - a home video camera, nothing. I had not directed. ~ Joey Lauren Adams
Shahanshah Video quotes by Joey Lauren Adams
The revolution of video had a massive affect. We grew up in a time where suddenly you could own films. Before, they had a theatrical run, and then perhaps they'd come back, or you'd catch them in a retro cinema. ~ Simon Pegg
Shahanshah Video quotes by Simon Pegg
We have tons of live performances that we're putting on there. We have music videos. There's a music video for the song called I Am Jesus what is one of the funniest music videos, like we just could not find a place for it in the movie, but it's like crazy funny. And we have the whole video. ~ Nicholas Stoller
Shahanshah Video quotes by Nicholas Stoller
People think about the world of TV and the world of online video as being different ways to distribute video. But what happens when every TV is connected to wi-fi with a browser? ~ Chad Hurley
Shahanshah Video quotes by Chad Hurley
I'm an artist in residence, I've still been able to accept commercial jobs, and what I'll do is I'll make little videos on the side that I then bring back to the school and show the students the next day. ~ Gregory Heisler
Shahanshah Video quotes by Gregory Heisler
I wanted to make feminism more accessible. And I really wanted to engage with my own generation, one that is increasingly speaking in an audio/video multimedia language. ~ Anita Sarkeesian
Shahanshah Video quotes by Anita Sarkeesian
Few endeavors, if any at all, I find to be inherently mature or inherently immature. Maturity is neither defined by one's particular preferences nor by one's particular activities; rather, it is defined by the strength of one's character. ~ Criss Jami
Shahanshah Video quotes by Criss Jami
Now there's something you don't see everyday. Gah, I hope there's no human roaming around with a video recorder or cell phone. Be a bitch to explain that. Easier to just kill them." – Sasha ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Shahanshah Video quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
I had a video made of my recent knee operation. The doctor said it was the best movie I ever starred in. ~ Shirley Maclaine
Shahanshah Video quotes by Shirley Maclaine
Wait a second," said Ash. "How is there a 'moon in springtime before the start of the new year'? I think it's a riddle. It makes no sense."

"Yes, it does," said Jared. "The new year was in March in England until the 1700s, when the pope introduced a new calendar."

Everyone stared at him. Jared flushed slightly, scar thrown into relief, and muttered, "I read a lot of old books."

"Well done," said Jon. "See where learning gets you, lads? So much better than messing around with girls or playing those video games which one hears are full of violence."

Kami, as a witness to many of her father's video game marathons, gave him a long judgmental stare. "You total hypocrite."

"Hypocrisy is what being a parent is all about," Jon said. "Well done for cracking the books, Jared and Holly. You see how it pays off."

Holly smiled and the light of her smile seemed to spill all over the room, reflections of light refracted all over everywhere.

"It's true reading is a wonderful thing," Rusty observed. "I read a Cosmo a year ago, and I still remember how to keep my nails in perfect condition and also ten top tips on how to dress to accentuate my ass."

Now everybody was staring at Rusty. Unlike Jared, he did not blush.

"Those tips are working," he said. "Don't pretend you haven't all noticed. I know the truth."

Kami rolled up a magazine on the table - sadly, for the sake of dramatic irony ~ Sarah Rees Brennan
Shahanshah Video quotes by Sarah Rees Brennan
As a drummer my job is to reproduce what made the people bop their heads when they first heard the album on the radio, or when they watched the music video. ~ Eric Hernandez
Shahanshah Video quotes by Eric Hernandez
I'm a chill guy, a very normal guy. I hang out with my friends, play video games. I'm just a normal kid. ~ Andrew Wiggins
Shahanshah Video quotes by Andrew Wiggins
Video is so primal. When you can hear a person talking about the project, and can see his or her passion, it is unbelievably powerful. I don't want to make it seem like projects without a video fail. ~ Perry Chen
Shahanshah Video quotes by Perry Chen
I hate videos. I'm meticulous on everything from cover art, fonts, productions, mixing. But when it comes to videos, I just feel so defeated. ~ Questlove
Shahanshah Video quotes by Questlove
Life would be a lot easier if conversations were rewindable and erasable, like videos. Or if you could instruct people to disregard what you just said, like in a courtroom. ~ Sophie Kinsella
Shahanshah Video quotes by Sophie Kinsella
The Cheesy Animation Video Production Services Is 3D Corporate Solutions And Presentation, Ideas Company India, UK, USA, Dubai, UAE. ~ John
Shahanshah Video quotes by John
You can't please everybody, and basically I just decided to please myself first on this record. This record is more like my diary and I am expressing myself through my music. And that's what it should be about. That's why I didn't change my name or anything. It's not about the name; it's about the music. The old saying goes that video killed the radio star and it's very true. And now I'm just letting everything revolve around the music. There is no image; I am just being myself. ~ Vanilla Ice
Shahanshah Video quotes by Vanilla Ice
It's so important for husbands and wives to be united when making parenting decisions. If either parent doesn't feel good about something, then permission should not be granted. If either feels uncomfortable about a movie, a television show, a video game, a party, a dress, a swimsuit, or an Internet activity, have the courage to support each other and say no. ~ Larry R. Lawrence
Shahanshah Video quotes by Larry R. Lawrence
To my knowledge, no one in or out of the field has ever been able to cite a game worthy of comparison with the great dramatists, poets, filmmakers, novelists and composers. That a game can aspire to artistic importance as a visual experience, I accept. But for most gamers, video games represent a loss of those precious hours we have available to make ourselves more cultured, civilized and empathetic. ~ Roger Ebert
Shahanshah Video quotes by Roger Ebert
Viral videos aren't just about being funny. They're about identity creation. ~ Ricky Van Veen
Shahanshah Video quotes by Ricky Van Veen
I have very fond memories of growing up in Greece, of my brothers and I causing chaos and climbing up trees, which is really cool. Back then, we didn't have all the video games and all that stuff. We just had each other, and we played on the street. ~ Tracy Spiridakos
Shahanshah Video quotes by Tracy Spiridakos
The stories circulating that Kanye West's laptop has been stolen are completely false. His laptop has never been out of his possession. Hence, the laptop has not been hacked, and there has been no leak of personal data such as unreleased music, photographs, designs, videos or any other personal files. The leak today of the unreleased track 'Awesome' was unrelated and completely coincidental. ~ Malik Yusef
Shahanshah Video quotes by Malik Yusef
I still think about that one Jamiroquai video a lot. ~ Doris Kearns Goodwin
Shahanshah Video quotes by Doris Kearns Goodwin
Ben Smith's quick-hit campaign 'scoops' are about as viral as cat videos. That fits with Buzzfeed. ~ Nick Denton
Shahanshah Video quotes by Nick Denton
Click-throughs on a video are often much higher than a standard website listing on the front page of Google. If you see a video in the Google results ... it stands out a lot more than a regular website listing does, so [it] tends to attract more clicks. ~ Matthew Carter
Shahanshah Video quotes by Matthew Carter
Music video played a huge role in developing my sensibility as a director. ~ Tamra Davis
Shahanshah Video quotes by Tamra Davis
The effort of every time I put out a video, it was like, 'Okay, I've got to put it on my Facebook, I've got to put it on my website, what's the view count now? What's the view count now? What's the view count now?' You get obsessive with it. ~ Rachel Bloom
Shahanshah Video quotes by Rachel Bloom
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