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#1. I don't deserve your love or your shine, but I want it because with you I can feel the sun. I don't want to go back to those shadows. - Author: Maya Banks
Reindeer Love quotes by Maya Banks
#2. I'm not sure we ever learn to live without those we love. I think Margaret may be right. The secret is to learn to live with them as nearby as we can keep them. My parents are dead and my sister is in Beckford. I miss them every day. Only now am I learning the right way to remember them. - Author: Rachel Fordham
Reindeer Love quotes by Rachel Fordham
#3. The love for nature is the well-spring of life. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Reindeer Love quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#4. Love is my strength, love is my power. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Reindeer Love quotes by Debasish Mridha
#5. Love kills, It's sad when you give her a one million reason to love you then she keeps insisting to choose that one reason to doubt it - Author: Sami Abouzid
Reindeer Love quotes by Sami Abouzid
#6. Self care is a sacred-self love. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Reindeer Love quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#7. I love the French for their sarcasm, their irony. I love them for their bad moods. - Author: Marjane Satrapi
Reindeer Love quotes by Marjane Satrapi
#8. She held up the pen and gave him a lazy grin. "It's a rose."
He came close. "It's a pen." He tried to pluck it from her hand.
"You are seriously lacking in imagination. - Author: Ronie Kendig
Reindeer Love quotes by Ronie Kendig
#9. Haleine contre haleine, échauffe-moi la vie,
Mille et mille baisers donne-moi je te prie,
Amour veut tout sans nombre, amour n'a point de loi

