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I remember being in high school, and you had to draw those lines and define yourself. I don't think when I was in high school I would have been willing to admit that I liked the Shins. I was into TSOL and Black Flag. I probably would have listened to the Shins secretly in my bedroom. ~ James Mercer
Peregrinations Define quotes by James Mercer
Most people are defined by their titles, their cars, their house, where they came from, their color, their race, their religion. And so it's up to you to take control of your own life and define you. As long as you understand who you are and you have a solid foundation of understanding what your talents are, what your skills are. ~ Stedman Graham
Peregrinations Define quotes by Stedman Graham
Meaning bad isn't the issue. Meaning you do what you do. Not without consequences for other people, of course, sometimes very grave ones. But it's not very helpful to regard your choices as a series of right or wrong moves. They don't define you as much as you define them ~ Ann Packer
Peregrinations Define quotes by Ann Packer
The way we view fiction is a reflection of how we define ourselves as a nation. Works of the imagination are canaries in the coal mine, the measure by which we can evaluate the health of the rest of society. ~ Azar Nafisi
Peregrinations Define quotes by Azar Nafisi
Know that God has a plan for your life. Turn your life over to him every day. Stop looking outside yourself for validation and approval-you're letting other people define your happiness. Instead of trying so hard to manipulate life, take care of yourself on the inside. Then all those other attributes you're so desperately seeking will find you eventually. ~ Trisha Yearwood
Peregrinations Define quotes by Trisha Yearwood
The definition of your life is you and your character. So define yourself in your own way. ~ Debasish Mridha
Peregrinations Define quotes by Debasish Mridha
The power to define the situation is the ultimate power. ~ Jerry Rubin
Peregrinations Define quotes by Jerry Rubin
You couldn't define the '80s when the '80s were happening. We kept changing. We had shoulder pads, then we didn't. It was revealing, and then it was decoration. It was a lot of things at once. It was defined when it was over. ~ Donatella Versace
Peregrinations Define quotes by Donatella Versace
If the Government is going to intrude upon the sacred ground of the First Amendment and tell its citizens that their exercise of protected speech could land them in jail, the law imposing such a penalty must clearly define the prohibited speech not only for the potential offender but also for the potential enforcer. ~ Ronald L. Buckwalter
Peregrinations Define quotes by Ronald L. Buckwalter
If you define yourself as someone fixing education, there's nothing short-range you can do to fix education directly. It's labor intensive. You have to change the way people act. You have to convince people, and change people. ~ Deborah Meier
Peregrinations Define quotes by Deborah Meier
Your appearance, attitude, and confidence define you as a person.
A professional, well-dressed golfer, like a businessperson, gives the impression that he thinks that the golf course and/or workplace and the people there are important. ~ Lorii Myers
Peregrinations Define quotes by Lorii Myers
We define ourselves, in part, by the discriminations we make. The value of what we love is enriched by our understanding of what we dislike. ~ David Ansen
Peregrinations Define quotes by David Ansen
The biggest thing for women to keep in mind is you can't ever let someone define beauty for you. Look in the mirror and say that this is my definition of perfection. ~ Jennie Runk
Peregrinations Define quotes by Jennie Runk
Can either one of you actually fly?"
"Ummm ... define fly."
I heard cursing over the radios. ~ Gini Koch
Peregrinations Define quotes by Gini Koch
articulate and define what has previously remained implicit or unsaid; ~ Donald T. Phillips
Peregrinations Define quotes by Donald T. Phillips
A man should know about himself two or three things: whether he is a coward; whether he is an honest man or given to lies; whether he is an ambitious man. One should define oneself first of all in those terms, and only then in terms of culture, race, creed. ~ Joseph Brodsky
Peregrinations Define quotes by Joseph Brodsky
I do not define my job in any rigid terms but in terms of having the flexibility to what seems to me to be in the best interests of the company at any times. ~ Henry Earl Singleton
Peregrinations Define quotes by Henry Earl Singleton
Thoughts not only manifest into reality,
they define it. ~ Jorge Gw
Peregrinations Define quotes by Jorge Gw
Please, let patients help improve healthcare. Let patients help steer our decisions, strategic and practical. Let patients help define what value in medicine is. ~ Dave DeBronkart
Peregrinations Define quotes by Dave DeBronkart
She was the living, breathing proof that the hard things in life didn't have to defeat you - or even define you. ~ Susan Wiggs
Peregrinations Define quotes by Susan Wiggs
My childhood is streets upon streets upon streets upon streets. Streets to define you and streets to confine you, with no sign of motorway, freeway or highway. ~ Morrissey
Peregrinations Define quotes by Morrissey
This was the time when all we could talk about was sentences, sentences - nothing else stirred us. Whatever happened in those days, whatever befell our regard, Clea and I couldn't rest until it had been converted into what we told ourselves were astonishingly unprecedented and charming sentences:
"Esther's cleavage is something to be noticed" or "You can't have a contemporary prison without contemporary furniture" or "I envision an art which will make criticism itself seem like a cognitive symptom, one which its sufferers define to themselves as taste but is in fact nothing of the sort" or "I said I want my eggs scrambled not destroyed."
