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Grant deserves an honored place in American history, second only to Lincoln for what he did for the freed slaves. He got the big issues right during his presidency even if he bungled many of the small ones. The historian Richard N. Currant who also saw Grant as the most underrated American president wrote "by backing radical reconstruction as best he could he made a greater effort to secure the constitutional rights of blacks than did any other president between Lincoln and Lyndon B. Johnson". In the words of Frederick Douglass, "that sturdy old roman, Benjamin Butler, made the negro a contraband, Abraham Lincoln made him a free man and General Ulysses S. Grant made him a citizen". ~ Ron Chernow
Most Underrated Simpsons quotes by Ron Chernow
Being a responsible adult is the most underrated form of self-care. Yes I mean: live within your means, make dentist appointments, save money, plan meals, wash your face before bed, go for walks, cook for people, keep your house clean, go to bed at a decent hour, all that boring stuff. Routines make everything in your life better and this is absolutely the most overlooked and underestimated form of self-care." - Sarah Bessey ~ Anne Bogel
Most Underrated Simpsons quotes by Anne Bogel
Justin Smith was one of the most underrated players in the NFL for what he did. He would sacrifice and do the dirty work, then someone else would clean up off it. ~ John Madden
Most Underrated Simpsons quotes by John Madden
You can take me to the shittiest restaurant or bar and I'll seriously be happy if I can sit at a booth. I don't even have to drink. Sitting is one of life's most underrated pleasures. ~ Karina Halle
Most Underrated Simpsons quotes by Karina Halle
What is most truly valuable is often underrated. ~ Aesop
Most Underrated Simpsons quotes by Aesop
Fun is one of the most important - and underrated - ingredients in any successful venture. If you're not having fun, then it's probably time to call it quits and try something else, ~ Richard Branson
Most Underrated Simpsons quotes by Richard Branson
I don't play the lottery. I don't care what my horoscope says. I think most things about the world could be improved if people thought more about what they're doing. When someone gets upset with their computer, I tend to side with the computer. I think art is overrated, and bridges are underrated. In fact, I don't understand why bridges aren't art. It seems to me they're penalized for having a use. If I make a bridge that ends in midair, that's a sculpture. But put it between two landmasses and let it ferry two hundred thousand cars per day and it's infrastructure. That makes no sense. ~ Max Barry
Most Underrated Simpsons quotes by Max Barry
I've reported murders, scandals, marriages, premieres and national political conventions. I've been amused, intrigued, outraged, enthralled and exasperated by Chicago. And I've come to love this American giant, viewing it as the most misunderstood, most underrated city in the world. There is none other quite like my City of Big Shoulders. ~ Irv Kupcinet
Most Underrated Simpsons quotes by Irv Kupcinet
The most underrated warrior in the universe is love. ~ Matshona Dhliwayo
Most Underrated Simpsons quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
Insomnia is an increasing problem. I've become swayed that sleep disorders are conceivably the most unnoticed, ignored, underrated reason of health as well as performance problems in the place of work. ~ Sean Sullivan
Most Underrated Simpsons quotes by Sean Sullivan
Orange is an underrated color, it's the second most underrated color after yellow. ~ Michel Gondry
Most Underrated Simpsons quotes by Michel Gondry
South Africa is the most beautiful country I have been to. Canada is also hugely underrated. ~ Honor Blackman
Most Underrated Simpsons quotes by Honor Blackman
The two most underrated priorities of a woman's life are Love for God and Love for self. Prioritize these two and all other loves will fall into place. ~ Michele Owes
Most Underrated Simpsons quotes by Michele Owes
The Loved One has been the most underrated film I've worked on. ~ Terry Southern
Most Underrated Simpsons quotes by Terry Southern
Panic: A highly underrated capacity thanks to which individuals are able to indicate clearly that something is wrong ... Given their head, most humans panic with great dignity and imagination. This can be called democratic expression or practical common sense. ~ John Ralston Saul
Most Underrated Simpsons quotes by John Ralston Saul
I think this [Feels like Christmas] is one of the greatest, most unsung albums ever. It's Cyndi Lauper, and it's called Hat Full Of Stars. She's so underrated. ~ Alex Borstein
Most Underrated Simpsons quotes by Alex Borstein
Gardening?is one of the most underrated aspects of diplomacy. ~ George P. Bush
Most Underrated Simpsons quotes by George P. Bush
I have to say ... Justine Bateman may be the most underrated sitcom actress ever. ~ Ron Eldard
Most Underrated Simpsons quotes by Ron Eldard
I think writing is the most underrated thing in Hollywood. ~ Michael Pena
Most Underrated Simpsons quotes by Michael Pena
This group right here is one of the most underrated groups in football. We don't talk enough about this group. Very smart, they don't leave the field, they play every single down, and they can cover backs and tight ends out of the backfield. This group is special. ~ Willie McGinest
Most Underrated Simpsons quotes by Willie McGinest
It always amazes me how many women like dangerous men. Men who almost from the moment you meet them, you know are bad news. Me, I prefer my men kinder, gentler, nice. Niceness is highly underrated by most people. ~ Laurell K. Hamilton
Most Underrated Simpsons quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
'Because I said so!' They are the most underrated four words. ~ Steve Schirripa
Most Underrated Simpsons quotes by Steve Schirripa
Pittsburgh. I'd been there. One of the most underrated cities in North America. People who'd never been there thought of it as a graveyard of abandoned steel mills, but it was a beautiful city, and it would be good to have it back. ~ Steven Brust
Most Underrated Simpsons quotes by Steven Brust
Kindness is probably the most underrated human quality. We tend to dismiss it when we come across it and seek out more exciting character traits. But kindness is often a refined form of courage. It brings light and warmth into the world. You should always value kindness when you find it. ~ Glenn Haybittle
Most Underrated Simpsons quotes by Glenn Haybittle
The most underrated of all contemporary American writers of fiction. ~ William March
Most Underrated Simpsons quotes by William March
Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly, and most underrated agent of human change. ~ Bob Kerrey
Most Underrated Simpsons quotes by Bob Kerrey
I'm the most underrated, most hated, greatest of all time. I constantly have people who quit their jobs just to go on the internet and try to stop me at any and all costs. People flag my videos thousands of times. ~ Riff Raff
Most Underrated Simpsons quotes by Riff Raff
Smiles are probably the most underrated facial expressions, much more complicated than most people realize. There are dozens of smiles, each differing in appearance and in the message expressed. ~ Paul Ekman
Most Underrated Simpsons quotes by Paul Ekman
Criticism, for a book, is a truthful, unfaked badge of attention, signaling that it is not boring; and boring is the only very bad thing for a book. Consider the Ayn Rand phenomenon: her books Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead have been read for more than half a century by millions of people, in spite of, or most likely thanks to, brutally nasty reviews and attempts to discredit her. The first-order information is the intensity: what matters is the effort the critic puts into trying to prevent others from reading the book, or, more generally in life, it is the effort in badmouthing someone that matters, not so much what is said. So if you really want people to read a book, tell them it is "overrated," with a sense of outrage (and use the attribute "underrated" for the opposite effect). ~ Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Most Underrated Simpsons quotes by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Politicians are probably the most underrated people in our society. ~ Jacob K. Javits
Most Underrated Simpsons quotes by Jacob K. Javits
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