Translated: Breath against breath warms my life.
A thousand kisses give me I pray thee.
Love says it all without number,
love knows no law. - Author: Pierre De Ronsard
Reindeer Love quotes by Pierre De Ronsard
#10. In every loving woman there is a priestess of the past - a pious guardian of some affection, of which the object has disappeared. - Author: Henri Frederic Amiel
Reindeer Love quotes by Henri Frederic Amiel
#11. The real relatedness between two people is experienced in the small tasks they do together: the quiet conversation when the day's upheavels are at rest, the soft word of understanding, the daily companionship, the encouragement offered in a difficult moment, the small gift when least expected, the spontaneous gesture of love. - Author: Robert A. Johnson
Reindeer Love quotes by Robert A. Johnson
#12. I'd love to go back to Europe in the '20s and '30s, for the beginning of the Psychoanalytic Movement, and Freud and Jung, and all that was going on with discoveries in quantum physics. The whole nature of reality was changing and being challenged. - Author: Michael Sheen
Reindeer Love quotes by Michael Sheen
#13. What I love about the creative process, and this may sound naive, but it is this idea that one day there is no idea, and no solution, but the next day there is an idea. I find that incredibly exciting and conceptually actually remarkable. - Author: Jonathan Ive
Reindeer Love quotes by Jonathan Ive
#14. Prayers likewise your positive thoughts can be based on gratitude and love. - Author: Raphael Zernoff
Reindeer Love quotes by Raphael Zernoff
#15. Humans are in love with the idea of our persisting,' he said. 'We fetishize it, really. Our retirement funds, our genealogies. Our so-called ideas for the ages. - Author: Barbara Kingsolver
Reindeer Love quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
#16. God never gives dominion to any creature which has not received his image. His image is love. Other things belong to God; but God is love. No creature that has not love will be allowed to have a permanent empire. The Father of mercy will not put the reigns of government into a hand that has no heart. Dominion is a very solemn thing; it may oppress, crush, destroy. The Father must have a guarantee for its gentleness. What guarantee can there be but his image - the possession of a nature tender as the Divine? - Author: George Matheson
Reindeer Love quotes by George Matheson
#17. 'Twas drink made me fall in love, And love made me run into debt, And though I have struggled and struggled and strove, I cannot get out of them yet. - Author: Alexander Brome
Reindeer Love quotes by Alexander Brome
#18. You rescue something and you're responsible for it. But maybe that's what love is. Maybe it's like a hit-and-run accident; it smashes you before you can think. You do it no matter the cost and you keep on running - Author: Alice Hoffman
Reindeer Love quotes by Alice Hoffman
#19. Allow love, to illuminate the unknown pathways that are destined - to be traveled. - Author: Eleesha
Reindeer Love quotes by Eleesha
#20. The only way of knowing a person is to love them without hope. - Author: Walter Benjamin
Reindeer Love quotes by Walter Benjamin
#21. I feel clammy against his heat, yet I do not move away. Maybe it's because I am too weak. Maybe it's because I don't want to. I guess there are worse places to die. - Author: Naomi Kelly
Reindeer Love quotes by Naomi Kelly
#22. Food is fuel and not a solution to anything other than giving your body nutrients. I love chocolate like the next girl, but it's not going to change my situation. - Author: Gabrielle Reece
Reindeer Love quotes by Gabrielle Reece
#23. And while I do love coffee - both the scent ... and the taste - I have no doubt I'd prefer the scent ... and the taste ... of something ... more personal. - Author: Skye Jordan
Reindeer Love quotes by Skye Jordan
#24. Our experiences shape who we are. - Author: Kelly Oram
Reindeer Love quotes by Kelly Oram
#25. I had an absurd desire to go down to her and make sure she was all right, and stay with her until dawn. I also had a fierce wish to bludgeon the two frat boys to death with a shovel. - Author: Molly Ringle
Reindeer Love quotes by Molly Ringle
#26. In love of home, the love of country has its rise. - Author: Charles Dickens
Reindeer Love quotes by Charles Dickens
#27. People like head trauma. They love knockouts. The crowd is silent, silent, silent ... and then a knockout happens, and everyone goes native. There would be far fewer knockouts without the gloves. - Author: Jonathan Gottschall
Reindeer Love quotes by Jonathan Gottschall
#28. I'm a mean, cruel person who doesn't deserve love. - Author: Sherry Gammon
Reindeer Love quotes by Sherry Gammon
#29. I think 'One Woman Army' sums up the overall picture. I talk about love, about life, and I talk about what I want and would hope for and what I need as a woman. It kind of just says it all, you know? - Author: Ciara
Reindeer Love quotes by Ciara
#30. I loved England's gentility and its civility. I'm from the Bronx, with a Bronx accent. I love the beauty of its language, the ways it's spoken. I love the green grass of England and the flowers. - Author: Sid Bernstein
Reindeer Love quotes by Sid Bernstein
#31. A real life doesn't mean getting what you want; the achievement, the privilege, too is knowing what you love. - Author: Marisa De Los Santos
Reindeer Love quotes by Marisa De Los Santos
#32. During any experience placed before us, we can stay in alignment with positivity, truth, and goodness by asking the question: What would honor and love do here? - Author: Molly Friedenfeld
Reindeer Love quotes by Molly Friedenfeld
#33. I've loved you forever." His eyes were dark and serious.
"I love you too. - Author: Elizabeth Finn
Reindeer Love quotes by Elizabeth Finn
#34. They can see the character, standing before them. The voice became iconic in its own right. Parents often ask me to do it for their children, who don't quite believe them. After all, any old man can claim to be the guy inside the gold suit and kids are rightly skeptical.
'Hello, I am See-Threepio, human-cyborg relations.'
Then I see the magic. I watch as the sound enters their ears, it reaches their brain, it gets processed in moments. And suddenly. Smiles of recognition - and love. - Author: Anthony Daniels
Reindeer Love quotes by Anthony Daniels
#35. To last, a marriage and family must be built on love - love for God, and love for one another. - Author: Elizabeth George
Reindeer Love quotes by Elizabeth George
#36. Joy doubles your faith, strength triples your might, and love quadruples your power. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
Reindeer Love quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#37. Bipolar depression really got my life off track, but today I'm proud to say I am living proof that someone can live, love, and be well with bipolar disorder when they get the education, support and treatment they need. - Author: Demi Lovato
Reindeer Love quotes by Demi Lovato
#38. I know God enjoys hearing my take on how best we should all proceed, as I'm always full of useful advice. I'm sure God says either, "Oh, I so love Annie's selfless and evolved thoughts," or else "Jeez. What a head case. - Author: Anne Lamott
Reindeer Love quotes by Anne Lamott
#39. My favorite song is Whitney Houston's 'I Will Always Love You' because my brother used to sing it to me as loud as he could. Annoying then, favorite memory now. - Author: Shelley Hennig
Reindeer Love quotes by Shelley Hennig
#40. You're human. No one cares if you sleep with a whore. (Artemis)
(Tory did something she'd never in her life done before. She slapped another person.)
You ever insult Acheron again and so help me, I'll do to you what you allowed your brother to do to him. I'll cut your tongue out for it. Acheron is the man I love and no one, ever, takes issue with him without having issues with me. (Tory) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Reindeer Love quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#41. I just like observing people - it's something I've done ever since I was a kid, and I got really good at it. That's a big part of why I became a comedian. My audience is filled with every kind of person you can imagine, and I love that. - Author: Ellen DeGeneres
Reindeer Love quotes by Ellen DeGeneres
#42. As long as we share our stories, as long as our stories reveal our strengths and vulnerabilities to each other, we reinvigorte our understanding and tolerance for the little quirks of personality that in other circumstances would drive us apart. When we live in a family, a community, a country where we know each other's true stories, we remember our capacity to lean in and love each other into wholeness.

I have read the story of a tribe in southern Africa called the Babemba in which a person doing something wrong, something that destroys this delicate social net, brings all work in the village to a halt. The people gather around the "offender," and one by one they begin to recite everything he has done right in his life: every good deed, thoughtful behavior, act of social responsibility. These things have to be true about the person, and spoken honestly, but the time-honored consequence of misbehavior is to appreciate that person back into the better part of himself. The person is given the chance to remember who he is and why he is important to the life of the village.

I want to live under such a practice of compassion. When I forget my place, when I lash out with some private wounding in a public way, I want to be remembered back into alignment with my self and my purpose. I want to live with the opportunity for reconciliation. When someone around me is thoughtless or cruel, I want to be given the chance to respond with a ritual that creates the pos - Author: Christina Baldwin
Reindeer Love quotes by Christina Baldwin
#43. they will never allow that a child is under any obligation to his father for begetting him, or to his mother for bringing him into the world; which, considering the miseries of human life, was neither a benefit in itself, nor intended so by his parents, whose thoughts, in their love encounters, were otherwise employed. - Author: Jonathan Swift
Reindeer Love quotes by Jonathan Swift

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