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There comes a time when everyone should seriously empathise.
Wikipedia defines empathy as "the capacity to recognise feelings that are being experienced by another sentient or semi-sentient being". Empathy is a prerequisite for experiencing compassion, and compassion is precisely what this world is most in need of. It's the crucial emotion required to help free the world from the thralls of depravity in which it finds itself ensnared ~ Mango Wodzak
Ramanna Wikipedia quotes by Mango Wodzak
I think it's weird that the news cedes so much ground to Wikipedia. That isn't true in other informational sectors. ~ Ezra Klein
Ramanna Wikipedia quotes by Ezra Klein
Once the propagation mechanism was in place, it would have exerted selective pressure to make some outliers in the population more innovative. This is because innovations would only be valuable if they spread rapidly. In this respect, we could say mirror neurons served the same role in early hominin evolution as the Internet, Wikipedia, and blogging do today. Once the cascade was set in motion, there was no turning back from the path to humanity. ~ V.S. Ramachandran
Ramanna Wikipedia quotes by V.S. Ramachandran
I guess there should be somewhere on the Internet that feels like a source of sacred truth. But Wikipedia sure isn't it. ~ Nick Kroll
Ramanna Wikipedia quotes by Nick Kroll
Wikipedia represents a belief in the supremacy of reason and goodness of others. ~ Daniel H. Pink
Ramanna Wikipedia quotes by Daniel H. Pink
Free services like Wikipedia I don't think benefit anyone - they don't benefit the professional because they're not paid. ~ Andrew Keen
Ramanna Wikipedia quotes by Andrew Keen
I wouldn't advise making a four-year commitment to eventually land an $8.00/hour job. Skip college. Read Wikipedia for free instead. ~ Jarod Kintz
Ramanna Wikipedia quotes by Jarod Kintz
A method of schooling founded by the Italian educator Maria Montessori that emphasizes collaborative, explorative learning, and whose alumni include Google's founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page; Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales; video-game designer Will Wright; Amazon's founder, Jeff Bezos; chef Julia Child; and rap impresario Sean Combs. ~ Daniel Coyle
Ramanna Wikipedia quotes by Daniel Coyle
She no longer lived in a world of speculation or recall and would take nothing on faith when the facts were but a few clicks away. It drove me nuts. I was sick to death of having as my dinner companions Wikipedia, About.com, IMDb, the Zagat guide, Time out New York, a hundred Tumblrs, the New York Times, and People magazine. Was there not some strange forgotten pleasure in reveling in our ignorance? Would we just be wrong? ~ Joshua Ferris
Ramanna Wikipedia quotes by Joshua Ferris
Peter tells Langdon that the Masons believe that the Bible is an esoteric allegory written by humanity, and that, like most religious texts around the globe, it contains veiled instructions for harnessing humanity's natural God-like qualities and is not meant to be interpreted as the commands of an all-powerful deity. This interpretation has been lost amid centuries of scientific skepticism and fundamentalist zealotry. The Masons have (metaphorically) buried it, believing that, when the time is right, its rediscovery will usher in a new era of human enlightenment. ~ The Lost Symbol Wikipedia
Ramanna Wikipedia quotes by The Lost Symbol Wikipedia
I kept hearing about mindfulness, which isn't a new subject. In fact it's rooted in ancient Buddhism. Wikipedia defines Mindfulness as "The intentional, accepting, non-judgmental focus of one's attention on the emotions, thoughts and sensations occurring in the present moment. ~ KP Croft
Ramanna Wikipedia quotes by KP Croft
There are other sources, but Wikipedia is a good start. ~ Ru Freeman
Ramanna Wikipedia quotes by Ru Freeman
People take issue with individual aspects of Wikipedia all the time. But it's kind of hard to hate the general idea of a free encyclopedia. It's like hating kittens. ~ Jimmy Wales
Ramanna Wikipedia quotes by Jimmy Wales
I dont know how to add things to my own wikipedia page. ~ Craig Ferguson
Ramanna Wikipedia quotes by Craig Ferguson
On a scale of 1 to extroverted, I'm a 3.14159. So is pi. I network like "the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter." Thanks, Wikipedia! ~ Jarod Kintz
Ramanna Wikipedia quotes by Jarod Kintz
Julian: "Wikipedia knows about everything. It might be run by warlocks."
Emma: "You think that's what they do all day in the Spiral Labyrinth? Run Wikipedia?"