At the explosion of such a sequence from our green young lips, we'd rashly scribble it on the wall of our apartment with a filthy wax pencil, or type it twenty-five times on the same sheet of paper and then photocopy the paper twenty-five times and then slice each page into twenty-five slices on the paper cutter in the photocopy shop and then scatter the resultant six hundred and twenty-five slips of paper throughout the streets of our city, fortunes without cookies. ~ Jonathan Lethem
Peregrinations Define quotes by Jonathan Lethem
If I couldn't use food or love to define contentment, I would use reading. ~ Mary Roach
Peregrinations Define quotes by Mary Roach
I haven't talked much about being an ovarian cancer survivor because I don't really want to define myself that way. ~ Kathy Bates
Peregrinations Define quotes by Kathy Bates
I'm often asked how I define "success." It's an overused term, but I fundamentally view this elusive beast as a combination of two things - achievement and appreciation. One isn't enough:
Achievement without appreciation makes you ambitious but miserable.
Appreciation without achievement makes you unambitious but happy. ~ Timothy Ferriss
Peregrinations Define quotes by Timothy Ferriss
We've been told that productivity is all, that rushing is an imperative, that going and doing and pushing define us. But God made a world of extraordinary beauty, and sometimes the most productive, most important thing we can do is slow ourselves down enough to see it, hear it, smell it, taste it, enter into it. When I stand before the cutting board, knife in hand, it's just another way, really, of praying. ~ Shauna Niequist
Peregrinations Define quotes by Shauna Niequist
Yes," said Pericles. "Today's patriotism may be tomorrow's treason, if it serves any judge or politician. And so it would go with any statute you might define today, no matter how explicit the terms. Let us suppose that a future Roman Head of Stae is a plotting and ambitious his country. So he might say to his pople, 'I love my country and in the name of that love I propose such and such an amendment to the Constitution, of which our fathers would have approved in the light of today's needs and changing circumstances. In truth, the Constitution of our fathers really means so-and-so.' I assure you, gentlemen, that he will already have a band of fellow traitors who will uphold him, and help to confuse the citizens. Then, if any patriot would oppose him the traitor will denounce him for treason! You can be certain, then,, that the unfortunate patriot would suffer the penalty for the alleged crime. ~ Taylor Caldwell
Peregrinations Define quotes by Taylor Caldwell
Don't fear uniqueness. Fear similarities and acceptance. Create a new trend by defining yourself. ~ Debasish Mridha
Peregrinations Define quotes by Debasish Mridha
I might define a 'journey' as something that life itself calls me to. And I might then define a 'trip' as something I create to avoid a journey by mimicking a journey. And while fear is most certainly part and parcel of both, the latter is emboldened by fear while the former surrenders to it. ~ Craig D. Lounsbrough
Peregrinations Define quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
My head is held up high, irrespective of the circumstances. If situations are to define your Self Worth, then keep nagging! ~ Somya Kedia
Peregrinations Define quotes by Somya Kedia
I feel it's important to show that one thing that you do doesn't define you as a human being. It doesn't mean there aren't ramifications or you shouldn't pay for that but its not who you are. ~ Ryan Gosling
Peregrinations Define quotes by Ryan Gosling
We are the better because of a constitution that goes beyond the spirit of the men who wrote it. Most often, in contrast, Christianity is restrictive, overly concerned about the "original intent" of its authors. But the Constitution contains the germ of an idea that allows expansion, going beyond what its founders thought. That is humanism. Humanism affirms, "There is something good even holy in the human spirit." However we define humanism, whatever we say about it, the important thing is that it makes us better. ~ Robert Alley
Peregrinations Define quotes by Robert Alley
The first reason for the preponderant influence of those Evangelicals who define themselves as advocates of Religious Right theological and political ideologies is that they have both the financial means and technological know-how to make widespread use of modern electronic forms of communication. ~ Tony Campolo
Peregrinations Define quotes by Tony Campolo
Nobody can tell you about that sword all that there is to be told of it; for those that know of those paths of Space on which its metals once floated, till Earth caught them one by one as she sailed past on her orbit, have little time to waste on such things as magic and so cannot tell you how the sword was made, and those who know whence poetry is, and the need that man has for song, or know any one of the fifty branches of magic, have little time to waste on such things as science, and so cannot tell you whence its ingredients came. Enough that it was once beyond our Earth and was now here amongst our mundane stones; that it was once but as those stones, and now had something in it such as soft music has; let those that can define it. ~ Lord Dunsany
Peregrinations Define quotes by Lord Dunsany
Quietly affirm that you will define your own reality from now on and that your definition will be based on your inner wisdom ~ Wayne Dyer
Peregrinations Define quotes by Wayne Dyer
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