Julian: "I admit it seems like a letdown. ~ Cassandra Clare
Ramanna Wikipedia quotes by Cassandra Clare
The Internet has become a remarkable fount of economic and social innovation largely because it's been an archetypal level playing field, on which even sites with little or no money behind them - blogs, say, or Wikipedia - can become influential. ~ James Surowiecki
Ramanna Wikipedia quotes by James Surowiecki
I go to look up the elevation of the Golden Gate bridge on Wikipedia, and an hour later I'm watching four guys in lucha libre masks fuck a dolphin. ~ Jon Konrath
Ramanna Wikipedia quotes by Jon Konrath
If there were a how-to book, Demon Slaying for Dummies, or The Complete Idiot' s Guide to
Vampire Hunting, or a Wikipedia entry, or whatever, I think Rule No. 1 would be something like:
not, under any circumstances, stop in the woods on the night of a full fucking moon and shoot up, when
you know the rogue werewolf you've been tracking for a week is probably pretty close by. ~ Kathleen Tierney
Ramanna Wikipedia quotes by Kathleen Tierney
Go ahead and make up a ton of lies about me. That's way more interesting than pretending Wikipedia has any real information. ~ Nick Kroll
Ramanna Wikipedia quotes by Nick Kroll
Oh, Wikipedia, with your tension between those who would share knowledge and those who would destroy it. ~ John Green
Ramanna Wikipedia quotes by John Green
Does anything really matter? We all end up in the same place. All that's left is our Wikipedia entry. ~ Lorde
Ramanna Wikipedia quotes by Lorde
To continue down the path of comprehensiveness, Wikipedia will need to sustain the astonishing mass fervor of its birth years. Will that be possible? No one knows. ~ James Gleick
Ramanna Wikipedia quotes by James Gleick
Any computer that developed real consciousness was immediately identified by the Genesis subroutine and destroyed. It had been that way since the WikiWars a century ago, when Wikipedia became self-aware and began vengefully reediting its contributors with remote-controlled heavy weaponry. ~ Michael Rubens
Ramanna Wikipedia quotes by Michael Rubens
As a psycholinguist who once wrote an entire book on the past tense, I can single out my favorite example in the history of the English language. It comes from the first sentence of a Wikipedia entry:

Smallpox was an infectious disease caused by either of two virus variants, Variola major and Variola minor.

Yes, "smallpox was. ~ Steven Pinker
Ramanna Wikipedia quotes by Steven Pinker
People who go around advertising their birthdays are douchebags. It's a fact. You can look it up on Wikipedia. ~ Katja Millay
Ramanna Wikipedia quotes by Katja Millay
I know Wikipedia is very cool. A lot of people do not think so, but of course they are wrong. ~ Larry Sanger
Ramanna Wikipedia quotes by Larry Sanger
One thing that I'm really interested in is the kind of esoteric detail that surrounds these great figures. And Wikipedia is full of that kind of stuff, whether it's true or untrue. It staggers me: why, in the short space assigned to a person or an event, that kind of random information is there. To be honest, that's wonderful fuel for songwriting. ~ Nick Cave
Ramanna Wikipedia quotes by Nick Cave
Wikipedia celebrates its 12th birthday today. Of course, I have no idea if it's true. I read it on Wikipedia. ~ Craig Ferguson
Ramanna Wikipedia quotes by Craig Ferguson
Wikipedia lacks the habit or tradition of respect for expertise. As a community, far from being elitist (which would, in this context, mean excluding the unwashed masses), it is anti-elitist (which, in this context, means that expertise is not accorded any special respect, and snubs and disrespect of expertise is tolerated). ~ Larry Sanger
Ramanna Wikipedia quotes by Larry Sanger
If he could go back, choose another career, my father would have liked to have been an environmentalist of some kind, which is why he'd really like to be remembered for something almost nobody knows he did: naming Earth Day. It agitated him to look up Earth Day on Wikipedia recently and not see his name anywhere. So a few days ago, I added it. ~ Sarah Koenig
Ramanna Wikipedia quotes by Sarah Koenig
Wikipedia…" Jamison began, his voice dripping with disgust, "is not a resource for researching one's moral quandaries. It is pornography for pseudo-intellectuals." ~Gauze ~ Tiffany Reisz
Ramanna Wikipedia quotes by Tiffany Reisz
Daniel Defoe was an English writer, journalist and spy, who gained enduring fame for his novel Robinson Crusoe. Defoe is notable for being one of the earliest practitioners of the novel and helped popularize the genre in Britain. In some texts he is even referred to as one of the founders, if not the founder, of the English novel. A prolific and versatile writer, he wrote over five hundred books, pamphlets, and journals on various topics (including politics, crime, religion, marriage, psychology and the supernatural). He was also a pioneer of economic journalism. Source: Wikipedia ~ Daniel Defoe
Ramanna Wikipedia quotes by Daniel Defoe
Too often we just look at these glistening successes. Behind them in many, many cases is failure along the way, and that doesn't get put into the Wikipedia story or the bio. Yet those failures teach you every bit as much as the successes. ~ Michael Mullen
Ramanna Wikipedia quotes by Michael Mullen
For all its shortcomings, Wikipedia does have strong governance and deliberative mechanisms; anyone who has ever followed discussions on Wikipedia's mailing lists will confirm that its moderators and administrators openly discuss controversial issues on a regular basis. ~ Evgeny Morozov
Ramanna Wikipedia quotes by Evgeny Morozov
The approach to digital culture I abhor would indeed turn all the world's books into one book, just as Kevin (Kelly) suggested. It might start to happen in the next decade or so. Google and other companies are scanning library books into the cloud in a massive Manhattan Project of cultural digitization. What happens next is what's important. If the books in the cloud are accessed via user interfaces that encourage mashups of fragments that obscure the context and authorship of each fragment, there will be only one book. This is what happens today with a lot of content; often you don't know where a quoted fragment from a news story came from, who wrote a comment, or who shot a video. A continuation of the present trend will make us like various medieval religious empires, or like North Korea, a society with a single book.

The Bible can serve as a prototypical example. Like Wikipedia, the Bible's authorship was shared, largely anonymous, and cumulative, and the obscurity of the individual authors served to create an oracle-like ambience for the document as "the literal word of God." If we take a non-metaphysical view of the Bible, it serves as a link to our ancestors, a window. The ethereal, digital replacement technology for the printing press happens to have come of age in a time when the unfortunate ideology I'm criticizing dominates technological culture. Authorship - the very idea of the individual point of view - is not a priority of the new ideology. The digi ~ Jaron Lanier
Ramanna Wikipedia quotes by Jaron Lanier
Wikipedia is run by hippies of course - the same kind of impractical utopian losers who gave us the first affordable desktop computer and the iPod ~ Andre The BFG
Ramanna Wikipedia quotes by Andre The BFG
Adam Smith FRSE (baptised June 5, 1723 O.S. / June 16 N.S. – July 17, 1790) was a Scottish moral philosopher and a pioneering political economist. He is also the founder of economics. One of the key figures of the intellectual movement known as the Scottish Enlightenment, he is known primarily as the author of two treatises: The Theory of Moral Sentiments (1759), and An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations (1776). The latter was one of the earliest attempts to systematically study the historical development of industry and commerce in Europe, as well as a sustained attack on the doctrines of mercantilism. Smith's work helped to create the modern academic discipline of economics and provided one of the best-known intellectual rationales for free trade, capitalism, and libertarianism. Adam Smith is now depicted on the back of the Bank of England £20 note. Source: Wikipedia ~ Adam Smith
Ramanna Wikipedia quotes by Adam Smith
It was Day Three, Freshman Year, and I was a little bit lost in the school library,looking for a bathroom that wasn't full of blindingly shiny sophomores checking their lip gloss.
Day Three.Already pretty clear on the fact that I would be using secondary bathrooms for at least the next three years,until being a senior could pass for confidence.For the moment, I knew no one,and was too shy to talk to anyone. So that first sight of Edward: pale hair that looked like he'd just run his hands through it, paint-smeared white shirt,a half smile that was half wicked,and I was hooked.
Since, "Hi,I'm Ella.You look like someone I'd like to spend the rest of my life with," would have been totally insane, I opted for sitting quietly and staring.Until the bell rang and I had to rush to French class,completely forgetting to pee.
Edward Willing.Once I knew his name, the rest was easy.After all,we're living in the age of information. Wikipedia, iPhones, 4G ntworks, social networking that you can do from a thousand miles away.The upshot being that at any given time over the next two years, I could sit twenty feet from him in the library, not saying a word, and learn a lot about him.ENough, anyway, for me to become completely convinced that the Love at First Sight hadn't been a fluke.
It's pretty simple.Edward matched four and a half of my If My Prince Does, In Fact, Come Someday,It Would Be Great If He Could Meet These Five Criteria.
1. Interested in art. For me, it's ~ Melissa Jensen
Ramanna Wikipedia quotes by Melissa Jensen
Wikipedia took the idea of peer review and applied it to volunteers on a global scale, becoming the most important English reference work in less than 10 years. Yet the cumulative time devoted to creating Wikipedia, something like 100 million hours of human thought, is expended by Americans every weekend, just watching ads. ~ Clay Shirky
Ramanna Wikipedia quotes by Clay Shirky
Many American TV actors employ agents, managers, business managers, publicists and stylists, and are now adding digital media manager to the list. Their job is to reach out to the fans, managing websites, Twitter feeds, Facebook and Wikipedia. ~ Gina Bellman
Ramanna Wikipedia quotes by Gina Bellman
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